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iPad Repair Vancouver

iPad is certainly an exquisite gadget unparalleled in its class. The tablet is one of the most powerful and loaded tablets available in market (certainly a lot more expensive also). So, if you own an iPad and looking for some professional iPad repair service – trust Cellfixx!

We Repair

iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad 2 ,iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini 1, iPad Mini 2, & iPad Mini 3

iPad Screen Lcd Repair / Replacement Vancouver

Damaged your iPad screen? IPad screens are complex combination of several bonded components
and can be tricky to replace at home. We would recommend you to take your broken / damaged iPad
screen to a professional mobile repair shop immediately.
At Cellfixx. We have experts who are masterly trained to perform all iPad screen LCD repair and replacement jobs in Vancouver, Canada. We are offering fastest repair time for all our services
and charging nominally. Call your representative today and get your free quotation now!

iPad Repair Prices

iPad Charging Port Repair / Replacement Vancouver

Not able to charge your iPad? May be you have damaged your charging port. Charging ports for
iPads can be damaged for number of reason and leave you is total disarray.
Now you can have your iPad charging port repaired in no time with Cellfixx. We are offering
fastest repair service for all iPad charging ports with complete guarantee of true OEM parts.
Our prices are affordable and we are extending complete 180days warranty for all repairs. Simply
visit our shop and get your iPad charging port repaired in no time!

iPad Repair Prices

iPad Battery Replacement Vancouver

Excessive or wrong charging practices can leave your iPad battery in vain or ware-down. If
you aren’t getting complete 12 hours out of completely charges iPad battery, you probably need
a quick iPad battery replacement.
We have complete inventory of genuine iPad batteries for all models. Just bring your iPad to our
shop and we will replace it for you in no time. We are charging most nominal pricing for
all our services and you can expect highest standards every time you deal with us!

iPad Repair Prices

iPad power and Volume button Repair / Replacement Vancouver

More than anything else, power and volume buttons face the brunt of heat while we constantly
use them all day, every day. So, it’s natural that your iPad power or volume button get stuck or
stop responding.
Cellfixx is offering same day repair and replacement for iPad power and volume buttons in
Vancouver. Simply bring your iPad to us and our experts will perform a quick fix without any
delays. Repair time for iPad power or volume button starts as low as 15 minutes. We are charging
most nominal pricing for all services and offering complete warranty for every repair. Get in
touch with our representative today and get your iPad Cell-FIXED!

iPad Repair Prices

iPad water damage Repair / Replacement Vancouver

Water damage can cause multiple damages/ defects to your iPad. Now you can get absolutely
free diagnosis for all defects or damages incurred by water to your iPad. All repairs and
replacement for water damage are performed by our highly skilled and certified technicians with
years of experience behind them.
We guarantee use of only genuine OEM parts and offer complete warranty for all our services.
Most of all we won’t be charging you fortunes and won’t break your bank either!
Call our customer representative today and get your iPad repaired with our experts!

iPad Repair Prices

iPad audio jack Repair / Replacement Vancouver

Having trouble in listening over the headphones? You might have instilled a damage to your
iPad Audio jack. Contact with water or drop shock can also instill defects in audio jacks.
Cellfixx is offering complete warranties repair and replacement for iPad Audio jack in Vancouver.
We have the fastest response time and we promise not to break your bank! Simply visit our shop
for a quick fix or call our customer representative for a free quotation now!

iPad Repair Prices

Our services:

We are offering complete repair and replacement services for all iPad models with guarantee of genuine OEM parts. Some of our repair and replacement services for iPad includes:

•iPad Water Damage repair and replacement
•iPad Power button repair and replacement
•iPad Volume button repair and replacement
•iPad charging port repair and replacement
•iPad battery replacement
•iPad Audio Jack repair and replacement

What you get?

While you deal with Cellfixx, you can expect the highest standard of service and commitment. We have nurtured a highly professional and customer oriented environment where we excel in offering the most reliable and persistent service every time. So, every time you deal with us you can expect:

•Fastest repair time
•Guaranteed use of genuine parts
•Repairs performed by only highly trained technicians
•Complete warranty for all repairs and replacements
•Free diagnosis
•Free quotation