Cellphone Unlocking Services in Vancouver

What is cell phone unlocking? Cell phone unlocking refers to the process through which you can unlock your cell phone to use SIM card from any service provider. Today most cell phones come with factory locking for specific service provider. This means that you can’t use any other service provider SIM on your cell phone until you get it unlocked.

Every cell phone, even ones purchased on a plan from specific service provide can be unlocked by Cellfixx.

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What’s the Benefit of Unlocking?

The answer to this question is simply to save money. An unlock cell phone means you can switch between network service providers as you roam across countries. This will save you loads of money on calling and other services. Secondly, unlocking means you can choose among the various network service operating in Canada. This way you won’t need to sign any yearly contract with specific service provider and leverage on amazing discounts on monthly rates.

You can avail all these benefits by bringing in your locked cell phone to Cellfixx for a quick unlocking.

What You Need to Unlock Your Phone?

Our technicians have the resources to unlock almost any cell phone, even ones with a yearly contract plan. You must visit us or email or call us for appointment.

How Long Does it Take to Unlock my Phone?

The amount of time required to unlock cell phones vary in between a day or two for most android devices and around a one to five days for iPhones.

The best part is that we don’t need your cell phone physically and once we got the required information, we will initiate the process at our end and send you details once it is done. During this whole process you will be having your cell phone and can use it routinely.

What’s the Cost of Unlocking a Phone?

Cell phone unlocking in Vancouver varies for different mobiles and models. Moreover, there is also some weekly / monthly updates on prices. Therefore, we recommend our esteemed customers to get a free quotation for their mobile make and model.

Is There a Chance of Re-Locking?

We can’t say for unlocking services from other shops, but when you are dealing with Cellfixx, you can be sure of getting the best and guaranteed unlocking service. Our expert technicians perform factory unlocking which means that once unlocked your cell phone will never be locked ever again – even when you switched between different network services provide or when you update.

Why Cellfixx?

We are quick – we mean quick!

Well, when we say we are quick we really mean it! Cellfixx is proud to claim fastest unlocking services in Vancouver, Canada. We have some seriously tech savvy technicians at our hands that passionately process every unlock request that we receive.

Once we know the make / model of cell phone, IMEI number and present service provider, we instantly initiate the process and, in some cases, unlock codes have been sent to customers within an hour. However, to be on safer side and to ensure timely delivery we communicate at least 2 to 3 working days (make / model of phone dependent) for service.

Customers oriented business model!

For us customers are at the top of business chain. We follow strictly customers-oriented business model where customer’s satisfaction and highest level of service is never compromised. We take ourselves obliged to answer any and all queries from customers even after the service or purchase.

Competitive Pricing

We have the most competitive pricing for all services including cell phone unlocking. We offer free quotation so you can compare our prices with market prices (if you wish to do so).