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Samsung Repair Vancouver

Samsung is leader in android based smart phones. The company has launched some really high end premium cell phone. So, do you own a Samsung cell phone? Chances are that if you own a Samsung cell phone, you will need repair services at some point of time.

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Some of the more common Samsung cell phone repairs that we offer include:

We Repair

Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Note 2, Samsung Note 3, Samsung Note 4, & Samsung Note 5

Samsung screen lcd and Glass repair / Replacement Vancouver

Are there some black spots or colored lines in your Samsung cell phone LCD / screen?
A damaged / broken glass screen or LCD of cell phone can leave you in utter dismay. Now you need
not to worry about your broken or damaged glass screen / LCD. Our expert Samsung glass
screen / LCD repair services can get you back your cell phone in no time. Get in touch with
our customer care representatives today or visit our shop to get the best cell phone repair services in Vancouver.

Samsung Repair Prices

Samsung power button Repair / Replacement Vancouver

IS your power button not responding? A malfunctioned power button can cause serious
frustration in use of cell phone. A water damage or drop-off commonly leads to damage of
power button. We are the quickest and most reliable repair shops in Vancouver, Canada,
offering complete repairing / replacement of power buttons for Samsung cell phone. We have the
most affordable rates for all our warrantied fixes!

Samsung Repair Prices

Samsung Water Damage Repair Vancouver

Get free diagnosis for all water damages!
Dropped your cell phone in water? Well, you aren’t alone as water damage is one of
the most persisting mobile damages to incur worldwide. Now you can have a reliable,
affordable and persistent repair for all Samsung cell phone water damages incurred to your
cell phone. All fixes are done by highly trained and professional technicians, so you can
be sure of superior standards.

Samsung Repair Prices

Samsung Charging Port Repair / Replacement Vancouver

Affordable, reliable and superior fixes!
Looking for some professional help to fix your Samsung cell phone charging port repair / replacement?
Get in touch with our expert technicians and we will fix it in no time. Our massive inventory or
true OEM parts ensure that you get the fastest fix every time.

Samsung Repair Prices

Samsung Battery Replacement Vancouver

Batteries that lasts!
Most Samsung cell phone batteries tends to wear-off and lose their capacity over the time. If
your cell phone battery is not holding the charge or losing it too quickly let us replace
your battery with a new genuine one. All batteries replacement are done using only genuine
OEM parts and are covered under our 180days prodigious warranty!

Samsung Repair Prices

Samsung Front Camera Repair / Replacement Vancouver

Are you getting blurry and dull selfies from your Samsung cell phone camera?
Chances are that you might have incurred a damage to your camera lens. Our specifically
trained technicians are well equipped to offer you comprehensive Samsung cell phone
front camera repairs / replacements. All fixes are done under complete warranty and using only
true OEM parts.
Get in touch today and relive your selfies!

Samsung Repair Prices

Samsung Back Camera Repair / Replacement Vancouver

Get the quickest mobile camera fix in town!
We have the quickest response time for all cell phone camera repairs / replacement services.
Our large inventory of genuine OEM parts and highly experienced technicians make sure you get
the best and fastest fixes for camera repairs every time.
Contact us today and get free repair quotation!

Samsung Repair Prices

Samsung audio jack Repair / Replacement Vancouver

Not able to listen to music over the headphones? Probably you have a damaged / broken
audio jack. Our inventory comprise of all sorts of audio jacks for all Samsung cell phone models!
Visit our shop today and get the fastest quick for audio jack in town!

Samsung Repair Prices

Samsung speaker Repair / Replacement Vancouver

Having problem in listening through speakers? Water damage or drop-off can lead to damaged
speakers. We are offering complete Samsung cell phone speaker repair / replacement services in
Vancouver, Canada. All fixes are made with true OEM parts and are covered under complete 180 days warranty.

Samsung Repair Prices

Samsung sim card reader Repair / Replacement Vancouver

Get your Samsung sim card repair / replacement in Vancouver at the most affordable rates and superior quality.
All fixes are performed by trained technicians so you have the best service every time.
Call us today or visit our shop to get free quotation!

Samsung Repair Prices

Cellfixx is a premium cell phone repair shop operating in Vancouver, Canada. We have some of the most experienced and highly skilled electronics technicians that can take care of any damage / break your Samsung cell phone might encounter.

We are fast and we mean it! Chances are that we might repair your cell phone on the same day for many general fixes needed. Even if we are unable to offer same day repair we will do it in quickest time possible. We have been in industry for half a decade and our experience has enabled us to understand needs of cell phone repair for better. We have in stock hundreds of true OEM parts that help us to offer the most reliable and fastest Samsung cell phone repair services in Vancouver.

Glass & LCD Display repair and replacement

  • Glass & LCD replacement for most Samsung mobiles is required if smart phone’s inner display in damaged / broken. A broken screen will also require repair / replacement of Glass and LCD
  • The symptoms for damaged / broken inner display or screen are the presence of black spots, colored lines. It might also result in total malfunctioning of mobile (dead cell phone)

Earpiece repair and replacement

  • If you are having trouble in listening to people over calls, chances are that cell phone’s earpiece need a repair or replacement
  • Cellfixx offer quickest repair / replacement of earpiece for all Samsung cell phones
  • Battery replacement

    • With passage of time, batteries tends to dry out too quickly
    • If you think your mobile phone’s battery is drying up too quickly, you might need a quick battery replacement (average battery timing for Samsung Galaxy battery is 12 hours when fully charged)
    • This is an easy replacement for our technicians and in most cases we offer instant battery replacement for many Samsung cell phones

    Front / Back Camera repair

  • Any malfunctioning in Samsung cell phone camera can result in distorted / dull images
  • If you feel your cell phone camera is taking dull, dark or distorted picture, you might need cell phone repair appointment with Cellfixx
  • Water Damage repairs

    • Water damage is the most common damage incurred to mobiles around the world
    • If your Samsung cell phone has been exposed to water, there is greater chance of some features of phone malfunctioning
    • You cell phone might not function properly or it might not even turn on due to water damage
    • If you feel any malfunctioning in your Samsung cell phone due to exposure with water, we endorse you to bring it to our repair technicians right away
    • We offer free diagnosis and chances are that our expert technicians will be able to fix any damage incurred due to water damage