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Tablet Repair Vancouver

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Keeping your Tablets Healthy!

Tablets are a unique devices that enable us to combine the power of computer with portability of smartphones. Today, people are using tablets not only to play games but to connect with their work on the go. It’s much easier and efficient to get your office work done on tablets – making them an integral part of our daily lives.

Tablets tends to be somewhat more costly than smartphone when it comes to comparison of specifications between two gadgets. So, if you got your tablet broken / damaged you might think you are in trouble. However, will Cellfixx around, you need not to worry about getting your tablet fixed.

Cellfixx – We Fix Tablets

At Cellfixx, we offer complete repair and maintenance of tablets from all brands. No matter whether you’re a fond of iPad of Samsung or LG or SONY or HTC or any other brand, we have the capacity and capability to fix all tablets in no time. Some of our more common tablet repair services include:

Glass Replacement

Breaking the glass of your tablet is surely an intoxicating frustration. However, this happens to more people than you think and almost 50% of tablet users have at some time damaged their tablet glass. So, you don’t need to worry much!

Cellfixx will help you in getting your glass replaced in no time at that too at affordable pricing. We offer the best competitive rates and highest quality replacement products guaranteed.

LCD Replacement

Broken or damaged LCD is the basic problem behind dead pixels or irresponsive screen portions. Most people find that some portion of their screen isn’t responding to touch – and we know how irritating that can be.

However, LCD replacement is quite normal and common practice today and we at Cellfixx offer highest grade LCD replacement in best pricing. Just bring your broken / damaged LCD tablet to us and we will get it fixed in no time.

Glass & LCD Replacement

Well, even though there is a chance that you got only one broken component (glass or LCD), still there is a fair bit of chance that cracking the glass will ultimately damage LCD too. In later case you will experience dead pixels or irresponsive screen portions.

Again this isn’t a big issue, at we at Cellfixx perform these sort of fixes almost on daily basis. Just drop your tablet at our shop and our technicians will give you free diagnosis, cost and estimated time. We gives the fastest repair time and most competitive pricing for tablet repair, so expect the same level of service always!

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Battery Replacement

Admit it! Your tablet battery isn’t meant to last forever. Therefore, your best bet to weak battery is replacement with a new one. Replacing existing battery with new one is quite affordable as compare to new tablets and will last for a long time.

Just bring your tablet to our shop and we will replace your battery with best quality available in market. We will also install battery for you. We offer best quality and most competitive pricing for all repair and replacement service, so you can expect same level of service always!

Water Damage Diagnostic

Water and electronic gadgets don’t mix well! Well, water damage is one of the most common damage incur upon tablets across Canada and world.

At Cellfixx we almost fix any water damage that possibly can be fix! We have the best in training and expertise technicians working with us, who give their best shot every time for all repair. So, if your tablet has incurred water damaged there are over 90% chances that we will get it fixed in no time.
Just drop by our shop and our technicians will diagnose the problem on spot. We will also inform you on-spot if your device can be repaired or not, so you don’t need to spend those frustrating and full of anxiety hours.

So, with Cellfixx covering your tablets, water damage is no more a black cast for your tablets!

Diagnostic Service

If your tablet is acting weirdo or you smell something fishy, just visit Cellfixx right away. Our technicians will get your tablet completely diagnosed free of cost and your phone will return to normalcy quickly.

Tablets are one amazing tech gadget that fascinates everyone with its overwhelming power, aesthetic beauty and versatility. At Cellfixx we call such powerful tablets as Rockets in Pockets, as they truly gave us the computing powers in a aesthetically compact design that could fix in our pockets! However, breaking of screen or malfunctioning of some components of our tablets can leave us in total disarray.

Now you need not to worry getting your tablets fixed! We at Cellfixx got your tablets covered comprehensively. Our expert technicians knows all the nitty-gritty of tablets and we are passionate in repairing tablets for you.

All our tablet repairs and replacement services are performed by trained and certified technicians with years of experience behind them. All tablet repair jobs are performed under strict safety environment with highest service standards. To ensure maximum standards, we only use genuine OEM parts for all our repairs.

So, get your tablets repaired with fastest repair service and at lowest pricing. We are covering all tablet repairs and replacement services for iPads and Samsung Notes. Get in touch now for absolutely free diagnosis.

Why Choose Cellfixx:

•Warrantied Repairs

All our repair and replacement services for tablets are covered under 180days of warranty. So, you can have all the peace of mind getting the best and standard repairs every time you deal with us. If in any case you feel like your device isn’t performing the way it should even after the repair, simply visit our shop and claim your warranty. Our warranty cover all the repaired parts of components that are used during the first job.

Disclaimer: Warranty doesn’t include any sort of physical damage or water damage.

•Lowest Pricing

We have the most competitive market pricing in Vancouver, Canada. You can simply compare our pricing with any other local shop of same level. There aren’t many mobile repair shops offering lower pricing than Cellfixx.

•Comprehensive Customer Service Team

Our gracious customer service representatives have been trained to offer you the most encompassing and passionate service. We have a dedicated team of passionate and friendly CSRs who are ever ready to help you out any time on priority.