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iPhone Repair Vancouver

Has your iPhone Malfunctioned? Are you looking to replace your iPhone with a new one?
Do you know that iPhone repair can save you up to 75% of the cost for the new phone!

So, before you waste your hard earned money, let us check your iPhone for repair services, it’s totally free and we get it done in no time. Cellfixx will take care of all your iPhone concerns in no time. We have some of the best resourced and skilled technicians working with us, thus we are proud to be among the best iPhone repair centers working in Vancouver, Canada.

We at Cellfixx cater all possible repairing needs and we have the right resources to offer you the best results. We only used highest parts for iPhone repair services and charge you only if your iPhone is repaired!

Yes, that means No fix, No fee!


Some of the more common iPhone repair issues that we deal every day includes:

We Repair

iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, & iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus

iPhone Screen Lcd and Glass Repair / Replacement Vancouver

iPhone screens are probably the most striking feature of this amazing gadget.
However, these LCD screens are also one of the most sensitive component of iPhones.
Cellfixx offer you warrantied repair and replacement of iPhone LCD screens.
We only use genuine OEM parts for all iPhone screen repairs, so you can be sure to get the crispiest display.
Get in touch with our customer service representatives today and get your iPhone
broken / damaged screen.
LCD repair with most authentic technicians!

iPhone Repair Prices

iPhone Home Button Repair / Replacement Vancouver

Your iPhone might need a quick repair if your iPhone home button isn’t responding or stuck.
Over time the power button tends to get hard or stuck. Our technicians are well equipped to
take care of all iPhone home button repair or replacement in no time.
Visit our shop and get your Cellfixx today!

iPhone Repair Prices

iPhone Water Damage Vancouver

Water damage is one of the most frequent breakages. If you have dropped off your
iPhone in water than there can be multiple issues to deal with. We highly recommend you
not to place your water damaged iPhone in bag of rice or some other false popular hacks.
Instead, get your iPhone to an expert!
Cellfixx offer absolutely free diagnosis for all iPhone water damages. Get your
water damaged iPhone to us and we will repair / replacement all malfunctioned components
with warrantied original OEM parts.

iPhone Repair Prices

iPhone Charging Port Repair / Replacement Vancouver

iPhone Charging ports can cease to respond for number of reasons. If you’re unable
to charge your iPhone or your device isn’t connecting to computer and iTunes, you
probably needs to repair / replace your iPhone.
Our expert technicians are fully equipped to repair / replace your malfunctioned
iPhone charging port with true OEM parts and covered under 180days warranty. All our
iPhone charging port repairs / replacements are executed by trained and qualified technicians.

iPhone Repair Prices

iPhone Battery Replacement Vancouver

Excessive charging can leave your battery drained with time. If your iPhone battery
isn’t holding charge (normally a fully charge iPhone battery can last about 12 hours of usage),
or its not getting completely charges than you need an iPhone battery replacement.
Our have complete range of authentic OEM batteries for all iPhone models. All our repairs
are done by trained technicians and we ensure high quality standards at all times.
Contact us now and revivify your iPhone battery life!

iPhone Repair Prices

iPhone Front Camera Repair / Replacement Vancouver

A malfunctioned front camera can be frustrating – (we mean without a great iPhone front camera
how you can take prodigious selfies?). If you are getting spotty / linear images with your iPhone
front camera than perhaps you need an iPhone front camera repair. A broken / damaged lens may be
the cause of noisy images. Our specifically trained iPhone camera repair technicians can help
you restore the crispiest results from your phone. Call us now or visit our office and revive
your selfie camera today!

iPhone Repair Prices

iPhone Back Camera Repair / Replacement Vancouver

Are you getting blurry dull pictures from your iPhone back camera? Perhaps, you have had
a damaged / broken lens. Our highly expert professionals can repair / replace your iPhone back
camera lenses with genuine OEM parts. So, next time when you take picture from your phone make
sure it is a vivacious one!

iPhone Repair Prices

iPhone headphone jack Repair / Replacement Vancouver

A damage to headphone jack can cease your use of headphones. A water damage or surface drop
are some of the common reasons behind malfunctioned head iPhone jack. Get your iPhone head jack
repair / replaced with original OEM parts with Cellfixx! All our head jack repairs are performed
by trained technicians and comes with 180 days warranty.

iPhone Repair Prices

iPhone ear speaker Repair / Replacement Vancouver

Not able to listen to other person? Noisy sound over the call? A broken / damaged earpiece
might be the reason of distortion heard over the call. Get your iPhone earpiece repair / replaced
with trained technicians and true OEM parts. We offer you complete warranty for all repairs and
most competitive pricing in the market.

iPhone Repair Prices

iPhone sim card reader Repair / Replacement Vancouver

If your iPhone isn’t registering to any network, perhaps you need a sim card repair service.
We have trained technicians who can repair / replace your malfunctioned sim card registering slot
in no time. Now enjoy using any network over your iPhone with iPhone sim card reader
repair / replacement services in Vancouver.

iPhone Repair Prices

iPhone Touchscreen Repair or Replacement

• Here, the outer glass of iPhone has been broken or cracked which limits the functionality of screen
• It may also hinder proper functioning of touch screen
• Cellfixx offers complete package for iPhone screen repair and replacement services with the highest quality and affordable pricing

Repair or Replacement of “LCD Display”

• The problem arises from damaged display of your iPhone
• This might include colored lines or black spots on screen
• In worst scenario, your iPhone might not turn on at all
• Cellfixx offers complete LCD replacement and repair services for all iPhone models at affordable pricing

Charging Port repair and replacement

• The problem hinders your iPhone charging
• The symptoms include improper / low charging of iPhone or simply no charging at al
• iPhone Charging port repair or replacement is also required if your iPhone is not being accepted / recognized by iTunes or on your computer

Water Damage Diagnosis and Repairs

• Water damage is one of the most frequent damages incurred to iPhone
• There can be multiple issues related to water damage
• Cellfixx offers complete water damage repair services at affordable prices, you can save up to 75% of your new iPhone if you choose to get your damaged phone repaired

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Would I get the exchange if repair stops working?

Ans.) Cellfixx offer 180days warranty for all our repair services and parts. (Physical damage excluded).

Q) Do I need to pay if you can’t fix my device?

Ans.) You don’t need to pay anything for devices that are not fixed (in some cases though you might be liable to pay a small bench fee for the diagnosis of the device).

Q) What if the part required for the fix isn’t present in store?

Ans.) At Cellfixx we have in stock all the iPhone repair parts that might be required at any given time. However, if in any unforeseen event that we don’t have a part with us, we will arrange it from our supplier quickly. Normally it won’t take longer than a week.

Q) When do I need to pay?

Ans.) You only pay when you pick up your repaired iPhone from us

Q) What’s your data security policy?

Ans.) We are quite sensitive regarding our esteemed client's data privacy and security. We ensure that all your personal data remain out of our reach at all times. Even in data recovery scenario, we make sure that privacy of data is always safeguarded at all cost.