Why Does My iPhone Won’t Charge? Here Are Some Most Effective Quick Solutions

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If you are considering spending some serious money on repairing your iPhone, then stop! Here are some quick and easy solutions. Here's what you can do. If your iPhone won't charge when plugged in, read this article for the best solution. There is nothing to panic about if your iPhone won't charge. We got you covered. If you follow these instructions, you will be able to fix your iPhone charging issues. Here is the chance for you to become your mobile repair specialist! The iPhone charging process consists of seven basic components:

  • A Power Source
  • A Wall Charger
  • A Computer
  • A Car Charger
  • USB Charging Cable/ Lightning Cable
  • Charging Port of your iPhone
  • iPhone Software

What should you do if your iPhone won't charge?The lightning bolt icon, which can be found near the battery icon on the iPhone's screen when it is plugged into a power source, indicates that your iPhone is charging. Your iPhone may have an issue if you cannot see the lightning icon.Let us now see what can be done in order to get the issue solved. Below are some of the most effective possible solutions for your iPhone if it won't charge. These steps will help you troubleshoot your iPhone.

Hard Reset

One of the most common issues your iPhone may stop charging is this issue, but honestly, this is not a big deal because you can resolve it easily in one step. Solution: The simplest solution lies in hard resetting your iPhone. Yes, it's that simple. But in order to do it, you have to follow this solution very carefully. If you have an iPhone 6, iPhone 7, or iPhone 8, you can press the Home button and the power button to go into recovery mode. For iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone Pro Max, press and hold both the volume buttons (up and down), along with the power button to hard reset your iPhone. If you continue to hold the buttons, the Apple logo will appear (this could take anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 seconds). Once the reset is complete, you can cross your fingers and try charging your iPhone. Once you do this, the phone will restart completely. Please note: If the software of your iPhone has crashed, your iPhone's screen will be blank.

Remove Any Dirt Or Obstruction From The Charging Port

Another very common issue that appears to prevent your iPhone from charging is the presence of dust, lint, or debris deposits inside the charging port, which may have accumulated over time due to accumulated dust, lint, or debris deposits. Even if it gets in between your iPhone and its charging port, a very small item can cause the charging port to fail to make a solid connection with the iPhone, causing charging problems to occur. Solution: In order to check for any deposits in your iPhone's charging port, you can take a toothbrush and gently brush out the charging port. Using a toothbrush works because the toothbrush's bristles don't damage any internal parts of your phone and do not conduct electricity.(Note: Ensure that the toothbrush you are using is completely dry before using it. The process is now complete, and you can try charging your iPhone.

Look For Damaged And/Or Broken Cables

The quality of the charger cable is another very common reason why the iPhone stops charging. It has to do with the quality of the cable. The most important thing you should do when utilizing a USB cable that is not your own is to inspect it thoroughly for any potential damage. It could either be caused by poor cable condition or by your cable being broken or damaged. If you buy a low-quality cable, don't be too surprised if it doesn't work. Solution :It is recommended that you try a different power cable instead if you have a broken or damaged cable. We also recommend that you use the original power cable supplied with your initial purchase for your safety.

Check To See If The USB Adapter Is Loose

There are several ways to do so if you want to charge your phone using a power outlet, computer USB port, car charger, or speaker dock outlet. However, the dock that you are using can also be problematic. It is possible that the dock does not support your device, leading to charging problems.Solution:You can try to use another outlet or charging port to charge your phone, and if that's the problem, then once you change the charging port, your phone should work again.(Suggestions: Try using a wall outlet socket since this will normally result in a faster charging time)

Inspect Your iPhone For Damage

Possibly the problem is with the motherboard of your iPhone if it was dropped or accidentally had come into contact with water. In this case, maybe there is an internal problem: making your iPhone not charge the way it should. Solution: The best way to deal with the internal issues is to get your phone checked by a professional phone repair shop. This is the only best option because it is never advised to deal with issues like these yourself. The main reason is the lack of experience and proper tools, which only the phone repair shop uses. If you want, you can search for the model of your iPhone on the internet and watch a tutorial video and buy the proper tools.


Now that you have tried all the aforementioned steps, we assure you that the issue should be resolved by now. In case the issue persists, there is a strong chance that your iPhone has some serious issue that only a professional iPhone repair shop can handle. They have ample experience to find out the exact issue without wasting your time.If you have any other queries related to your iPhone, you can always contact us, and we will be there to help you resolve the issue.

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July 29, 2022