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You are not going to through it away. Chances are you are going to want to pass it down or keep it as a spare. If you are considering keeping it as a spare, you might want to read this guide on how to sync multiple Apple Watches to one iPhone.

The first generation of Apple Watches couldn't sync with more than one iPhone at a time. Along the way, they added this intuitive feature that made it easy to select which device would be used as your main Watch—but not everyone knew about these options!

It has never been easier than now to switch between two or more Apple Watches. All you need do is take one off and put another on, so there's no need for any complicated setup!

The Watch is your personal assistant, always on hand to help you get things done with its ability for Bluetooth connectivity and Apple's patented "neural engine" technology that recognizes which wristwatch you are wearing.

The second Watch will catch up with the latest data from your first one, so you can expect a few minutes of waiting before both watches reconcile.

How do you sync multiple Apple Watches to one iPhone? 

The setup is what will take some time and nothing more. You need to do some manual setup, and you will all be set. The easy way is to pair the first (the latest one you are using) to your iPhone and then take it off and pair the old one. Once it's done, take the new Watch off your wrist and put on the old one. Apple did mention that you have to pair your Watch manually, but if you must, you have to:

Go to the settings in your watch app, select my Watch, tap on all watches, and add a new one.

Once you add another watch, that is where your work is done. All you need to do is change the watches when you switch them.

What is the benefit of syncing multiple watches to one iPhone?

The obvious benefit is that you don't have to carry more than one iPhone if you own multiple Apple Watches. This can be really helpful, especially if you travel a lot.

Another great benefit is that all your notifications will be sent to all your watches. So, no matter your Watch, you will never miss an important call or message.

Last but not the least, by syncing multiple watches to one iPhone, you can easily keep track of your health and fitness data. All your activity data will be stored in one place, and you can access it from any of your watches.

So, there you have it!


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Although you may need to know that it's just a new feature and nothing more. This feature does not provide decompression information, gas analysis, or other scuba-related information.

The feature of this app is that it uses the various sensors in the watch to track your swimming activity and provides you with information about your swimming workout, such as distance, pace, stroke type, etc.

This app is not just for tracking your swimming data but can also be used for other activities like running, walking, and, you know, the rest.

What is the Depth app, and what does it do

Let's dive deep (no pun intended) and learn more about the Depth app. So the Depth app is a new feature on the Apple Watch Ultra that uses the various sensors in the watch to track your underwater activity. The depth sensor can be used with the third party application that functions as dive computers and its complaint with the EN13319, known internationally for dive computers and gauges.

It records your current underwater time, obvious depth and maximum session, and how deep you have been in your last swim.

The sensor can take measurements every 10 seconds and gives you an overview of your swimming data that can be found in the Health app on your iPhone. The app also displays your average pace, distance, and stroke type.

You want to learn that the accuracy is plus or minus one meter.

How to use the Depth app on Apple Watch Ultra in Vancouver

Now that we know what the Depth app is let's understand how you can use it.

If you live in or are visiting Vancouver and want to take advantage of the Depth app, here's what you need to do:

Open your setting menu on your Apple Watch>go to the setting> General and then select auto-launch.

The best part is after enabling it will automatically detect the water and starts recording your swimming workout.

If you want to change the measurement units, you can go to the Depth app>Settings>Units.

You can change the default swim style by going to Settings>Swim Style.

Once you're done with your swimming workout, the app will summarize your data.

Features of the Depth app

Users might want to open their workout records before indulging themselves in any water activity. To do so, go to the Health app>Workouts> tap on the workout you want to open.

The summary will include information such as:

  • How long you've been swimming
  • The average pace
  • The total distance
  • How many laps you've swam

And many more.

Once your depth app is functional manually or automatically, the water lock will be activated. It will stay until you end your swimming workout. The water lock prevents the screen from being turned on by mistake when wet.

After ending the session, a quick overview of your swimming workout pops up.

Press and hold it, and then your apple watch will make a sound and flush out all the water from the speaker and the microphone.

Advantages of the Depth app

  • It is a great addition for those who want to take their swimming workouts to the next level.
  • The app is very user-friendly and easy to use.
  • The app is helpful for those who want to track their swimming data and see their progress over time.

Final Thoughts

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If you're unfamiliar with SharePlay, it's a feature that allows you to share media content with your friends in a group chat. The new update focus on how sharing can become more user-friendly and interactive.

Previously, users had to share their media content through third-party apps like AirDrop or iMessage. With SharePlay, you can share your content directly in the Messages app. Imagine if you had this feature on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger! This new feature is all about you sharing your experience with your loved one. That loved one can be your soulmate, a friend or a family member you are close to.

One thing that you might want to know about this feature is that it is not located in a setting but is visible when you open services like Apple TV+, Apple Music and Fitness+. You can even use third-party apps like Pandora and HBO Max.

How to start a SharePlay session 

  • Open the Messages app and go to an existing conversation or create a new one.
  • Tap on the "i" icon in the screen's upper-right corner.
  • Select the SharePlay option from the list of services.
  • Choose anything you want to share with your friend: audio, video, or both.
  • Tap on the "Start SharePlay" button.

Your friend will now be able to see and hear what you're sharing. They can also choose to join in or not. If they decide to join, they'll be able to control the playback of the content. For example, they can pause, rewind, or fast-forward.

If you're sharing video content, your friend can also see it on their screen. This is perfect for watching movies or TV shows together.

Remember that SharePlay only works when both users use an iPhone or iPad with iOS 16 or later. If you're using an older device, you'll still be able to share your content, but your friend will only be able to see and hear it, not control it.

Tips for using SharePlay in Messages on iOS 16 

You should keep a few things in mind when using SharePlay in Messages on iOS 16.

First, make sure that both users have a good internet connection. Otherwise, the quality of the content will be affected.

Second, if you're sharing audio content, remember that your friend will only be able to hear it if they have headphones or speakers connected to their device.

And last, but not least, remember that you can only share content with one friend at a time. So if you want to share your content with multiple friends, you'll need to start a new SharePlay session for each.

Final Thoughts

What if your mobile device has a hardware problem, and for some reason, you are unable to enjoy shareplay in iOS 16? It is where Cellfixx comes in for the rescue! Yes, we are more than just tips and tricks. We can take care of your mobile and repair it as necessary, so you can enjoy features like shareplay without any worries.

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For example, if you lose your phone or it is stolen, the person who has your phone can access all of your personal information.

Or, if you lend your phone to someone else, they could snoop through your messages or access your social media accounts.

Fortunately, there is a way to help protect your personal information and data on your mobile phone - and that's by using Lockdown mode.

What is Lockdown mode?

Lockdown mode is a feature on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) that allows you to quickly lock your device so it can't be used.

The only way to access your device is by entering your passcode when your device is locked down.

This means that even if someone has your device, they won't be able to access your personal information or data.

Every new service or convenience can be used for a certain reason. While some are there to be used for everyday use, others are only used in special conditions. Apple's new lockdown mode is very efficient, but it is not there to be used daily. That being said, lockdown mode is a feature that should only be used when you are in a situation where someone might try to access your device without your permission.

For example, if you leave your phone unattended in a public place, you can put it into lockdown mode so that no one can access it.

Or, if you are lending your phone to someone else, you can put it into lockdown mode so that they can only use the features or apps you allow.

What are its benefits? 

There are so many benefits that come with using lockdown mode on your iOS device.

The most obvious benefit is that it helps to protect your personal information and data from being accessed by someone else.

  • FaceTime

For example, it is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family.

But if you're not using FaceTime and someone else has access to your device, they could turn on the FaceTime camera and spy on you.

With lockdown mode enabled, this person would not be able to turn on the FaceTime camera because the feature would be locked.

  • Web Browsing

Another benefit of lockdown mode is that it can help to prevent unwanted web browsing.

For example, if you lend your phone to a child, you may not want them to access certain websites.

With lockdown mode enabled, you can lock the Safari app so that they can only access the websites you allow.

  • Shared Albums

If you use iCloud Photo Sharing, you can prevent others from accessing your shared albums when your device is in lockdown mode.

This is a great way to protect your privacy and ensure that only the people you want access to your photos can see them.

  • Device Connections

Another benefit of lockdown mode is that it can help to prevent unwanted device connections.

For example, suppose you have an iPhone and connect it to your computer. In that case, the person who has access to your computer will also be able to access your device.

With lockdown mode enabled, this person will not be able to connect to your device unless you enter your passcode.

  • Apple Services

A number of Apple services are also locked when your device is in lockdown mode.

For example, suppose you have an iPhone connected to iCloud. In that case, the person who has access to your device will not be able to access your iCloud account.

  • Profiles

Another benefit of lockdown mode is that it can help to prevent unwanted profiles and configurations.

For example, suppose you have an iPhone and connect it to your computer. In that case, the person who has access to your computer will also be able to access your device. With lockdown mode enabled, this person will not be able to connect to your device unless you enter your passcode.

How to enable Lockdown mode on iPhone, Mac, and iPad?

Enabling lockdown mode on your iOS device is a quick and easy process.

To do so, simply follow these steps:

On your device, go to Settings > Security & Privacy > Lockdown.

Then, turn on the Lockdown mode toggle switch. The phone will restart, and you will be asked to enter your passcode.

Once you have entered your passcode, lockdown mode will be enabled, and you will see the Lockdown mode icon at the top of your screen.

To disable lockdown mode, go to Settings > Security & Privacy > Lockdown and turn off the Lockdown mode toggle switch.


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The apple watch series 8 had some amazing features and functionality, but the new Ultra takes it to a new level. The greatest difference is the inclusion of GPS and LTE connectivity. You can now use your watch without being tethered to your iPhone. You can make calls, send texts, and stream music directly from your watch.

It is a new apple watch ultra that is a huge leap ahead when it comes to features and functionality. The ultra is the way to go if you are looking for the best apple watch. If you are happy with your current watch, then there is no need to upgrade.

We all know that when there is a new apple product, we should expect to see a lineup outside the store. Everyone, even those who don't need an upgrade, shows their support and love for the brand by being one of the first to purchase the new product.

The same can be said for the Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra. Though there are only a few differences between the two, people are still lined up to get their hands on the newest addition to the Apple Watch family.

Apple Series 8 And Apple Watch Ultra

For starters, the battery life of series 8 is 18 hours or more, but surprisingly with the apple watch ultra, you can get double that with 36 hours of battery life on a single charge.

It is incredible that with the new watch you don't need to take your charger with you when you travel. Maybe you will not need to charge it for two days or even three if you are a light user.

The new design is also slimmer and sleeker than the previous one. The bezels have been reduced to give the watch a more modern look.

The OLED display is now even brighter and more vibrant, making it easier to see in direct sunlight. And speaking of sunlight, the new watch also has a built-in always-on altimeter that tracks your elevation all day long.

The apple watch series 8 was a great watch, but the new Ultra takes it to a new level. If you are in the mood for a new watch, then the apple watch ultra is the way to go.

The other thing that is different about the Ultra is the design. The case is made of titanium ands much thinner than the Series 8. It also has a ceramic back instead of plastic.

The titanium makes the watch much lighter, and the ceramic back is more resistant to scratches.

The action button on the new apple watch is also different. It is now a solid-state button that uses haptic feedback to simulate the feeling of a physical button. Also read about: Create Custom Vibrations For Your IPhone And Let Your iPhone Buzz In Vancouver.

Final Thoughts

The new apple watch ultra is a great upgrade from the previous model. It has a sleeker design, longer battery life, and an always-on altimeter. If you are in the mood to upgrade, now is the chance, but if you are happy with your current watch, there is no need to upgrade. Thank you for reading, and feel free to share it with your friends. While we are at it, you can contact us for any phone repair in Vancouver.

Apple Watch

The apple watch was designed to be worn all day and all night. Even with this feature, the battery needs to be charged from time to time. Users have to recharge daily, which can be a bit inconvenient. The users are happy because of all the features that the apple watch offers and are very grateful for it. Since you can manage the battery life, not many apple watch users know how to manage the battery to make it lasts longer than usual.

The Low Power Mode is designed to help conserve the device's battery life by turning off certain features and reducing performance. When this mode is enabled, the watch will operate according to the features you want it to have. For example, you can clearly choose to have the watch face only display the time or turn off certain animations.

Here is How to Enable The Low Power Mode on Apple Watch?

There are two ways to enable Low Power Mode on your Apple Watch. The first easy way is through the Settings app on your iPhone. The second way is through the Watch app on your iPhone.

Settings app on your iPhone

1. Open The settings-app on your iPhone.

2. Tap on Battery.

3. Then tap the toggle next to Low Power Mode to turn it on.

Watch the app on your iPhone

1. Open the Watch-app on your iPhone.

2. Tap on My Watch.

3. Tap on General.

4. Tap on Power Saving Mode.

5. Tap the toggle next to Low Power Mode to turn it on.

What are the differences between Low Power Mode and Power Reserve Mode?

Two modes can help conserve the battery life of your Apple Watch, Low Power Mode and Power Reserve Mode.

Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode is designed to help conserve the battery life of your Apple Watch by turning off certain features and reducing performance. When this mode is enabled, the watch will operate according to the features you want it to have. For example, you can clearly choose to have the watch face only display the time or turn off certain animations.

Power Reserve Mode

Power Reserve Mode is designed to help conserve the battery life of your Apple Watch by turning off all features and reducing performance. This mode is best used when you need to save as much battery life as possible. When this mode is enabled, the watch will only display the time. Also read about: Here Is How To Save Battery Life For IPhone In Vancouver.

Final Thoughts

The low power mode is incremented to help users manage the battery of their apple watch better. This model is not a new feature on the iPhone, but it is still unknown to many apple watch users. You can turn the mode on from the settings or Watch app. When this mode is enabled, it helps by reducing performance and turning off certain features and animations. The battery is a very crucial factor for any electronic device. it is why we are here to help you with all kinds of phone repairs in Vancouver. If you think the battery of your electronic device is not in good shape, just reach out to us, and we will see what we can do about it.

When you enable it, you will feel a little vibration when you press keys on the keyboard. It's a subtle effect, but it can be quite satisfying!

Since iPhone 7, we have all been used to haptic feedback in our devices, be it in the form of app icons or 3D Touch. The addition of a haptic keyboard is just another way that Apple is making its devices more intuitive and user-friendly.

If you're interested in trying out the haptic keyboard for yourself, we are here to help you understand it. We also have a surprise for you at the end of this blog post that will save you some decent money. All we can say right now is it's related to your iPhone repair.

Here is How To Turn It On

  • Open the settings
  • Tap on the sounds & haptics menu
  • Under the keyboard feedback, there will be a toggle for Sound and Haptic

With only three steps, you will successfully turn on the haptic keyboard on your device.

Now that you know how to turn it on, we want to give you a little more information about this feature. For example, did you know that there are different intensities for haptic feedback?

To change the intensity, go back into your settings menu and find the "sounds and haptics" option. From there, you will see a "haptic intensity" slider. This will allow you to adjust the strength of the vibration.

We recommend playing around with this setting until you find an intensity that you like.

As we mentioned earlier, the haptic keyboard is a great way to make your device more user-friendly. But what if you're not a fan of this feature? Or what if you just want to save some battery life? Also read about: Here Is Why Your Battery Is Draining Way Too Fast In Vancouver.

Yes, the haptic keyboard will consume a bit more battery life, but it's nothing to be too concerned about. If you're really looking to save some battery, there is an easy way to disable the haptic keyboard.

All you have to do is follow the same three steps we mentioned above and turn it off from there.

The Haptic Keyboard

It is surely a great addition to iOS 16, but not everyone might like it. So we suggest you play around with the setting and see what works best for you. Also, if you want to save some battery life, you know how to turn it off without any issues.

Final Thoughts

We really hope this blog post helped you understand the haptic keyboard in iOS 16. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us, and we'll be happy to help! The surprise we were talking about earlier regarding your iPhone repair in Vancouver is that we are here for you. With Cellfixx by your side, you can rest assured that your mobile will remain in better condition. No matter if you have an iPhone or Samsung, we got you covered.

Before we start, let's narrow down the current features they both contain.

iPhone 14 New Features

  • 5G support
  • A15 Bionic chip
  • OLED display
  • Improved camera system
  • LiDAR scanner (on the Pro models)
  • MagSafe wireless charging

So, we know that iPhone always brings the newest news in each update, but this time, iPhone focused mainly on external hardware. iPhone 14 and 14 Pro are almost identical when it comes to internal specs. The main differences lies in the camera department and a few other small areas, mostly internal features. The whole idea was kind of kept muted, which is one of the reasons why fans are unable to get the full potential of these devices.

Let's compare both iPhone 14 and 14 Pro and see what the main difference is.

Dimensional Differences

The iPhone 14 is almost the same size as the iPhone 11. The only difference is that it's slightly thicker and heavier. The iPhone 14 Pro, on the other hand, is a bit larger and heavier than the iPhone 11 Pro. It's also worth noting that both phones are available in different colour options.

It is 5.81 inches long, and the iPhone 14 Pro is just a hair taller than the 5.78-inch non pro model.Not a big deal, but it is. The roles of both are reversed for width, with the iPhone 14 bigger at 2.82 to 2.81 inches. These are just minute differences, and one of the reasons why these differences are unnoticeable.

Display Differences

With a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display and HDR support, these displays have unparalleled contrast ratios that deliver sharp images with true colours at any illumination condition - even in direct sunlight!

The first major departure between models is the screen size; both sport an incredible 2 million:1 ratio for deep blacks on medium tones or bright whites against dark greys when needed most (like during nighttime viewing). However, they differ slightly else wise--the latest version comes equipped with an oleophobic coating that resists fingerprints and smudges, while the iPhone 14 Pro lacks this feature. Aside from that, the only other notable difference is support for Dolby Vision. Moreover the no pro model has a 2,532 by 1,170 screen, while the Pro model goes up to 2556 x 1799.

Camera Differences

The iPhone 14 has a 12-megapixel camera with the typical setup consisting of one wide and ultra-wide shooter. Apple did make some changes to improve low light capabilities but didn't change much else about their hardware besides that!

The 12-megapixel camera on the Pro model is an upgrade from its previous one, not to mention that it also benefits from Apple's decision to finally upgrade sensor resolution. One thing remains consistent with this phone, though - you get the triple amount of cameras!

Final Thought

These three major differences are what makes a mobile device worthy of the Pro nomenclature. It is why we focused on these key areas. It is what sets the iPhone 14 Pro apart from its little brother, the non pro model. And it is also why we believe that the iPhone 14 Pro is the better phone of the two. Remember, we are here for you if you ever want to get your iPhone fixed. Because having a phone and making sure it is in good shape is also important. It is why if you want an iPhone repair service Cellfixx is here to fix it. Contact us, and we will help you. Also read about: Here Is How To Save Battery Life For IPhone In Vancouver.

This time, the bug is related to the DNS settings, which can be exploited by attackers to gain access to your device without you knowing. The good news is that there are already some workarounds and solutions that you can use to protect yourself.

The first you need to do is to make sure that your DNS settings are configured correctly. You can do it by heading to the Settings app and then to the WiFi section. Select the "i" icon next to your WiFi network that you are using, and then scroll down to the "Configure DNS" section.

If you see that the "Automatic" option is selected, tap on it and choose the "Manual" option. It will allow you to enter the DNS server addresses you want to use.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or also known as Virtual Private Network, is a way to add an extra layer of security to your internet connection. A VPN secures the data you send and receive, making it difficult for anyone to snoop on your traffic.

For example, if you are on public WiFi, a VPN can help to keep your data safe from hackers. Or, if you are accessing sensitive information, a VPN can help to prevent others from snooping on your traffic.

We all know how a VPN works, but for iPhone users, it is more important to know how to set up your VPN on their devices. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

How to Setup A VPN on iPhone?

1. Open the Settings app and head down to the "VPN" section.

2. Tap on the "Add VPN Configuration" option.

3. Select the "Type" of VPN you want. The most common types are IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN.

4. Enter the "Server" address of the VPN server you want to connect to.

5. Enter your "Username" and "Password."

6. Toggle the "Send All Traffic" switch to "ON."

7. Tap on the "Save" button.

8. Select the VPN you just created and tap on the "Connect" button.

The steps above will help you to set up a VPN on your iPhone. However, you can always contact your VPN provider for assistance if you are still having trouble.

There are many applications on the AppStore that can provide VPN service. The most common ones are NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and IPVanish.

If you want to keep your data safe and secure, it is important to use a VPN. With iOS 16, there is a bug that can be exploited by hackers to gain access to your device. However, as we mentioned above, there are already some solutions and workarounds that you can use to protect yourself. So, follow the steps we have outlined in this article, and you will be able to stay safe online.

Bottom Line

Taking care of your online security is important, especially if you are using public WiFi or accessing sensitive information. A VPN can help to keep your data safe and secure, but what's more important is to keep your device healthy and sturdy, and who does it better than Cellfixx? You know it, we fix it! Contact us today for all your iPhone repair needs. From cracked screens to battery replacements, we have got you covered.

Yes! There is one simple trick we bought for you today that will change how you think about phone security.

You will feel like Mc Lovin from the movie Superbad when you learn about this trick. If you know, you know!

What's the Trick?

This trick is for Android users only and will require you to download a free app called "Tasker." Once Tasker is installed, open the app and create a new task. Then, add a new action by tapping on the "+" symbol. From the list of actions, select "Display." From the "Display" options, select "Lock."

Now, go to the tasker main screen and tap on the "Profile" tab. Then, select "Event." From the list of events, select "Phone." Finally, select "Incoming Call."

When you're finished setting it, your screen should look something like this:

Tap on the back arrow on the top to return to the main Tasker screen. Then, tap on the "Play" icon to start the task. Now, whenever you get an incoming call, your screen will be locked automatically!

if you are still feeling difficulty understanding this, we also have an easier solution for you

You can also try this method:

Go to Settings -> Security -> Screen Lock and select "None." This will disable your pattern lock, password, or PIN code. Your screen will be locked immediately whenever you press the power button. Just kidding, we all know how this works.

Easier Way of Doing It

There is also an easier way for people who don't want to go through the hassle of downloading an app. You can simply enable the easier way from the display option on your Android phone.

  • Go to the Home screen option
  • Tap the Home screen setting
  • Below it, you can see an option called double tap to lock the screen

That is it!

You can also wake your screen up with this same option.

Bottom Line

So there you have it! This simple way to quickly lock your screen without pattern locks, password-protected screens, or fingerprint scanners. Make sure your phone is password protected because the gist of this trick is to just turn the screen off quickly and, in other words, lock it before you get caught doing something you're not supposed to be doing. Give it a try, and let us know what you think!

If you have trouble setting this up or have a malfunctioning screen, just bring it to the Cellfixx phone repair centre, and the technicians will take care of it for you!

We hope you enjoyed this blog post, and please feel free to share it with your friends! Also, don't forget to contact us for more detail on the repair services we offer!

But have you heard about setting customer vibration for your iPhone?

You can actually set different vibration patterns for different contacts or even for different whats app groups.

It is very easy to do and will help you easily identify the person or group that is trying to get your attention without even looking at your phone.

It is awesome that today's tech world provides many options to make our lives easier! And we can't wait to give you more information about it. So let us start.

Here is How it's Done

It is so easy that even a five-year-old could do it! Just kidding, but seriously, it is not rocket science. Read on while having your coffee during the break, and let us show you how it is done.

If you're like most iPhone users and haven't even flipped the mute switch on your iPhone after unboxing it, here's another trick that might pique your interest! Once again, Apple has developed their operating systems (iOS & iPadOS), which offer many possibilities for recognizing callers and certain notifications. Of course, having each contact assigned to its own ringtone is not new anymore either; but if we want even more personalization than what usually exists in a phone settings menu without too much trouble or creativity required, then try this next set of steps.

  1. Go to the Sounds and haptics settings screen by opening the Settings app and selecting "Sounds" (or "Sound & Haptics," on some models of iPhone).
  2. On the Sounds and Haptics page, scroll to the bottom and select "Create New Vibration."
  3. On the Create New Vibration page, tap out the vibration pattern that you want to use. The iPhone will play the pattern back to you as you tap, so you can get an idea of how it will feel.
  4. When you're done creating the vibration, tap "Stop" to stop recording. You can then give the new vibration a name, such as "Mom" or "Boss," and save it.
  5. Now, when setting up a new contact or editing an existing one, you can select the new vibration you just created from the list of available options.
  6. You can also set it as the default vibration pattern for all new contacts.


We hope this article was helpful and informative for you. Stay tuned for more interesting tips and tricks about iPhones, and if you want us to take care of your phone, then you can rely on us. Yes, we are more than just tips and tricks. We also offer iPhone repair in Vancouver.

Whether it is a battery replacement, a cracked screen, water damage or any other issue that you might have with your beloved phone- just bring it to Cellfixx, and we will take care of the rest! Contact us for more details.

It is not news that iPhone users face battery drainage issues. One of the reasons could be that the phone is used for various purposes such as making calls, checking emails, browsing the internet, playing games and so on. This continuously running Battery can quickly lead to its exhaustion. We know that with time, mobile usage is getting more power-intensive. The new feature-packed iPhones are not an exception to this rule.

Another factor affecting your iPhone's battery life is the Vancouver weather. In winter, the temperature outside can quickly drain your Battery. So, if you are someone who lives in Vancouver or are planning to visit soon, here are some tips that will help you. Although battery issues are not entirely because of the cold or hot weather. As we mentioned above, there are more reasons for it, but you don't have to worry about it. We have got you covered.

Here is How It's Done

Suppose you are on a trip, as we all know, that the iPhone is supposed to be charged within 24 hours. But what if there is no outlet or power bank nearby or you have forgotten your charger? In this case, you can use the power-saving mode to save some battery life. This mode lowers the brightness of your screen, reduces background activity and stops email fetching. To turn on this power-saving mode go to Settings -> Battery -> Low Power Mode -> Toggle it on.

But that's not all.

Most people think this option is for your iPhone battery to drop below 20%. That is not true. Think about it! It's up to you to turn it on or off as you like.

If your mobile device gives an average battery time of one day, you can use this mode to increase it by a few more hours.

If your iPhone battery is still running out too fast, check which apps are eating up your battery life the most. To do this, go to Settings -> Battery. Under the Battery Usage section will show a list of apps and the percentage. Now it is up to you which app you want to keep and which one you want to delete. But we suggest you get rid of the apps that are hogging your battery life without providing any value.

Bottom Line

This technique is not a sure-shot battery life saver, but it can help you in some situations. If it does not work properly, that means you need a new battery, and who does that better than Cellfixx in Vancouver? No one! We are more than just a phone repair centre in Vancouver; we will help you with your battery-related problems.

We hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

If you are bilingual, there must be some apps you wish were in English so you could read them more easily. Maybe you are trying to learn a new language and want to use an app to help but find it all in a foreign language. Or maybe you simply want to change the language of an app because you prefer another language.

Whatever the reason is, all we know is that there is a way to help you switch the language of an app on your phone!

Here is How It Works

If you have a pretty recent mobile device, say a google pixel running the latest version, you are in for a treat. Still, if you are an oldie with an old mobile, we also have a way for you.

However, before we start, we should let you know that the list of applications that support these features is not quite long. So you may have to understand this article with a bit of disappointment. Nevertheless, the process is not that difficult, so feel free to continue reading!

Here is the list of applications that currently work with this feature:

• Chrome

• Gboard

• Google Play Store

• YouTube

If you don't see your favourite app on the list, we are sorry that this method will not work. But it does not mean it is not an effective way. It just means that the app you want to use is not supported... yet.

Now that we have gotten that out let's move on and look at a few steps so you can turn on this feature.

How to Switch The Language of Individual Apps

First, you have to ensure that you have already successfully updated your mobile device to Android 13. For successful execution, you must ensure that your mobile device is eligible for the latest android update. Once you are done updating, the next step is to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Open the settings of your Android mobile device.
  2. Go to the System settings.
  3. Now search for Languages and input.
  4. Select The App languages.
  5. Select the app from the list for which you want to change the individual app language.
  6. Select your desired language.
  7. Voila! Your selected app will be displayed in the selected language from now on.

Bottom Line

It is easy nowadays how tech-savvy our generation has become. With these few simple steps, you can switch the language of any app on your phone. Gone are the days when we would have to search for hours to find the right settings. We hope this article helped and that you found it useful! You can count on us if you ever want to get your mobile device repaired in Vancouver. At Cellfixx, we take care of all kinds of phone repairs. If you want to know more about it, just contact us.

Gone are the days of the Nokia 3310 when the battery used to last for eternities. We know it's not true, but at the time, it seemed like that. Today, with all the new features and apps, our phones require a lot more power to run. Not to mention, we are using our phones more than ever before. We are constantly checking email, and social media, taking photos and videos, playing games, and using various apps. All of this activity takes up your battery life.

There are several reasons why your battery might be draining faster than usual. If you're noticing that your battery isn't lasting as long as it used to, here are some possible explanations:

Reasons Why Your Battery Is Draining Faster

1. You're using too many apps: Constantly using apps in the foreground and background will drain your battery. If you're not using an app, close it to preserve power.

2. Your screen brightness is too high: A brighter screen requires more power. Turn down your brightness of your screen, or better yet, put your phone on auto-brightness so that it can adjust the screen based on the lighting conditions.

3. You have Location Services turned on: Many apps use location services, which can drain your battery. Turn off this feature if you don't need an app to track your location.

4. You're not using power-saving mode: Power-saving mode can help extend your battery life. This feature reduces your screen brightness, limits background activity, and more.

5. You have a lot of notifications turned on: Too many notifications can be distracting, and they can also drain your battery. Turn off notifications for the apps that you don't use frequently.

Now that you know some of the reasons why your battery might be draining faster, here are some effective tips to help preserve your battery life:

Tips To Help Preserve Your Battery Life

1. Use power-saving mode: This mode can help extend your battery life by reducing screen brightness, limiting background activity, and more.

2. Reduce your screen brightness: A brighter screen requires more power. Turn down the brightness of your screen, or better yet, put your phone on auto-brightness so that it can adjust the screen based on the lighting conditions.

3. Close apps when you're not using them: Constantly using apps in the foreground and background will drain your battery.

Bottom Line

The final verdict can be a lot different. It could be that it's time for you to change your mobile device's battery. This is where we come in. At Cellfixx, we take care of all kind of repair, and our professional team know every in and out no matter what cell phone you have. Make sure you visit our online phone repair centre, and our technicians can take care of the rest. Don't forget to contact us.

But why should you spend the money when you can easily fix it yourself? With a few simple tools and patience, you can have your phone looking as good as new in no time.

In Vancouver or worldwide, people prefer to get their phones fixed by a professional.

Mobile phone repair shops are everywhere and usually offer a warranty on their work. Warranty is just a fancy word for guarantee. If they screw up, you can bring it back, and they will fix it for free.

Before you start, let us explore some tips and then jump to a final verdict on whether or not you should fix the phone yourself or let the professionals handle it for you.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

Pay attention to your spare part's quality

Regarding mobile phone repair, the quality of your spare parts is crucial. If you use cheap, low-quality parts, your phone will look and feel cheap. And in some cases, it might even cause more damage to your phone. If you are fixing it, you can pay attention to it better, but if you go to a mobile phone repair shop in Vancouver, ask about the quality of the parts they use.

Get the right tools.

There are certain tools you will need for mobile phone repair; if you don't have them, it will be very difficult to do a good job. For example, you will need a screwdriver to remove the back panel of your phone. You will also need a small pry tool to help remove your phone's battery and other components. YOu can get the tools you want, or you can go to a shop.

Prepare your workspace

Before you start repairing your phone, it is important to prepare your workspace. Make sure you have a clean, flat surface to work on. You will also need good lighting to see what you are doing.

Take your time

One of the most important things to remember when repairing your phone is to take your time. Don't rush through the process, as this can lead to mistakes. If you are doing it yourself, you know that you can take as much time as you want. But the key to it is to know what you are doing. If you don't know, there is no point in taking your time.

Have fun

Lastly, make sure you have fun while repairing your phone. This is an opportunity to learn something new and save some money. So enjoy the process, and don't get too stressed if things don't go according to plan. Do you know what to do if things get out of hand?

Bottom Line

As we were saying, if you mess up during your phone repair, always get in touch with a professional phone repair in Vancouver like Cellfixx. You can contact us for more details, and we will take care of the rest.

It can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you know that there's a perfectly good reason why it's not working - it's because you have an iPhone and they have an Android.

For years, there has been a communication divide between these two groups of people. But thankfully, there are now ways to bridge that gap so that you can text your Android-using friends and family without any frustration.

We love to be the bearer of goodness, and we will always ensure Vancouverites are always in the know of the best and most efficient tech tips.

Here are a few ways that you can text an Android user without any frustration:

The Facetime Link

We will start with face time link. As we all know, only iPhone users enjoy the features and efficiency of facetime. But not anymore. Android users can now hop in with facetime users using a link.

How does it work?

You or anyone in your friend list can now send a link to their facetime, and you can join them. This link can be utilized for both Android and Apple users seamlessly.

Here is How to send a FaceTime link for a new call

  1. First, go into the FaceTime app.
  2. Then select "Create Link."
  3. Lastly, select how you like to send the link. You can send it via any messaging app of your choice. You can also AirDrop it to another user or friend or copy the link and paste it into any program.

Here is How to send a FaceTime while on a live call

  1. First tap "FaceTime Video" under the caller's name
  2. Then Tap "Share Link"
  3. Lastly, select how you would like to send the link. You can send it via any messaging app, AirDrop it to another device, or copy the link and paste it into any program.

The FaceTime call will be accessible only to those who have been granted permission to join. The person initiating the connection can allow or deny other participants based on their preferences, similarly to hosts controlling how many people enter into a specific conversation at one time through either method of entry--phone number reservations, for example, require an additional step before access becomes available. Still, it's worth saving yourself some trouble!

Alternative video chatting platforms

Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams also allow for link sharing with anyone--not just those within the same company or organization. Both parties have the app installed on their devices, so they can join a video chat by clicking on a shared link.

Bottom Line

So there you have it! No more communication frustration between iPhone and Android. Always remember, when in doubt, there's probably a way to make it work--you just have to get creative. Also, don't forget that we can take care of your phone repair in Vancouver, all you have to do is go to Cellfixx online phone repair centre, and all will be taken care of from there. For more information, you can contact us.

Fast forward to today, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is released, and all left to do is order it. While you get busy ordering one for yourself, we're here to provide you with a few tips and tricks for you to make the most out of it.

First, let's talk about the elephant in the room – the price. The starting price for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 in Vancouver is around $2,500. For some people, this may seem like a lot of money, but when you compare it to other high-end smartphones on the market, it's quite reasonable. Plus, you must remember that you're getting two devices: a smartphone and a tablet. But everyone has reasons to deny that the price is reasonable, and nobody can deny those reasons unless they buy one themselves.

Today we are not here to discuss the price but to provide tips and tricks about the phone.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Tips and Tricks

Portrait Mode

The portrait mode in Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is nothing you have ever seen. The quality of the image is just outstanding. It can take some great pictures with the help of its two cameras – one on the back and one on the front.

To use portrait mode, you must open up the camera app and switch to portrait mode. Then, simply point the camera at your subject and take the picture. The camera will do the rest.

One of the best things about this feature is that it works with front and rear cameras. So, if you want to take a selfie with blurred background, you can do that too. Just switch to portrait mode and use the front camera.


Multi-window is a feature that allows you to use two apps simultaneously. It is extremely useful if you want to check your email while watching a video or browsing the web.

To use multi-window, simply open up the app you want to use and then long press the home button. It will bring a list of compatible apps. Select the second app you want to use, and it will open up in a small window. Then youcan then adjust the size of the windows to your liking.

Samsung's Taskbar

If you want to switch between apps quickly, Samsung's taskbar is the way. A bar appears at the bottom of the screen and shows you all the apps you have open. To use it, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and it will appear.

To switch to a different app, or if you want to pin your favourite apps to the taskbar, simply long press on the app icon and a menu will appear. From here, you can do whatever you want with the app.

Bottom Line

These are just a few of the many features of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, and there is much more. Once you start using it, you will explore more and more features. We hope these tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your new smartphone/tablet. We almost forgot that you could count on us if you want us to take care of your Z Fold 4 repair. You must visit Cellfixx's online phone repair centre, and we will take care of the rest. Contact us, and we will be there for you.

Accessibility features increase the device's usability for people with disabilities. But it can be used by people who don't have any disabilities. For example, you can use the VoiceOver feature to read aloud what's on your screen. Or you can use this feature to magnify the screen.

Sure, those accessibility features were made for people with disabilities, but that doesn't mean that people who don't have disabilities can't use them. It was made so that people who can't use the technology to its fullest can still use it differently.

There are many benefits to using accessibility features, even if you don't have a disability.

So, whether you have a disability or not, here are some tips on using the accessibility features on your iPhone or iPad.

But how do you use these accessibility features? Let's take a look at some of them.

iPhone, iPad Accessibility Features

The VoiceOver feature:

It is one of the most popular accessibility features. It reads aloud what's on your screen. You can also use it to navigate your device. To turn on VoiceOver, go to Settings> General> Accessibility> VoiceOver.

The Zoom feature:

This feature magnifies the screen. It's great for people who have vision problems. To turn on Zoom, go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Zoom.

The Bold Text feature:

It makes the text on your screen bigger and easier to read. To turn on Bold Text, go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Bold Text.

The Reduce Motion feature:

It reduces the number of animations and effects on your screen. It can help people who get dizzy or nauseous from seeing too much movement on the screen. To turn on Reduce Motion, go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Reduce Motion.

Assistive Touch:

This feature allows you to use your device without touching the screen. It can be helpful for people who have trouble using the touchscreen. To turn on the Assistive Touch, go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Assistive Touch.

Wrapping Up!

We all have used Siri so many times, sometimes for fun and sometimes for an actual reason. It is one of the most effective accessibility features on an iPhone or iPad. Knowing about the internal stuff of your mobile device is important but taking care of your mobile from the exterior is equally important. It is always a good idea to get your phone checked online from a phone repair in Vancouver like Cellfixx. They provide the best phone repair in Vancouver, and you can get your mobile fixed without moving from your place.

That's all for now! We hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We will help you according to your need.

Rather than having your guests fumble around with your iPhone to type in a long and complicated password, you can create a QR code that they can simply scan with their phone's camera. It will connect them to your Wi-Fi network automatically without entering any passwords.Today, sharing a Wi-Fi password with your guest is as important as giving them a key to your house. You do not want to put your Wi-Fi QR code in the street for anyone to see. No matter how easy your passcode may be, chances are people will ask you to spell it, but with a QR code, they can just scan it with their phone.You can email all your friends or family who frequently visit you. You can also frame it and hand it around your house. It is one of the most interesting and better ways to make you look like a tech-savvy person.

How Do You Teach Your Guests About It?

In order to help your guest learn this method, you will have to learn yourself and master this technique. You can teach your friend and family this trick and help them adapt to the new ways.You need to understand that the new phones are very smart and there is a lot that you don't need to do.All you need is:

  • An iPhone Camera
  • Your Generated QR code
  • That's it

The new iPhone cameras can detect the QR code and automatically bring up the options to scan it.If you don't have an iPhone, there are several Android apps that can generate and scan QR codes as well. Once you have your QR code, simply send it to your guests via text, social media, or email. They'll be able to scan it and connect to your Wi-Fi network without entering any passwords.It is a great way to keep your guests connected and make sure they have the best possible experience while visiting your home.For iPhone users, many third-party apps are available that can also help you connect to the Wi-Fi.

How you can add a QR code scanner to Control Center

  • Open the Settings app and tap "Control Center."
  • Tap the "+" button and select "QR Code Scanner" from the list of options.
  • You can now access the QR code scanner by swiping up from the bottom of your iPhone's screen.
  • To use it, simply aim your iPhone's camera at the QR code and wait for a notification to appear.
  • Tap the notification to join the Wi-Fi network.

Bottom Line

Time is changing, and it is always better to adapt to new ways. We will be here for you with many new tips and tricks. Not only that, we are very fond of repairing phones in Vancouver. You can get yours repaired at our phone repair center in Vancouver. We have all the latest tools and technologies to repair your phone. Our team of highly skilled technicians is always ready to serve you. We know the value of time and will never keep you waiting.We really hope you enjoyed this blog idea and found it helpful. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

Google Photos is a photo and video storage service developed by Google. It was announced in May 2015 and officially released on August 26, 2015.Google Photos is one of the most popular photo and video storage services. It is available on Android, iOS, and the web. Google Photos offers unlimited storage for photos and videos. You can use it to back-up your photos and videos to the cloud.This article will share some tips and tricks for using Google Photos on your Android phone. And how you can tame google photos so you can use it to your advantage. We will go through some benefits of google photos and some tips you may not know about.

Benefits of Google Photos

Unlimited Storage:

One of the best features of Google-Photos is that it offers unlimited storage for photos and videos. You can save as many photos and videos as you want without worrying about running out of space. There is a catch, and you must purchase unlimited storage if you have a large amount of data. But initially, you can easily get 15GB of free space, which should suffice for most users.

Backup & Sync:

Google Photos can automatically backup and sync your photos and videos to the cloud. It is a great feature to keep your photos and videos safe and secure. You can access them from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection.

Organize & Search:

Google Photos can help you organize and search your photos and videos. You can create albums, add tags, and even search for specific photos and videos. The search feature is particularly useful if you have a large collection of photos and videos.

Share & Collaborate:

Google Photos makes it easy to share and collaborate with others. You can share photos and videos with anyone, even if they don’t have a Google account. You can create shared albums and invite others to contribute.

Easy to Use:

Google Photos is very easy to use. You can also upload photos and videos from your personal phone or your computer. You can also use the app to edit and enhance your photos and videos.These are some of the benefits of using Google Photos. Now let’s take a look at some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of it.

Google Photos Tips and Tricks

Use Albums to Organize Your Photos

Albums in google-photos are a great way to organize your photos. You can create albums for different occasions, events, or even themes. To create an album, open the Google Photos app and tap on the “+” sign. Select your photos you want to add to the album and tap “Create Album.”

Use Tags to Organize Your Photos

Tagging is another great way to organize your photos. You can use tags to label different types of photos. For example, you can tag photos as “Family,” “Friends,” or “Travel.” To add a tag, open the photo you want to tag and tap on the “Info” icon. Tap on “Add Tag” and enter the tag name.

Use Search to Find Photos

The search feature in it is very powerful. You can use it to find photos based on different criteria. For example, you can search for photos by date, location, or even the people in the photo. To search for photos, open the Google Photos app and tap on the “Search” bar. Enter your search criteria and tap on the “Search” button.

Bottom Line

These tips and tricks can help you get the most out of Google Photos. These tips allow you to easily organize, find, and share your photos and videos. We are always here with some useful tips, and we also take care of your phone. If you ever need to get your phone repair service in Vancouver, Cellfixx is one of the best places. We will take a look at your phone and let you know what the problem is, and we will also give you a quote for the repair. We specialize in all phone repairs, including cracked screen replacement, battery replacement, and more. Contact us today to book an appointment.

When all of a sudden the earpiece speaker of your Samsung Galaxy S21 starts to malfunction, and you can no longer hear the other person during phone calls, then it's time to replace it with a new one. This guide will teach you how to do just that in a few simple steps.

Samsung Galaxy S21

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is a high-end Android smartphone. It features a 6.5-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080x2400 pixels and an aspect ratio of 19.5:9. The Samsung Galaxy S21 is powered by the (Qualcomm Snapdragon) 865 octa-core processor, with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. It has high performing triple rear camera setup that includes a 12-megapixel primary sensor, a 64-megapixel telephoto sensor, and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor. The front camera is 10 megapixels. The Samsung Galaxy S21 runs on Android 11 with One UI 3.0 on top.Every phone starts to highlight issues after a certain usage time. It is common for the earpiece speaker to stop working after some time on the Samsung Galaxy S21. It happens because of the constant use of the phone and might also be due to some water or dust damage.If your phone faces this problem, you need not worry, as this guide will help you replace the earpiece speaker on the Samsung Galaxy S21.You will need the following tools to replace the earpiece speaker on the Samsung Galaxy S21:

  • A plastic opening tool
  • A SIM ejection tool
  • A Phillips screwdriver
  • A spudger
  • Suction cup
  • Tweezers
  • Isopropyl alcohol

Power Down Your Phone

Your first step is to power down your phone. To do this, press and hold the Power button for a few seconds and then select "Power off" from the menu on the screen. When replacing any component in your phone, it is always a good idea to power it down. It is because if there is an electrical current running through the phone, it can potentially cause injury. It is also important to avoid static electricity, which can damage the phone.

Remove the Back Panel

Removing the back panel is one of the toughest steps while replacing the earpiece speaker on the Samsung Galaxy S21. We prefer if you were very careful while doing this as there are a lot of small and delicate parts inside the phone.Start by using the SIM ejection tool to remove the SIM card tray from the top of the phone. Then, you can use the plastic opening tool to pry open the back panel. Start from the bottom and work your way up. Once the back panel is open, you can see the battery, the motherboard, and other components.To make this process easier, use a heating pad to soften the adhesive holding the back panel. Set the heating pad to low heat and place it on the back panel for a few minutes. It will help to loosen the adhesive and make it easier to remove the back panel. Use opening picks and insert them around the edges of the back panel to separate it from the phone.Once the back panel is removed, you can see the earpiece speaker at the top of the phone.

Removing the camera shell

The camera shell needs to be removed for you to proceed with this guide. You will need heating pads, and a few opening picks because this step follows the same rule as the above. The camera shell needs to be heated for the adhesive to get loosened, and then you can use the opening picks to pry it off.

Removing the motherboard bracket

Remove the five screws that are holding down the motherboard bracket. Be very careful not to lose any of the screws, as they are very small and can be easily misplaced. Once the screws are removed, you can lift the motherboard bracket and set it aside. A few clips are holding down the motherboard, so be careful while handling it.

Disconnecting the Battery

Disconnecting the battery is important as you will be working with electrical components. To disconnect the battery, use the spudger to pry it out of its socket. Be careful while doing this, as the battery is delicate and can easily be damaged. Once the battery is disconnected, you can proceed to the next step.Some important flex cables are getting a connection from the battery to the motherboard. Try to remove these cables as they are very delicate and can be easily damaged. The wireless charging coil and cable also need to be removed. Remove its cable and peel off the can with a bit of force.

Disconnecting the earpiece speaker cable

To disconnect the earpiece speaker cable, use the point of a spudger to pry up and disconnect the press connector.

Removing the earpiece speaker

Remove the seven screws that are holding down the earpiece speaker. Be very careful not to lose any of the screws, as they are very small and can be easily misplaced. Once the screws are removed, you can lift the earpiece speaker and set it aside.Now you are ready to replace your new earpiece for your Samsung galaxy s21

Installing the new earpiece speaker

To install the new earpiece speaker, reverse the steps you followed to remove the old one. Start by attaching the new earpiece speaker and then screwing it down. Be careful not to over-tighten the screws, as this can damage the earpiece speaker.

Final Words

If you think this replacement guide is somewhat above your expertise, you should get in touch with Cellfixx. Cellfixx provides impeccable phone repair services in Vancouver and its suburbs. They will be able to replace your earpiece speaker in no time. We hope this guide was helpful to you and that you were able to replace your earpiece speaker without any problems. Contact us and stay tuned for more informative guides.Thanks for reading!

So, you're sick of your iPhone 13 mini speakers? We got a replacement guide for those! You will need the right tools and skills to get it done. It is one of our easiest guides for the bottom speaker replacement of the iPhone mini 13 - so don't miss this chance to get some help today with these easy-to-follow directions.We all know there's no reason never to use an Apple mobile. It just depends on preferences, and if you have iPhone, well, then maybe that's what works best for your needs too! But when using any smartphone- even ones from the Androids series. Sometimes problems arise that need attention; this is normal, though, because every device will eventually face issues like these throughout its lifetime - however, we prepared this blog to give you the most seamless replacement guide for your iPhone 13 mini bottom speaker.It's important to read the whole blog post and not just glance at it. We always start by providing you with all of our necessary tools, which will make this process much easier for you!


  • P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone
  • Heating pad
  • Opening Picks (Set of 6)
  • Suction cups
  • Suction Handle
  • ESD Safe Tweezers Blunt Nose
  • Spudger
  • Phillips PH000 Screwdriver
  • Tri-point Y000 Screwdriver

When you're about to replace a component in your smartphone, ensure that the replacement part is already with you, so you don't have to waste any of your precious time.Let's get started with this guide!

Removing the screws

The first thing you need to do is power off your device. After that, use the P2 pentalobe screwdriver to remove the two screws on each side of the Lightning connector. Once done, place the screws in a secure place.

Heating the edges

Heating the edges of your iPhone mini 13 is a great way to eliminate any unwanted adhesive. However, be careful not to overdo it because this can cause internal and external damage to devices like screens that are more vulnerable when heated directly. You could try using a hair dryer or heating pad, whichever works better for you - don't apply too much heat given how quick-heating pad heats.

Create a gap

You will need suction cups and a suction handle to perform this step. To start:

  1. Apply the suction cups close to the bottom edge of your device.
  2. Make sure that it's placed firmly and not loose because this will make the process harder.
  3. Use the handle to pull up the screen slowly but surely.

You should now create a small gap between the display and the rear case. If not, try readjusting the suction cups until you get the desired result. Now that there's a gap, we can start prying open the case using an opening pick.

Pry open the case

Use an opening pick to insert it between the display and rear case. Do this all around the edges until the adhesive has been completely removed. You can also use the spudger for this but make sure that it's the plastic kind to avoid causing any damage.The heating pad is tricky, but it's easy enough once you know it. Make sure your device has been heated enough for the adhesive to be cut with no damage done! First, start by softening just one edge so there are not too many hard edges against which we'll later scrape; then, use an Opening Pick along each corner. Insert them only about 1mm and not more than that.

Opening the iPhone

The next part is the tricky bit. You have to open your iPhone 13 screen without slicing any attached wires, so you must be extra careful with this step - but don't worry! Allowing only one side of each component housing to come off will give enough space for them. While still being able to lift slightly on either end if need be. Just make sure everything stays put before lifting too far, or else you could potentially do even more damage.

Unscrew the battery and display cable cover

The connector cover is there to keep your display and battery safe. The screen connection holds it in place, so be careful when removing it! You'll need one screw undone before removing either the front or back panels of this part- To get started, unscrew using a screwdriver for best results.Once the screws are out, you must disconnect the cables from the main board.

Removing the front sensor connector cover

Disconnecting the front sensor from your board is easy. Just remove the three screws, and you'll have access to it.

  • One PH000 1.4 mm-long screw
  • One Y000 1.8 mm-long screw
  • One Y000 1.2 mm-long screw

Once you have removed all the screws, lift your screen with small tweezers. Then underneath will be some cables that need to come off for us to replace them properly- now we can safely remove everything else!

Unscrewing the bottom speaker

With the help of a tweezer, hold one edge of the speaker and carefully lift it off the body. There will be four screws that need to be removed. Once you completely remove them, you can safely take out the bottom speaker.Now that the speaker is completely removed, you can start replacing it.

Final Words

Make sure to follow each step, so you get the ultimate result. If you want to re-assemble your phone. Just follow each step in reverse order. If you think this replacement guide is difficult, you can always seek help from your trustworthy phone repair in Vancouver. You can save up to 75% without worrying about your data privacy. If you are unhappy with the fix, you can ask for a refund. The best part is that the technicians are professional and they are quick. Don't hesitate to contact us so we can guide you better.

If your Samsung Galaxy A70 battery is worn-out or dead, follow this guide on how to replace it. If your battery is swollen, you should take the necessary precautions. Before disassembling your phone, you should discharge the battery to below 25% to prevent damage to the battery. If the battery is accidentally damaged during being repaired, then the battery is less likely to be subjected to a dangerous thermal event. Reassembling the device will require you to use a new adhesive to reattach the components. The necessary tool that you might want to keep close before starting this replacement guide:

  • SIM Card Eject Tool
  • Opening Picks (Set of 6)
  • Heating pad
  • Spudger
  • Plastic Cards

Step 1 Eject the SIM tray of the Samsung Galaxy A70

  • To remove the SIM card from the phone, you can use the SIM eject tool, SIM eject bit, or a straightened paper clip in the slot on the left side of the phone.
  • If you press firmly, the tray will eject, and you will be able to remove it.

Step 2 Soften the adhesive

  • You can do this by pressing the power button on your Galaxy A70.
  • It would help if you used a heating pad to soften the adhesive beneath the rear glass by heating it. Use the heating pad for two minutes to soften the adhesive. You can repeat this step several times throughout the whole process of removing the rear glass.
  • You can also use a hairdryer, heat gun, or hot plate, but be careful not to overheat the phone, as both the AMOLED display and internal battery are susceptible to damage when overheated.

Step 3 Create a gap

  • The suction cup should be applied to the back of the phone, as close as possible to the center of the right edge.
  • It is necessary to pull the suction cup to form a gap between the rear glass and the frame.
  • Once the gap has been formed, insert an opening pick within it.

Step 4 Slice the adhesive

  • Slide it along the edge to the bottom right corner using the opening pick.
  • If you want to prevent the adhesive from resealing, leave the opening pick in its place.
  • You should be able to remove the suction cup once you have inserted an opening pick, or you may continue to use it for a better grip during the removal procedure.
  • Place a second opening pick under the bottom right corner of the back cover.
  • Place the top right corner of the pick over the opening pick.
  • If you have difficulty cutting the adhesive, you can use the heating pad again to soften it.
  • Keep the opening picks in place to prevent the adhesive from resealing.
  • Under the top right-hand corner of the back cover, insert a third opening choice.
  • To cut the adhesive along the top edge of the phone, slide the tip of the opening pick along its edge.
  • To prevent the adhesive from resealing, you should leave the opening pick in the top left corner.
  • Add a fourth opening pick under the top left corner of the board.
  • By sliding the opening pick along the left edge of your phone, you will cut the adhesive.
  • If you want to prevent the adhesive from resealing, keep the opening pick in place.
  • Insert a fifth opening pick in the bottom left corner of the board.
  • Using a razor blade, cut the remaining adhesive on the pick's edge.

Step 5 Remove the rear glass of the Samsung Galaxy A70

  • Removing the rear glass is necessary.
  • Stack a stack of heavy books on your phone for several minutes after installing the back cover to help the adhesive form a good bond.

Step 6 Unscrew the midframe

  • To remove the fourteen screws, 4.0 mm long, that secure the midframe, you will need to use a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 7 Insert an opening pick

  • to separate the midframe from the plastic clips that have been attached to it.
  • You should insert the opening pick between the midframe and the front panel assembly on the phone's right edge near the volume button.

Step 8 Detach the clips

  • Slide the opening pick to the bottom right corner of the opening pick to remove the clips.
  • As you slide the opening around the bottom right corner to the bottom left corner, you will be able to loosen the plastic clips.
  • Detach the plastic clips from the opening pick by sliding the pick along the left edge of the pick.
  • Now you can remove the midframe.

Step 9 Disconnect the battery of the Samsung Galaxy A70

  • You can dismantle the battery with a spudger by prying the connector straight up from the socket with the help of the spudger.
  • Using a spudger, pry the interconnect cable straight up from its socket by using the connector straight up from the motherboard.
  • Using a spudger, pry up the connector straight up from its socket to disconnect the interconnect cable from the connector socket on the daughterboard.
  • Once this has been done, the interconnect cable will be removed from the board.

Step 10 Apply adhesive remover

  • Putting a few drops of adhesive remover or high concentration (90% or higher) isopropyl alcohol into the gap at the bottom edge of the battery is recommended.
  • To remove the adhesive from underneath your battery, raise the bottom of your phone and tilt it in the direction of the rear camera. It will allow the adhesive remover to spread out.
  • It would help if you let the adhesive remover penetrate the battery adhesive for at least one minute.
  • The soft-shelled lithium-ion batteries can leak dangerous chemicals, catch fire, or even explode if they are damaged. It is recommended that you do not use excessive force or pry at the battery with metal tools. While doing this, make sure that you don't deform the battery in any way.
  • Place a piece of plastic underneath the bottom edge of the battery.
  • Slide it carefully under the battery to loosen the adhesive.
  • As you continue to slide the plastic card underneath, you will be able to pry out the battery from its recess.
  • When you do this, you should be able to remove the battery easily. If the battery is still sticky, repeat the previous adhesive removal procedure using the adhesive remover.
  • Remove the battery from the device.
  • If your battery is damaged or deformed, do not reinstall it because it could risk your safety.
  • It is important to remove any remaining adhesive from the phone before putting in a new battery and to clean the glued areas with isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth before replacing the battery.


You should turn on your device and test your repair before installing the new adhesive and resealing it. If you think this replacement guide is not very easy you can always look for a phone repair near you or specifically a Samsung galaxy repair near you.Use pre-cut adhesive tape or double-sided adhesive tape to secure the new battery. For the new adhesive to adhere correctly to the device, it needs to be applied at the same place where the old adhesive was located, not directly onto the battery. Ensure that the new battery is firmly pressed into place.Once the battery has been installed, follow these steps in reverse order to reassemble your device. Apply new adhesive to the relevant areas after cleaning them with isopropyl alcohol (>90%), if necessary.If you have any questions you can contact us and we would be here to help you.

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra? If the rear glass of your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is cracked or damaged, you can replace it with the help of this guide. This guide is for the(international) model of the Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra. The other models of this Samsung phone have an additional antenna cable sitting on the edge of the midframe. If you have that model, make sure to take care of that antenna cable, as it may get damaged during the replacement process. When reassembling the device, you’ll need replacement adhesive to reattach components, so buying extra is important. If you do not replace the adhesive seals during the reassembling, your device will function normally but will most likely lose its liquid ingress protection. So, before you start, you have to ensure that you put the adhesive back in the correct way. This replacement guide is easy and can be done in an hour or so. Just make sure to follow each and every step. You can do it yourself, and if you excel at it, you might help someone in your family or in your friend circle. Listed below are some tools necessary for you to start the replacement process:

  • Heating pad/Heatgun/Hairdryer
  • Suction Handle
  • Opening Picks
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (90% or Greater)
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Before you start, make sure you have a brand new rear glass panel, to begin with, so you can finish the replacement process simultaneously.Protip: Leaving your phone without the rear or front glass cover may pose some dangers as it is not advised.

Step 1 Heating The Rear Glass of Samsung Galaxy S21

  • To loosen the adhesive underneath the rear glass, prepare the heating pad and apply it for at least three minutes.
  • It is also possible to use a hairdryer, heat gun, or hot plate, but make sure not to overheat the phone. Both the display and battery are vulnerable to damage caused by excessive heat.

Step 2 Insert The Opening Pick

  • The suction handle should be attached to the bottom edge of the rear glass, as close to the edge as possible.
  • There may be situations where the suction handle does not adhere properly if there is a crack in the rear glass. You can try lifting it with strong tape, or you can use superglue to hold the suction handle in place, and then you can proceed as normal.
  • The rear glass needs to be lifted with a suction handle in order to create a small gap between the rear glass and the frame.
  • You may need to apply a little more heat to soften the adhesive further if you are having trouble creating a gap. Make sure you follow the instructions on the heating pad so that it does not overheat.
  • Using the opening pick you created, insert it into the gap you just created.
  • In order to slice the adhesive, slide the opening pick to the bottom left corner.
  • Keep the opening pick in place to prevent the adhesive from re-sealing when the pick is removed.

Step 3 Slicing The Adhesive

  • At the bottom of your phone, you should insert a second opening pick.
  • Slice the adhesive with the opening pick by sliding it to the bottom right corner.
  • Make sure to leave the opening picks in place to prevent the adhesive from re-sealing.
  • If you notice that the adhesive is hard to cut, most likely, it has cooled down. You should heat it for a couple of minutes.
  • Place a third opening pick at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
  • You will need to slide the opening pick along the right edge of your phone to slice the adhesive.
  • It would be best to leave the opening pick in the top right corner. if you want to prevent the adhesive from re-sealing.
  • To avoid damaging or smearing the camera assembly, when you slice close to the camera assembly, insert only the tip of the opening pick (*4-5 mm) to prevent damaging it.
  • The fourth opening pick should be placed under the top right corner of the phone.
  • By sliding the opening pick along the top edge of the adhesive, you will be able to slice it.
  • In order to prevent the adhesive from re-sealing after the opening pick has been removed. Leave the pick in the top left corner.
  • Under the top left corner of the board, insert a fifth opening pick.
  • In order to slice the remaining adhesive from the rear glass. Move the opening pick along the left side of the edge.
  • In order to avoid damaging the flex cable near the power button. Insert only the tip of the opening pick (* 3-4 mm) when you slice near the power button.

Step 4 Removing The Rear Glass of Samsung Galaxy S21

  • Remove the rear glass.
  • The adhesive should be applied where necessary after the area has been cleaned with isopropyl alcohol (>90%).
  • Put a bit of adhesive or double-sided tape on the new rear glass to secure it in place.
  • Apply strong, steady pressure for several minutes after installing the rear glass to ensure a good bond.

Final Words

Follow these instructions in reverse order to reassemble your device. This replacement guide consists of four major steps, and each step is simple and requires no extra tip or instruction. Once you follow the complete guideline mentioned above, you will be good to go. The guide is made easy so even an inexperienced person can follow. If you still think that this guide is difficult, make sure to find a phone repair near you or, more specifically, a samsung galaxy repair shop near you.If you have any queries related to cell phone screen replacement, you can contact us, and we would be happy to assist you.

Is your Samsung galaxy A70 back cover broken? Don't worry. We've got you covered with this easy-to-follow guide. You'll need some adhesive to reattach components when putting everything together, so keep an eye out for that in-store or online! In this guide, we have shown some easy steps so you can replace the back cover on your Galaxy A70.

Samsung Galaxy A70

The Samsung Galaxy A70 is a phone that's packed full of features. It has a 6.7-inch screen, triple rear cameras, and a powerful Snapdragon 675 processor. But even the best phones can sometimes have problems. If your Galaxy A70 isn't working as it should, or if you want to give it a new look, you might need to replace the back cover.It is a fairly straightforward process, but there are a few things you'll need to watch out for.Tools you need to start this guide:

  • Hairdresser or heating pad
  • Opening picks (Set of Six)

Step 1 Softening the adhesive of Samsung Galaxy A70.

The Galaxy A70 is a beautiful phone with some vulnerabilities you might not know about. The rear plastic cover can be extremely stubborn to remove and will probably break if violent enough pressure is used during removal- which means the AMOLED display could also short out! Soaking with heat for two minutes should do nicely, though.If you have ever tried to remove your rear plastic cover on a Galaxy A70, this is the most difficult part of owning a phone like this. The adhesive used underneath can be very firm and hard-to- to soften so that when we apply heat, it becomes loose enough where removal becomes possible without having too much hassle or damaging anything inside! Our methods will also leave you with a fully functional device.

Step 2 Creating a gap in your Samsung Galaxy A70.

Apply a suction cup to the back of your phone, as close as possible near the center right edge. Pull-on it for good measure, and you'll create space between the rear glass & frame! Insert pick before applying force, so there's no damage done when popping off the old plastic cover.

Step 3 Slicing the adhesive of Samsung Galaxy A70.

There are two ways to remove the sticky tape from your phone: you can either use a suction cup or an opening pick. The best way will depend on what type of device it is and which method works better in certain situations, like when handling large surfaces where applying force may cause damage (such as pushing down).To remove the adhesive, slide an opening pick along its edge to find a corner. Leave it in place and use suction cups or other tools while removing if needed for better handling during the removal process.If you have trouble cutting, use the heating pad again to soften that adhesive. Leave your second opening pick in place, so it doesn't reseal shut!When you're done with your opening pick, slide it along the edge to where they meet in a corner. If there's any leftover adhesive on top of whatever was applied before using a heated pad (depending).The opening pick will slide along the top edge of your phone, cutting through its adhesive. Be careful and do not cut too much or leave any residue on either side when you're done!Insert as many opening picks at each corner so when there is an opening pick at each corner. You can re-heat the back plastic cover so the adhesive may loosen up.When you completely remove the adhesive layer with the help of a heating pad and opening picks. Then you can move on to the next step.

Step 4 Removing the rear plastic cover of Samsung Galaxy A70.

Now that you have removed all the adhesive. It is time for you to remove the back cover.Pick it up, and with the help of a tweezer, remove any remaining adhesive from the phone.Be very careful while removing the Rear plastic cover as there is a chance that you may damage the phone's display.Once you have successfully removed the rear plastic cover, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 5 Installing the new back cover.

Now that you have removed the old back cover. It is time to install the new back cover.To do so, align the new back cover with the phone and press it gently.Make sure you do not apply too much pressure as this may damage the phone.Once you have successfully installed the new back cover, you are nearly done with this guide.


Now that you have successfully removed and installed your new back cover of your Samsung Galaxy A70. You can enjoy it again, and it will look good as new. If you think this guide is difficult, make sure you find phone repair near you or any Samsung galaxy repair centre.Thank you for reading! We hope this blog helped you in some way. Do not forget to share this guide with your friends if it is helpful. Contact us so we can help you in a better way.

Are you having trouble hearing people on calls or listening to music and videos? It might be time to replace the loudspeaker on your iPhone 13. It is a simple process that can be done at home with a few tools and patience. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to replace the loudspeaker on your iPhone 13. We'll also provide tips for avoiding common mistakes during this process. Let's get started! Before we start, there are some precautions you should take.

  1. First, make sure you have the correct model iPhone.
  2. There are three different iPhone 13 models: mini, iPhone Pro, and iPhone Max. Each one has a slightly different loudspeaker assembly process.
  3. Second, gather all of the tools you will need before beginning.
  4. You will need a small Phillips head screwdriver, a spudger tool, and a pair of tweezers.
  5. Lastly, ensure a clean work area free of dust and debris.

Now that you're prepared let's get started!Here are some necessary tools:

  • P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone
  • Heating Pad
  • Suction Handle
  • Opening Picks (Set of 6)
  • Phillips #00 Screwdriver
  • Tri-point Y000 Screwdriver
  • Tweezers
  • Spudger

You should always discharge your iPhone battery below 25% before performing any guts work on it; otherwise, you risk catching fire or having an explosion like with an unfortunate guy who punctured his charging case. Make sure this goes for iPhones and all lithium-ion batteries (like laptops) as well!

Step 1: Pentalobe screws

When you're ready to take apart your iPhone, ensure the power is off first. Next, remove those pesky Pentalobe screws with a small flathead screwdriver by undoing them counterclockwise until they loosen enough for simple removal - don't worry about losing any pieces because it will all come together; again in just a while! After removing both 6-8 mm long prying points at the bottom edge of the device, there should be no further obstacles preventing access inside.Step 2: Taping the cracksIf you have a cracked iPhone screen, don't let it get any worse by keeping the glass in check and preventing bodily harm while repairing it. Overlapping strips of packing tape work well to provide structural integrity when prying up your phone's displays with care so that no shard ascends toward unsuspecting eyes! Wear safety glasses during this process, too - even if none are falling around where they could cut deep enough into clear plastic without being noticed at first glance.

Step 3: Heating the adhesive of iPhone 13

The lower edge of your iPhone may be equipped with a strong adhesive to keep it shut, but this can make removing the display more difficult. Heating that part will help soften any bonds on whatever you're trying to remove, so it's easier for yourself! You could use a heating pad or heat gun as well--don't forget about safety first and always wear gloves when handling hot tools like these because their potential burns are very serious business.

Step 4: Applying suction cups on iPhone 13

To ensure the suction cup adheres, apply it to your phone's bottom edge. Avoiding any crack along its edges is important so that you don't risk tearing apart what remains of this fragile device once superglue has been applied or tape used as an alternative method for attachment if all else fails!Use your tonearm/opening pick to create a slight gap between the front panel and rear case. It may take some force, so apply more heat if needed; gently rock up-and-down on-screen until enough space is created for an edge or flat head screwdriver tip (depending on the device you're working with).

Step 5: Cutting through adhesive

Heating the edges of your iPhone will make it easier to cut through the adhesive that secures its screen. Apply heat by holding down on one side for about one minute, then carefully rock back and forth until all wrinkles have been smoothed out and there is no residue left behind with a sharp pointy tip!The adhesive holding the display is easy to slice with a pick. Move it around the lower-left corner and up along the edge of the iPhone. Careful not to insert more than 2 mm, or you may damage cables here too!

Step 6: Removing the iPhone back cover

The first step to repairing your phone is removing the suction handle. Open up the iPhone by swinging the display out from the right side like you're looking at the front cover of a book, but don't try lifting apart yet because there are still fragile ribbon cables connecting it with a logic board that needs more attention! Lean against something so it can stay propped while working on repairs- we'll come back for this part later after taking care of other tasks first.

Step 7: Removing battery and display connector

To remove the battery and display connector cover, use a Phillips screwdriver. Ensure each of these screws goes back into their respective holes to avoid damaging your iPhone during this repair process! Reassemble everything correctly before powering it on again for good measure- be precise with where you put things once they're reconnected because there's no going around matches now.In order words: Once you have removed three 1.3 mm Screws securing both Parts together ( Housing + Screen), take note of what position each.Use the spudger or your fingernail to pry up on battery connector from its socket. Be careful not to damage the silicone seal surrounding this and other connections, and it provides extra protection against water intrusion! Watch how you bend connectors away from the motherboard, so they do not make contact while repairing the phone.Don't forget to disconnect the display connector the same way mentioned above.

Step 8: Front sensor screws

Remove the three screws on the front sensor connector cover:

  • One 1.7 mm Phillips screw
  • One 1.3 mm Phillips screw
  • One 1.8 mm Y000 screw

Step 9: Front sensor cover

The cover should come off easily once you push in on the tab at about an inch or so from where it meets with your phone.The clip will release and then pop back into place when released. Make sure not to twist too hard while removing this device part!Gently remove the cover from your iPhone. During reassembly, insert one end of an included clip into its slot on top and then hinge all edges, so it locks into place!

Step 10: Disconnecting the front sensor of iPhone 13

Before you start, be sure to disconnect the front sensor assembly cable connector. It will prevent static electricity from shocking or damaging internal components and also ensures no debris is stuck between its crevices where it meets with other parts of your computer's exterior shell!

Step 11: Unscrewing loudspeaker screws of iPhone 13

Once you have removed all four 1.7 mm screws, carefully pull up on each side of the loudspeaker until it pops out from its mounting bracket to expose two plastic post-mounted brackets that allow for flexibility when installing speakers or if there are no slots provided by default then place something heavy onto them, so they stay secure while driving around town!

Final Words

Installing a new component is quite straightforward. The first step of installing your replacement part should be to match it up with its original counterpart by checking for differences in size or shape before transferring any remaining components from the old piece over to this one so that everything fits together again!If you think this how-to replacement guide for iPhone 13 loudspeaker is difficult. Try to find any phone repair shop near you or, more specifically, an iPhone repair.You can always contact us for any guidance, and we are here for you.

Among the eligible iPhone models listed below, Apple offered a discounted price of 35$ for iPhone battery replacement three years ago:

  • SE version of the iPhone
  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X

The cost of replacing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 8 Plus battery was nearly doubled as of January 1, 2019. Compared to the iPhone X, the price increase was even higher in line with Apple's battery replacement charges. Apple apologized for its lack of communication about the whole situation by slashing the price of battery replacements. A spokesperson for Apple also said emphatically that a power management feature is not part of Apple's planned obsolescence strategy. The question is, how much does an iPhone battery replacement in Richmond cost? Find out more by reading the following article.

Advantages of Replacing Your iPhone Battery

If you are thinking about getting your iPhone's battery replaced, not only will it provide you with more battery life and breathe new life into the device, but it may also speed up the phone since there may not be any more performance slowdowns.Do you have any doubts about whether you should replace the battery in your iPhone? Open the Settings app on your iOS device and tap on Battery > Battery Health if you have iOS 11.3 or newer. If a battery's maximum capacity is below 80 percent, it may be worthwhile to think about replacing it.

Battery Replacement Via Apple

You can initiate the iPhone battery replacement by going to the Contact Apple Support page and selecting iPhone > Battery & Charging > Battery Replacement. As a first step, select Bring in for Repair if you'd like to schedule an appointment with an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider. Back up your iPhone before scheduling an appointment.It is possible to book a reservation in advance at most Apple Stores, but only if the queue is short enough to allow walk-ins to wait. It takes on average one day to replace a battery, although completion times can fluctuate.If you cannot visit an Apple Store or live too far away, you may select Send in for Repair instead. At an extra cost of $10.77, Apple will arrange to have your iPhone sent to one of its repair centers, where you will receive it with a new battery within five business days.Genius Bar appointments are first-come, first-served, and often booked a week in advance. If you're interested in Apple's low-priced iPhone battery replacement offer, get on it sooner rather than later, especially if you're out gift shopping anyway.

Replacing The Battery Yourself

You can replace the battery of your iPhone yourself, but it is not for the faint of heart. To remove the battery from an iPhone, you will have to remove several parts attached with strong glue. The process is time-consuming, there is a risk of damaging your phone if you do it, and you will void any remaining warranty you might have on your iPhone. It is also likely that doing it yourself will affect the integrity of the waterproofing capabilities added by Apple, starting with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.Some websites offer in-depth instructions and kits with all the necessary tools for replacing the iPhone's battery. It is estimated that the battery replacement kits will cost about $35. Buying the battery replacement kit is more accessible than shipping your phone to Apple for a battery replacement, but the kits' success isn't guaranteed, and if you damage your phone, you'll have to buy a new one. On the websites of these iPhone repair centres, it is possible to find guides for nearly all the iPhone models, which may assist you regarding the iPhone model you own.

Getting Your Battery Replaced At A Third-Party Repair Shop

The option of going to a third-party repair shop for your iPhone can be a great solution. However, you should approach it cautiously. As a result, these shops generally offer quality repairs at a much lower cost than Apple's, although you'll have fewer guarantees and warranties associated with the work. Since cell phone repair shops are unknown, it is essential to investigate their ratings and reviews. As they need to do business with you, there is a good chance that they will offer you a good deal. However, it will likely be outside the scope of a warranty.

Final Words

Assuming it is a newer model, the battery that came with your iPhone should stay in good condition for a few years unless it is defective. With iOS 11 and up, you can even check your battery's health, make troubleshooting decisions from within your basic Settings, and view its specific health status. The replacement batteries provided by Apple can extend the life of your device, even for some of its older models, by providing reasonable prices for the batteries.You're more likely to save money by using a third-party vendor or repair shop if you feel confident and know what you're doing, though you may lose Apple's warranty. The best place to go for quality work and protect your warranty is to get started with the professionals at Apple. While researching battery replacement options, you may also want to check out some guides on extending the life of your smartphone battery.Would you rather pay for an iPhone battery replacement service or do it yourself? In the end, it comes down to whether or not you feel comfortable replacing your battery and whether or not you feel like spending the time and energy on the Repair. For tech-savvy and budget-minded, DIY may be their best option; however, for those who lack the ability or desire to handle the Repair, it may be better to hire an iPhone repair service to handle the job. Feel free to contact us, and we would be happy to assist you regarding any query you may have about your cell phone.

We carry our smartphones everywhere we go, storing all the vital information and personal data necessary to live a comfortable life in the modern world. It is more important than ever to protect our smartphones from threats, whether they are malicious, environmental, or accidental. Our discussion today will also include tips on how to maximize the performance of your smartphone.


Take a moment to consider all of the information you store on your phone - personal information, credit card information, mobile banking information, contacts, precious photos and many more. Do you have confidence that your device is protected from intrusion, malicious or otherwise? Here are some suggestions to keep your device safe: To gain access to your device, enable the passcode or fingerprint sensor. On Apple iPhones, all data is erased after ten unsuccessful attempts to access the device with a passcode. On Android, you can enable a similar feature using a third-party application. Make use of the built-in hardware encryption. On iOS and Android devices, you can set your device to be fully encrypted until the correct PIN/passcode has been entered. To ensure maximum security, disable the ability to remember passwords on apps and in the browser and do not use autocomplete forms. Ensure that you back up your data to the Cloud or on a USB stick or alternative storage device. Even if something goes wrong with the operating system or hardware, you will protect your data. The use of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, location services, and cellular services can provide unintended parties with access to your phone. When you are not using your communications, turn them off. By disabling these features until you need them, you will also save battery life and optimize performance on your smartphone. Keep an eye out for imitators that attempt to phish financial information, such as credit card numbers, by downloading apps from known vendors. If you are unsure about the permissions/requests from an app, you can disable them.


You must protect your device's exterior. Our phones are fragile, expensive, and sensitive electronic components. Therefore, they must be treated carefully. Sometimes, things go wrong despite our best efforts so that a cellphone case can protect your phone. We are the leading smartphone repair company in Canada. If your phone requires repair, our qualified technicians utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and quality parts to repair your device in a short period. Drop-in at any time! Whether you need to protect your data, back up your smartphone or buy accessories to keep your device safe from harm, we have what you need.We will now discuss how to maximize the performance of your smartphone. The vast majority of smartphone users use their mobile devices. Are you tired of draining your iPhone's battery before midday? Are you frustrated by the time it takes for an Android device to pull up an email or open a new browser window? Or perhaps it fails to load? Smartphones have made it easier for us to communicate and conduct business on the go, but slow, laggy performance stands in the way. Fortunately, with a few simple tweaks and adjustments, you can get your smartphone performing at its best.

Get Familiar with Your Device

Smartphones have numerous differences concerning processing power, storage, operating systems, hardware, battery life, display technology, and connectivity. You can increase performance by upgrading your operating system to the latest firmware, understanding the limits of your device, and avoiding always-on, resource-consuming applications. Please refer to your device's technical specifications or ask a professional for advice on how to increase the performance of your device.

Organize and Optimize Your App Library

Whether you download live widgets (such as the weather) or live wallpapers (that move), every app you install is more than just a colourful icon on your screen. In addition to the main activities on your phone - browsing, sending texts, talking, taking pictures, listening to music, etc. - each app utilizes memory space and executes additional processes in the background. Additionally, most devices come with OEM or carrier software that you may not want or need. Your device works harder when you have more apps installed, even when you are not actively using them. To determine how many apps you have installed, please go to Settings > Apps. You can view the number of installed apps on your iPhone by going to Settings > General > Usage. If you no longer use any apps, it is recommended that you delete them. You can disable apps without deleting their application files using Android's Performance Assistant or an app such as Greenify, and you can enable them again at any time. Be sure to keep up-to-date with any apps you decide to keep. It will help to eliminate bugs and improve the app's overall performance.

Optimize Your Settings

Optimize your phone's settings (both general settings and app-specific settings) for optimal performance. Various settings, such as location-based services and push notifications for email and apps, are known to drain the battery. Some of the biggest performance drains come from convenience features such as GPS and always-on updates. Control how often your device refreshes the Gmail notifications by prioritizing importance; turn off iMessage if you don't use it on an iPhone. If you prefer to listen to your music and podcasts through a third-party app and have an Apple device, turn off syncing in iTunes to save storage space and improve performance as podcasts sync in the background. Try something like Agent to set your phone to connect to Wi-Fi when you are at home. For example, or Tasker for more advanced optimization; both of these apps offer contextual intelligence that allows you to create ‘if this then that’ scenarios that simplify and customize the use of your smartphone, reducing battery drain and maximizing performance. Using apps regularly can also leave a digital footprint on your device. Remove temporary files and system caches from your device or transfer files to the cloud to free up device storage.

Test Your Device For Issues

Consult with a qualified repair technician to determine whether your device has any issues and thoroughly discuss their findings. Here at our mobile phone repair and service center, we use a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool - paired with the expertise of our technicians - to diagnose your device's problems and provide a personalized quote to optimize performance so you can quickly return to enjoying your phone again.


Modern life is inextricably linked to our smartphones. Regardless of whether you are searching, navigating, checking traffic, shopping, or banking. It is more important than ever to maintain the health of your device. We can repair your smartphone, regardless of an Apple, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, LG or Nokia model.If you have any questions, you can contact us, and we would be happy to assist you.

Are you looking for a new phone? You might be wondering if the all new Samsung Galaxy S21 is worth your money. After all, it's not the most newest phone on the market anymore. But even though it's not the latest, the S21 is still a great option – especially when you're looking for a phone with a large screen. Here are four reasons why you should consider buying the Samsung Galaxy S21:

The Camera Is Impressive of Samsung Galaxy S21

One of the best features of the S21 is its camera. It's not just that the camera is high-quality – although that's definitely true. It's also that the camera is very versatile. With three different lenses (wide-angle, ultrawide, and telephoto), you can take all kinds of different photos – from close-ups to landscapes. And if you're into video, the S21 can shoot in up to 8K resolution.

The Display Is Stunning

Another great feature of the S21 is its display. With a resolution of 3200 x 1440, it's one of the sharpest displays on any phone – even if it doesn't quite match the 4K display of the S21 Ultra. But what's really impressive about the S21's display is its size. At 6.7 inches, it's one of the largest displays you'll find on any phone – even larger than some tablets. So if you're looking for a phone with a large screen, the S21 is definitely worth considering.

It's Fast and Powerful

Of course, all that camera and display goodness wouldn't be worth much if the S21 wasn't also fast and powerful. But thankfully, it is. With a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor and 12GB of RAM, the S21 can handle just about anything you throw at it – from gaming to streaming video. And if you opt for the S21 Ultra, you'll get even more power, with a massive 16GB of RAM

It's Very Elegant

Last but not least, the S21 is a very elegant phone. It's made of premium materials, like glass and metal, and it's available in a range of eye-catching colours, like Phantom Violet and Phantom Pink. The Samsung Galaxy S21 is an excellent choice for those seeking a stylish and powerful smartphone.

Camera Lens Glass Replacement Guide:

If you've broken the camera lens glass on your Samsung Galaxy S21, don't worry - it's not the end of the world. The back camera lens glass is fragile and sometimes cannot withstand even the smallest fall, resulting in breaking the camera lens glass. But you don't have to worry about it anymore because you will become worry-free and keep enjoying your Samsung galaxy s21 the way you like. We'll step-by-step show you how to replace it yourself. Before we start! There is something you should know! You will have to remove the rear back cover in order to perform this replacement process. So make sure you have the proper tools and experience. If you don't have the proper tool, make sure you find a good phone repair shop near you or, more specifically, an iPhone repair shop. This way, you can rest assured that your phone is in safe hands, and you can do something else with the time you are going to invest in replacing your camera lens glass. But it is always recommended to try everything, this helps you learn something new, and you can even help your friend and family.

Tools you'll need:

  • A small Phillips head screwdriver
  • A suction cup
  • A spudger
  • A heat gun or hairdryer
  • Some double-sided adhesive tape

Heating the Back Cover of Samsung Galaxy S21

The first step is to heat the back cover. This way, the adhesive holding back the rear cover will loosen up a bit for you to insert a plastic pick. Ensure you have more than one pick because the adhesive tends to harden up quickly. You may want to heat the rear cover for several minutes. Don't overheat the back cover as it may damage the internal components. Once heated, you can insert the picks to remove the rear cover. Insert a pick from one edge and move it through the edge so that you can make the opening for another pick. Keep moving through the pick until the rear cover pops up.

Removing The Broken Glass

Once the rear cover is removed, keep the cell phone in a safe place so you can work on removing the excess broken glass from the rear cover. Start by using a tweezer or anything metal, and be sure to do this in a safe place. The broken glass pieces can pose a danger to you or your pet, so do it under optimal light and area where no one is around. Slowly break the remaining broken glass from the rear cover, and once you get rid of all the broken lens glass, it's time for you to remove the old adhesive that was keeping the broken glass in place. You will have to repeat the whole process for all the lens glass, depending on how many are broken.

Camera Lens Glass Installation of Samsung Galaxy S21

Once all the broken pieces are removed, it is time to start bruising out all the small pieces of glass from the rear cover with the help of a brush. Make sure the brush you are using is not wet. You can use your old toothbrush or use a simple brush. Once done, it's time to move forward with the replacement guide. Start by applying the double-sided adhesive tape that comes with the new camera lens. These tapes are very sensitive, so make sure you give your hundred percent while applying the new double-sided adhesive. If you mess it up, you may have to redo it. The new lenses usually have a white and yellow dot at both ends, so you have to place the lens with a white dot facing backwards and a yellow dot facing you. The colour of the dot may change depending on where you have bought your camera lens, so ask your vendor about it beforehand.

Re-installing The Back Cover of the Samsung Galaxy S21

There are two options for you! You can use your old back cover in which you just changed the lenses or use an entirely new back cover with a new camera lens installed. But since you are going with your old cover, make sure to apply adhesive on your back cover to make sure it reseals properly.

Final Inspection

After completing the replacement process, you can open your camera and check if the results are just as new or not. We guarantee that the results will be just like new. You have to keep in mind that once you open the back cover yourself, you will nullify the water-resistance feature of your device unless you choose the official means to get your mobile fixed. Finally, you are done with the replacement guide. We hope this blog helped you achieve the maximum results. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. We are here to help you. Thanks for reading!

Replace the screen on your Galaxy A70 if it is cracked or broken with this guide. There are several factors to consider when dealing with a deformed frame. It is important to replace the frame in order to ensure the new screen can be mounted correctly and will not suffer from uneven pressure. You need to discharge your phone's battery below 25% before disassembling it. Your battery can catch fire and/or explode if it has been punctured, but the chances of that happening are much lower if the battery has been discharged. We advise you only to replace the screen and leave the original frame and motherboard in place throughout this guide. You should note that some replacement screens for this phone come pre-installed in a new frame (a.k.a. chassis), which will require an entirely different procedure. Therefore, you should make sure you have the right part before beginning. During the reassembling process, you'll need a replacement adhesive in order to reattach components. Listed below are some necessary tools that you will need before starting this replacement guide:

  • SIM Card Eject Tool
  • Opening Picks (Set of 6)
  • Heating pad
  • Spudger
  • Precut Adhesive Card
  • Adhesive Remover
  • Plastic Card
  • Suction Handle

Step 1 Eject the SIM tray of Galaxy A70

  • In order to remove the SIM card from your phone, you must insert an ejecting tool, a SIM eject bit, or the straightened end of a paper clip into the hole at the left edge of the SIM tray.
  • The tray will now eject, and you will be able to remove it.

Step 2 Soften the adhesive of Galaxy A70

  • Turn off your Galaxy A70 by pressing the power button.
  • You can soften the adhesive beneath the rear glass by heating a heating pad and using it to soften it. It should be heated for at least two minutes to soften the adhesive. It might be necessary to repeat this procedure several times during removing the rear glass.
  • Alternatively, you may use a hairdryer, heat gun, or hot plate as long as you do not overheat the phone, as the AMOLED display and internal battery can both be damaged by excess heat.

Step 3 Create a gap

  • As close to the right edge of the back of the phone as possible, apply a suction cup as close as possible to the center of the right edge.
  • Place the suction cup on top of the rear glass and pull back to create a gap between it and the frame.
  • You will need to place a pick in the gap.

Step 4 Slice the adhesive of Galaxy A70

  • Move the opening pick along the edge to the bottom right corner.
  • In order to prevent the adhesive from resealing itself, leave the opening pick in its place.
  • It is up to you whether to remove the suction cup once you have inserted the opening pick or if you would like to continue using it as a grip during the removal process.
  • Add a second opening pick under the bottom right corner of the book's back cover.
  • You should move the opening pick along the board's edge to the top right corner.
  • You can use the heating pad again if you have difficulty cutting the adhesive once it has been softened.
  • Ensure the opening picks are left in place to prevent the adhesive from re-sealing.
  • Make sure there is a third opening pick under the top right corner of the back cover.
  • In order to cut the adhesive, move the tip of the opening pick along the top edge of the phone.
  • In order to avoid the adhesive from resealing, leave the opening pick in the top left corner of the window.
  • Place a fourth opening pick under the top left corner of the board.
  • Use the opening pick to cut the adhesive by sliding it along the left edge of your phone.
  • In order to prevent the adhesive from resealing itself, leave the opening pick in its place.
  • Insert a fifth opening pick under the bottom left corner of the board.
  • Cut the remaining adhesive along the bottom edge by sliding the blade along the bottom edge.

Step 5 Remove the rear glass

  • In order to do this, you will need to remove the rear window.
  • For the adhesive to form a good bond, you must apply strong, steady pressure on the phone for several minutes after installing the back cover - a pile of heavy books works well.

Step 6 Unscrew the midframe

  • Take out the fourteen screws that are four millimetres long and hold the midframe in place using a Phillips screwdriver.
  • It is held in place by plastic clips attached to the midframe.
  • Near the volume button on the phone's right edge, insert an opening pick between the midframe and front panel assembly.
  • Remove the plastic clips by sliding the opening pick to the bottom right corner.
  • As you continue to slide the opening around the bottom right corner to the bottom left corner, you will be able to separate the plastic clips.
  • To remove the plastic clips, slide the opening pick along the left edge of the pick.
  • The midframe should be removed.

Step 7 Disconnect the battery of Galaxy A70

  • You can easily remove the battery by prying the connector straight up from its socket with a spudger.

Step 8 Disconnect the display connector

  • It is possible to pry up the display connector and separate it from its daughterboard socket using the flat edge of a spudger.

Step 9 Apply a heating pad

  • The screen should be heated for two minutes by applying a heating pad.
  • Alternatively, you could use a hairdryer, heat gun, or hot plate, but you must be careful not to overheat the phone because both the display and the internal battery are vulnerable to damage from excessive heat.
  • You will need to apply a suction cup to the right edge of the display.
  • There is a possibility that the suction handle will not stick to the phone if the screen is cracked. You can try to lift the suction handle with strong tape, or you can superglue the suction handle in place and let it cure for a while before continuing.
  • Create a gap in the suction cup by pulling it up with a strong, steady force.
  • Using an opening pick, insert the tip of the pick into the gap.
  • To slice the adhesive, slide the opening pick to the bottom right corner of the pick.
  • To prevent the adhesive from resealing, leave the opening pick in place.

Continue to do so until you completely slice all the adhesive in order to remove the screen.

Step 10 Reapply a Heating pad

  • To loosen the adhesive underneath the screen, reapply a heated iOpener.
  • To loosen the adhesive underneath the screen, reapply a heating pad to the screen.
  • Avoid tearing the display flex cable by not using the plastic card underneath the bottom end of the screen.
  • In the gap between the display and the phone assembly, insert the left edge of a plastic card.
  • You must press the plastic card into the slot and slide it back and forth until you cut through the adhesives.
  • If you are sure that you have cut through the adhesive, you should remove the four picks from the corners once you are sure you have done so.
  • You should not remove the screen completely yet. There is still a cable threaded through the frame that connects the screen to the display.
  • Be sure to thread the display cable through the frame carefully not to damage it.
  • You should remove the screen.

Final Words

Turn on your device and test your repair before installing a new adhesive and re-sealing before installing a new adhesive. Before installing your new replacement part, compare it to the original part. You may need to transfer the remaining components or remove adhesive backings from the new part before You can install it. You should follow the following instructions in reverse order in order to reassemble your device. The adhesive should be reapplied when necessary after the affected area has been cleaned with isopropyl alcohol (>90%).You should apply a sheet of custom-cut double-sided tape to the back of the screen, which will act as a very effective method of securing the new screen. If you think this replacement guide is difficult, you should start looking for a phone repair near you or a Samsung repair shop. You can contact us for any help regarding how to replace certain smartphone screens. We are here for your help

If you are considering spending some serious money on repairing your iPhone, then stop! Here are some quick and easy solutions. Here's what you can do. If your iPhone won't charge when plugged in, read this article for the best solution. There is nothing to panic about if your iPhone won't charge. We got you covered. If you follow these instructions, you will be able to fix your iPhone charging issues. Here is the chance for you to become your mobile repair specialist! The iPhone charging process consists of seven basic components:

  • A Power Source
  • A Wall Charger
  • A Computer
  • A Car Charger
  • USB Charging Cable/ Lightning Cable
  • Charging Port of your iPhone
  • iPhone Software

What should you do if your iPhone won't charge?The lightning bolt icon, which can be found near the battery icon on the iPhone's screen when it is plugged into a power source, indicates that your iPhone is charging. Your iPhone may have an issue if you cannot see the lightning icon.Let us now see what can be done in order to get the issue solved. Below are some of the most effective possible solutions for your iPhone if it won't charge. These steps will help you troubleshoot your iPhone.

Hard Reset

One of the most common issues your iPhone may stop charging is this issue, but honestly, this is not a big deal because you can resolve it easily in one step. Solution: The simplest solution lies in hard resetting your iPhone. Yes, it's that simple. But in order to do it, you have to follow this solution very carefully. If you have an iPhone 6, iPhone 7, or iPhone 8, you can press the Home button and the power button to go into recovery mode. For iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone Pro Max, press and hold both the volume buttons (up and down), along with the power button to hard reset your iPhone. If you continue to hold the buttons, the Apple logo will appear (this could take anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 seconds). Once the reset is complete, you can cross your fingers and try charging your iPhone. Once you do this, the phone will restart completely. Please note: If the software of your iPhone has crashed, your iPhone's screen will be blank.

Remove Any Dirt Or Obstruction From The Charging Port

Another very common issue that appears to prevent your iPhone from charging is the presence of dust, lint, or debris deposits inside the charging port, which may have accumulated over time due to accumulated dust, lint, or debris deposits. Even if it gets in between your iPhone and its charging port, a very small item can cause the charging port to fail to make a solid connection with the iPhone, causing charging problems to occur. Solution: In order to check for any deposits in your iPhone's charging port, you can take a toothbrush and gently brush out the charging port. Using a toothbrush works because the toothbrush's bristles don't damage any internal parts of your phone and do not conduct electricity.(Note: Ensure that the toothbrush you are using is completely dry before using it. The process is now complete, and you can try charging your iPhone.

Look For Damaged And/Or Broken Cables

The quality of the charger cable is another very common reason why the iPhone stops charging. It has to do with the quality of the cable. The most important thing you should do when utilizing a USB cable that is not your own is to inspect it thoroughly for any potential damage. It could either be caused by poor cable condition or by your cable being broken or damaged. If you buy a low-quality cable, don't be too surprised if it doesn't work. Solution :It is recommended that you try a different power cable instead if you have a broken or damaged cable. We also recommend that you use the original power cable supplied with your initial purchase for your safety.

Check To See If The USB Adapter Is Loose

There are several ways to do so if you want to charge your phone using a power outlet, computer USB port, car charger, or speaker dock outlet. However, the dock that you are using can also be problematic. It is possible that the dock does not support your device, leading to charging problems.Solution:You can try to use another outlet or charging port to charge your phone, and if that's the problem, then once you change the charging port, your phone should work again.(Suggestions: Try using a wall outlet socket since this will normally result in a faster charging time)

Inspect Your iPhone For Damage

Possibly the problem is with the motherboard of your iPhone if it was dropped or accidentally had come into contact with water. In this case, maybe there is an internal problem: making your iPhone not charge the way it should. Solution: The best way to deal with the internal issues is to get your phone checked by a professional phone repair shop. This is the only best option because it is never advised to deal with issues like these yourself. The main reason is the lack of experience and proper tools, which only the phone repair shop uses. If you want, you can search for the model of your iPhone on the internet and watch a tutorial video and buy the proper tools.


Now that you have tried all the aforementioned steps, we assure you that the issue should be resolved by now. In case the issue persists, there is a strong chance that your iPhone has some serious issue that only a professional iPhone repair shop can handle. They have ample experience to find out the exact issue without wasting your time.If you have any other queries related to your iPhone, you can always contact us, and we will be there to help you resolve the issue.

If you want the best Samsung phone, check out the new Galaxy S22 models. Despite the addition of excellent new features like bright displays, great performance, and improved cameras, these three smartphones maintain the same price range as the Galaxy S21 models introduced a year ago. As good as those devices are - and the Galaxy S22 Ultra, in particular, is tough to knock off the best smartphones - there are many other Samsung devices available at many different price points. There is a Samsung phone that meets your budget and your requirements on the list of best Samsung phones, from the more affordable Galaxy A midrange models to Samsung's foldable phones. It is time to decide which Samsung device to purchase now that the Galaxy S22 models are shipping. You may be trying to decide whether to purchase the Galaxy S22 or the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Below is a list of reasons to purchase or skip the Galaxy S22. Alternatively, if you already own a Galaxy S22, we can immediately show you how to activate its features. What matters most when choosing the best Samsung phone for you is determining what type of phone you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay. No matter the answers to those questions, there is almost certainly a Samsung phone that can meet your needs. Make sure that if you purchase one, you find out what the first Samsung Galaxy phone app you should install is and all the other Samsung hidden features that will change how you use your phone.

Which Samsung Phones Are The Best?

Our pick for the best Samsung phone right now is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the ultimate Samsung flagship. For those looking for a device that doesn't cost more than $1,000, the Galaxy S22 Plus provides a big-screen device that is less expensive than the Ultra, and the Galaxy S22 lets you save even more, as it is the cheapest of the Samsung flagships. The S22 isn't the cheapest option. Although Samsung's S21 lineup inspired it last year, the Galaxy S21 FE offers the core features of Samsung's flagship lineup. The Galaxy A53, which costs less than $500, is better if you need a 5G phone. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 offers a 120Hz refresh rate and a giant screen unlike Samsung's foldable phones. Although it costs less than the Galaxy Z Flip 3, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is still a great option. If you're willing to pay a little more, you can get a customized version of the Z Flip 3, where you pick your colour combination. Even though the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 are no longer Samsung's latest, they have a new advantage. The U.S. branch of Samsung just announced that these two phones could be repaired by customers themselves by ordering parts and tools.

Samsung's Best Smartphones Right Now

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra


  • Display: 6.8 inches
  • Version: 12 with One UI 4.1
  • Processors: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
  • Camera: 108MP wide, 12MP ultrawide, 2 10MP telephoto (rear); 40MP (front)
  • Storage: 8GB RAM, 12GB RAM/128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB

Trying to find the best Samsung phone? If so, do not overlook Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra, the crown jewel in its new line of flagship phones. Samsung's S22 Ultra ranks as the best phone on our list by borrowing from an ancient design familiar to Galaxy Note fans - the design mimics a Galaxy Note model down to the place for the S Pen.The Galaxy S22 Ultra is more than just a rehash of the Galaxy Note, as it offers one of the brightest displays we have yet seen, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, and a superior camera. The new Ultra's main camera features a larger sensor that lets in more light and allows for better low-light photography, and we appreciate the improved software features such as Portrait mode. We would have preferred a little longer battery life, although we are pleased that Samsung has returned to 45W charging for this model. It has an excellent handset that should appeal to any Samsung fan looking for the best mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy A53


  • Display: 6.5 inches
  • Version: 12 with One UI 4.1
  • Processors: Exynos 1280
  • Camera: 64MP main, 12MP ultrawide, 5MP macro, 5MP depth (rear); 32MP (front)
  • Storage: 6GBRAM / 128GB

Samsung continues to demonstrate its commitment to midrange smartphones with the Galaxy A53. A device with a 120Hz screen and reasonable performance are available for hundreds less than the price of Samsung's flagship devices. The Galaxy A53's $449 price tag implies some compromises, such as using a less powerful Exynos 1280 chipset than the top-of-the-line Qualcomm processor found on the Galaxy S22. Additionally, Samsung should have omitted the superfluous macro camera from the A53's array of lenses. However, the low price, the same as the Pixel 5a's cost, is hard to beat, especially for a device with a solid design and plenty of software updates. Samsung fans and seek bargains should consider purchasing the Galaxy A53.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

  • Display: 7.6 inches (inner), 6.2 inches (outer)
  • Version: 11 with One UI 3.1
  • Processors: Snapdragon 888
  • Camera: 12MP wide, 12MP ultrade, 12MP telephoto (rear); 10MP (front); 4MP (under-display)
  • Storage: 12GB RAM / 256GB, 512GB

Samsung's top-of-the-line foldable phone will remain the Galaxy Z Fold 3, especially since the new version has a 120Hz display inside and out. Furthermore, the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 is more durable than ever with an IPX8 water resistance rating, and armour aluminum body that is stronger than before and a Gorilla Glass Victus display that is less susceptible to damage. Samsung did a fantastic job convincing more developers to adapt their software to work with the Galaxy Z Fold 3's foldable display. Thanks to the Z Fold 3's unique form factor, you can now enjoy popular apps like Spotify and TikTok. The S Pen stylus has also been added. Although the large display offers plenty of space for sketching and taking notes, it is unfortunate that the stylus is an optional accessory (which means you will need to purchase both the stylus and the case that houses it).While there are improvements in the battery life of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the $1,799 price tag is still a lot to pay for the phone. It is still the best Samsung phone to offer a foldable display if you look for a premium device that offers plenty of screens.


No matter what type of cellphone you use, you always have to keep it in good shape, both physically and internally. To do that, you can always look for phone repair shops near you to maximize your phone's health.You can contact us anytime if you want to book an appointment. We are just a few clicks away.Thanks for reading!

So your iPhone 13 pro max screen got damaged? It's sad. However, there is a solution, so we have put together a guide for iPhone pro max screen replacement that is not too difficult. You may be able to help your friends by learning how to replace the screen. If the screen on your iPhone 13 Pro Max is cracked, does not respond to touch, or does not display a picture when your phone is turned on, this guide will assist you in replacing the screen, also known as the display assembly, on your phone. It should be noted that True Tone and Auto-Brightness functionality are disabled after a screen replacement, even when using an original Apple screen. Additionally, Face ID is disabled unless the iPhone runs iOS 15.2 or later. Before we begin, here are the essential tools required for you to perform this screen replacement. Be sure to buy or use tools that are made of high quality. Simple tools or any unnecessary DIY hack may damage your phone beyond repair. So try to stick with this guide as much as possible. Tools list:

  • P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone
  • iOpener
  • Phillips #00 Screwdriver
  • Opening Picks (Set of 6)
  • Suction Handle
  • Tri-point Y000 Screwdriver
  • Spudger
  • Tweezers

Some optional tools to enhance your safety and the quality of your screen replacement:

  • Packing Tape
  • Suction cup dual-handle tool
  • Safety Glasses

Step 1: Remove the Pentalobe Screws From Your iPhone 13 Pro Max

Before proceeding, it is recommended that you discharge your iPhone's battery below 25%. An accidentally punctured lithium-ion battery may catch fire or explode.

  • Please turn off your iPhone before disassembling it.
  • At the bottom edge of the iPhone, remove the two pentalobe P2 screws measuring 6.8 mm long.
  • Removing the display will compromise the iPhone's water resistance. If you intend to reassemble your iPhone without replacing the seals, make sure you have replacement seals available or take precautions to prevent liquid exposure.

Step 2: Cover Any Cracks With Tape

Keep further damage and prevent bodily harm by taping over your iPhone's cracked screen.

  • Cover the entire display of the iPhone with packing tape by placing overlapping strips of tape.
  • Glass shards will be contained, and the display will remain structurally sound when being prayed and lifted.
  • Protect your eyes from any glass that may shake loose during the repair by wearing safety glasses.
  • If broken glass results in difficulty adhering to a suction cup in the next few steps, you may want to consider folding a piece of tape (such as duct tape) into a handle and lifting the display with that.

Step 3: Warm The Lower Edge of The iPhone

You can heat the lower edge of the iPhone in order to soften the adhesive that secures the display, making it easier to remove.

  • Please use a hairdryer or heat gun or prepare an iOpener and use it to soften the adhesive on the lower edge of the iPhone.

Step 4: Apply Suction Cup(s)

Next, we will demonstrate how to use a handy tool we recommend for anyone who makes frequent repairs. For an alternate method, skip down two steps if you aren't using the iSclack.

  • For larger iPhones, such as the iPhone 13 Pro Max, remove the plastic depth gauge from the center of the iSclack.
  • Attach the suction cups to the bottom edge of your iPhone, one to the front and one to the back.
  • Firmly attach both suction cups.
  • If your display or back glass is severely cracked, clear packing tape may assist the suction cups in adhering. For this purpose, the iSclack also comes with two pieces of tape.

Step 5: Separate The Screen

Keep your iPhone firmly in your hands and close the handle of the iSclack so that the screen is slightly separated from the telephone's rear case.

  • Avoid lifting the screen away from the phone. You simply need to leave a small gap at the bottom edge.
  • You must insert an opening pick into the gap under the screen on the lower edge of your iPhone.

Step 6:

  • Using the opening pick, slide the pick around the lower-left corner and up the left edge of the iPhone, cutting through the adhesive holding the display in place.
  • Do not insert the pick more than 3 mm into your phone; otherwise, you may damage the display cables.

Step 7: Open The iPhone

  • Remove your suction handle from the screen.
  • Swing up the display of your iPhone from the right side, like you would the cover of a book. It is still possible to separate the display from the iPhone's logic board using a few fragile ribbon cables.
  • While you're on the phone, lean the display against something to keep it upright.
  • The display can then be positioned in the desired position, the clips aligned along the top edge, and then the rest of the display can be snapped into place.

In case the display doesn't click into place easily, check the condition of the clips around its perimeter.

Step 8: Remove The Battery Connector Cover

  • Remove the three 1.3 mm screws securing the battery connector cover with a Y000 screwdriver.
  • To avoid damaging your iPhone, track each screw and ensure it is returned exactly where it came from during this repair.

As part of the reassembly process, it would be good to turn on your iPhone and test all functions before sealing the display in place. Remember to shut down your iPhone completely before continuing.

Step 9:

  • Disconnect the battery connector.
  • Pry up the battery connector from its socket on the logic board using either a spudger or a clean fingernail.
  • Be careful not to damage the black silicone seal surrounding this and other connections on the board. This seal provides additional protection against dust and water penetration.
  • It would help if you bent the connector away from the logic board to prevent it from accidentally contacting the socket and providing power to the phone during your repair.
  • To remove the display connector from its socket on the logic board, use the pointed end of a spudger or a clean fingernail.
  • Reconnect the connectors by carefully aligning and pressing down on one end of the connector until it clicks into place, then repeats on the other end. Ensure that you do not press down on the middle of the connector. The pins in the connector may bend if the connector is misaligned, resulting in permanent damage.
  • To remove the front sensor connector cover, use a Y000 screwdriver to remove two 1.1 mm screws.
  • To remove the remaining two screws from the front sensor connector cover, use a Phillips screwdriver:
  • Remove the 1.5 mm screw.
  • Remove the 1.8 mm screw.

Step 10:

  • Disconnect the display assembly.

When reassembly begins, pause here if you wish to replace the waterproof adhesive around the display's edges.


Before installing your new replacement part, compare it to the original part. You may need to transfer any remaining components or remove the adhesive backing from the new part.You must follow the above steps in reverse order to reassemble the device.Feel free to contact us if you have any kind of questions regarding your iPhone repair we would be happy to help you.

Let’s admit something openly right here right now; our cell phones are one of the most important components of our life. They help us keep track of everything we do daily and manage all our work with efficiency. We use cell phones to help us reach our desired location when we are lost and keep an eye on our loved ones no matter where they are located. So when we somehow lose our phone or drop it, and it shatters, or when it slips into the swimming pool by mistake, it can be devastating. This is why most of us take good care of our cell phones, and many choose to buy a tough cell phone so if they accidentally drop it on the ground or in the swimming pool, they have zero fears about losing their phones. Some people rely on their cell phone devices much more than they should, it is good for some, but it makes it harder for most of us to live without one. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the toughest cell phones in the world. With these cell phones, you don’t have to fear dropping your phone or losing your data. These tough cell phones are built so that you can keep a phone for a long time without losing it. If you constantly fear damaging your cell phone, say goodbye to your fear because there is a solution. Here are some of the most durable, toughest cell phones in the world.

Toughest Cell Phones In The World

We are sure that most of us used to own thicker cell phones that were a lot less compact. That era is gone, and today we all have these new cell phones suitable for our daily lives. But the slight drawback is that these phones are not durable enough to cope with a few drops on the ground. The older phones that we used to have were not waterproof or water-resistant. However, these new smartphones that we have today are water-resistant. But wait! Some of the world’s toughest phones are taking over the smartphone world with a larger screen, smaller with high specifications and of course higher prices. Choosing the toughest smartphone is harder if you know little about them. With these suggestions, you sure will get the idea. Keep in mind that these rugged phones will be a little tough-looking, unlike the phone we usually use with a sleek look and fine body.

Ulefone Armor 7E

Starting with Ulefone Armor 7E, a 6.3-inch cell phone with dual sim capabilities running with original android version 10 and powered with octa-core 2.2GHz processor and a 4GB Ram and 128GB storage. These are all the basic capabilities, but what makes this cell phone one of the toughest? As the name suggests, this cell phone can survive a drop from 1.2 metres. It can be operated at higher temperatures, which means that the device can remain cool even in a hotter environment. It can be operated underwater and can be submerged up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes. It has a 48 MP triple rear camera, which also has a night mode. The body is scratch resistance and has a 5500mAH battery that ensures all-day use.

Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro

Samsung also designed a durable phone for its users Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro, especially for business and frontline workers. This cell phone is drop-tested from 1.5 meters, is water-resistant, and the best part is that you can use the screen with gloves. It has a quad octa-core processor with 4 GB Ram and 64GB built-in storage. With a 4050 mAH battery, you can use this cell phone all day without worrying about the battery running out.


The Oukitel WP5 proves that you don’t have to spend a huge amount to purchase a decent tough cell phone. It is commonly known that rugged phones are typically expensive, but not this one. With a massive 8000mAH battery, this cell phone can be used for a long time. With a triple back camera and quad flashlight and a fingerprint sensor and face ID unlock, you are getting everything that a good smartphone has but with an extra-rugged body. The WP5 is drop tested to 1.5 meters and can withstand submersion up to 1.5 meters for almost 30 minutes. Perfect for enthusiastic workers who like to work outdoors.

Sonim XP8

Sonim is a serious player when it comes to making rugged smartphones. Previously Sonim managed to get into Guinness World Record when they built their XP3300 Force. Sonim phones are usually the go-to rugged cell phones when it comes to outdoor usage. Sonim XP8 is also one of the toughest cell phones with smartphone features. It is best for harsh outdoor environments and is dust and waterproof. With excellent drop and shock resistance, this phone is a perfect choice if you are thinking about it.

Final Words

The main goal for keeping the toughest cell phone in the world is to keep yourself from buying a new one now and then, especially if you are clumsy. Phone nowadays are very thin, and a slight drop could cost you so much money. These rugged phones may not be trendy, but they sure can save a lot of money, and you can be fearless about using your phones. They are water and dustproof, so there is no chance they can be damaged easily. If you want to know more about the cell phone, feel free to contact us, and we would be happy to assist you.

Face masks are common in the current health climate, so many people wear them when outside, visiting stores, and doing other tasks, which is why Apple added the "Unlock With Apple Watch" setting to the Face ID settings in iOS. If you just purchased an iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max, congratulations! Are you taking advantage of the new and improved camera? What about the 120 Hz pro displays? Is it frustrating that the new $1,000 iPhone won't unlock when you're wearing a mask, even though your old iPhone worked perfectly fine? Apple Watch users are having trouble opening iPhone 13. The tips in this article may help you fix the problem if that's what you're experiencing. Since the new smartphone started shipping on Sept. 24, users are eager to get their hands on it and review it since there was a lot of hype surrounding it for almost a year. The new iPhone isn't functioning as expected for a certain group of Apple Watch users. There is a new bug with the iPhone 13 line, and it is exclusive to that model. iPhone 13 users can no longer use the "Unlock with Apple Watch" feature to unlock their phones. The smartphone displays an error message when trying to set it up to work. New iPhones always come with a few problems. Apple has released a support document about an iPhone 13 bug affecting Unlock with Apple Watch just days after the iPhone 13 launched with a day-one update to fix some minor issues. Apple has identified a problem that may prevent iPhone 13 devices from being unlocked with Apple Watch. When users try to use the Apple Watch feature while wearing a face mask, they may see the message "Unable to Communicate with Apple Watch," or they may be unable to set it up at all.

How Does Unlock With Apple Watch Work?

In the height of the pandemic, Apple released iOS 14.5 and watch OS 7.4 that included this feature so we could unlock our Face ID iPhones while wearing a mask. This feature permits your iPhone to take a partial face scan and check in with your Apple Watch, even if you're wearing a mask. You can unlock your iPhone as well if your Watch is unlocked and on your wrist. During these confusing times, it's a great feature to have. The "Unlock with Apple Watch" feature of the iPhone 13 doesn't work, presumably because Apple believed the pandemic would be over by then. But the pandemic is nowhere near an end, even if everything is getting back to normal. All the users that were using this feature are now frustrated and don't know what to do. However, we know that it always takes time to receive a proper fix for the problem from the apple itself. You must have iOS 14.5 or later on your iPhone and watch OS 7.4 or later on your Apple Watch to use this feature. In terms of hardware requirements, you will need an Apple Watch Series 3 or later, as well as an iPhone X or later with Face ID. Your iPhone can be unlocked with your Apple Watch by going to Settings -> Face ID & Passcode. Your Apple Watch must be nearby, on your wrist, and unlocked with your passcode to unlock your iPhone. Your iPhone will ask you for your passcode the first time you unlock it with Apple Watch while wearing a mask. You should now be able to unlock your phone when wearing a mask (and you must wear a mask for it to work). If you've removed and put it back on your Watch since then, you'll need to enter your passcode again. If you meet all of those conditions and Unlock iPhone With Apple Watch doesn't work, then you may have to wait.

How You Can Fix 'Unlock with Apple Watch' Issue

The Apple Watch detects when you're wearing a mask, and depending on whether you're wearing the Apple Watch, unlocks your locked iPhone. Similar to how you unlock a Mac with an Apple Watch, this process takes place on the Mac. Users receive a haptic buzz and a notification on their Apple Watch when the unlocking process is complete. If you're wearing a mask, you can use your Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone only - it can't be used to authenticate Apple Pay or App Store purchases. Apple has baked a fix into iOS 15.0.1 to address this issue. Two weeks after iOS 15, Apple released this version to customers on Friday, Oct. 1. Follow Settings > General > Software Update instructions to download and install iOS 15.0.1 on your iPhone. As soon as it reboots again, "Unlock with Apple Watch" should work again. If you restart your iPhone, you'll have to enter your passcode the first time you unlock it.

What About Beta Updates

In the past, Apple said it was working on the problem but didn't give a timetable for fixing it. A solution that appears in the new beta is promising, but we still don't know when iOS 15.1 will become stable. We recommend you think carefully about this if you have issues with your iPhone 13 or Apple Watch. It is not guaranteed that beta software will run smoothly, and it can even lead to data loss. While the Unlock with Apple Watch bug is irritating, it's probably best to grin and bear it for now. With iOS 15.1, you may not only be able to unlock your Apple Watch with unlock code but also enjoy SharePlay, a feature that lets you watch videos on FaceTime while listening to music or face-timing. There is also a possibility of keeping your COVID-19 vaccination card in your Apple Wallet.

Final Words

Several users reported experiencing the same problem after upgrading to iPhone 13 and tried resetting passwords, readjusting network settings, and even resetting the Apple Watch itself. The pandemic inspired Apple Watch unlocking, which saw many people unable to use Face ID while wearing masks. This feature, which lets users unlock their iPhones with the Watch, was released to the public in April. Feel free to contact us, and we would be happy to assist you.

All the new iPhone 13 models have really impressed everyone since they became available in the market. Few of the models of the iPhone even made it all the way to top spots for best-ranking phones. Including the all-new iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro mini. These two are said to be the most influential models of the iPhone so far. Still, we all know that anything that Apple releases has some flaw. And there are some iPhone 13 problems reported so far. Anything that human makes have some drawbacks, and the same is the case with the iPhone 13. And today, we are going to look at the most common iPhone 13 problems reported. The good news is that all the reported problems so far are not as annoying as they seem. They are not deal breakers. Most of them will be fixed as soon as the new iOS update releases. However, it is unclear that when the new iOS will emerge into the market. But still, it is an issue that the users had to pay an amount just to experience some shortcomings with the new iPhone 13.Here are some of the most common iPhone 13 problems that we will talk about, some fixes that we will share and how you can keep all the additional bugs in the future.  

ProMotion Fast Refresh Rates Not Working

The ProMotion fast refresh rate not working on many applications is one of the most common problems reported by the user. This problem occurs mainly because not all the applications have been upgraded to adapt to this new feature, and the user is not very happy about it. The new ProMotion feature on iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max can handle a refresh rate up to 120Hz, and the screen becomes smoother. Some applications are jarring because they can only adapt up to 60Hz, making the visual experience not so smooth. How to Fix: There are two issues; one is that Apple says that the application manufacturer needs to flag the software with the declaration that it will support the 120Hz feature. Apple has clarified this requirement to all the iPhone application manufacturers. The second issue is that Apple is on its way to planning this bug fix by improvising a new software update that will fix the problem with Core Animation Tools. This fix is yet to come, and till it arrives, all the users, including you if you own the latest iPhone 13, will have to suffer this bug for a while.

Apple Watch Unlocking Not Working

The new iPhone 13 may not have fixed the touch ID feature, which was initially designed to let people unlock their iPhones with the help of fingerprints. With an ongoing covid situation, everyone is wearing a mask, which stops everyone from unlocking their phone with masks on. Earlier with the iOS 14.5, a new upgrade was introduced that was built to let people unlock their iPhones if they are wearing their apple smartwatch, even with the face mask on. It was pretty convenient for many apple users as it took care of the touch id issue. And then, one unlucky apple user found out that this feature of unlocking your iPhone 13 with an apple watch is not working anymore. Apple also confirmed it on its support page. How to Fix: A software fix is here, and with that, apple can solve this issue—the new iOS 15 software update promise to fix this bug. But to do that, you have to upgrade your apple watch to the latest iOS 8.

Some iPhone 13 Models Unresponsive Touch Screen

Another major problem reported by the users is that the new iPhone 13 models have unresponsive touch screens. Users reported that the new iPhone 13 needs several clicks to recognize their input several frequent times. It affects the lock screen and the feature that lets you wake your phone with just a touch. The upper corner of the screen of the iPhone 13 has said to be the most vulnerable side. How to Fix: This will sound more like a software update than a problem with the iPhone 13 hardware. Because some iPhone 12 users also reported the same issue when they upgraded to the new iOS 15. This fix leads to only one conclusion that the new software has some bugs that need to be fixed by apple.

iPhone 13 Pro Automatic Switch

This problem clearly shows that it is not a bug, but a feature misunderstood. The iPhone 13 Pro has this feature where the new macro mode uses the phone’s 12MP ultra-wide camera. If you try to take a picture from a distance of 5.5 inches, the camera will automatically shift from the primary camera wide lens to the ultra-wide shooter. This feature is a fantastic approach that lets you capture macro pictures with great details. Surprisingly, not all the users agree. Their primary concern is that this feature messes with the framing of the shot. How to Fix: Apple said that the new software update that is still on its way would let all the iPhone 13 pro users switch off this feature on their smartphones. They can open the feature whenever they want, so switching ultra-wide-angle cameras will stop making issues for them.


Whenever you buy an item, it takes you some time to know how it works and become adept at operating it. The same is true for a smartphone. When you buy a new cell phone, you have to spend some time getting to know its ins and outs. The companies also know that some issues will pop up with time. The fact that these companies come up with a better solution tells us why they are known for their name. Apple iOS 15 may have some issues, but in the long run, the new device and the software are only here to make our lives better. If you like to know more about topics like these, continue visiting us. And if you want to know more about us you always have the option to contact us.

In this tutorial, you will learn all about iPhone 11 front and back glass cell phone repair in Richmond. We will guide you with a detailed step-by-step process to change your broken front and back display on your own. Repairing a phone yourself helps you save money, and you will save your data from a third party. In addition, you will learn a lot about your iPhone and its inside and how the device is constructed. A little tip before you start the process: take a look at the performance of your battery. You can see it in the IOS setting menu under "Battery" If the performance of your battery is below 80%, we recommend you replace it as well. This way, you will only need to open your phone once so that you can kill several birds with one stone. Here are some of the essential tools you need before you start the process:

  • Hard Plastic Picks
  • Heat gun
  • Tweezers
  • Plastic prying tool
  • Steel Laboratory Spatula
  • Suction cup
  • Pentalobe PL1 screwdriver
  • PH00 screwdriver
  • Y-type Y000 screwdriver

Required replacement parts:

  • iPhone 11 Front and Back screen

Getting Started With Your iPhone 11 Front And Back Glass Repair in Richmond

Switching off The iPhone

To protect your iPhone 11 from any unnecessary damage:

  1. Please make sure you turn it off before starting the repairing process.
  2. Press and hold the power button till the "Turn off" suggestion shows up.
  3. Swipe it to the right and wait for your iPhone 11 to shut down completely.

Removing the Pentalobe screws

To remove the Pentalobe screws, you need a Pentalobe screwdriver (PL1) to open your iPhone 11. On the lower side of the device, where you insert the charging cable, you will find two screws. Remove both of them and place them securely. Once the device is open, the guarantee of protection against dust and splashing water will expire.

Loosening the Screen

Place the iPhone 11 on a soft and clean surface to avoid scratches on the back of the device. In any case, a clean and smooth surface is ideal before you start. You need a suction cup, a hard plastic plectrum, and a hot air dryer to lift the screen. If your front and back screen is badly splintered, then stick a strip of tape on both sides to protect yourself from splinters. To remove the screens from the frame, heat the edges of your iPhone 11 with your hot air dryer at about 60 degrees celsius. Now place the suction cup on the lower edges and use the keyring on the suction cup to lift the display. Push the hard plastic plectrum while you are heating and move the plectrum completely around the screen to lift. Ensure you don't insert the tools further than 5mm to avoid damage to the internal component. Once you have passed around the device with a plectrum, push the display upwards, this will release the metal clamps from the frame. To avoid overstretching the flexible cable, lie down the display on the side. Tools required:

  • Heat gun
  • Hard Plastic Picks
  • iFlex opening tool
  • Suction Cup

Disconnecting the display connectors

There will be three display connectors for the earpiece, LCD and touch screen. They all are secured with a metal plate. With Y-type screwdrivers, you can easily remove the screws on the metal cover. Once you remove the screws, place them securely, so you don't lose them. Once the metal cover is removed, carefully take out all the connectors. Use a plastic spudger, not a metal one. Put the spudger under the connecter and lift it gently. Now you can easily remove the display.

Removing the sensor and earpiece flex cable

The flex cable of the earcup accommodates various sensors. For instance, the proximity sensor is located under the earcup, so be careful. First, you have to remove the small metal holder that sits above the ambient light sensor. There will be a small amount of glue under the flexible cable, so use the hot hairdryer to loosen that glue. Now carefully push the flat, stable tool such as plastic tweezers under the cable. Lever the sensors out of their pockets. Be careful when you loosen the component as they can be easily damaged.

Removing the backplate

The backplate is protected with a metal plate. You have to adopt this for the new display. First, you have to remove all Y-type screws on both sides. Some of the screws will be very tight. Loosening them is very hard and requires high-quality tools. With a hairdryer, loosen the glue. To completely remove the cables loosen them from underneath bit by bit. When all the wires are loose, you can remove the backplate.

Installing the backplate

Put the backplate in place, put the flex cable through the opening, then put the lower edge diagonally. Be careful about the second cable, as it should not be clamped under the plate. Now you can hook the plate back on to display. Make sure that the plate is correctly positioned and ensure that the screws are tightly screwed. Now you can glue back the flex cable, so they don't leave their place.

Installing the sensors

Take the flex cables of the earcup and sensors and put them back to their corresponding openings. Press the sensors a bit so you can ensure they fit perfectly. Don't forget about the small metal holder above the ambient light sensor.

Installing the earpiece

Now put the earpiece back in its place and make sure the screw holes are positioned correctly to the threads of the display. Then fix the earpiece with different screws. Make sure you don't mix the screws as they all look identical.

Attaching a new frame sticker

Before putting the back glass, make sure you remove the adhesive residue from the metal frame. This will ensure the proper fit of the adhesive frame. Now you are all set for the new glue frame. Remove the protective fil and place the adhesive on one edge of the case. Then apply the adhesive bit by bit on the back of the device.

Connecting the display

Now it's time for you to put the new display unit onto the frame. To avoid over scratching the new display and flexible cables, it is best to clean the screen before. Make sure your iPhone 11 does not slip away during the process. Now you have to plug the two display connectors and the earcup connector back together.


Before you completely seal your iPhone 11. It is always best to make sure the screen is working properly. Test the touch screen by grabbing an application by holding it down and moving it across the screen so you can ensure the screen is working correctly. Now that you have completely ensured that the screen is working correctly. It's time to seal your iPhone 11. Take both hands and hold the frame and press the screen gently and slowly. When the structure is in place, you can gradually press it down all over.

Fastening the Pentalope screws

Lastly, place the two Pentalope screws back located on the left and right of the lightning connector. If you want to know more about cell phone repair, contact us, and we would be happy to assist you.

iPhone 13 120Hz refresh rates don't work on all apps. Apple's iPhone 13 series seems to have been a massive success, with preorders selling out shortly after they began on Friday, September 20th. Now that they’ve arrived, consumers have begun testing the phones in real-life settings. These tests include battery life testing, teardowns, and speed tests. The new 120Hz ProMotion screens have also begun to be tested on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. For the first time, the new iPhone models offer higher refresh rates than other iPhones, which run at 60Hz. There is an unexpected issue with the 120Hz display on the iPhone 13 Pro, which users have already discovered. Several early tests indicate that third-party apps might not always use a dynamic 120Hz refresh rate, with some content making use of a 60Hz refresh rate instead. Developers will soon be able to fully benefit from 120Hz refresh rates after Apple fixes the issue.

The iPhone 13 Pro display problem

Most of the animations in the applications developed by developers who received their iPhone 13 Pro models on Friday were still playing at 60Hz instead of the maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. In early reports, 120Hz was only activated while scrolling a third-party app. Other animations within the same app, however, were refreshed at 60Hz. The result is a very frustrating and inconsistent user experience. According to some speculation at the time, Apple may have implemented a few restrictions on third-party apps to improve battery life. Battery life was also a problem for Android phones that featured high refresh rates in recent years. The Galaxy S21 is one example of a phone with dynamic refresh rate support earlier this year. Thanks to the dynamic 120Hz screen on Samsung's new flagship, its battery life has been dramatically improved over the S20 series. Apple 13 Pros' battery life was excellent, as demonstrated by iPhone 13 battery tests. Despite exceeding the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the iPhone 13 Pro Max set a new record. The regular iPhone 13 Pro lasted almost as long as the S21 Ultra in the same test.Any cell phone repair shop near you can help you identify this problem and guide you towards a more meaningful solution. This article has all the information that will help you resolve this issue.

Apple Says A Fix Is On The Way For ProMotion Issues

According to Apple, developers can fully utilize the iPhone 13 Pro's 120Hz refresh rate. To enable 120Hz support for some animations, they will have to add new information to their apps. This information will be made available in the future. Additionally, a software update is scheduled to prevent 120Hz animations from being supported by Core Animation. Battery life will be impacted by 120Hz support, so apps will need to opt-in. Those rules will apply to any application that implements ProMotion-enabled content, including games. App developers won't need to change their apps to use ProMotion for standard animations. When this happens, iOS 15 will automatically switch between 10Hz and 120Hz.

Understand Refresh Rates

Your content cannot be forced to be shown at a specific rate on a ProMotion display. ProMotion displays behave differently than traditional displays when it comes to refreshing rates. ProMotion's actual refresh rate is insulated from your app's refresh rate thanks to this system. From your app's perspective, Core Animation renders content for the entire display at a refresh rate. The rendering process is synchronized with the display hardware's refresh rate, but it does not necessarily control it. Core Animation decides the refresh rate at each moment for all the animations it displays on the screen. By providing Core Animation with details on your preferred refresh rate for animations, your app can help Core Animation improve its performance. You can display content using the following refresh rates and timings on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max ProMotion displays:

  • 120Hz (8ms)
  • 80Hz (12ms)
  • 60Hz (16ms)
  • 48Hz (20ms)
  • 40Hz (25ms)
  • 30Hz (33ms)
  • 24Hz (41ms)
  • 20Hz (50ms)
  • 16Hz (62ms)
  • 15Hz (66ms)
  • 12Hz (83ms)
  • 10Hz (100ms)

Using the ProMotion feature, the iPad Pro's display can present content at the following refresh rates and timings:

  • 120Hz (8ms)
  • 60Hz (16ms)
  • 40Hz (25ms)
  • 30Hz (33ms)
  • 24Hz (41ms)


Change the refresh rate of your app by adapting custom animations. The app should never assume any specific refresh rate since the refresh rate can change for many reasons. When a device is hot or in low power mode, the system disables the faster refresh rates. Additionally, while UIKit and Core Animation manage the various GUI elements, Core Animation may adjust the refresh rate to enhance the user experience.

Enable Faster ProMotion Refresh Rates

As a result, your CADisplayLink callback may run at any of the ProMotion display's supported refresh rates at different times during normal GUI operations. Generally, Core Animation calls your CADisplayLink callback slower when other animations are in the system. There may be a mismatch between the refresh rate hints that you provide to your CADisplayLink callback and the rate at which Core Animation calls it. In particular, Core Animation won't allow you to unlock a faster refresh rate than the default.You can enable CADisplayLink and CAAnimation animation refresh rates by adding the following key to your Info.plist file:<key>CADisableMinimumFrameDurationOnPhone</key><true/>The preferredFrameRateRange hint API must be used by your app to access higher frame rates (above 60Hz). This isn't necessary on the iPad Pro.

Provide Time-Paced Content to a ProMotion Display

Automatic frame pacing is handled for animations created with UIKit, SpriteKit, SwiftUI, and CAAnimation. Please provide hints about your app's preferred refresh rate(s) to CADisplayLink or CAAnimation when presenting custom content.


Ensure that your app operates at any refresh rate, not just those requested by CADisplayLink or CAAnimation.Specify the best frame rate possible for your content when specifying a preferred frame rate. The display cannot be updated at that rate all the time. Still, CADisplayLink tries to provide the closest refresh rate as possible depending on the hardware and the current operating conditions. If your app provides hints requesting either of these rates, iOS 15 prioritizes 30Hz and 60Hz refresh rates. iOS 15 is the only platform that provides such a priority.


Do not use timers or other strategies that are incompatible with Core Animation's display refresh cycle.

In Conclusion

CADisplayLink and CAAnimation APIs are used by Core Animation to accommodate the preferences of apps using them. You mustn't assume that Core Animation will call your CADisplayLink callback at any specific refresh rate or even at the rate requested. IOs used the preferred Frames Per Second property before iOS 15. It allows you to specify the refresh rate your app prefers. With iOS 15, you can set the minimum, maximum, and preferred refresh rate for your content using a CAFrameRateRange. You can contact us for more information, and we would be happy to assist you.

Every year, like clockwork, we see new versions of iPhones popping into the market. It has become a ritual for everyone to acknowledge the Apple yearly inauguration to see what new feature is out. Apple is becoming more and more popular in the smartphone world. This year Apple has changed the way we used to look at the older models. This year's refinements have beaten the last year's entries, and everyone is excited. We are going to tell you all you need to know about iPhone 13.There are a total of four iPhones available on the dock this year, which can be confusing for an average buyer.

The Latest About iPhone 13

Apple launched the all-new iPhone 13 in September, and since then, everyone has been curious to know about this new model. Aside from all the subtle differences, there are some worthy of finding out. The number of cameras and the back of the device remain unchanged, keeping in mind the previous year's model. The device's front changed with the notch, and everyone is happy that it got slimmed down. This year, apple left things the same pretty much. The internal is what got the most upgrade. If you haven't gotten your hands on the all-new iPhone 13, read this guide before, so when you buy, you know exactly what you are buying. We will discuss the process, camera and all the key features, including the battery life.

High-Refresh-Rate Display

All the flagship models of the iPhone started getting higher refresh rates many years ago, and Apple launched products with high refresh rates with branding ProMotion. That we notably observed in the iPad Pro range. We also observed the apple smartphones getting the ProMotion that had 60Hz displays, this year, it changed. The new iPhone 13 series features a 120Hz refresh rate which is twice as fast as the previous models. The main benefit of this upgrade was to give the user a smoother motion experience. When we scroll on the new iPhone 13, it can give you the ultimate scrolling feel. The older 60Hz displays were a bit jittery and were slow to keep up with the fast transitions. At 120Hz, that jittery feeling is no more, and we get to see some enhanced day-to-day usage, which also made gaming and other activities on this new iPhone more enjoyable. Unfortunately, only the Pro series gets this new upgrade, which means the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini will not have this feature. Only iPhone 13 pro and pro max will do.

Is The Camera Any Good?

Last year iPhone models came with the standard lenses that were paired with the wide-angle shooter. This year the iPhone 13 may have the same-looking camera setup, but the ultra-wide camera on Pro and Pro Max has been upgraded from 1.2 aperture to 1.8, which means better shooting in low light. However, this year, there are some new tricks to the iPhone 13 camera, including the cinematic mode, night mode, and ProRes for better video recording.

What About The Battery Life?

One of the best pieces of news related to the iPhone 13 is the increased battery capacity in all the new models. The new iPhone 13 is combined with the new A15 Bionic chip (that you will read more about in the next section) that helped the battery life on these new models, better than the last years and models or any before that. As anyone could assume, the largest iPhone 13, the Pro Max model, has the biggest battery. It got two days' worth of battery life which is terrific looking at the past battery performance of apple smartphones.

Apple iPhone 13 Performance

The Apple iPhone 13 is now powered with the well-known silicon-based A15 Bionic chipset. This new chip is built to give this smartphone the fastest, more powerful performance, which is not easily available in any other smartphone, even faster than Qualcomm snapdragon 888 Plus. Poor performance will not be a concern if you are using iPhone 13 models. They are made to handle pretty much any task you throw at them, and numbers don't matter. You can run multiple tasks and not feel any lag. The pro models have more RAM, which lets you open multiple windows in the background.

Phone Software and Updates

This new iPhone 13 has the all-new iOS 15, the latest version of the apple operating system. If you own an iPhone, presumably, you will receive the new iOS 15 updates unless you have an older model. If you do, there is no major reason to upgrade to iPhone 13. The new iOS 15 are all related to how you may receive notifications, enhanced facetime, and the ability to upload your ID card into your wallet and many more.


iPhone 13 has brought some major changes, especially the software, which made the users happy. If we look at the hardware, everything is pretty much the same. However, Apple did go back in time and bring the brick design back to life, which is retro and looked great on the new models. With better stability and functioning, apple again remained one step ahead. If you want to know more about topics like these, contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Apple was the first mobile manufacturing company that started the glass back on their phones. Remember the back of the iPhone 4? Yes, it was made of glass. However, they didn’t continue making further models with glass backs. But they again started with glass backs from the iPhone 8.Since then, every other smartphone brand has started making back glass phones. But why is it becoming increasingly popular among mobile manufacturers? In this article, we will discuss all the details about cell phones having a glass back. We’ll talk about why most of the flagship smartphones have a glass-back design.

What Are the Reasons for Growing Glass Back Adoption?

There are many reasons why the popularity of the glass back is increasing. Let’s look at some of the most important ones.

  • Glass back design gives a nice overall look and feel. That’s one of the primary reasons why people are leaning towards purchasing glass-back smartphones. The average price of premium phones is high; that’s why they expect something luxurious. And, the glass back makes the phone heavy and gives it a luxurious look.
  • The other reason why manufacturers are shifting towards glass backs is because of wireless charging. The metal back isn’t very good at supporting the wireless charging feature. But, the glass back works perfectly when it comes to wireless charging. That’s the reason why brands like Samsung and Apple are adopting glass backs.

Why weren’t glass backs used earlier in smartphones? Why only in the last few the glass back gained popularity? Well, the manufacturers started making their phones back with glass after the invention of wireless charging. As discussed above, metal is not effective in wireless charging technology as it is extremely dense, making it difficult to transfer electricity. That’s the reason why you’d find a lot of phones with glass backs nowadays. And, the trend of the glass back is not stopping anytime soon. There would come a time when the majority of the brands would be making glass backs.

Are glass backs more fragile than those made of Metal?

If you have experienced a cracked screen on your phone or someone else’s phone, you’d know the struggle. The manufacturers claim that the screen is made of a different kind of durable material, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t break on high impact. And, if it breaks, then the cost of the screen replacement is darn expensive. The replacement cost for the back screen replacement is even more! So, what made Apple and other manufacturers design glass backs? Apple knew that it was going to be costly to replace the back glass. Not just will it cost more, but it will also be super difficult to remove the shattered back glass. But, fortunately, there are laser machines that make it easy to remove the glass now. So, if Apple knew about all these troubles that the consumer could face if the back glass breaks, why did they still choose to go with glass back? Well, what they did was that they tried their best to improve the quality of the back glass as they improved the quality of the screen. For instance, Corning, partner of Apple, developed a durable glass known as Gorilla Glass. This glass got well-known among people because of its durability and strength. You might have heard about the Gorilla Corning screen, but have you heard about the Gorilla Corning back glass? Yes! That’s right. Now they have made the back glass, and you can see that on the iPhone 11. There have been improvements in the Corning glass. According to one of the experiments performed to test the glass, it didn’t crack even after dropping it 15 times in a row from a height of 1 meter.

Glass can still break

We cannot ignore the fact that even though there has been an improvement in the quality of the glass, it can still break on high impact or scratching, just like with any other material. That’s why you shouldn’t be under the impression that the glass wouldn’t break and use the phone roughly. Always use your device carefully, or you’d have to pay a high cost for replacing the screen. Sometimes you wouldn’t want to go ahead with the repair as it could be too costly, and you would rather get a new phone by adding some extra bucks to it. If we talk about Apple’s official charges for repairing the back of an iPhone 11, it would cost you more than $500! Now, that’s a huge amount. Isn’t it? However, sometimes it’s best to consult the local repair shops first because you could get it fixed at a much lower price. That’s the reason why getting a tough hard case is essential. Although, you’d like to get a stylish hard case. But, you shouldn’t forget about how much impact the case can withstand, as the primary reason for getting a hard case is to protect your device from scratches and protecting the screen and back from getting shattered.


Now, smartphone manufacturers are making the phone’s back with glass as it offers many advantages. One of the primary reasons is that the glass back works better with wireless charging technology than metal. The glass back also gives the phone a high-end and luxurious look that sits well with the users. Contact us now to know more about it.

Gone are the days of having a phone with a removable back. Unless you are an oldie and still have those old generation mobile devices like Motorola and Samsung. Today nearly every cell phone comes with a glass back, and you may be wondering how to remove your cell phone back or how to fix a cell phone cracked back glass? Let’s walk through this step-by-step guide that will teach you how to change the glass underneath your cell phone.

3 Step Guide To Fix A Cell Phone’s Cracked Back Glass

How is it Attached?

Before you start with the guide, you should understand how the back glass of your cell phone is attached to your phone. The glass piece is fastened seamlessly to the back of your cell phone with an adhesive glue that goes around and keeps it intact. Even if the back glass is broken, it will stay attached. To remove it carefully, you will need something to heat the glass. Do not remove the glass without heating as it would crack further and create dust on tiny glasses (not recommended). The reason to be careful is because of what is underneath the glass. New cell phones come with fingerprint sensors on the back. If you went too far inside, you might end up damaging the cables.

What Tools Would You Need

Now you know the complexity of your cell phone’s back glass. But what tools would you need? You already know that it won’t come off without proper heating and if you try, it could break further. So the first thing you need is a heat gun. A heat gun will help you heat precisely the point that requires heat. If you have a heat gun, good. But if you don’t ask your friends to lend you so you can proceed. Heating will loosen the adhesive, and you can move on to the tedious part. You will also need a suction cup or something similar to create a small opening. You can use a plastic card to open the glass between the back of your cell phone but don’t use your ID cards or ATM cards. Once you have seen the opening slide the card across so you can completely take off the back glass, keep heating and work along the edges. You can carefully use alcohol to nullify the stickiness of the adhesive. Once you work all the way around, it should come off easily.

How Can You Put It Back?

Now that you successfully removed the glass back of your cell phone. What is next? The next part is pretty simple and does not require much work. But it does require your full attention and precision. Your new glass back comes with its adhesive applied by the manufacturers. You don’t have to worry about applying it yourself. If it’s not there already, you can still use adhesive yourself. You can find many types of adhesives that can be used mainly for this purpose. There are pre-made strips available for your specific cell phone model that you can buy. Once you have it, carefully find if there is any cable that needs to be attached to the motherboard of the mobile. If not, lay the back glass carefully on the frame and press the edges with a slight force, so it sticks back in its position. Tightly, but not too tightly, apply paper tape or any tape, so the back glass remains in place until it gets dry and solid.

Don’t Want To Risk Your Chances?

If it sounds like a hectic job and you are afraid that you might do it wrong. Don’t worry because you can always choose the alternate way. You can get your phone repaired from a trusted cell phone repair shop. They can do a great job at fixing your phone at an affordable price, and they can do it quickly so you won’t have to go for days without your phone. They have ample experience and can provide fixes for almost every cell phone. It is best to choose these cell phone repair services and let them take care of your device if you think you cannot. You can go to them for iPhone repair. If you don’t know where the closest cell phone repair shop is, you can ask your friends or do a Google search for Apple repair near me.

What Is The Right Way?

Broken screens, no matter front or back, have severity levels. Suppose you want to know the right way to fix a cell phone’s cracked back glass. It would be best if you first found out how badly it is broken. Is it just light scratches or a whole spiderweb situation? Once you assess the damage, you need to decide how you are going to fix it. With a little bit of knowledge and skill, you can always change a cracked back glass. But if you think the case is severe and needs proper attention, don’t hesitate to take your device to any trusted cell phone repair.

Final Words

Having a cracked back glass can be very irritating. It is best to get it fixed or fix it yourself as soon as possible. If you delay it, you might face other issues such as water going inside through those cracked back glass. DIYing your cracked back glass is not a bad option if you have the proper tools and know-how. Now that you know how to fix a cell phone cracked back glass, we hope that you might give it a try yourself. Engaging in activities like these is always fun, and you get to learn a lot. Being careful is all it requires. You can always choose to contact a cellphone repair center. Just make sure they are trusted and know what they are doing. You can also check if you still have the warranty, and if you have, you already have the solution. Just send the phone back to the company you bought and relax.

You are eager to try out the new features in the latest iOS upgrade. But you can’t, and that’s frustrating. Even after trying all the possible solutions multiple times, it doesn’t update. What could be the problem? You shouldn’t worry if your iPhone iOS is not updating. There are multiple solutions for that. We understand that it is important to update the iPhone as new features are added, and the bugs are fixed. And, If you are don’t update your iPhone, the performance will lag. Let’s find out the right solutions to fix your iPhone update issue.

Restart your iPhone

Firstly, you could consider restarting the device. Restarting is one of the easiest fixes and works a lot of times. That’s why before we dive into the technicalities of the problem, make sure that you have tried restarting your iPhone.


Storage could be an issue why your iPhone is not updating. When you perform the update, make sure that it has at least 800 megabytes of space. Because generally, that’s the amount of space that your iPhone requires for the update. If you’d like to know more about how you can check the storage on your iPhone, then follow these steps.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on the General tab
  3. Scroll down, and you’d see the iPhone storage tab.
  4. Now, you can see the bar on your screen, which shows the space left in your iPhone and the space used so far. If you see that there is still more than 1Gb of space left on your iPhone, you shouldn’t worry about the storage when updating your iPhone because it would update without any issue.

Update through iTunes or Settings

If you face trouble while updating through the settings app, you might consider updating it through iTunes. This is also an option to update your iPhone. On the other hand, if it is not updating through iTunes, you can try it out from the settings app. Here we will let you know how you can update your iPhone through both the settings and iTunes.

Update through iTunes

  1. Using the charging cable, plug in the iPhone on your computer.
  2. Open iTunes application
  3. Now you can see the iPhone button at the top of the iTunes window. Select that
  4. Click on Update Update
  5. Tap on Download and update to start the update.

Update through Settings

It is pretty straightforward If you want to update through the settings app. You’d need to follow these steps.

  1. Select the General tab in the settings
  2. You’d see the option of Software Update. Click on it.
  3. Now tap on the Download and install button to begin.

Ensure that the iPhone is charging while updating because it would take some time to complete the update.

Overcrowded Servers

Overcrowded could be one of the reasons why your iPhone is not updating. By overloaded servers, we mean that so many people are trying to update to the latest update. And that happens right after the software update is released. You’ll notice that whenever there is a new update from Apple, millions of people connect to the server simultaneously, and that’s why many people are unable to update to the latest software. Don’t panic if that is happening. You’re not the only one. It is happening with a large number of people. People might consider trying to update their phones after some time. However, it could take a few hours up to a few days to complete. If that doesn’t work either, It would be best to take your iPhone to the repair shop so that they can see if the problem is due to the overcrowded servers or there is some other problem.

Is iPhone still not updating?

If you have tried all the solutions above, but none of them is working out, you may have to try to restore them. That would be the last option before you head over to the repair shop. But, people have to make sure that all the data is backed up when they want to proceed with the restore. Because once you restore the device, you won’t be able to get back the data. Here is what you need to do to restore the iPhone.

  1. Plugin your phone with a charging cable with your computer.
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Tap on the iPhone button
  4. You’d see the restore button on the right side of the window.
  5. Click on restore in the pop-up window.

Once done, iTunes would download the latest version of the iOS.

Time to upgrade

Most of the time, the update issues come up with the old iPhone models. So, if someone has an old iPhone, they may consider getting a new one if restoring the phone hasn’t worked either. Or else take it to the repair shop, because most probably it would have some hardware problem. You’d have no difficulty updating the new iPhone with the latest software.


Now you are familiar with what options you have when your iPhone doesn’t upgrade. The above mentioned are some of the most common ways to troubleshoot your iPhone when it is not updating. We are sure that it will help you to fix your iPhone. However, you shouldn’t worry if none of them works. You can visit the nearest repair shop to know about the issue with your iPhone. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further problems with your cell phone.

We rely on our smartphones for various tasks. It could be sending an email to your client or playing PUBG. Nowadays, there isn’t any other technology in our lives that is as important as smartphones. And, smartphones aren’t something that only the rich can afford. There’s something for everybody as more and more brands enter the market. Most people try to use their phones for at least 2-3 years. Although, this can be a good option to save money. However, your mobile phone might end up with multiple issues after a few years of usage. It could have a sound quality issue, security issues, or more. We understand that when people buy a costly new smartphone, they expect the phone to run for several years. But unfortunately, there is a certain life for every product. As time passes, any product would depreciate and lose its shine even if you take very good care of it. At some point, your cell phone would not work like it used to do when it was new. That’s why replacing your phone is inevitable. In this article, you’ll find out all the details about when you should change consider changing your cell phone. You’ll get to know about the signs when it’s time to buy a new cell phone.

The Battery Runs Out Quickly

As you use your cell phone, its battery keeps deteriorating. And, that won’t be able to hold more charge as the chemical compounds of your battery start to degrade. After 1-2 years, you’d observe that the battery has lost almost a fifth of its ability to retain a charge. Although that doesn’t happen too early, it only happens when several hundred recharge cycles have passed. Therefore, it is recommended that you don’t keep your cell phone on charging overnight. You might have to take your iPhone for repair if you overcharge it. If you charge your cell phone more than once a day, that means the cellphone cannot hold the charge like it used to do when it was new. And, if you use your phone a lot, you’d probably have to charge it multiple times a day, and that’s frustrating. It’s time to get a new phone.

Too Slow To Use

You might have observed that when the mobile phone or tablet is new, it would respond within no time. However, as it gets old, the loading time increases. The app that would open instantly before, now takes a few seconds. There are several reasons why the cell phone is not responding quickly and slowing down. But, most of the time, the age of the cell phone is the factor that is causing this issue. On the other hand, when you upgrade the mobile phone to the latest version of IOS or Android, that would cause a lot of pressure on the smartphone’s resources, including heavier RAM and CPU usage. Secondly, multiple apps running in the background could also be one of the reasons why your smartphone is slowing down. Ensure that you close all the apps manually so that the phone is not consuming resources in the background. However, if you are looking for a once and for all solution, you can consider replacing your phone. Because getting a new phone means there would be an increase in resources and your phone’s software would run smoothly.

Outdated and lacking Updates

New cell phone models come out at a very fast rate. If you purchase an old smartphone model, you have to keep in mind that the phone won’t offer software updates after a certain period. That’s why it becomes outdated. On the other hand, you shouldn’t expect all the upcoming upgrades even if you purchase a brand-new top-tier model. At one point, that phone would get old as well, and you couldn’t upgrade it anymore. You might be thinking, would there be upgrades for the security? Well, unfortunately not. Once the smartphone is outdated, the manufacturers don’t release security updates for the old models. That’s why replacing your phone can be one of the smart decisions when you think that your smartphone is outdated.

New App doesn’t run

Now, it’s time for virtual reality. And, you can find multiple VR apps on the Play Store. Some of them are resource-intensive and won’t work on an older mobile phone. Similarly, gaming also requires good RAM and internal graphics for the game to work smoothly. Therefore, if you are into gaming, you may consider replacing your smartphone with one which has the most up-to-date technology so that it can run heavy graphics games. You can test your existing phone by installing the high-resource games and VR apps and see how it is working and check if it runs well on it. If it doesn’t, then it’s time to upgrade your phone.

Apps Crash Frequently

Android smartphones don’t guarantee that the app won’t crash. As the mobile phone is human-made, it has flaws in it. We can’t predict when an app will crash. But, whenever it happens, there can be various reasons for it. You can’t just blame the phone for it. Sometimes, the apps themselves aren’t designed well. On the other hand, the phone might not be compatible with running that app. For instance, the app might require new modern phones to run smoothly. Nonetheless, if you observe that the apps are crashing all the time on your smartphone, there could be some other issues. The phone might not be able to handle the demand by the apps. If the app doesn’t get the required resource (good RAM or CPU), it will not work. One other cause of the crashes is storage. Low storage causes the apps to crash. Therefore, getting a new phone which has a higher storage capacity is a better option. However, if you cannot identify the right cause of the app crashing, you may contact the cell phone repair shop. They would help you to diagnose the problem.


These are the most common signs that would help you identify the right time to change the phone. Now, you can get a new phone which suits your budget because there is a wide variety of cell phones you can choose from. Contact us now to know about cell phone repair.

You forgot that your Samsung Galaxy S10 was on your lap when you got up from the sofa. You look down and see the cellphone lying on the ground, face down. You pick it up, and there’s a big crack right down the middle. Now, the backlight is not turning on. Maybe the touch is not working properly? Are you not able to turn on your mobile phone with the fingerprint sensor? Well, we understand that you must be really upset about it. But, let us tell you that you’re not alone; it is more common than you think. The screen of your mobile phone is not bulletproof. It could get damaged. Even though it is made from gorilla glass, it still cracks up or breaks. Well, we acknowledge that the screen is much better than the previous models. However, it can break if the impact is hard as the screen is a fragile component of your mobile phone. In this repair guide, we will let you know all the Samsung S10 screen replacement details. This would help you do the replacement yourself. Although it is easier and much safer to approach a repair shop in Vancouver. Let’s get started.

Tools needed for repair

Here are some of the tools that you will be using for the repair.

  • Plastic card
  • Suction cup
  • Screwdrivers
  • Plastic prying tool
  • Rubber gloves to protect from the heat so that you don’t burn your hands when holding the hot phone.

How to replace the Samsung S10 screen?

First and foremost, you’d have to remove the sim and SD card tray. Once you have removed it, you need to heat the back cover of the phone. You can do this with the help of the hairdryer or the heat gun. You have to make sure that you move around the hairdryer or the heat gun not to burn the phone. Do not keep it static on a single point. The mobile will have adhesive at the edges, so you have to heat those as well. On the other hand, you can use the hot plate as well if you have one. It is a preferred method. You need to set it up to 100 degrees celsius and leave it there for a couple of minutes.

What’s next after heating the phone?

Once the phone is hot enough, grab it and get the suction cup. Place it towards the bottom where the charging port is. Lift gently on the suction cup until you see a slight opening between the glass and the phone frame. After that, get a thin prying tool to wedge it in there and hold it open. A thin prying tool would work perfectly. Squeeze the prying tool in the mobile phone gently, and it will go in easily. Move it around so that you can release the adhesive that’s holding the glass to the frame. You can also use the second plastic prying tool. Wedge it in it because it would help in maintaining the back cover open. Next, go down on one of the sides of the phone entirely with the plastic card. You can remove the suction cup at this point. Gently continue going down with the plastic card removing all the adhesive holding the sides together. It is recommended that you use a plastic prying tool or a thin card so that you don’t damage anything inside the phone. Once you have slid all the way down, you can use another prying tool to keep it open. And, then work your way down the other side of the back cover with the help of the thin card so that you can remove the adhesive on the other side. Don’t rush yourself; take your time and go down gently so that you don’t crack the backglass. Also, you have to be careful while using the prying tool because you don’t want to get it in there too much as it will damage the wireless charging cable and the internal parts of the phone. Please note if you feel like the adhesive is getting hard to remove. Go ahead and heat the phone for a little bit longer to continue removing the rest of it.

What to do after the back cover is removed?

Now, you have opened the back cover with the help of the prying tool. First, inspect and realign onto the back cover so that it’s ready when it’s time to re-install the back cover. With the help of the small Philips head screwdriver, remove fifteen Philips head screws holding the back part of the phone to its frame. Furthermore, remove the back pieces of the phone using the plastic prying tool. Wedge it under the wireless speaker. After that, remove the bottom portion, which includes the loudspeaker, with the help of the plastic prying tool. Once done, you’d get to see the motherboard of the phone. You need to disconnect two things first—the battery cable and the cable for the screen. Next, remove three more screws—one at the top by the cameras and two at the bottom. After this, remove the entire motherboard and heat the front of the screen. Use either a hairdryer or a heat gun. You can even place it on the hot plate. Once it is hot enough, you can use a metal prying tool, give the pressure between the glass and the phone frame, and go around the entire phone assembly. Just pull it up, and obviously, it’s not going to matter if you break your screen because it’s already broken, so go ahead and remove the entire screen. Finally, place the new screen in place of the old screen. Follow the same routine in putting the phone back together that you followed to pull it apart.


Now you must be familiar with how you can replace the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S10. Screen repair in Vancouver is not very uncommon. You can do it yourself, but if you want to get it done by a professional technician, don’t forget to contact us.

The iPhone 12 is a powerful device with great features. Apple tries to improve their mobile phone in every new model coming out. The iPhone 12 is still the flagship phone of Apple. iPhone 12 Pro comes with the Super Retina XDR, MagSafe, iOS 14 and more. However, all smartphones have different issues in them, and the iPhone 12 is no exception. In this article, we will be discussing some of the most common iPhone 12 problems, which are the missing 5G, Wifi and Bluetooth. You might have tried to fix the problem of these issues or just a single one of them but didn’t, but unfortunately, it didn’t get fixed. No worries! We have done all the work to bring the best possible solution for these problems so that you can easily fix the problem. Let’s get started!

How to Fix Missing 5G issue?

When your 5G is not working on your iPhone 12, you may need to contact your network provider. After that, you have to ask them if the carrier plan supports the 5G. Most of the carriers don’t provide the 5G service. That’s the reason why you won’t be able to use it. Open the settings and go to cellular. You don’t see the 5G option. Why? Because your carrier isn’t providing it. Therefore, contacting them and making the required upgrade is essential in using the 5G.On the other hand, some of the Apple iPhone 12 problems users might face are dropping 5G or showing “No service” in different city areas. It might even happen in those places where there is strong service. In that case, what should you do? One of the pretty simple solutions to this issue is turning on the airplane mode and then turning it off again. Doing that would make sure that your iPhone is connected to the cell network forcefully. There is another way of fixing this issue which Apple also recommends. Apple says to reset the network settings. By doing this, you will get back the factory default for two settings which are wifi-related settings and carrier-related settings. To reset the settings, you’d have to go to settings, general, reset, and then tap on the Reset Network Settings. There are chances that the issue gets resolved with these solutions. However, it doesn’t; then you’d have to take it to the repair shop to get it checked and fix the problem.

How to fix the Wifi Issue?

Are you facing wifi issues since the iOS 14 update? You’re not alone. Many people have been facing this problem in their iPhone 12 since the update. However, those people who don’t even have the iOS 14 installed are having connectivity issues. So, it’s not just because of the update. There are certain things which you can do to solve the problem. Let’s find out.1-Restart the router: Before you dig deep into the settings of your iPhone 12, you have to do something with the router first. Because it helps many people fix the wifi problem, you simply have to restart the router and then connect your mobile phone with it again. Don’t forget to wait for at least 10 seconds before you restart your router so that all the capacitor is completely drained and the all the memory is cleared.2-Hard Reset: If restarting the router doesn’t work, you may consider restarting the device by hard resetting. We have seen that most of the problems in the mobile phone get resolved once it is restarted. You have to press and release the volume up button, do the same with the volume down button, and finally press and hold the side button. You’d see an Apple logo in a few seconds. Then you can release the button.3-Disable VPN: This is one of the main culprits for causing the wifi issue. That’s why you should disable the VPN if it is running from the VPN app or the settings app. Hopefully, this could solve this issue. You can do disable the VPN from the settings app.

How to fix the Bluetooth issue?

When you have tried your best to pair your device with another device through Bluetooth but found out that it is not working at all costs, you can try these methods if you think the problem is with your phone.1-Toggle Bluetooth: By toggling, it simply means that you have to turn off the Bluetooth and then turn it on. You’d see a Bluetooth icon in the control center, tap on it, wait for at least 30 seconds and then tap it again to turn it on. This is one of the easiest solutions that could resolve the problem. You have to consider yourself lucky if the issue gets resolved by just toggling the Bluetooth. If there is something wrong with the hardware, you have to take it to an iPhone repair service.2-Unpair old devices: If your iPhone 12 is connected to other old devices, make sure that you unpair from all those devices and try to use it again. And, also you have to delete the device which you were trying to connect to previously. Once done, connect with that device again.3-Update your iOS: This is one of the essential parts of solving different problems in your iPhone 12. Like restarting your device works wonder, similarly updating to the latest iOS can also solve many problems.


These are a few of the most common solutions which work almost all the time for the iPhone 12 issues. However, if these solutions don’t work, you can try to restore your iPhone 12. This could be the last resort to fix your iPhone. By doing that, you’ll set it up as a new iPhone. If nothing works, take your iPhone to a cell phone repair shop where the expert can look at it. Contact our experts if you need guidance or want to get your cell phone fixed. Also Read: Samsung Just Unveiled A 200-Megapixel Image Sensor

Imagine watching a video on your Android cell phone, and some of your friends want to watch it with you, but once you disconnect your headphones, the phone speaker doesn’t work. While every operating system has its flaws, we’ll share some solutions as to how you can get your phone speaker working again. Most of the time, some of the simplest solutions can solve the problem. However, if the problem is complex, you can try some advanced techniques to fix it or take it to the cell phone repair shop. There are dozens of troubleshooting tips that you can try out. And, if they don’t work, it would be advisable to take your Android cell phone in for repair. In this article, we will discuss some troubleshooting tips for your Android cell phone speakers.

Check for software issues

The first and easy solution to try is to reboot the phone. The reason why your speakers may not be working could be due to some background processes that haven’t been shut down properly. Restarting your phone will ensure that all your operations are running correctly. Secondly, check if your speakers are working during a call or not. If not, you’ll need to investigate the audio output of your phone. Generally, the audio output is set for a built-in speaker. But everybody uses earphones now and then. That’s why your cell phone’s setting might have changed. It would be best if you made sure that it’s not connected to any other device. Just go to Connected devices from the settings. You can now check whether it is still connected to some external Bluetooth audio outputs or not. Secondly, it is necessary that you also check and confirm that you haven’t switched to Do Not Disturb or Silent modes by mistake.

Manually Disable Headphone Output

Sometimes, you might hear perfect sounds through your earphones, but the second you disconnect them, it goes away. It is easy to say that the cell phone speakers are at fault, but that might not be the case every time. It could be due to some bug in your android phone. It might be that your phone is stuck between the two states and cannot select either option. If that is the case, here is the perfect solution for it. Try a simple reboot first. If that doesn’t work, you have to download an app called “Disable headphones.” This app allows you to force your phone to stop the headphone mode manually. By doing that, the headphone mode would be switched off, and the audio would be switched to the speaker’s mode.

Clean the speaker grills

It is no surprise when your phone sounds muffled. It is because we never think of cleaning the grills of our cell phones. The dust collects on the vents of the mobile phone as time passes by. It affects the sound quality. That’s why you have to consider cleaning them to remove all the dirt or any other obstruction. You can do that by simply blowing air into the speaker with your mouth. For a more thorough clean, you can use a vacuum cleaner. It would help you to get small crumbs and dust out of the speaker. However, be careful when using this technique as it could also affect some other part of your phone.

Perform a hard reset

Your speakers not working might be due to an external app. To know that for sure, you have to perform a test. You can do that by turning on the safe mode on your cell phone. If the speaker works fine on the safe mode, that means there is a third-party app causing the problem. It would be difficult for you to identify that. That’s why the best solution would be to do a hard reset. By doing that, you will get rid of all the software and the bugs, which might be why the speakers are not working. Moreover, if the problem persists, you also need to consider factory reset and see if that solves the problem. You can easily find the reset option when you go to settings and then tap on the system. On the other hand, you can also search about it on the search bar at the top of the settings.


These are some of the most common troubleshooting steps you can do before contacting the repair shop to get help from a professional. We are sure that you can resolve the speaker sound issue with the above techniques. Apart from all those things, one of the common problems is water damage. There is nothing to be worried about. A cell phone repair shop can easily clean your cell phone and have it ready for you in no time.

If you look around at a subway station or on sidewalks, you may find one thing very common, people using phones with their heads down. You may even find people snapping pictures of beautiful landscapes, but you are unaware of one thing! The dilemma these people have of what will happen if our cell phone gets broken or damaged? How are they going to get it fixed? What will they do without their cell phone? They want to go to a phone repair shop, but they heard that it would be a bad call. They have heard everything from losing your cell phone to getting your data hacked, and they are afraid of any of these myths coming true. But there is another game afoot (taking a line from Sherlock Holmes), and today, we will let you in on it. We will brief you on why don’t cell phone giants want you to get your android or iPhone repaired from a local cell phone repair shop? These cell phone giants want to make it so that getting your phone fixed from somewhere else would become a felony. Let us break it down for you! In this blog, we will DEBUNK some myths about local cell phone repair shops and how cell phone giants try to belittle these shops with the help of these myths. Here are some common myths about why cell phone giants don’t want you to get your Andriod or iPhone repaired from a local cell phone repair shop.

Only Certified Technicians Can Fix The Phone

Many people think that only these giants have certified technicians who are capable of fixing a phone. Their technicians alone have the experience and the skill to do it. It’s not the case! Technicians at your local cell phone repair shop could also be certified and have the knowledge and the skills to repair your cell phone properly. They have been working at it for a long time and have expertise in that field. Not all shops have certified technicians, so make sure that you check when you visit your local cell phone repair shop. This myth is propagated to scare you from ever setting foot in a repair shop.

Fixing a Phone From a Local Shop Nullifies Your Warranty

Going for an authorized Samsung or Apple cell phone repair store is the same as a typical repair shop. You must be wondering why? If you are concerned about your warranty being void, you must know that the only issues covered with a warranty are all related to manufacturing errors. Our cell phones break due to accidental mishaps, and your warranty does not cover those. So there are no major differences, although going to a local cell phone repair shop might save you time, and the price would be much lower.

Local Cell Phone Repair Charges So Much

You may have heard of this myth that local cell phone repair shops charge too much. Well, the case is somewhat the opposite. Several factors determine the amount of your cell phone repair. The severity and complexity of your cell phone damage determine how much the cell phone repair shop will charge. However, the prices of local and branded cell phone repair stores are different. Also, when you go to a branded store, it might not be near you. You would have to travel a great distance, and then they could make you wait for a week or more as they send your cell phone to the authorized place. Your local cell phone repair shop can probably do the same job in half the time and use authentic parts to replace the broken or damaged ones. Just keep in mind that your phone is important to you; you have the authority to get it fixed. The question is, from where? Since we have cleared some major misconceptions, you may not feel hesitant about deciding what option to choose.

Why Are Cell Phone Giants Squeezing Local Cell Phone Repair Shops?

The only major reason cell phone giants are against local cell phone repair shops is that they want every penny from their consumers. They want you to get their expensive help to get your mobile fixed. One thing that they don’t pay attention to is the time duration of fixing the mobile phone. You may have to use an alternate phone for days before you get to have your phone back. Since warranty from these cell phone giants only work if there is a manufacturing error, you have to pay for all the accidental damage to your phone. In this scenario, if the user reaches out to the local cell phone repair market, they void the warranty. Not just in Vancouver, it is happening around the world. One important feature about local technicians is they pay extra attention to the detail of damage to your cell phone. They know every in and out of a damaged phone that branded store technicians know. This talent gets wasted because cell phone giants claim that an unprofessional way of getting your phone fixed is not right. You can easily get your android cell phone repaired by a local cell phone repair shop and get the best service you’ve ever seen.

Final Words

We hope that you now know the difference between a branded shop technician and a certified technician at a local cell phone repair shop. The choice is yours, and no one is holding you back from it. Shops like CellFixx have diversified the local cell phone repair shop with the online presence and with the help of technicians that can fix the damage of your mobile like no one else.

Nowadays, everybody is totally dependent on their smartphones. You use it to perform different functions according to your needs. If you are a businessman, you might have to conduct a meeting with your employees or write an email to your clients. If you are a university/college student, you might need to upload the assignments on the portal or take an online class. We rely on our smartphones for many things. However, as smartphones are so portable, sometimes we don’t care for them as we should. For example, there are a lot of incidents where people drop their smartphones. It is inevitable. You might end up with a broken or cracked screen. We understand that you can not afford to use a cracked screen as it is not easy to use. And, it would hurt your fingertip if you keep using it. On the other hand, if it is broken, you’d have to go for the Samsung screen replacement. Well, you don’t need to worry if your mobile phone screen is either broken or cracked. This is a very common problem with users around the world. You are not alone. Continue reading to find out all the details about the replacement of the screen. Let’s get started.

What should you do first

Broken screens could mean many different things. Your phone might just have a simple crack, or it may have spider-web-like patterns. On the other hand, it could be completely shattered. If your screen is broken, you might be dealing with any of the cases described earlier. What should you do now? Well, firstly, you have to figure out the extent of the damage. That doesn’t mean just looking at it once and keeping it back in your pocket. You should thoroughly see the screen’s condition by placing it under a bright light and evaluate the damage. By tapping on the screen lightly, you can figure out whether you have to go for the replacement as soon as possible or it’s not a very big crack, and it would stay in place. In that case, you wouldn’t need to go for the replacement immediately. That’s what happens most of the time. Let’s find out some of the temporary solutions for your cracked screen. However, you have to make sure that you get your screen replaced by a reliable cell phone repair shop as soon as possible because the crack might get bigger. Also, make sure that your data is always backed up on the cloud since you never know when something might happen. You could be opening your car door, picking up your coffee, or anything else, and it might happen. Here are some of the temporary solutions for a broken cell phone screen.

Packing Tape

Maybe you don’t want to replace your Samsung’s smartphone screen right away for some reason. There is a temporary solution for it, and it is Packing tape. This would help you kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, It would make sure that your device’s screen is safe from further cracking, and secondly, you wouldn’t hurt your fingers from the crack.

Screen Protector

This is also an excellent option to try. It would protect your fingers from getting sliced as well. But, you shouldn’t forget that a simple crack can turn into a shattered screen if you do not replace it on time.

Super Glue

Most people call it super glue. But, its actual name is Cyanoacrylate glue. Superglue would be helpful when you don’t have huge cracks on the screen. Make sure that you don’t apply a lot of superglue and wipe off the extra glue on the screen.

Replacing the screen

There are many different techniques used to replace the screen for every model of the smartphone. That’s why we don’t have one standard guide for replacing the smartphone screen. Moreover, some cell phones cannot be repaired without sending them to their manufacturer. However, these are some common steps that would help you with this problem.

Step-1: Open the phone

First, you have to remove the back cover of the device and the battery (if possible). You will have to figure out where the screws are hidden. Gently pull the phone apart using the levers and plectrum. You should be careful when handling the ribbon cables when you are detaching them from their connectors. A plastic blade would be best for the removal.

Step-2: Remove the Screen

With the help of the heat gun, you need to soften the adhesives of the screen. Don’t worry if you don’t have the heat gun. You just need to keep the phone in a warm place for some time. After that, you need to push towards the camera hole and get the glass display away from the body.

Step-3: Replace the Adhesive

You have to get the replacement adhesive which you can buy online easily. It’s better to apply the adhesive onto the frame rather than the glass.

Step-4: Install the new screen

Once you are done with the adhesive, you have to remove the protection strips on the adhesive and push the glass to get it fixed in place. When the glass touches the adhesive, you have to apply slight pressure on it. But, make sure that you do not put pressure on the middle of the glass display as it might break. Even the most durable and robust glasses can break when force is applied.

Step-5: Ensure correct cable connections

When you are done with installing the screen, it’s time to reconnect all the cables back. You should be careful while doing that as you wouldn’t want to miss the cable without connecting it or some screws leftover. Turn on the phone to check everything works fine.


Replacing your Samsung mobile phone screen isn’t easy. But once you have got the hang of it, then you can perform the replacement. However, if you are ambiguous and think that you won’t be able to do it well, then you should always consult a professional cell phone repair shop. They will fix your smartphone’s screen professionally. Contact us now to get your screen replacement at the best price. Also Read: How TO Fix Your Android Cell Phone If It Doesn’t Connect TO WiFi?

Samsung always makes an entry in the market with new technology like no one else. This time Samsung takes it further than ever before! How? By bringing us a massive 200-megapixel sensor to help us capture a photo in its true essence. This is a fantastic breakthrough that will leave all other smartphone brands in awe. Different smartphone companies have tried several advanced techniques to bring their users something they could count on. But they somewhat failed and couldn’t deliver what they promised. But Samsung has changed the way we take pictures from a mobile device. Indeed it is a new record, and looking at the previous Samsung devices, we can be sure that this new image sensor will make a huge difference. We are excited, and we believe you must be curious to know more! So continue reading and find more about this amazing news.


Samsung has been a smartphone market leader and provided its customers with ultimate quality tech. This new sensor named ISOCELL HP1 is going to give mobile photography a new and improved opportunity. This is the first time anyone in the mobile industry has managed to build a pixel-binning technology. This technology is used to capture pictures in low light and ultra 8K resolution in bright sunlight. This sensor will also help users make videos in 8K resolution, making it more exciting. Samsung has announced this new sensor series and will use it in upcoming devices.


Along with ISOCELL HP1, Samsung has also launched the all-new ISOCELL GN5 with an optimum 1.0μm pixel that will let the user capture a sharper and most realistic photo instantaneously. With a total of a million photodiodes covering the sensor, pictures taken from these sensors will give a tough time to all other smartphone brands. This new GN5 sensor is leaned more towards autofocusing the taken pictures compared to the HP1 sensor.

In Conclusion

Samsung has been working on this technology since 2013. It was the year when Samsung first announced that this technology would change the way we take pictures. This new technology will reduce the cross conversation between pixels, balance the barriers, and allow small-sized pixels to achieve a higher colour fidelity and much higher real-like images. Today Samsung successfully came up with this technology with the most miniature, balance, sharpest and most enhanced sensors with all new ISOCELL technology. For more exciting information regarding the latest news in the tech world, we are here; stick with us. Contact CellFixx if you want any of your smartphones to get fixed at the most reasonable price. Also Read: X Ways You Can Get Samsung Screen Replacement Easily

If connecting your cell phone to WiFi is a problem for you, you are not alone. Many people face this kind of problem once in a while. And we understand how it can be so frustrating. Nowadays, we are mostly connected through our cell phones. We use email and chat clients to talk to our colleagues, we use social media platforms to connect to friends, and so much more. That is why, when you cannot connect to the WiFi, it feels like being completely and utterly alone. However, you can follow a few ways to make sure that your android cell phone connects to the WiFi and you always get service. That doesn’t mean that you can always get it right. Keep in mind that if the following solutions don’t work, you would have to go to a cell phone repair shop to get it fixed. We’ve compiled the solutions right here for you. Let’s dive into it.

Check your connection Settings

The first and most obvious one is that you should check if your device’s WiFi is turned on. Sometimes, people tend to forget to turn it on when using the mobile data outside, or maybe they have turned it off by mistake. If that’s the case, then just turning on the WiFi would fix the problem. This might seem like an obvious thing, but you would be surprised to know how many people forget about their settings or don’t know enough about them. However, if that’s not the problem, you have to make sure that the Airplane mode is not turned on. If the airplane mode is enabled, it disabled many things, including the WiFi.If the airplane mode is off and the WiFi is on, you have to look for another solution.

Check the name of the router and password

At times, you might connect to the wrong network. That happens mostly when your neighbours also have the same internet service provider. The WiFi network names could be the same as well. You have to ensure that you are connecting to the correct network by checking the router’s name. Look at the bottom of the router, and you’ll find the name. You’d see a sticker that has all the information regarding your WiFi network. But, unfortunately, if you have changed the WiFi network name, you’d have to figure out that name, and it won’t be mentioned on the router. Moreover, once you have found the right network to connect to, it’s time to double-check your password. The password would be printed on that sticker as well. Ensure that you are not making any capitalization mistake.

Reboot your router and Smartphone

Your router could be the culprit of the WiFi problem and not your Smartphone. Yes, that is entirely possible. This happens most of the time, and this can be easily solved as well. You need to unplug the router, wait for 30-45 seconds, and plug it back in. Wait another 1-2 minutes before turning on your router. Once that’s done, now try connecting it and see if this has solved your problem.


Now you are familiar with what you have to do when your cell phone does not connect to the WiFi. It is not an uncommon problem, so don’t worry, and follow the steps given above. Lastly, you could also consider restarting your phone if the above steps don’t work for you. However, if you are still struggling to connect with the WiFi, you could contact the mobile repair shop to figure out the problem. Also Read: Should You Sell Your IPhone Or Go For IPhone Glass Replacement In Vancouver?

Samsung Galaxy S20 is one of the best phones you can get. It is a flagship model of the Samsung company. It is a great phone; however, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any issues with it. You might find these issues frustrating as you have invested a lot of money to buy a top-of-the-line mobile phone. Fortunately, there are solutions to these problems. In this article, you’ll learn about the fundamental issues in your Samsung Galaxy S20 and the way to fix them. So we’ve put it all together so that you can get familiar with the most common issues. Let’s dive into it.

Problem # 1 Push Notification issue

Samsung Galaxy S20 has a remarkable battery-saving feature and excellent RAM. It makes the phone run very smoothly as long as you want. However, sometimes, you might get delayed app notifications, and that might frustrate you since you are using such a high-quality phone Solution: Some of the apps might be on the list of “Battery Optimization,” which is why you notice the delayed notifications. Remove the apps from this list, and you will be able to view regular and timely notifications again. By doing this, you’ll ensure that they are running in the background when you want to use them. It might drain your battery a little quicker, but you don’t want to miss the important notifications.

Problem # 3 Smart Unlock

Some users complain that even after setting the location accurately, the smart unlock feature doesn’t work. This problem arises when you use the smart unlock feature through a home or office location. Solution: There has been a problem with the GPS connection, so that’s why people might face this problem. However, since the software update, the GPS problem has been resolved. You will not face this problem again if you have updated your Samsung Galaxy S20.If that doesn’t solve the problem, then you might have to set up the Bixby routine. You have to go to the settings > advanced features and then tap on Bixby Routines. You can also find the Bixby routine when toggling in the quick settings section. Now the page will open, and you have to tap on the “Details.” The smart lock can be seen in be seen under the “My routine” section.

Problem # 4 Random reboots

Some of the Samsung Galaxy S20 users are having this problem. Their phone restarts randomly. In some cases, the phone restarts every 5 minutes. Other people have reported that once they unplug the headphones, the mobile turns off. Solution: There might be some app causing this. Try to Boot your phone into safe mode and then check if the problem goes away or not. If not, you’d have to see which app you recently updated or installed, then uninstall that app, and your mobile would work fine.


These are the four common problems that the Samsung Galaxy S20 user might face and their solutions. Although the phone is super good, it has few flaws like every other phone in the Mobile world. Nevertheless, these are just the minor issues that could be resolved by following the solutions provided above. However, if the problem persists then, you might have to visit the mobile repair shop for it. Also Read: How To Keep Your Cell Phone From Overheating So You Don’t Have To Go For Repairs?

Are you confused about why your mobile phone gets overheated repeatedly? Maybe it’s because of some specific app, or it is happening due to streaming videos. It could be because your operating system isn’t up to date. There are many reasons why your smartphone could get overheated. Identifying the specific cause of this problem is quite tricky. If you don’t know the fundamentals of how your cell phone is used, you might never find out the problem. We understand that it is very irritating to deal with the overheating issue as it causes problems like switching off all of a sudden. Imagine that you have an interview scheduled on the phone, but your phone heats up and turns off just as the interview is about to start. So Annoying, Right? Let’s look at the causes of the overheating issue and how you can solve it.

Why your cell phone gets overheated?

Generally, the devices are built in a way so that they can maintain their internal temperature to avoid getting overheated. However, it would be best if you weren’t under the impression that it will be that way forever. When you are outside in the scorching heat, you shouldn’t be surprised to find that your phone’s temperature increases. It is difficult for the phone to keep itself at a normal temperature. In today’s day and age, you can perform the function of a computer on your tiny devices. However, unfortunately, it still can’t keep itself cooled as the computers can because of a complex cooling system installed in them. Apart from your phone heating up from just the external temperature, there are many other reasons for the overheating. The most common one is when you have multiple apps running, which drains the battery, heating up your phone. Secondly, when you use your phone all the time, it is more likely that your phone will get overheated as the battery is working overtime. Moreover, make sure that you plug out the charger when it is fully charged, as it will cause your device to heat up very quickly.

Tips to prevent your phone from overheating

Before you throw the phone into the garbage and get a new one, there are few things which you can do and see if it works.

1-Try charging without the case

If you have your mobile phone in a heavy case, you should take it off as it causes the mobile phone to store excess heat; as a result, it gets overheated.

2-Keep your screen brightness low

If you continuously use your phone on full brightness, the battery has to do the extra work, just like running multiple apps. This work drains the battery faster; as a result, your phone overheats quickly.

3-Avoid direct sunlight to your phone

This method is one of the easiest ways by which you can avoid getting your phone overheated. Your device retains the heat from the sun.


So these are a few of the tips which you can use to prevent your phone from overheating. However, if it gets overheated, there is a trick to cool it down quickly, which is to turn on the airplane mode. Secondly, when you observe that your phone is getting overheated, you must make sure that you place it somewhere cold and out of the direct sunlight. However, if you are still facing the overheating issue after applying all the above techniques, you may contact us to diagnose the problem. Also Read: When Is The Right Time For iPhone Battery Replacement?

It was a beautiful morning, and you were jogging at the track, and when you were changing the song from your iPhone, all of a sudden, you dropped it on the ground. You pick it up only to find out that the glass has shattered. You feel a host of emotions, including frustration, anxiety, anger, and fear. What should you do now? Either get the screen replaced or, if possible, sell it out, maybe? Which option is going to be cost-effective, repair or replace? Well, don't be stressed. In this article, you'll learn how to choose the best cell phone repair option by assessing the damage. You will also learn when you should go for replacement. Are you interested to know more? Continue reading to find out!

How broken is It?

First and foremost, you need to assess the damage to the iPhone's screen and see how broken it is. Is there just a single one-line crack, or are there multiple of them? When the damage is minor, you can try your luck by going to an iPhone repair shop to see if they can do anything. You could also go to the Apple Store, but unfortunately, if there is any physical damage on the phone, it won't be covered by Apple. Even though, if you have the AppleCare+, you'd still need to pay the service fee. Those people who have been using apples for quite a long time would easily judge the damage's extent.

What are the repair options?

As an iPhone user, you have multiple options for repair. Sometimes it could become overwhelming to choose the one best option. However, we are going to present some of the options which are cost-effective and long-term.


Talking about the broken screen only, you'd be required to pay less when you have the AppleCare+ compared to those who don't have the AppleCare+ and could be a little costly for them. However, apart from the broken glass, if you have any other damage to your phone, e.g., a dent, the repair cost will be a lot higher.

Local iPhone repair shops

As iPhone has gained too much popularity, there are many repair shops for the iPhones. This option is not as easy as it looks. You have to make sure that you are getting your glass replaced by an expert technician. Give it to an amateur, and they will just add to the problem. Moreover, if Apple recognizes that you have gotten your mobile phone repaired from a 3rd party, they might not do any future phone repairs. That's the reason why people are reluctant to go to the local repair shops. But if you think that this will be a good option for you, you have to do your research and read the reviews about the repair shop before handing it over.


We understand that it can be very frustrating when your iPhone glass is cracked. There are a few options which you can choose from to get it fixed. Apart from the options above, you could also fix it yourself. But that option is only for tech-savvy people. Want to know more about iPhone repair? Contact us, and we would be happy to answer all your questions. Also Read: X Things To Consider Before Handing Your Cell Phone For Repair

Cell phones have made this world a global village. You can easily contact the person who is sitting miles away from you. Either through message or voice/video call. People wouldn't have imagined that in the early nineties. All thanks to the advancement of technology. But unfortunately, these cell phones might get faulty at some point in life. That's not unusual. It happens with most cell phone users. However, the good news is that there are many repair shops everywhere around the world. You can get your cell phone repaired for almost all the issues your cell phone has. On the other hand, you could also go for the DIY repair only if you know how to do it properly; you could cause more damage to the cell phone if you don't have any previous experience regarding the repair. In this article, we will let you know about some things you should do before handing in your phone to a professional technician. We know you must be excited to know about it. Let's get started.

Check if the technician is qualified

There is a high demand for mobile phone repair shops because every individual has mobile phones in today's day and age. That's why you can find the repair shops that would seem like that there would be professional technicians in it. But you have to find out if they are truly professional and experienced technicians or not. However, you should not think twice before going to the technician referred by someone to you. But there is also a possibility that the technician is an expert in one repair domain and not the other. For instance, he knows how to deal with a broken cell phone screen but doesn't have any experience with damaged charging ports. So what can you do? Well, you can contact your relatives and ask them about the trusted technician or search about it on the internet and check whether they have good reviews or not.

Backup your phone

Now, this is one of the most important things to do when handing over your phone. You might have a lot of sensitive data, which could include your private pictures, emails, documents and whatnot. It doesn't mean that formatting would be required for all the repairs of your phone. But for the safe side, you should always keep a backup of your data even if you are not giving your phone to the technician for repair. But why? You could drop your mobile phone when you were getting out of the car or in any other situation where your mobile phone is completely wrecked. In this case, your backed-up data would be very useful then as you would be able to restore your data seamlessly.

Give the damage report

It would be much better if you know exactly what is faulty in your cell phone because in that way you could easily tell the technician about the problem and get that specific problem fixed only. On the other hand, many people don't usually know what is wrong with their mobile phone, and they need to consult a technician to diagnose the problem first. In that case, if the technician is not experienced and trusted, then he might tell you that there is a problem with this and this in your mobile phone. But, in reality, there would be just one single issue. That's why you need to make sure that you get the damage report and give it to the technician to fix that particular problem only.

Turn off the security

Security is good to keep your content in your mobile phone private so that strangers don't pick up your phone and go through your private stuff on it. However, when you are giving your phone for the cell phone repair, you'd have to turn off all the security features because once the mobile phone is repaired, they would have to see if everything is working fine. If you use android, you can do that from the Security and lock screen function on settings. And if you have got the iPhone, you could do it from the Touch ID& Passcode from the settings.

Clear out the data from your phone

Once you have backed up the data, you can clear anything you want to avoid it getting viewed by the prying eyes. The data could include mainly your private photos, videos and emails. Moreover, you have to ensure that you also remove the accessories from the phone like the protective case, cover, and sim. Keep them in a safe place so that you can re-install them after your phone is repaired.

Ask them questions regarding the repair

So when you have decided which repair shop you want to visit and from which technician you will get your mobile phone fixed, you need to ask him if you can see him repair it in front of you. If he "yes, of course, you can," then most probably he is the right technician. On the other hand, if he says that doesn't let you watch him repair and make excuses for why you can not, that's something suspicious. You don't want the technician to mess up your mobile phone, which costs a lot nowadays if you have a good smartphone. You need to be extra careful when getting your work done from them, or you may consider getting it done from someone else. Also Read: 4 Common Problems With Samsung Galaxy S20 And How You Can Fix Them?

Have you observed that your iPhone's battery is quickly draining? Are you wondering if it is the right time to replace the battery now? If you have had your phone for a few years, you shouldn't be surprised if you are facing battery issues, as the battery usually starts to wear down as time passes. This issue is not just with iPhones. You can pick any of the top mobile phone brands, and I am sure there would be battery issues after a few years. At some point, all the rechargeable batteries don't work as efficiently as they used to work when you bought the mobile phone. When the mobile phone has completed around 500 cycles of charges, which happens in 1-2 years, it might be the right time for the replacement. Sadly, you wouldn't get to know how many times you have charged your device so far. However, few ways will help you to determine the health of your iPhone. In this article, you'll learn all the details about the iPhone's battery and when you have to change it. Are you excited to learn all the details? Let's get started.

When to replace an iPhone battery

In 2018, when Apple updated the ios, it added a new feature to it, and it was about the battery life. It indicated the current situation of the battery in the iPhone. Isn't that a great option? Yes, of course, it is! You'd get to know about the health of your battery. You can send your iPhone for battery replacement and have it fixed in no time. Now you must be wondering where that option is? Well, firstly, you have to open the settings and tap on the battery option. After that, you need to open the "Battery Health" option. Over here, you'll find something called "Maximum Capacity." It tells you about the health of your battery right now as compared to when it was new. For instance, if there are two iPhones and for the first one, the maximum capacity is 90 percent, and for the other one, it is 50 percent. So, the one which has the maximum capacity of 90 percent will perform much better than 50 percent. The battery will not drain very quickly in it. In simple words, the maximum capacity would tell you the number of hours you can use between charges. As the device gets older, the time of usage would decrease. Right under the maximum capacity, you'd see something as "Peak Performance Capability." When your battery is running properly without any issues, you'd see a message "Your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance." On the other hand, if there were an issue with the battery and your iPhone shuts down all of a sudden, you would get a different message. The message states that the sudden shutdown has happened because the battery couldn't support the necessary peak power. You can also see that there is a "disable" option. If you tap on this option, it will adjust the phone's performance according to the usage pressure. For instance, you might observe that your device suddenly turned off because the battery was under pressure. You might also receive a warning message that your battery's health is degraded.

iPhone battery warnings

It might be possible that your battery is at a low capacity. However, it didn't implement performance management. That simply means that you have not used your device in a way that would trigger its performance enough to shut it down. On the other hand, if you start playing a very high graphics game and the charge of your mobile phone is around 20 percent, the performance management setting could take action. Once you see the message on the screen of your iPhone regarding the degradation of the battery, you'd have specific issues like reduced charge capacity and more. When you use your mobile phone at a low charge, you might face stability issues. You should visit the official service technician or a repair shop to get your battery replaced or, if possible, get the current one fixed. These are some of the signs which will help you to figure out if you need to replace the battery:

  • The backlight gets dimmer than normal
  • The speaker volume is not as high as it used to be
  • Stuttering screen
  • It takes too long to launch the apps

You don't need to worry about the battery replacement if you've got your phone covered by AppleCare. They would not take any money for the replacement considering it can hold 80% or less than its original charge.

How to maximize battery life on an iPhone

Do you want your iPhone's battery to work best for an extended period of time? You have to follow these suggestions below

  • Turn off the location services
  • Disable the Background app refresh
  • Enable the Auto-Brightness
  • When you don't want to use the internet, then you can turn it into airplane mode.


So should you replace your iPhone's battery or not? Well, most of the time, you'd just be required to get your battery replaced instead of buying a new one. We understand that the mobile phone charge won't last for too long like it did when it was new. To be honest, that's the case with every other smartphone. However, many techniques have been described above to help you better manage your battery and extend its life. On the other hand, if you are struggling with lagging, you should also look at some other factors causing this problem. It is not always the battery that causes lagging. Lastly, when you have tried all the solutions, and the battery's health is fine, you should contact the repair shop to diagnose the problem and get your iPhone 12 repaired. Also Read: How To Keep Your Cell Phone Sanitized During The Covid-19 Pandemic?

In this COVID-19 pandemic, we all are advised to clean all the surfaces we commonly touch, and our mobile phones are the ones we use the most. Therefore, it is crucial to clean the mobile phone screens. With the outbreak of COVID-19, certain standard operating procedures (SOPs) have been communicated to the public, like washing hands, not going outside when you are sick and cleaning the surfaces commonly touched. We tend to follow them, but somehow the cleaning of the phone’s screen is getting neglected by many people. According to the studies, our mobile phones are the carriers of different forms of pathogens like bacteria, viruses and fungi. You have to clean it when it’s with you or when you get it back from a cell phone repair company after you’ve had some work done. Let’s find out all the details about the sanitization of your cell phone.

Is cleaning your cell phone necessary?

The COVID-19 virus tends to stay on the surfaces for an extended period of time. It could be dangerous if it is on your mobile phone’s screen as we use them every time. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing; mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily life, so we use them throughout the day. Now, if you use the mobile phone most of the time, you must clean the mobile phone, including its case, to maintain proper hygiene.

How to clean your phone?

Firstly, you have to see the user’s manual if your manufacturer has advised something regarding the cleaning of your phone. You don’t want to damage your device by not cleaning it according to your manufacturer’s instructions. Most mobile companies have recommended cleaning your mobile phone the right way during this COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some of the tips that Apple has advised its users to follow when cleaning their devices. However, if you are not using Apple’s device, you can still find the instructions specific to your mobile Phone.

  • Use only those clothes which are soft and lint-free.
  • No need to wipe your mobile phone many times.
  • Unplug the power sources while cleaning like chargers.
  • Don’t clean your phone near any liquids
  • Moisture shouldn’t get into the openings of your phone.
  • Avoid using aerosol sprays and abrasives.
  • Avoid directly using the spraying cleaners on the surface.

Apple recommends using alcohol wipes that contain 70 percent isopropyl. On the other hand, you shouldn’t use those wipes on your leather or fabric case to avoid getting damaged.

How often should you clean your phone?

According to the studies, your mobile phone could be contaminated if someone coughs or sneezes close to your phone. You might consider cleaning your phone if you have been near someone who has been continuously coughing or sneezing. However, scientists and researchers have recommended that cleaning your phone once a day is more than enough.


When you follow the instructions given by the health organizations to keep yourself safe from the novel coronavirus, you must not forget to clean your mobile phone. Your mobile phone screen is one of the most touched surfaces because we use them throughout the day. You can follow the instructions given above to make sure that you follow the proper technique while cleaning your phone. Contact us for all your mobile phone problems! Also Read: How To Backup Your Android Cell Phone Data Before Giving It For Repair?

One of the things that could instantly ruin your mood is breaking your cell phone’s screen by dropping it on the floor. Most mobile phones are difficult to repair. However, when you have the right tools and some knowledge regarding the basics of cell phone repairs, you can fix most of the issues of your cell phone, which would be cheaper than the insurance claim. On the other hand, once you open the phone, it is going to void the warranty of and also, you wouldn’t be able to claim if your mobile phone is insured when you go for the self-repair option. But if you are sure that you can fix it with the help of the screwdriver, then you can go ahead; however, don’t risk it if you try something for the first time and don’t know exactly how to do it. You should take help from the cell phone repair shop or the manufacturer before you open the phone.

Basic Tools required

There are a few essential tools that you need to perform any mobile phone repair. They are all easy to get and affordable. Make sure that you have these tools in your arsenal before even thinking about opening your device.

Kit of Screwdriver

First and foremost, a screwdriver set is an essential tool to perform any kind of cell phone repair. These screwdrivers are not just the normal ones that are mostly present in everyone’s garage. This is a set of small screwdrivers as your phone contains tiny little screws.

Screen Pry tools

You won’t have this tool in your house, so you’d have to purchase it. It is also one of the essential tools because it allows you to separate the parts that are attached together, like the plastic casing.

Some of the common Repairs

You can’t repair all the problems on your mobile phone, no matter how much you try. But there are certain things that you can do. It depends on what kind of phone you have and if you have your phone insured. You can get your cell phone repaired at a low price, but you have to keep in mind that its warranty will get void if you go for self-repair. Here are some of the repairs you have to know about before proceeding to do a self-repair.

Broken Screen

Repairing a broken screen might cost you a lot of money. It depends on how the mobile phone is built. However, you’d have to open the device to get it repaired. Sometimes, the glass and the digitizer are fused together, which makes the replacement expensive. But, if they are not, then they can be repaired relatively quickly at a low cost. In some cases, when the glass and the digitizer are not attached, you can repair either the glass or the glass and the digitizer separately. These repairs are not tricky. However, if the glass is connected with the digitizer, you’d be required to connect the data cable according to the model.

Headphone jacks

Whenever we insert something into the device, it tends to deteriorate over time. Headphone jacks on your mobile phone are one of the places where there is a lot of pressure. You plug in and pug out the headphones multiple times a day. That is how it could get damaged. However, it is very simple and cheap to replace the headphone jack when you open the device. Most of the time, the headphone jacks are self-contained and are attached directly to the motherboard. But, sometimes, they are attached to the speaker assembly.

Loose / Stuck Buttons  

As we discussed earlier, it is easier to repair the headphone jacks once the mobile phone is open. The same is the case with the buttons as well. You can replace the loose or stuck button that is not working well with the new button without hassle. Generally, the buttons have to be attached to the motherboard through the cables so it can be very sensitive; that’s why you need to be extremely careful when you are re-attaching new buttons.

Camera Replacement

Outside of a damaged lens, camera hardware rarely breaks, but camera sensors are straightforward to replace inside (once again, depending on how easy the handset is to open). We can replace the exterior glass of the camera pretty easily without even worrying about the removal of the camera from the motherboard. But you should always consult the device-specific guide before doing anything.

Water Damage

Your device might get dropped into the tub or the swimming pool. Don’t worry; you’re not alone; it happens with many people. You can get your phone back working reasonably quickly. Make sure you don’t go for the traditional methods like keeping your phone in the rice bag when it is thoroughly soaked because rice can get gummy, and the chances are that it can get stuck to your phone’s port. Rice is nice as it absorbs the moisture outside; however, it won’t absorb the internal moisture. You should immediately turn off the phone as soon as you get it out of the water and don’t turn it on until it is thoroughly dried. You can use the blow dryer to dry out the ports. However, if it is still not working, you could take it to the cell phone repair shop, and the technicians will take a look, diagnose it and quote before starting the work.


So, damage to your smartphone can occur at any time and anywhere. As we use them daily, so the chances of damage are higher. It could be a broken screen, a camera problem, or your device has fallen into the water bucket. These problems can cause a lot of money if you go to a professional mobile phone repair shop. That’s why you can repair the mobile phone yourself as well with a little bit of difficulty in the beginning, but it’s possible. Also Read: X iPhone Repair Tricks You Didn’t Know About In Vancouver

Phones can get damaged in many ways. But when that happens, the first thing that comes to your mind is the backup. That’s very important to us. Right? Well, you can count yourself lucky if you can still use your phone even after the damage. Maybe it just dropped from your pocket accidentally and got a crack on the screen. You can still use your phone. However, you want the screen to be replaced that’s why you have to hand over your phone to the repair shop. But what if the data is used for the wrong purposes at the repair shop? Don’t worry; we will explain what you can do about it and how you can back up your phone. Are you interested in saving your phone’s sensitive data being viewed by prying eyes? Read along to find out more!

Backup your data  

When you have an android phone, you’d have few options to backup your data. You can sync your accounts with google and upload all your important files and folders onto Google drive. Secondly, you can upload photos and videos to Google Photos and upload the music to Google Play. The other technique that you can use is to connect your Android phone with a computer with the help of a USB cable. Once you do that, you will receive the notification on your phone which says “USD for….” Select “USB for Transfer Files.” You can easily drag the files you want to transfer to your computer from your mobile phone. Lastly, you can also download Google’s Backup and Sync app on your computer to smoothly back the photos and videos.

Delete your data

Once you have a complete backup of your android phone, you need to delete your data because you don’t want people to see your personal data. You can delete your data by going to the settings and tapping the “Reset” option on your phone. Your phone would be back to its original factory settings.

Restoring the data

After getting your phone back from the repair shop, now it’s time to restore all the data back to your phone. There are different ways by which you can restore your data back to your phone. Firstly, you’d have to login into your google account. After that, go to the settings and tap the “Backup and Restore” option under the “Personal” section. You’d see an option of “Automatic restore.” Tap this option. If you are not following this method, you can back it up individually through Google Photo and Google Drive.


You need to ensure that all your data has been backup and deleted from your android phone and factory rest have been performed before you hand it over to the repair shop. You can follow the method which has been described above to do that successfully. Apart from that, if you have the external memory card installed on your phone, ensure that you remove it before giving it to the repair technician. Contact us to get your cell phone repaired NOW! Also Read: The Basics Of Cell Phone Repairs That You Should Know About

Everyone uses their smartphone every day. So much so that we cannot even think about spending any time without them. As you need your iPhone most of the time for different purposes, it gets pretty frustrating when you have to deal with a damaged screen or a battery that drains too fast. When you have problems like these, you’d always think of going to the cell phone repair shop immediately. However, some of the issues in the iPhone are not difficult to deal with, and you can do it by yourself as well if you knew what to do. This is especially true at the end of the month. This is when your budget is dwindling, and you want cost-effective ways to deal with stuff. Sure, there are some issues that you can’t handle by yourself and have to go to a cell phone repair shop, but then there are some issues you can solve by yourself. In this guide, you’ll learn about some of the best repair tricks you can quickly learn and do yourself. We have researched those issues which are the most common among iPhone users and found the best solutions for them. Are you interested to learn more about them? Let’s get started

Battery issues

You have to admit that doing the repair or the replacement by yourself will be challenging indeed if you aren’t tech-savvy. Cell phones have completely revolutionized the tech landscape, especially iPhones. They can now accomplish almost any task that you would need a computer for. We are lucky to have such technology at our fingertips which can be beneficial in many ways. However, the love for iPhones remains as long as we don’t have to repair or replace the battery. That’s when the frustration starts. Every iPhone user wishes that the battery was easily replaceable, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. iPhone doesn’t make it easy for users to replace the battery. Let’s see what are the most common battery problems that users commonly face.1- Battery is draining quickly: When you are experiencing the problem of battery charge running out quickly, you need to decrease the screen’s brightness, or if you have the live wallpapers on, then make sure that you turn it off.2- iPhone is not getting fully charged: For this problem, try to get a new charging cable and see if it charges completely or not. Also, you shouldn’t keep your phone out when it’s too hot.3- The phone Battery is swelling: You don’t need to panic when this happens because it is a common problem with old phones. But, for this problem, you have to go to the iPhone repair shop.

Screen issues

A damaged or cracked phone screen may be irritating and aggravating, especially if you use your phone to complete office tasks. Once your screen has cracked, you have difficulty using it because of the crack. Beware, if the crack is big enough, it could cut your finger too. Now, what shall you do when you have a crack on the iPhone? Well, here are some of the tips which you can try to repair your iPhone.

  • As we said earlier, the crack could damage your fingertip, so you need to get packing tape and paste it over the gap.
  • You can use super glue to seal the cracks, which are small in size.
  • If there is an option of trading in your broken phone and getting some money from it and then adding more money to buy a new phone, then you could avail of this option as well.

Slow Performance issue

Slow performance is also one of the common issues observed widely among iPhone users, and they go to the iPhone repair shops for it. However, you need to make sure that you have tried your best to resolve this issue before you head over to the repair shop. These are some of the troubleshooting steps that you could perform.

  • First and foremost, restart your device. Restarting resolves most of the issues in all types of devices. So, before doing anything, you should restart.
  • It is essential to check the network setting in your mobile phone.
  • Now, here’s the leading cause of slow performance. When your mobile phone storage is filled up to the point that only 10 % of the total storage is available, it will start having problems, so try to delete the unnecessary things from your iPhone or transfer it somewhere else.
  • Update your phone apps or the software whenever there is a new update. The update comes with a lot of bug fixes and allows your mobile to run smoothly.
  • Finally, suppose the tips mentioned above are not working. In that case, you might have to opt for iPhone repair in Vancouver because they would have a professional technician who would help you very well.

Overheating issues

Overheating smartphones is pretty common nowadays as the device doesn’t have a system to cool itself down quickly once it is overheated. However, you have to differentiate between the actual overheating and the little bit of heat at the back, which is not very serious. iPhones can get overheated due to several reasons. For instance, it could be because of the multiple apps running in the background or a bad battery. Don’t worry if your phones get hot. Below are some of the tips which you can use to make it cool down.

  • Make sure that you turn off all the apps that you are not using.
  • Don’t use your phone when it is charging.
  • Try to avoid placing it under direct sun for an extended period.
  • Sometimes just turn off the phone.


In this guide, we have mentioned the tips and tricks for iPhone repair in Vancouver. You have to try these for any kind of trouble regarding any four issues: battery, screen, slow performance, and overheating. However, if these issues don’t work out, you have to contact a professional technician to fix your iPhone. Also Read: What Are My Options For iPhone Glass Replacement And Repair?

If you have gotten your phone’s screen damaged or any other kind of fault and you have to take it to the repair shop, but you don’t want people to take a look into your private data which is present on your iPhone. We understand that the data is very important to you, and you would like to know what you can do about it before handing it over to your cell phone repair shop. If the damage to your phone is not very severe and is still working, you can count yourself among the lucky ones because you can perform the backup. You are eager to know how you can backup your phone, right? That’s why we have provided all the details regarding the backup of your iPhone right here for you. Let’s dive into it!

3 Steps to follow

When you hand over your phone to the person responsible for the repair, it doesn’t mean that they would try to access your personal data. However, you do have some of the important emails, documents, and photos that you’d never want falling into the hands of an identity thieve. You might be under the impression that the lock screen pin of your phone would not let the person enter and get the date. However, there are tools that the law enforcement agencies use and also some of the repair shops to help customers recover the data when the phone crashes. Now, what are the three steps you could do before handling your phone over to the repair shop?

  1. Backup your phone
  2. Wipe the phone clean
  3. Restore the phone once you get it back

Backing up

If you use iCloud, then the process of backing up your iPhone is quite simple. You just need to go to the Settings > iCloud > Storage and Backup. Click on the button which says Back up Now to perform the backup. On the other hand, if you are using iTunes for the backup, connect it with iTunes and do your backup.

Wiping Data

Don’t make the mistake of wiping your phone when you have not even completed the backup. Once you have done that, now you need to wipe yours. Go to Settings > General > Reset and click the Erase All Content and Settings button. You are phone would be back to its original factory settings.

Restoring the phone

Once you have got your cell phone repaired, you can now restore the data because you’d receive it in the factory settings. To perform the restoration. Do the following

  • You’d be asked to select the language when you start your phone
  • The next thing it will ask is whether you want to use it as a new phone or restore the data from iCloud/ iTunes.
  • Select your desired backup procedure
  • Enjoy using your phone with all your previous data!


It is important to have a backup of your data when you give your phone to the store because you don’t want other people to see your personal data and use it for the wrong things. Make sure you follow the three steps of Backup, Wipe and Restore before you give it to the repair shop. By doing this, all your data would be safe and secure. Also Read: How To Repair Broken Glass On Your Cell Phone?

There could be multiple reasons for the sound issue on your iPhone. This problem is as common as the iPhone camera problem. However, you don’t need to worry about it as there is a solution for it. You might be facing problems like your iPhone stopped ringing, the speaker is not working, you cannot listen to the music even if the headphone is plugged in, or the volume bar doesn’t appear. You don’t have to go immediately to the repair shop if you face such an issue. Sometimes you can solve it yourself. Read along to figure out the solutions for the sound issue.

Check the silent mode button

This is the very first thing you need to check. You have no idea how many people turn their cell phones silent and forget about it. You might have turned on the silent mode by mistake, so you have to check the button and flick it the other way round to turn on the loud mode after that. Turn up the volume as well by pressing the volume button and see if that solves the problem.

Restart your device

Restarting the device always works wonders. Most of the time, restarting the device can solve the problem. When you restart your device, which you can do by holding power and the home button simultaneously, your screen will turn off. Don’t worry; you won’t lose any of the personal data on your iPhone. If it were some kind of glitch, the restart would resolve it.

Reset the settings

If the previous solutions don’t work, then you have to go with this one. By doing this, you’d lose the personalized setting of your iPhone. However, the problem will be solved. Try to reset your settings to default settings by going to the Settings, General, and reset all settings. Again, your data and media files or contacts won’t be affected.

Plugin and Unplug Headphones

It is not uncommon to observe the iPhone playing the music well when the earphones are plugged in, and once it is unplugged, the sound is gone, and the volume slide disappears as well. If that’s what is happening, then you have to do this. Get your headphones and plug them into the iPhone jack and then unplug it instantly. Do these 4 to 5 times. The reason is that your iPhone might be stuck in the headphone mode, and doing this will get it back to normal. This would also help you clean the area if the jack and the dust came out of it.

Clear the debris

Minor debris could accumulate in the receiver mesh, the lightning connector, and the speaker. This is something that you can clean with the help of a brush. Make sure the brush is clean and dry.


These are the most common problems with the sound of your iPhone. Five issues and their solutions have been described above. Make sure you follow them all to get your iPhone’s sound back. However, if you are still facing the issue, you can contact the repair shop to fix it. Also Read: How To Backup Your iPhone Data Before Handing It Over For Cell Phone Repair?

When you bought the iPhone, you were impressed with its look, mainly because the back is made up of glass, but little did you know that it could break too someday if not appropriately handled. Since Apple has introduced wireless charging on their phones, they chose to build the back of the device using glass. If you have cracked your iPhone, you must be worried about what you can do about it and whether it can be repaired or not? Well, that’s a valid question. If the glass is broken and you take it to the Apple shop, they would charge you a lot of money because they don’t just repair it. They replace the whole device. But why can’t they just replace the glass? Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to replace it. However, you shouldn’t be sad about it as there are some solutions for it and you could get it repaired. Read along to find out the details.

How to prevent injury

Once the back glass of your device is damaged, you can easily hurt your fingers, and it would be tough to use it when you are sending a message or writing an email to someone. If it is badly damaged, then even holding your device would be very tough. So, it would be best to get a protective case as soon as possible, which would benefit you in two ways. Firstly, it would save your fingers from getting hurt. Secondly, you can hide the damaged iPhone’s new look from the rest of the world.

Steps to repair the glass

Depending on the amount of damage, you may or may not be able to repair the glass. If the damage is minimum, you can even do it without the laser.


First and foremost, you have to make sure that you disassemble the iPhone completely. It is vital to remove the glass of the iPhone. The reason is that you need to apply heat to the glass, and that could damage some other components. We suggest that you contact someone who has performed the disassembling before. However, if you are doing it by yourself, make sure that you have followed the instructions.


Place your iPhone in a metal holder and a clamp. It might be challenging to get the perfect position on the metal holder, but once you try it a few times, you can get it done. Now, you have to clamp it to the table.


In this step, you have to heat the glass and find a place where there is a crack to apply heat on that particular spot for easy removal. If your glass is slightly cracked, it will be more complex, and you might have to crack the glass more to start removing it.


Once you have heated the glass with a heat gun, now you can use a tool to pry the rest of the glass.


Finally, clean the device because there might be some pieces of the broken glass and then install the new glass.


Now, once you have replaced the glass screen of your iPhone, you have to be careful when you are using it, and especially you keep it miles away from water at all cost as the fitting of the new glass will not be as strong as the original one. Most people find this a bit difficult. They do not have the necessary skills to perform such procedures. Also, they might not have the tools required to complete this job. That is when you contact the professionals. Contact a reliable iPhone glass replacement and repair company, and they can handle it all for you. Also Read: How To Repair Sound Issues On Your iPhone?

When you don’t have a screen protector installed on your phone, then the chances of breaking your screen are much higher. If the glass is not broken, then you’d definitely get the scratches. Either way, don’t worry if your mobile screen has scratches or it broke. There are various reliable and affordable mobile repair shops. You can get your mobile screen fixed in no time. On the other hand, if you know how to do it yourself, that’ll save you a lot of money. Here, we will discuss everything about broken cell phone glass and what you can do about it. Read along to find out.

Causes of Broken glass

There are many ways by which your phone’s screen can break. It doesn’t matter how careful you are with it, you can still crack it accidentally. Some of the most common reasons for breaking the glass are:

  1. Sitting on your phone: This is one of the most common ways by which someone can break their phone’s screen easily. Some people carry their cell phones in their back pockets, and when they sit down, they break them. Cell phones are not meant to be sat on.
  2. Dropping it: This is also very common, but you can easily avoid it. Most of the time, people have so many things in their hands, and they accidentally drop their phones. There are various pouches that you can carry, so you won’t have to keep your cell phone in your hands all the time.
  3. Kid broke it: When the kids don’t like the phone or the cartoon you are trying to amuse them with, they might throw the phone, which will get your phone’s screen damaged. You can use a good cell phone cover to minimize the damage.

Ways to fix the broken screen

There are few methods of repairing your cell phone’s screen, but you have to decide which way you will go with according to the severity of the damage. However, the very first thing you should do when your phone’s screen is badly damaged is to backup your data as soon as possible. All your photos, videos, and the most important documents. Some of the ways by which you can deal with the broken screen are

Packing tape

This is a temporary but effective solution when you don’t want to change your phone and keep using your cracked phone. What you can do is get a packing tape and cut a piece of it, and paste it on top of the crack. This way, you would protect your glass and your finger.

Use superglue

This can be helpful if you have a small crack on your phone. The superglue would seal that crack. But you have to be extra careful when using it. Wipe off the extra glue on the screen once done.

Replace the screen by yourself

There are many phones with a lot of models. There is no standard guide for replacing the screen, but there are some general steps that you can keep in mind while replacing the screen. These are1- Get your screen separated from the rear case2- Usually, you’d have to heat the screen3- The cables and screws need to be disconnected4- Swap out the old screen with the new one5- Reassembling the phone


There are many ways a cell phone can get damaged. However, you can fix it by following some of the solutions which we have mentioned above. On the other hand, replacing your phone’s broken screen isn’t that simple, to be honest. You have to weigh your options, and if you think replacing it by yourself would work, you should go for it. You have to do good research about your particular phone when you are going to perform the replacement. Also Read: 3 Things To Do Before Handing Over Your Cell Phone For Repair

Are you struggling to charge your mobile phone repeatedly because it keeps dying? Guess what? You are not alone. We all have heard the phrase that nothing lasts forever. Well, that is entirely true, especially with the batteries of the phone. Everyone faces this problem at some point. The battery life of your smartphone is the first thing that starts to deteriorate. It usually starts to get bad when your phone is around 2-3 years. In this article, you will understand how you can figure out if you need to replace your battery. Numerous ways will be helpful to identify that. Read along to figure it out!

Battery constantly dying

Battery dying every time is one of the most prominent signs that will tell you about your phone’s battery life. Most smartphones nowadays come with a battery life that lasts for a whole day, and still, some charge is left at the end of the day. However, it all depends on the usage. But, generally speaking, if you are not playing games on it for hours and hours, your phone should last for a day. If you are charging it more than once a day, that means your battery is not up to the mark and needs a battery replacement.

The phone doesn’t get fully charged.

Most of the phones usually charge completely between 4-6 hours. Suppose you have noticed that your phone doesn’t get fully charged even after charging it all night. What you need to do is to drain the battery out completely or when you have only 5% left. Then plug it in and wait for the time your manufacturer has recommended for your phone to be fully charged. If it doesn’t get fully charged in that time, then it’s time to replace your batteries.

Your phone gets overheated.

Have you noticed your mobile phone getting very hot during everyday use or when it is charging? If yes, then it is also one of the signs that the battery is not okay and needs to be checked because it doesn’t happen when your mobile phone’s battery works perfectly. Apart from overheating, if you have also seen that your phone shuts down while you are using it, it’s because your battery is not able to cater to the peak performance apps or activities on your phone.


These are only some of the ways you can check if your phone battery needs to be replaced or not. One of the significant signs is that it will run out of charge pretty quickly. Secondly, when your phone cannot charge completely, even if it is left on charge for an extended period, you still have to replace your battery as it is a sign that your battery has worn out. Lastly, getting your phone overheated while charging or on everyday use is also not a good sign. It is pretty common to have these issues, primarily when you have used your phone for more than two years. Just getting your battery replaced by your mobile repair service provider company is enough to enjoy your favorite movies for hours in a day without charging it every time. Also Read: How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Phones Lagging Issues?

Cell Phones have become an integral part of our lives. We use them for different purposes. The problem comes when they are damaged, either physically or there is some problem with their software. Right? For instance, your phone was on your thighs. As you got out of your car, you dropped your phone accidentally on the ground. When you picked it up, you saw that the screen had cracked. Now, you have to go to the service center to get it repaired. However, there are few things that you need to keep in mind before handing over your phone to the technician. This article will explain all the essential things you should do to avoid any inconvenience while giving your phone to the service center for repair.

Remove Security Locks

Nowadays, everyone uses some security to unlock their phones, either a pattern, a pin, face recognition, or fingerprint authentication. However, you have to disable it before giving it for cell phone repair. Once they are done repairing your phone, they have to check the phone and see if it is running fine without any problem. If you haven’t disabled your phone’s security, they might not be able to do that.

Remove the External storage

You want to save your data present in the micro sd card, right? You might have some essential data, and you do not want to lose it. Either it’s a video of your laugh when you were six years old or a birthday which you celebrated with all your family or any other data. Nowadays, with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, you might even have confidential data that belongs to the company. If you have got an sd card with a large storage capacity and your phone saves most of the data to your sd card, then ensure that you remove and keep your card in a safe place.

Create a complete backup

Apart from having your data on the SD card, you must be having loads of data saved on your phone as well. Nowadays, you can not risk losing your precious data from your phone. The best solution is to create a complete backup one by one for everything like contacts, files, photos, videos, and messages. You can accomplish this by turning on the sync in your mobile phone, which will help you keep all your data in cloud storage. For instance, you could sync all of your documents synced to Google drive or Apple drive.


The data on your phone is very important to you, and you do not want to lose them. Nowadays, as technology has advanced, you don’t have to copy everything and then transfer it to your computer to have it stored. Luckily, there is something called cloud storage that has made life easier for all of us. Make sure you store files onto the cloud storage. This way, even if the data is lost, you can easily restore it when you get it back. Apart from that, removing the SD card and disabling the Security code on your phone is also essential to do before you hand over your phone to the repair shop. Also Read: Signs Your Smartphone Battery Needs To Be Replaced

The Galaxy series by Samsung has always been a popular choice among all android users worldwide. The first Samsung Galaxy phone came out in 2009 when there was very low competition in the smartphones segment. Since then, Samsung phones have improved a lot in terms of screen resolution, camera quality, memory optimization, etc. But the thing that has not changed over the course of 12 years is the lagging issue in Samsung Galaxy phones. If you have ever owned a Samsung galaxy phone, you would know the pain of your beautiful galaxy phone hanging. It can lag or get stuck on any screen at any time once you have used it for roughly over a year. If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone and you are worried about its repeated lagging issues, just follow the steps below and make your phone fast as light once again.

Step#1: Clear the Cache, Cookies, or Other Residues

To do this, you need to open Settings on your Samsung Galaxy phone. Head over to the Storage and look for the Cache there. You can clear the cache from here. Once the cache is cleared, you will be looking for any residual data on your phone, such as duplicate files, .apk files, temp icons, and others. Make sure you give your phone’s memory enough functional space so that the lagging issues can be controlled.

Step#2: Reduce the Screen Resolution

If you are an avid phone gamer, and your game often lags during any rich graphic scene, you can try reducing the screen resolution in your Samsung Galaxy phone. This can be done very easily by pulling down the main drop-down menu. You can see the screen resolution options under the screen brightness adjustment bar. Select the lowest offered resolution for the best results (in terms of speed and not graphics).If these two steps don’t work out for you, there is a third way to do this right, but that involves some risks. This method involves the usage of developer tools in your phone which are officially disabled by the vendor. If you are unsure about this, you can consult a professional in this regard as well.

Step#3: Enable the Developer Tools

To enable the developer options in your Samsung Galaxy phone, you will need to

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on the “Build number” seven times in a row without any delay.

You will see a pop-up message saying, “You are close to enabling developer options,” and then these settings will be active. You can access developer options at the bottom of your settings menu.

Step#4: Deactivate the Animations

This option will only be available in the developer options. After opening the developer options, scroll down and look for Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and the Animator duration scale. Set all of these animations to off for smoother and faster operations of your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Step#5: Mark Apps as Inactive

This step can also be completed if you have the developer options enabled. Scroll further down in these options and look for the Inactive apps. Open the inactive apps tab and mark the apps as inactive, which you rarely use. That way, these apps will not occupy the memory, and the memory can have ample space for smoother operations. Suppose these steps don’t seem to make any progress. In that case, you should immediately contact a professional cell phone repair and service company because your phone can have a serious software issue that is causing the repeated lags.


The best way to keep your Samsung Galaxy phone optimized is by regularly maintaining its memory. You can also optimize the battery settings in order to make your phone lighter and smoother. If all fails to make your phone lighter, then your phone may be experiencing a software issue that can be fixed by a professional. Contact us for help with your phone repair.

Most of our daily errands solely rely on the active functioning of our cell phones. Consciously or unconsciously, we have become a little too much dependable on our smartphones. You can check your emails on the go. You can check out the news while on your way in a rapid transit or metro. It is therefore imperative that our cell phones remain active all the time. The most frustrating thing that you can experience with your smartphone is its sudden death. Yes, that’s right – the black screen seems permanent. Unfortunately, if you recently dropped your phone and then it went black, you may have caused hardware damage, and only a professional cell phone repair company can help you. But if you think that your phone may be experiencing a software issue, you can try the following steps to revive its display.

Check if the Phone is On

If the screen is completely turned off/black, you may have to make your guesswork work here. With the face-unlock feature enabled in your phone, it’s easier to begin your guesses. You will need to hold your phone in the position when you unlock it with your face. Make sure you have not pressed any buttons. Just once, press the lock button, and let the phone unlock on its own once the phone is unlocked, press and hold the power button until the display gets back to normal.

Ask Someone to Call you

In some cases, it is also possible that your phone got stuck on a black screen because of memory over-saturation. In this scenario, a call will make your phone release all the junk, and your screen can return to normal.

Perform a Hard Reset

When nothing seems to work, you can opt for a hard reset on your phone. If you can compromise on your data, a hard reset is the way to go. But for many people, their data is more important than the phone itself. In such cases, it is much better to contact a professional. There are DIY guides on how to repair your cell phone’s screen but be very careful with your phone’s hardware. If you try to do it all by yourself, you can also cause irreparable damage to your phone.

Go for Data Recovery

This step is not about reviving your cell phone’s black screen. It is about protecting your valuable data on the phone. If you have it all on the cloud, you are good. But for those who have pictures and videos of their loved ones in the phone memory, they should immediately try to recover their phone data. Data recovery can be made if your phone is still getting detected on a computer. Connect your phone to a computer and make a backup before it is too late.


Whenever your phone experiences any hardware issue, it is best to go to an authentic cell phone repair company. They have various methods for unlocking the cell phone and reviving it from a black screen issue. In case of a software malfunction, you can try the hard-reset option per your cell phone type.

Our smartphones have become ubiquitous in our lives. We cannot even think about living without them, even for a few hours. That is why when our smartphones break down, we feel broken ourselves. It’s like a piece of our body just went missing. And let’s face it. Smartphones are not what they used to be. Nowadays, it takes only one bump to break the screen or damage the phone. Sometimes, water can get into the phone and fry the circuits. These are the most common issues faced by cell phone users in Burnaby and beyond. When something like this happens, you ask yourself, Should I repair or replace my current cell phone? Cell phone repair in Burnaby is a good option. There are many repair shops, but you may need to replace your broken cell phone sometimes. The trick is to consider all your options before settling on one.

Factors to Contemplate for Cell Phone Repair

You have to keep the following factors in your mind if you want to have your cell phone fixed:

  • The age of your cell phone.
  • The severity of the damage.
  • The repair time.
  • The cost of replacement vs. repair.
  • If your cell phone is insured or under warranty.

You might have purchased a cell phone recently, and its screen might have broken. In this situation, the right decision should be cell phone screen repair in Burnaby rather than replacement. On the other hand, if your cell phone is old, you can consider replacing it with a newer model.

When Do You Need to Fix Your Smartphone?

If your smartphone is not under warranty or insurance, attempting to repair your device is worth trying if the damage is not severe. If your smartphone screen has cracked, you could cover it using clear tape or a screen protector for added protection. You could also protect your device using a replacement screen or swapping it yourself, but you would need the right tools. Otherwise, you may end up causing more damage than before. If repair is what you are going for, you should let the experts handle it and not try to do it yourself.

When Do You Need to Replace Your Smartphone?

Sometimes, replacement is a better alternative to repairs. You can consider replacing your cell phone if you can realize the following:

  • Replacement will cost less money than repair.
  • Your current cell phone is outdated, or you want to upgrade to a newer model.
  • You have multiple issues with your cell phones, such as a cracked screen, nonfunctioning buttons, a malfunctioning speaker, or more.

The factors vary from person to person, so thinking about your needs can help you decide whether to replace or repair your smartphone. For example, the cost of replacement can be expensive if your cell phone is costly. This is usually the case with iPhones not under warranty. On the other hand, you should consider repairing it if you do not want to buy a new phone.


It depends on certain factors whether you should repair or replace your broken smartphone in Burnaby. Cell phone repair in Burnaby should be a go-to option for you if you do not want to invest in a new phone. Repairing can give you back your favourite phone. However, if your broken cell phone is not under warranty and outdated, you should consider replacing your cell phone instead of repairing it.

No one can claim that they have never dropped their phone. We are not talking about dropping it in the water yet. Whether you are a fully coordinated person who is very careful at handling their stuff, it doesn’t matter when you have a phone in hand. What are the chances that you will not drop that phone in the water? No one knows precisely, but it is a prevalent incident. So, you have dropped your cellphone in the water. First of all, don’t put it in a rice bag - that doesn’t work. The second most popular but non-effective method for protecting your phone from water damage is to shove it into silica crystals. Silica crystals also take a very long time to dry up your phone from the inside. Then what? Does cat litter help? Maybe or maybe not. That is because there are many cases where a phone was put inside a sock and then buried under cat litter. And then it worked. So, you can try this one, but the method we are recommending will definitely be the most efficient in reviving your water-dropped phone. Following are some steps to make sure you dry all the water from inside the phone. This method requires a vacuum cleaner. If you have got one in your house, you can start following the guide right away.

Step#1 – Turn Off The Phone Immediately

Assuming that you are reading this beforehand, you should immediately turn off your phone as you pull it out of the water. If the phone has already gone off on its own, let it be that way. With water inside the phone, it can cause a short circuit if there is any activity on the phone. And short circuit means your phone is fried, and then only a professional cell phone repair company can revive it.

Step#2 – Use The Vacuum To Suck Maximum Water

Make sure you use the hose with the tiniest opening (the one that is used for cleaning the corners). Even if you don’t have that with your vacuum, you can cover up the pipe’s mouth with your hand partially to make it tighter. Then place the hose on each hole or the opening of your phone for at least 10 seconds. You need to spend around 5 minutes sucking all the water from the inside of your phone.

Step#3 – Blow Away The Remains Of Water

For this step, you need to convert your vacuum into a blower. Put your phone in a sock and then insert the vacuum hose (that is now a blowing hose) into the sock and pack it. Now turn on your blower and let that hot air do the magic. This is the fastest method to dry your phone thoroughly and deeply. Spend some time doing this activity for substantial time with some intervals. In case you don’t have a vacuum, you can try using a fan. Although it will take much more time than the vacuum trick, you can still dry out your phone. At least drying your phone with any of the methods mentioned above is better than rice, silica crystals, and cat litter.

Bottom Line

This was the last hope for your water-dropped phone to work. If, unfortunately, everything fails, you need to contact a cell phone repair company as early as possible. And if you have dropped your phone in saltwater, you should not even spend any time on the DIY methods. Saltwater does more damage to the sensitive circuitry of your phone than regular water. Going for professional assistance may cost you some money, but it is better than losing your phone completely.

Have you ever dropped your cell phone in the water? It seems that nowadays, we do everything with our cellphone in our hands. Sometimes, we break our cell phone screens, and sometimes the software glitches. Cell phones can suffer more damages, like having an issue with their cameras, dead batteries, a problem with their microphone/speakers, or water damage. Among all cell phone damages, water damage is the most severe; however, it is not impossible to fix water-damaged cell phones. You can take your water-damaged cell phones to repair shops and take advantage of those shops for water damage repair in Vancouver.

How Can Water Penetrate Your Cell Phone?

Every cell phone has openings and ports that help water make its way into the cell phone’s circuitry. Those include headphone jacks, speakers, microphones, and charging ports.

Where Does the Water Go and Damage Your Cell Phone?

As soon as the water infiltrates your cell phone, your smartphones’ internal circuity is at risk. Poolwater can erode your cell phone’s rubber gaskets. Saltwater can cause corrosion, and freshwater can short circuit your cell phone with residues on its surface. At the moment, the only thing you can do is to turn it off and take out its battery and SIM.

What Can You Do If Your Cell Phone Is Water Damaged?

Please, never shake your cell phone or utilize a hairdryer to remove water from your cell phone. Both of the preceding methods do not work and cause more damage to your smartphone. Some people think that leaving liquid-damaged cell phones in the sun works, but it won’t work too. The phone-in-rice trick may work at times but not always. Your best option is to take advantage of a cell phone repair service in Vancouver. Doing cell phone repair yourself can waste your time and money if you damage your cell phone even more.

How to Know If Your Cell Phone Is Damaged by Water?

Fortunately, many smartphones have a liquid contact indicator that changes colours while coming in contact with liquid. You will typically discover it next to your SIM slot in iPhones or beneath the battery in Samsung smartphones. A quick look at your cell phone’s sticker colour will tell you if your cell phone has been damaged by water. Therefore, you can get in touch with a certified technician if your cell phone has encountered water damage. Remember that water-damaged cell phones have eighty percent chances of getting fixed. Cell phone repair technicians in Vancouver proudly take on the job of repairing liquid-damaged devices at fair prices. Moreover, they know some secrets to improve water-damaged devices without wasting too much of customers’ time and hard-earned money.


Water-damaged cell phones are the hardest to get fixed. Still, many confident repair technicians are always ready to fix your water-damaged smartphones. People think that some DIY remedies work, but you should not depend on them as you can cause more damage to your cell phone with such fixes. In a nutshell, you should always rely on a cell phone repair service in Vancouver for water damage fixes.

Cell phones may be handy electronic devices, but they can suffer different kinds of damages if not handled with care. Water damage or liquid damage is one possible mishap that can happen with cell phone users, no matter which brand's smartphone they own. Dropping your cell phone into a liquid can cause your cell phone to stop functioning. If it happens, you might think: Is there any solution for water damage repair in Vancouver? If your cell phone encounters water damage, you should act quickly to get it repaired. Water damage cell phones have 80% chances of getting repaired; therefore, there is no guarantee that this issue can be fixed anytime. One thing that might worry you is the cost of repairing a water-damaged cell phone in Vancouver. Yes, you would have to spend money, and it differs from repair shops to shops in Vancouver.

How Different Repair Shops Charge Their Customers to Fix a Water Damaged Cell Phone?

Here is how different shops may charge you to fix your water-damaged cell phone:

Water Damage and Additional Cost:

Cell phone repair technicians in Vancouver might repair your cell phone with a basic liquid cleaning without feeling the need to repair any of your cell phone components. If the cost to repair your water-damaged cell phone is $99.00 without any parts' replacement, you would need to pay $99.00 for the service. However, if the technician finds the need to charge your cell phone part, such as a battery, he will charge you $99.00 plus the additional cost for battery replacement in Vancouver. It is one way how repair technicians will take on the responsibility to fix your cell phone device.

No Fix No Fee:

Water damage cell phones are formidable to get repaired; for this reason, no repair service claims that it has a 100% success rate in fixing the water-damaged cell phone. Therefore, some repair services have no fix no fee policy for water-damaged cell phone repair. It means you will not be charged any amount if the repair technician fails to fix your cell phone device.

Free Quote:

You will find numerous cell phone repair services in Vancouver utilizing the WWW (World Wide Web). You can contact the repair service provider of your choosing by filling in the required information to get a free estimate about the cost of having your water-damaged cell phone repaired. If you tell the issue in detail to a service provider,  it will respond accordingly about the cost you would have to bear for having your water-damaged cell phone fixed.

Savvy Customers and the Cost to Repair:

If you are a savvy customer, you may know how different repair shops charge for water damage repair. In Vancouver, cell phone repair technicians also fix water-damaged cell phones at the same price as other repair technicians once you tell them the price you think is fair as a knowledgeable customer.


Water damage cell phones are difficult to get fixed, but it does not mean they cannot be repaired. Water damaged cell phone has an 80% chances to get repaired, and it is the cost that may worry you for cell phone water damage repair in Vancouver. Different repair shops charge customers different way when it comes to the cost to repair a water damaged cell phone, mentioned below:

  • A repair service may charge you more on repair if the water damage issue can only be fixed by replacing a faulty component other than the main issue.
  • A technician may not charge you any money for water damage repair if its shop has a no fix no fee policy.
  • Some repair services tell you the cost once you tell them the issue online you are having with your cell phone.
  • Some repair shops repair the water-damaged cell phone at the same price as their competitors.

Did your android phone just go blank? Were you in the middle of something? It can be an irritating experience for you; however, it’s not the end of the world. There are a few methods that you can use to fix it. It could be that your screen is black and your phone lights e flashing and blinking. Or you can hear the sounds but cannot respond. The best way to get your problem fixed is to visit an authentic cell phone repair shop in Vancouver. Or, if you have a good understanding of a cellphone’s working, you can try it yourself.

Different Ways to Fix a Black Screen Issue with Android Cell Phone

You can put the following to the test to have your issue fixed:

Method #1:

Ensure that cell phone’s buttons aren’t jammed. Check them for any dirt or debris present by pressing them in quick successions. If the buttons depress and release as usual after cleaning, it means you shouldn’t worry. Restart the cell phone to see if the issue is fixed.

Method #2:

There may be critical system errors in your cell phone that you can clear up through a force restart. Different Android phones have different methods to shut down, mentioned below:

  • Pressing and Holding Home, Power, & Volume Up/Down Buttons.
  • Pressing and Holding the Home & Power Buttons.
  • Pressing & Holding the Power/Bixby Button.

Force restart your cell phone after plugging in your phone for 5 minutes to help you clear any critical errors if present. It may help you solve the issue with your cell phone.

Method #3:

Another method is choosing Factory Data Reset to restore your cell phone to its default status. It could help you only if you installed a corrupted app (application) on your cell phone that affected the display. Back up all your data when you choose this method to have your problem fixed.

Method #4:

If you have a Samsung Galaxy cell phone, you should restart your cell phone in Safe Mode. Here’s how you can switch to Safe Mode for some Samsung Galaxy smartphones:

  • Press and hold the Power button, then hold the Power off prompt to let the Safe Mode prompt appear. Tap Safe Mode. (Samsung Galaxy S9/S10).
  • Press and hold the Power button, then hold the Power off icon to let the Safe Mode prompt appear. Select Safe Mode to confirm. (Samsung Galaxy S5/S6/S7/S8).

If you have Google Pixel cell phones, proceed as follows:

  • Press and hold the Power button until the Power off appears. Touch and hold Power off so that you can see Reboot to safe mode, release, and Tap Ok to continue.

Once you have turned on Safe Mode, you should clear your cell phone’s cache that might be preventing your display from returning to normal. If these methods don’t work, the only option is calling a cell phone repair service in Vancouver.


Sometimes, Android cell phones display a black screen owing to different reasons. Nonetheless, you can try resolving this issue yourself using the following methods:

  • Remove the dust and debris from your cell phone’s buttons by cleaning them and restart your cell phone to see if the issue is fixed or not.
  • Force restart your Android cell phone to check if the screen turns back normal or not.
  • Factory Data Reset might help, but back up your data first with this method.
  • Switch to Safe Mode in your Android phone, clear your cache, and see whether the issue gets fixed or not.

Lastly, visit the nearest cell phone repair shop in Vancouver if you fail to fix the issue yourself.

Samsung Galaxy S8 has a stunning display, a decent camera for capturing photos, a strong gaming performance, but an unreliable battery. Even though the battery issue was real, it was still a successful cellphone. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S8, you should keep an eye on the battery issues. These include battery draining and replacement. One solution is that you visit a cell phone repair shop in Vancouver to fix your Samsung Galaxy S8 battery issues. If you think you do not need to pay a visit to a repair shop, you can try the following methods.

  1. How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Draining Issue?

Samsung Galaxy S8 has tons of great options, and some of those options drain its battery fast. If that is the case, the following remedies may help you:

  • The battery might be draining because you had installed an app from Google Play having bugs or used some pre-installed apps. Android System of your device uses the battery more than any app. If you find an app using more battery than Android System, you need to uninstall it to prevent battery draining.
  • Sometimes, rebooting your Samsung Galaxy S8 will solve the battery draining issue. A particular app might be using a GPS on your device. Make sure you reboot your Samsung Galaxy S8 once a week.
  • Screen brightness settings may be the cause of battery draining. It would be best if you kept your phone’s brightness to around 30 to 35 percent using your display settings to conserve your battery.
  • Wi-Fi also drains your cell phone’s battery. If you are not using Wi-Fi, you should turn it off. For example, you may be in a wi-Fi location, such as a coffee shop, where your device will keep searching for the network if Wi-Fi is on. Therefore, shut it down and save your battery.
  • Some features of your smartphone may be on for no reason and drain your phone battery. If you do not use those features, you should turn them off through your ‘Advanced Features’ settings.
  • You may be using accessories other than your original charging accessories, which may hurt your battery life. Therefore, always use your original charging accessories.
  • Updating your Samsung Galaxy S8 software can also help you take care of your cell phone’s draining battery issue.
  1. How to Replace Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery?

Non-removable batteries are not simple to replace. The right thing to do is take advantage of a cell phone repair service that does battery replacement in Vancouver. If you want to replace the battery yourself, you should have the right tools to proceed with battery replacement. Take necessary precautions and replace your battery after seeing an online tutorial and understanding the correct way to replace the Samsung Galaxy S8 battery.


Samsung Galaxy S8 is a popular cell phone; still, it has battery issues, including draining battery and a dead battery. You may fix the battery draining issue if you know how to use your cell phone cautiously. Uninstalling some applications on your device, rebooting your cell phone, and using original charging accessories to charge your Samsung S8 can help. If you have a dead battery, you need to replace it yourself or use a battery replacement service. Removing yourself will require some technical knowledge and the essential tools, whereas benefitting from a repair service for replacement will only cost you some money.

One of the biggest problems with cell phone devices is that they are fast becoming obsolete. You may choose the most advanced iPhone or Android cell phone, but it will lose its actual worth in a matter of months. Usually, you decide to replace your current cell phone with a new cell phone when it becomes older or upgrade your device. Upgrading your cell phone is always available to you. But if you want to have a bigger screen, better applications, and make the most of the latest cell phone technology, then you have to look for another one. Replacing the cell phone may not always be a good option, but the following five signs can ring an alarm for replacing your cell phone.

  1. Operating System Never Updates:

Luckily, Android smartphones and iPhones can upgrade over time. All older phones are not capable of the upgrades that the majority of advanced smartphones are capable of. However, your cell phone software can become outdated with time, making it hard for you to perform certain operations. If you do not own a cell phone that supports the latest version of software upgrades, it is one sign that you need to upgrade your cell phone.

  1. Insufficient Storage Space:

The more data you store on your cell phone, the more sluggish it may become. Every smartphone user is addicted to its features and cannot resist taking tons of pictures and downloading new applications to make the most of such cell phones. Advanced cell phones have enough memory to store data, but even that space can sometimes seem small. You have the option of keeping all your data on the cloud, but if you want to keep it in your cell phone hard drive, then you might have to buy a cell phone with a larger storage capacity.

  1. Bad Camera:

This is the age of Instagram, Snapchat, and many other popular social media platforms where you can upload your adorable moments. Having a camera with your smartphone has made it easier for us to take pictures without relying on hand-held digital cameras. However, your cell phone camera is not perfect; it can have issues. Sometimes, it is the resolution that can spoil your ideal image. Sometimes, you do not have the right specs in your camera to adjust your focus and handle light as per your needs. Sometimes these issues can be fixed by a cell phone repair shop. But if there is no fixing it, you will have to buy a new cell phone with a better camera.

  1. Dead Battery:

Dead battery is also an issue with smartphones. In the past, it was easy to replace cell phone batteries. Today, the majority of cell phones have non-removable batteries that are not easy to replace. If your battery won't charge, it does not mean you need to replace your cell phone as you can rely on a cell phone repair service for battery replacement in Vancouver. However, if you do not want to utilize this option and want to have a cell phone with an advanced battery, you should buy a new cell phone.

  1. Broken Screen:

Broken screens are common among many cell phone users owing to mistakes or accidents, but they can be repaired. It is logical to upgrade your cell phone if you think that a repair shop cannot fix your broken cell phone screens at a reasonable price. However, there are also affordable repair services too for cell phone screen repair.


Cell phones are becoming advanced day by day; still, they do have their faults. You can consider replacing your cell phone if you see any of the following five signs:

  1. Your cell phones' operating system cannot upgrade.
  2. You do not have enough space in your cell phone.
  3. You have an outdated camera.
  4. Your battery won't charge.
  5. You have a broken cell phone screen.

You can also take advantage of a cell phone repair service in Vancouver to get your cell phone's damages fixed rather than buying a new one.

Has your iPhone suddenly stopped working? Are you tired of people telling you they can not hear you? Do your recorded videos have poor audio quality? Probably, your iPhone's microphone has an issue. If you do not know what to do about your microphone, you can visit a reputable cell phone repair shop in Vancouver and let them fix it for you. If you want to try fixing your microphone yourself, you should test your iPhone's microphone first to find out whether the issue exists or not.

How to Determine a Fault with Your iPhone's microphone?

iPhone models, including iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 11/11 Pro/ Pro Max, iPhone X/XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 8/8 Plus, come equipped with three microphones, one each at the top, rear, and at the bottom. To check your front or rear microphone of an iPhone, you need to record two quick videos using the Selfie and Back Camera to check the clarity. For the microphone at the bottom, open the voice memo app (application) and capture a voice note while holding your iPhone close to the mouth. If you hear a distorted voice, you need to fix your iPhone microphone.

A Step by Step Guide to Fix Your iPhone Microphone

Here are four steps that can aid you with fixing your iPhone's microphone:

Step 1: Clean the Microphone Using a Toothbrush

Your iPhone microphone might have dust particles affecting the voice output. You can use a clean toothbrush to clean your microphone to help you get rid of the dust from your iPhone.

Step 2: Disconnect Bluetooth Devices

Sometimes, the connected Bluetooth devices are the cause of poor or no audio. For instance, your wireless earbuds may automatically turn on and connect with your iPhone if your Bluetooth remains open. It can also occur if your iPhone is connected to your car's Infotainment System. It would be best if you manually disconnected Bluetooth devices from your iPhone.

Step 3: Disable the Noise Cancellation Feature While on Bed

The ambient noise gets reduced with the default enabling of your Phone Noise Cancellation. You should disable this default feature while you talk to someone lying on the bed.

Step 4: Enable Microphone Access for Third-Party Applications

If you encounter problems attending calls using FaceTime, Skype, or WhatsApp, you may not have enabled these apps' microphone access. Go to iPhone SettingsàPrivacyàMicrophoneà Enable Microphone Access for relevant third-party apps you are having problems with attending calls.

What Else Can Be Done?

If any of the above four steps do not work for any reason, you should reset all of your iPhone settings with Factory Settings. Go to iPhone SettingsàGeneralàResetàReset All Setting Options. You should also update to the latest release of iOS if you think any recent software updates affected your microphone's audio quality.


If you have microphone issues in your iPhone, it is better to contact a cell phone repair service in Vancouver. But before doing that, you can test your three microphones to determine if something is wrong with them. The following solutions may help you recover your audio quality:

  1. Clean your microphones using a toothbrush.
  2. Disconnect the connected Bluetooth devices from your iPhone.
  3. Turn off Noise Cancellation when lying on bed and attending a call.
  4. Enable microphone access for your favourite chatting apps.

The above solutions may not fix the issue, so you should reset all of your iPhone settings. Lastly, updating to the latest release of the iOS might solve the problem.

Whether you have a Samsung cell phone or any other android phone, the microphone can sometimes act up in these devices. If you dropped your Samsung phone and its microphone stopped working, then it is a hardware issue. To get the hardware issue resolved super fast, you can approach the nearest Samsung cell phone repair shop. And if you cannot recall anything that may have caused a hardware problem, here is a guide for you to follow. There are several steps that you can take to resolve the microphone problem in your Samsung phone. All these steps involve the software issues and their solutions. So, read on to fix your phone right away.

1.  Detach All The Accessories And Restart

You may have rebooted your phone by now, given that its microphone is not working the way it should. If not, first remove all the accessories connected with your phone. These accessories may include headphones, ear pods, selfie-sticks, or other Bluetooth-connected devices. Yes, you will need to turn off your Bluetooth as well to get rid of the connected accessories. Then restart the phone and check the microphone.

2.  Clean The Headphone Socket

Some people refer to it as a headphone jack which is also essential to clean, but we are looking for the socket mainly. The jack is the part of your headphone that goes in the headphone socket of your phone. Clean both parts and then see if the “headphones connected” notification or icon pops up. Your phone’s microphone may not be working because sometimes the dirt accumulates inside the headphone socket. It tricks your phone into detecting the headphones while they are not connected.

3.  Get Rid Of Un-Official Or Third-Party Apps

If you have installed any apps from unknown sources on your Samsung cell phone, they may be the culprit. Samsung doesn’t recommend its users to install any apps from unknown sources for a good reason. You have to install the third-party apps by allowing them from the settings separately. And if you have done so, you can uninstall those apps, restart the phone, and then recheck the microphone.

4.  Reset The App Permissions

Some apps can draw on other apps and can engage the microphone of your Samsung cell phone. To fix this problem, you will need to:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Apps & Notifications
  • Go to Advanced, then tap App Permissions
  • Check for the apps that have the permission to access the microphone
  • Uncheck all the apps that are using the microphone
  • Restart the phone

Once all of this is done, check the microphone by making a call or record audio on the phone

5.  Ask For Professional Assistance

If none of the methods fix your Samsung cell phone’s microphone, you should consider contacting a professional cell phone repair company. Sometimes the software issues can only be resolved by advanced software assistance that only the professionals can access. In that case, your DIY methods will not fix the problem.

The Take-Away

If you think that the problem with your phone’s microphone is not hardware-related, you can try all the above methods. These methods are only effective if any of the apps are keeping your microphone busy. Or if your phone’s headphone socket caused the problem. If these steps don’t work, you should look for the nearest repair and service center.

You can invest in a new smartphone if you have the money to buy it. However, if you already own a smartphone with decent features and want it to last long, you need to handle it with care. Taking care of it should be your number one priority. You have to treat it just like your car or your house. You can also take advantage of a cell phone repair shop in Vancouver to have your smartphone fixed and looking as good as new. Here are the things to do to ensure your smartphone lasts longer:

Keep Updating Your Cell Phone Apps:

It is vital to update your smartphone applications and keep them problem-free. Usually, updating your O.S. and third-party apps does not take long and offers you bug fixes, resolves security issues, and improves your device’s performance at times. Both iPhones and Android phones need updates to help your cell phone be functioning well.

A Reliable Protective Case:

You need to protect your smartphone from possible damages. You can do this by using a protective case for your smartphone. Smartphones look extremely good in their original shape but are very delicate and susceptible to damage. If you do not use a protective case, your smartphone can suffer damages. If it happens, you would need to consider cell phone repair in Vancouver.

Keeping Your Device and Ports Clean:

Smartphones look perfect when you purchase them. Nonetheless, they can be full of grease and dust if not taken care of properly. Even if you are using a protective case, you should take your device out and clean it. Ensure there is no dust or debris on your cell phone’s charging port, speaker grill, and other exposed areas. You can utilize a toothpick to clean the unreachable parts of your smartphone.

Avoid Heating Your Smartphone:

Smartphone batteries can become dead with overheating. The easiest way to avoid overheating your cell phone is to maintain its temperature range. Therefore, you should prevent instances that can cause your smartphone battery to overheat. Please do not leave your cell phone in direct sunlight or use it too much to evade overheating. Overheating can cause your smartphone to shut off, stressing your battery and making its life span short.

Remove Applications Making Your Device Slow:

Smartphones have finite storage space and memory. You should keep the number of unused apps on your cell phone to the minimum. You need to remove apps from your smartphone, not in your daily use, as such apps take up storage space and avert other applications to run freely in the background.


If you have the money to afford a new cell phone, you can replace your old cell phone. However, you can have your smartphone last for a long time if you take care of it. Here are a few things to keep in mind that can help your smartphone to stay in good shape for a long time:

  1. Keep updating your smartphone apps.
  2. Keep your cell phone in a protective case.
  3. Keep your device clean and its ports.
  4. Avoid heating your smartphone.
  5. Remove unused apps from your smartphone.

You can also take advantage of a cell phone repair service in Vancouver to repair your cell phone if you want to keep it with you for long and do not prefer buying a new cell phone.

If you have the same smartphone for two years now, it must have deteriorated your battery. Your smartphone is not running the same amount of time it used to, indicating a drained battery. The number of charge cycles determines the lifespan of smartphone batteries. It means that when you fully charge your smartphone's battery and then drain it, it's one charge cycle. Some other phone manufacturers define this cycle to be only half drained and then put to charge again. Most lithium-ion batteries are effective up to 500 charge cycles. Then they go downhill at a rapid rate. The same battery, when new, used to run for 24 hours straight, now lasts only 6 hours. Yes, that is very common in smartphones. Now before we move on to the battery replacement guide, let's look at the signs you need to replace the battery.

Signs You Need To Replace The Battery In Your Smartphone

·        Reduced Battery Life

The most obvious sign is the battery timing itself. If you have noticed your phone's full battery runs out of charge very quickly now, it's time to retire that old battery.

·        Random Boot Loops

A reboot loop or boot loop is when your phone restarts on its own randomly. It's totally fine when a new update is being installed. Other than that, if your phone goes on a reboot frenzy, there is a serious issue with its battery.

·        Reboot at a Certain Threshold

If your phone reboots suddenly after reaching a certain battery threshold, it is also a sign that you need to replace the battery. For instance, if the phone restarts on its own whenever it drops to 30% battery, the battery needs to be replaced. These were a few signs, but if you want to be really sure, you can contact a cell phone repair company. At this stage, it is also important to check the health of your battery.

Check the Battery's Health

The easiest way to check the battery's health on an android or iOS phone is

  • Go to Settings
  • Go down and select Battery
  • Tap Battery health

Once in there, you can view all the essential stats of your phone's battery. For a smartphone that doesn't have any battery health viewing feature, you can install separate apps to check battery health.

Replacing The Battery In Your Smartphone

Finally, here is a simple way to replace the battery in your smartphone. If you are doing it on your own, make sure you own a phone that has a removable battery.

  • Save all your documents on the phone if you use them for work.
  • Close all the running apps
  • Turn off the phone
  • Carefully remove the back cover of the phone
  • Replace the battery with a new one

In case you have a phone with a non-removable battery, you will need to approach a professional cell phone service company. Trying to replace the battery in a non-removable battery phone on your own is risky and can damage the phone.


When it comes to replacing the parts of your smartphone, always consult a professional. Battery replacement by a professional smartphone repair company is far better than trying all the DIY methods. The proper adhesive in these devices prevents the user from making any such changes to the phone's hardware. Tampering that adhesive can damage the phone completely.

So, you are probably here because your phone came in contact with water. Or water came in contact with your phone. Whichever the case, it is not a pleasant thing to consider. There are many ways through which this undesirable contact can be made. Dropping your phone in the toilet or a puddle is the most common one. Where water is the essential component for human life, it can be disastrous for a phone. Once your phone is wet more than it should be, you can end up having an extremely expensive inoperable paperweight. Or you can also get it fixed by one of the best cell phone repair companies in Vancouver. So, the question still remains unanswered, “Can a water-damaged phone be repaired?”. Read on to find out the answer.

As Soon As The Accident Happens, Do This

As soon as you take your phone out of the water, take apart all the removable parts and spread them on a paper towel directly under a fan. Just like we rush for the first-aid box when we see an injury, there is also a first-aid for your phone. Your initial steps with a water damaged phone matter a lot. If you know what to do in such a scenario, you can save your phone from going completely useless. And if you shove that phone in a bag of rice, the chances are that you will be using that phone as a paperweight in future. There are many things that you should not do with a water damaged phone. Here are all the Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s And Don’ts For A Water Damaged Phone

Alright, first, we will talk about some most common mistakes to avoid.

  • Don’t try to switch on your phone if it’s gone blank.
  • Don’t keep it in a microwave or refrigerator (people have done it, and they dwell among us)
  • Don’t touch the phone if it got wet during the charge (you will need first to turn off the charger switch then take out the phone)
  • Don’t go for the rice method (it doesn’t work)
  • Don’t try to open any components of the phone that are not supposed to be detached

Since we have already covered the immediately necessary steps, here are some additional steps that you can take to get your phone fixed.

So, the answer is Yes. Your water damaged phone can be repaired depending on how much water it got dropped in. let’s say you dropped it in your toilet or a pool. Then you took the necessary steps to dry it out in time, then yes, it can be fixed by a professional. But if the same phone is dropped in the ocean, there are hardly any chances because of all the salt in the ocean. The salt will get into the tiny components and corrode them from the inside.


Before trying to fix your water damaged phone on your own, you should immediately contact a professional cell phone repair company. That way, you can save yourself all the hassle and money as well. A professional cell phone maintenance specialist can easily fix any damage, and you will not have to spend money on a new phone.

No cell phone is perfect. Even the iPhone 12 series has loads of faults. No doubt, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are some of the best versions of iPhones; however, they are not without flaws. The following question may come to your mind if your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro experience some common issues: Can I trust any of the cell phones shops near me to fix the problem? The Answer: You can as there are many reliable services for iPhone repair in Vancouver. The most noticeable problems with iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are as follows:

Problem #1: High Standby Battery Drain

A lot of iPhone users are grumbling that their iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro experience high standby battery drain. This is odd because iPhones are known in the world for their splendid standby battery life. According to iPhone users: One of the problems with iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro is that these cell phones have a standby battery drain as high as 20 percent (%) in eight (8) to ten (10) hours. This issue exists even if they disconnect their iPhones from a 5G (5th Generation) network and put them in an ‘Airplane Mode. ’How to Fix?

  1. Install the latest iOS 14 update.
  2. If the problem isn’t solved with an update, go to one of the cell phone shops known for battery replacement in Vancouver for iPhones to resolve the issue.

Problem #2: 4G/5G Connectivity

5G is one of the main highlights of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro; however, one of the problems with iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 is that they often get disconnected from their 4G or 5G networks. According to the users: These cell phones drop the connection to 4G or 5G when they are on the move, then don’t connect back automatically. How to Fix?

  1. Toggle the ‘Airplane Mode on and Off’ to fix the issue.
  2. If the problem isn’t resolved after this, you will need to reset the network settings.

Problem #3: Green Tint on the Display

When the iPhone 12 series launched, numerous iPhone users reported that they saw a green tint on their display. Now, no one likes a cell phone with faults, least of all an iPhone. After all, the users had to invest a lot to buy the latest version of the iPhone. How to Fix?

  1. Update the latest version of iOS to fix this problem.
  2. If the problem doesn’t go away, you will need to pay a visit to the nearest ‘Apple Store’ or ‘Apple Authorized Store’.

Problem #4: Wi-Fi Issues

Wi-Fi connectivity is also one of the problems with iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Many Apple users report that their iPhones do not connect to a Wi-Fi network or get a slow internet speed on Wi-Fi. This maybe because of a Wi-Fi router or some incorrect settings on their iPhone 12, but fortunately, it can be fixed. How to Fix? There are quite a number of ways that you can fix this issue. We are mentioning three of them:

  1. If you restart your router and connect your iPhone again, it may be resolved.
  2. You also have the option to update your router’s firmware.
  3. Reboot your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro if you know how to do it. If you don’t know the right way, it will be best to find the answer to the question: Are there any cell phone shops near me for iPhone repair in Vancouver?

Problem #5: Bluetooth Issue

Problems with iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 also include a Bluetooth issue. According to most iPhone users, they cannot detect the Bluetooth device in the pairing mode. This issue has affected the iPhone 12 series badly. How to Fix? There are two different ways to fix this issue:

  1. The best solution is to restart your iPhone, connect it to the Bluetooth device once again, and the problem will be fixed.
  2. Toggling Bluetooth on or off also works sometimes.


iPhone 12 series include some of the best iPhones, including iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro; still, these cell phones are not flawless. There are five common problems with iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro that iPhone users face, mentioned below:

  1. These cell phones face high standby battery drain.
  2. These cell phones often have problems with 4G or 5G connectivity.
  3. These cell phones often show a green tint on display.
  4. These cell phones have Wi-Fi issues.
  5. These cell phones have Bluetooth issues.

In the end, if you are facing problems with iPhones, you should contact Cellfixx. They are well-known for iPhone screen repair in Vancouver, iPhone unlock in Vancouver, iPhone battery replacement in Vancouver, and many other repairs.

Did your cell phone’s microphone stop working all of a sudden? Well, that is why you are here. Android phones have a very open platform operating system. That is the reason many apps can interact with the cell phone’s master settings. In some cases, changing those settings should not be made available to the user at all. For example, in android phones, you can set your gallery to delete the photos once you press delete directly. If you enable that setting, you can lose all those precious pictures in case of an accidental touch. So, we know how android sometimes can mess it up for you. If you have corrupted the microphone by dropping it, it means your cell phone has a hardware problem. So, you may need a professional cell phone repair company to get it fixed.  But if you have no idea how you got into this problem, we have some solutions for you to try. Follow the simple steps and fix the microphone of your android phone right away.

1.  Restart the Phone

Most probably, you have already done that quite a few times by now. But still, we need to be sure that there is no skipping the “turn it off and turn it back on” hack. In many cases, it is the best hack, and it works. Some newly installed app may also have the microphone engaged, and maybe that is why it’s not working. That being said, we will move to the next step of clearing the app permissions.

2.  Clear App Permissions

To do that, you need to

  • Open settings
  • Go to apps (for some phones, it will be “apps & notifications”)
  • Open app permissions
  • Locate the Microphone and open it

Now you can see all the apps that have permission to access the microphone. If there is an option to select all at once, do it. Once all are selected, uncheck all of them together, disabling the microphone for all the apps. Now turn it back on for only phone or dialer. Restart the phone and check your microphone by making a call to someone.

3.  Clear Default Apps

Unfortunately, if step 2 didn’t work for you, try this. You need to

  • Open settings
  • Go to apps (for some phones, it will be “apps & notifications”)
  • Open default apps

Once in there, quickly tap clear default apps. If there is no option for that, you can manually try to clear any apps that may be using the microphone.

4.  Reset App Preferences

Now we are one step closer to reaching out to a cell phone repair company. Because if this step doesn’t fix your cell phone’s microphone, you will definitely need to get it fixed by a professional. For this, you need to

  • Open settings
  • Go to apps (for some phones, it will be “apps & notifications”)
  • Go to all apps (list of all apps should be there)
  • On the top, tap those three dots, and tap clear app preferences

Don’t worry about your data at all. This step will not remove any data. You might have to face the mild inconvenience of losing your preferred settings for some apps, but that’s acceptable when fixing the microphone. Once done, restart your phone and check the microphone.

The Take-away

Most android phones can behave unusually after a software update. Make sure you always install the verified update only. Also, do not install any apps on your phone that is not on the Play Store. And if none of the steps work, contact an android repair service company at your earliest.

Your last cell phone doesn’t appeal to you anymore. Now you are looking to buy a new cell phone, but you don't know: how to buy a new one? Before you choose a new smartphone, you must know: What are your priorities? You need to keep in mind ten things while you move forward to buy a new cell phone. Here are those things to assist you:

  • Mobile Carriers and Budget Plans: Yes, it's great you want to buy a new cell phone, but before you use your credit card to purchase something online, you must search for the affordable cell phone plans offered by the various mobile providers in Canada. Some of the best affordable cell phone plans get provided by the carriers, such as Fido, Public Mobile, and Telus.
  • The OS (Operating System): You may already have decided to buy an Android-based device; however, there are several versions of Google software. You can compare the two latest Android software differences to find out: Which Android software will work best for you? Find out if the cell phone you are buying comes with the software that you are after or not.
  • The Design and Functions: The appearance and functionalities of a smartphone also matter if you buy a new cell phone. You may want to show your latest cell phone to one of your friends, so your cell phone's appearance will matter a lot in such a case. You will also want to buy a cell phone that comes with loads of functionalities so that you can enjoy using it. Even budget cell phones come with many functionalities, but you may have to compromise on a few things like camera resolution or display screen if you buy a budget cell phone.
  • Size and Type of Display: The bigger the cell phone's size, the more difficult it will be for you to keep it in your pocket; however, the cell phone with a better display will be pleasant for your eyes. So there are both pros and cons if you buy a bigger size display cell phone.
  • Processor and RAM (Random Access Memory):The more RAM in your cell phone means, the speed of your cell phone will be fast. Moreover, a processor is the core of a cell phone. The better processor speed also means the better performance of your cell phone and the upgrades through software updates.
  • Internal Storage: Internal storage is significant that you should look at while buying a new cell phone. Yes, the smartphone does come with 128 GB (gigabyte) or 256 GB of internal storage, but you should know: How much storage do you need while you use a smartphone before buying it?
  • Battery Life: It's one of the core things for you to consider. The more functionalities in a cell phone mean, the more battery life it will consume, so choose your smartphone wisely while keeping in mind the battery life.
  • Camera Quality: Do you like capturing photos? Then buy a smartphone to have a better resolution for a camera and vice versa.
  • Integrated Functions: Do you want your smartphone to come up with integrated functions, such as a fingerprint sensor, heart rate monitor, or a UV (Ultra-Violet) Sensor? Then buy your smartphone accordingly.
  • Price and Performance: It's the last thing that you will need to consider. Compare the cell phone values with the cost to find out whether the cell phone is satisfactory to buy or not.

The Bottom Line:

Buy a new cell phone, but buy it wisely by keeping things like plans, OS, design, display, RAM, internal storage, battery life, camera quality, integrated functions, and price vs. performance of a cell phone in your mind. If you’re thinking of buying a new cell phone because your current one is broken or damaged, contact Cellfixx for a free estimate, and we can fix your broken phone – In most cases, while you wait.

Of course, having an iPhone with an iCloud lock is a problem because you can’t use it unless you unlock it. Moreover, it’s not easy to open the iCloud locked iPhone. Before we tell you how to unlock the iCloud lock, we would like to tell you: What’s an iCloud Locked iPhone?

What’s an iCloud-Locked iPhone?

Another name for an iCloud lock is ‘Activation Lock’; that’s a feature Apple introduced in iOS7 to prevent iPhone thefts. iPhones and iPads automatically turn on the Activation Lock when the option, ‘Find My iPhone’ is enabled. Once you enable the feature, nobody can delete the device, activate it on another account, or disable ‘Find My iPhone’ without entering the Apple ID username and password that initially set up the phone. Activation Lock is an effective anti-theft measure.

How Can You Tell When an iPhone is iCloud Locked?

If you find an onscreen message on your iPhone that reads Activation Lock, it means the phone is iCloud locked and requires the original Apple ID user name you used to set up your phone.

How to Unlock an iCloud Locked iPhone?

If you see the Activation Lock on your iPhone screen you are trying to activate; you will need to enter the Apple ID username and password that you used to activate the phone, and the phone will open. If you do not remember your Apple ID and password, you will need to reset the phone. If you are operating iOS11 or later, use the Two-Factor Authentication to guard your Apple ID, you can disable Activation Lock using your device passcode. Select ‘Unlock with Passcode’, tap ‘Use Device Passcode’, and then you will need to enter the passcode. The process becomes quite complicated when the username and password are not yours, like if you have purchased a used iPhone. If your iPhone is iCloud-locked, you have a few options. If the person whose account got originally used is near you, ask that person to enter the Apple ID account credentials on the phone. Once the phone gets to the home screen, go to Settings->iCloud->Sign Out (for iOS 10.2 or earlier) or Settings->[User Name]->Sign Out (for iOS 10.3 or up). If the user gets asked for the Apple ID username and password, the user should enter it and remove that Apple ID from the iPhone. On iOS 10.2 or earlier, the user will need to tap ‘Sign Out’ and tap ‘Delete from My iPhone’; the option will be ‘Turn Off’ in on iOS 10.3 and up, tap ‘Turn Off’. Then erase the phone again by going to Setting->General->Reset->Erase All Content and Settings. When the phone starts the next time, you won’t see the Activation Lock. That was the easy way out. What if the person whose iPhone you may be using isn’t around? In that case, you have another option: You go to a nearby repair shop that does iPhone repairs. You will need to pay the shop for phone unlock; it will still be the wisest thing to do for you, as Apple iPhones do not get opened easily.


Yes, getting an iPhone iCloud locked is something that most Apple users do not like; still, it prevents your phone from falling into the wrong hands. If your iPhone is iCloud locked, and you have purchased the iPhone from one of your friends, you can ask that person to unlock the iPhone for you. If you don’t have that person in front of you, you have no option except to get to your nearest repair shop to get your iPhone unlocked. Cellfixx has certified iPhone technicians on hand that can unlock your iPhone among other types of repairs. Contact us for a free consultation.

The majority of cell phone users keep using cell phones everywhere, from their morning in the toilet to the dinner table to the doctor’s office. The research reveals that cell phones are the dirtiest objects that people carry. The more cell phone becomes contaminated with the germs, the more germs you touch. The biggest culprit when it comes to putting germs on your phone is your hands. According to a recent study: An individual checks his/her phone 96 times a day. From this research, you can realize: How many germs you may spread on your cell phone by using it time and again?

Cell Phones Vs. Toilet Seats:

People always carry their cell phones with them, even in the places where they normally wash their hands. The researches vary on estimating the germs that a single cell phone user may spread on it. Recent studies unveil more than 17,000 bacterial gene copies on the cell phones of high-school students. According to the scientists at the ‘University of Arizona’: Cell phones carry 10times more bacteria than the majority of toilet seats.

Can Cell Phones Make You Sick?

The human skin naturally gets covered in microbes that haven’t any negative health consequences. That natural bacteria and the oils on your hands get transferred to your cell phone whenever you check a text or send an email. Still, the majority of organisms found on your cell phones can make you sick and unhealthy at the same time. All the bacteria are not contagious; however, you may touch a surface while walking with your cell phone containing harmful bacteria's; that’s how you can fall sick. So there are lots of environmental contaminants that you should be aware of as a cell phone user.

Pathogens, Viruses, and Studies:

The studies have discovered severe pathogens for users’ cell phones, including streptococcus, MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), and even E. coli. These microbes will not make you sick instantly; still, you shouldn’t let these microbes to enter your phone. The viruses can also spread on phones if a person is sick, having strep throat, or influenza, or coughs, as these viruses can be transferred to your friends once you handover your cell phone to them.

What to Do to Avoid Making Cell Phone the Dirtiest Thing?

There are luckily some easy ways to avoid spreading germs to your phone. It would help if you never took your cell phone with you to the bathroom because it’s the place where you will uncover hundreds of germs. Keep your phone clean with the soft microfiber cloth, which will help you eradicate many germs from your cell phone. One of the best ways to clean your cell phone with the microfiber cloth is to mix it with 60% water and 40% rubbing alcohol. Keep your hands washed several times a day so that you do not spread any more germs using your cell phone. Also, stay away from the liquid or spray cleaners that can damage your cell phone.


Researches have revealed that a cell phone is one of the dirtiest things that you carry. The cell phone may contain10 times more bacteria's than a toilet seat. The germs in cell phones can make you sick; however, if you keep some cautions in your mind, you can save yourself and people around you from using germs-filled cell phones. Contact Cellfixx if you’re experiencing any issues with your phone, and we can repair your cell phone fast.

Have you broken your beloved smartphone screen? Now you are wondering: What to do with your smartphone? Should you sell it? But you won’t be able to get the best price with a broken screen smartphone. Luckily, there are solutions for you if you’ve cracked your smartphone screen. Here they are:

  • Don’t Panic: Once your smartphone screen gets broken, you may panic that it’s gone, and you don’t have a backup. See if your phone still responds to your touch. Take your time to assess the damage. If it’s the only glass that’s broken, you can trust a phone repair service to get it fixed.
  • Check Your Cell Phone Warranty: If your cell phone is new, your screen may be under the manufacturer’s warranty. Check this if you want to get your device repaired for free. If you have purchased an extended warranty for your phone, you may also have coverage for screen damage. So things aren’t as bad as you think.
  • Replacing the Screen Yourself: This is not a solution for everyone; however, if you have the time and patience to buy a repair kit online, you can repair it all by yourself. For the repair, you will need to use the proper tools and clear instructions.
  • The Repair Shop: If the cracks on your smartphone are more significant than a few minor cracks, you can take your cell phone to the original manufacturer or a local repair shop. The original manufacturer will take time to fix your phone; however, the cell phone repair shop may offer you the same day service; so, it’s the better option for you.
  • Get a Screen Protector: If your cell phone is damaged, you should add a screen protector to it to save your fingers from injury and help slow further damage.
  • The Plastic Protection: If the crack is minor, and you don’t have time to buy a screen protector, you should buy a small transparent plastic bag for your phone for a short term solution.
  • Use Toothpaste: If the damage to your phone screen comprises of small marks, place toothpaste on those marks unless it’s not gel-based. Put a small amount of toothpaste in a cotton ball, rub it gently in rotatory motion, and wipe it with a slightly damp cloth on the small marks on your cell phone; that’s it.
  • Vegetable Oil: The vegetable oil can work for you if there are small scratches on your cell phone; hit a cotton ball lightly with vegetable oil, then gently rub into the scratches; you have done it.
  • Baby Powder Mix: You can take care of small cell phone scratches with a mix of baby powder and water. Simple, blend the two until you get a thick paste. With a clean and dry cloth, you will need to rub the scratches cleanly and gently. That’s it.


So there are nine different solutions for you to take good care of the broken smartphone screens. Firstly, you should not feel panic. Secondly, find out if your phone screen is in warranty or not. Replace the screen yourself or go to the nearest repair shop to get it fixed. Apply a screen protector or transparent plastic bag, depending on your situation. Lastly, try natural remedies, such as toothpaste, vegetable oil, or baby powder mixed with water to fix your damaged screen. You may also contact Cellfixx as we can complete most repairs while you wait.

In October 2020, Apple announced that it will stop including the chargers and earbuds in the boxes with which the iPhone comes. Some Android manufacturers have mocked this decision of Apple on social media. Samsung gets included in this list with some of its social media accounts posting Apple has made a bad decision. On the other hand, SamMobile has given Korean media reports that currently leaked Samsung Galaxy 21 won't come with a charger. The company also says it may not include the earbuds in the box, same with the Note20 Ultra.

Is Samsung Becoming Like Apple?

If the rumours are true, it will prove that Samsung has acted foolishly on Apple's decision this year. However, Samsung Note20 Ultra got packaged better than Apple with the removal of earbuds. It looks like Samsung wants to sell its accessory parts separately now, so customers can buy the charger and earbuds separately. Even if Samsung doesn’t offer a charger with its Galaxy 21, Samsung may have made a reasonable decision. Why? Because every major Android phone comes with a USB-C port, and most of them offer Qi wireless charging. In other words, the majority of the people have some charger that works fine with an Android phone.

What Are the Odds?

Removing chargers is the bare minimum that companies like Apple and Samsung can do. Yes, removing the charger may help the environment, but it's tough to say what benefits removing the charger may bring in time. Apple claims that it will help it reduce waste and environmental impact. Doing so will allow Apple and Samsung not to make too many chargers while utilizing fewer natural resources. Still, if a company like Samsung wants to sell chargers separately for the Samsung Galaxy 21, the odds are it just wants to make more money.

Are Samsung and Apple Doing the Right Thing?

Apple claims that removing the items, such as charger and earbuds, will help it shrink its packaging to ship more iPhones, reducing the total amount of shipments. However, the claims from companies like Samsung and Apple seem to be fake. It looks like companies like Apple and Samsung only want to make more money. Their effort seems a waste of time only. If you consider the Android phone, having a USB (Universal Serial Bus)-charger, it may work with a USB-C phone. If people keep using different chargers for their Android phones, such as Samsung Galaxy 21 supporting USB-C charging, the chances are your cell phone may start losing its performance after some time. So some companies claim that customers should use original chargers, so the majority of people don't need to use a new charger for their Android phones.


Companies like Apple and Samsung may not like to offer chargers with their smartphones anymore, considering that they are taking good care of the environment; however, on the brighter side, it looks like that efforts of such companies are only a waste of time. Still, it's not clear whether Apple or Samsung want to make money or save the environment by adopting the current strategy. When Samsung Galaxy 21 or Apple new iPhones get launched, we’ll see what happens. Cellfixx is a cell phone repair company located in Vancouver. If you are experiencing any issues or cell phone damage, contact us for a free estimate.

The cost of using cell phones in Canada is even more than in the U.S. (United States). Thus, cell phone users have no choices except to switch to budget plans. Different companies have adopted various strategies while offering budget plans to customers. Budget plans do come for a low price; still, it does not mean that companies do not save enough money while offering budget plans. Some companies use 3G (Third Generation) technology, some reduce data speed, and some go for the price war when they provide budget plans for the customers to save costs. Here are the names of some of the carriers providing the budget cell phone plans to the customers in Canada:

What Should You Know About the Budget Cell Phone Plans?

If you are interested in getting a budget cell phone plan, you should follow the following tips:

  • Find out which carrier offers coverage in your area so that you can determine the speed of a plan.
  • Also, find out how much talk, text, and data you are using on an average basis to uncover your usage's best plan.
  • Will the plan help you continue your cell phone using habits? A smaller plan with a few minutes of data obviously will not help you.
  • If your old phone does not support the carrier, you should purchase a new one to make the most of the plan.

Are Budget Cell Phone Plans Worth it?

Yes, all budget plans seem unique; still, it's essential to find out whether the budget plans you are opting for worth the money or not. You can read reviews of cell phone users to uncover the best plan. Yes, the budget plan may help you save your money, but you will need to find out: Is the plan offering you the best customer service? Are there any rewards that come with the plan? Does the plan offer you the best coverage? These are some of the things you will need to find out if you want to capitalize on the best budget plan. If paying for $101 per month for a high budget cell phone is to much, it's time you considered the best options. While switching to a cell phone plan, keep a few things in mind, including the technology utilized, data speed, and budget plan competency.


Yes, cell phone plans in Canada are big-ticket; some cell phone carriers still offer the best budget plans to cell phone users in terms of minute, texting, and speed. Some cell phone companies cut down the internet speed to meet the expense of offering the budget cell phone plan to cell phone users, whereas some companies reduce their prices owing to the price war. You will need to keep some points in mind while you opt for any budget cell phone plan in Canada, considering the customer service and the rewards offers. In a nutshell, if you are low on a budget, a budget cell phone plan is the right choice; however, if you can afford to pay more for your cell phone, you can also go for high budget plans. Cellfixx offers Cell Phone Repair Services. If you’re phone is broken or damaged, please feel free to contact us for a free estimate.

OnePlus has announced its New Nord N10 5G with N100. The recently announced Nord N10 5G will come at a slightly lower price of $329 than the original Nord that costs $379. N100 will even be substantially inexpensive, available for $179. Both the cell phones will be available in November in Europe; however, there is no solid piece of information when the two phones will arrive in the U.S.A. (United States of America).

About Nord N10 5G:

Nord 10 will be one of the most inexpensive 5G (5th Generation) smartphones on the market with many appealing specifications (specs). It has got a 6.49 inches FHD (Full High Definition)+ 90 Hz (Hertz) display, Warp Charge 30T, and a quad-camera with a 64 MP (Mega Pixel) primary camera. The supplementary cameras embrace a 119° ultra-wide plus less useful macro and monochrome lenses. The cell phone gets powered by the mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 SoC (System on a Chip) with 6 GB (GigaByte) of RAM (Random Access Memory) and 128 GB of extended storage. The 4,300 mAh (milli Amp hour) of the cell phone makes its battery life half-decent with swift charging.

About Nord N100:

If you are looking for an affordable smartphone, then the OnePlus Nord N100 is an exciting option for you. It has a 6.52 inches display, stereo speakers, and a massive 5,000 mAh battery charged at 18 W (Watt). Qualcomm’s budget Snapdragon also features this smartphone for the modest performance without the 5G. The smartphone will come with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of storage if you expand the phone through MicroSD (Micro Secure Digital). The smartphone has triple-rear cameras, including a 13 MP primary sensor, a broken lens, and a macro lens.

The Similarities:

Both Nord N10 5G and Nord N100 have a similar appeal with punch-hole cutouts and prominently larger chins. Both displays are LCD (Liquid Crystal Display); however, the rear fingerprint sensors have been replaced from the in-display option of these phones to cut their costs down than the original Nord. The locations and shape of the camera modules are equivalent. Unluckily, both of these novel smartphones have shipped with Android 10-Base OxygenOS (Oxygen Operating System) than the latest OS. We hope that the Android 11.00 update is not far away from us. Nord N10 5G will come in a Midnight Ice colorway, and both Nord N10 5G and Nord N100 will be available on November 10th in the U.K (United Kingdom) where ‘John Lewis’, ‘Amazon’ and ‘Three’ will all have the OnePlus novel smartphones in their inventories. The smartphones will also get launched in North America, but the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is not yet confirmed.


There are two smartphones that OnePlus will launch soon in North America and have just launched in the U.K., including Nord 10 5G and Nord N100. Those who want their smartphones to work faster are desperately waiting for the 5G version, whereas budget-friendly customers are waiting for Nord N100. Nord 10 5G and Nord N100 will get priced lower than the original Nord, making these smartphones the much-awaited smartphones. Finally, OnePlus has announced both of the preceding smartphones simultaneously considering the pockets of distinct customers. If your cell phone is broken or damaged, we can repair you OnePlus. Contact Cellfixx where we can make cell phone repairs in most cases while you wait.

For the past few years, Google has been recognized for delivering top-of-the-line software performance with hardware. In 2020, the search engine giant Google produced Google Pixel 5. Still, the smartphone is not what the public expected from it. Google Pixel comes with a battery life of 4,000 mAh (MilliAmp hours); however, it has a weaker processor, having only a 90 Hz (Hertz) refresh rate display. The smartphone features a dual-camera set-up without a telephoto lens. Google has chosen the Snapdragon 765G than Snapdragon 865 that does not perform very well. Fortunately, the ultimate Google Pixel 5 has also launched in Canada.

Google Pixel 5 Camera:

Google Pixel 5 features a dual-camera set-up distinct from the Pixel 4's. Google Pixel also comes with a secondary ultrawide lens that makes it superior to the previous versions of Google Pixel smartphones. Google decided to leave the telephone lens to imitate the 'Zoom' feature with software. You cannot perform the same with a broad-angle image, and it can get achieved through the hardware. Google has made a smart decision considering the previous point. Google has not included the three cameras, and it may be because of the price that couldn't be more. Canadians couldn't resist them from trying Google's latest smartphone, Google Pixel 5, as it's also available for sale.

Google Pixel 5 Display:

When it comes to the display, Google aimed for the optimal middle-ground between the ultra-premium experience and a less premium, offering outstanding performance. Google Pixel 5 supports a 6 inch OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) panel with a 90 Hz refresh rate and a resolution of 2340*1080 pixels. This smartphone's display is very much similar to Google Pixel 4, having a 5.7 inches OLED panel with a resolution of 1080* 2280 pixels and a 90 Hz refresh rate. Canadians love the brand, Google; thus, they would always feel delighted by trying out the ultimate version smartphone of Google.

Are Google Pixel 5 Features Lacking?

Yes, the smartphone lacks some features. The technology (tech) giant Google has removed the feature 'Active Edge' to reduce this handset cost. Google Pixel 5 also does not offer the 'Project Soli' radar sensor for face unlock, gestures, and awareness capabilities; however, it's a reasonable decision made by Google, considering the current Covid-19 pandemic. It's vague why Google has not brought an in-display scanner to its Pixel 5 if you compare it with other Android flagship smartphones available on the market. Google Pixel is probably for sale in Canada, owing to its lack of features.

Google Pixel 5 Hardware:

It seems that Google Pixel hardware is not the best. Google may not have worked so hard on the hardware; Google has made some practical decisions while not including so many features in its Pixel 5. The high-resolution display is one thing that Google smartphone users can feel proud of Google Pixel 5. Google Pixel could be a better smartphone; nonetheless, the case is all different. Google has not offered state-of-the-art hardware with its Pixel 5 so that people can afford it. Many Canadians see Google Pixel 5 as an affordable option to handle things on a smartphone without breaking the bank.


The ultimate Google Pixel 5 is now available for sale in Canada. Google has not worked so hard on its camera, hardware, and features of Pixel5 to lower this smartphone's price; still, Google Pixel 5 offers a better display than previous versions of Pixel smartphones. Finally, Google Pixel is an affordable option for Canadian’s looking for a low budget flagship smartphone. Cellfixx has certified cell phone technicians available for any Google Pixel repairs you may need. Contact Cellfixx for a free estimate.

Prepaid phones or no-contract phones get also known as ‘pay as you go phones’; for such phones, you pay a specific amount of data usage/minutes in advance. When you reach the limit you have paid, your service comes to an end unless you buy more data and minutes. No-contract phone options are also available with the newer features from a wide range of manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and others. Before we tell you about buying a no-contract cell phone, let’s have a look at the benefits of a prepaid cell phone:

Benefits of a No-Contract Phone:

  • Such a phone removes the hassle of lengthy contracts, activation fees, overage charges, expensive fees for changing carriers, and termination fees.
  • It gives you the freedom to change phones and carriers while letting you control your budget.
  • It’s an ideal cell phone for seniors who use cell phones occasionally.

How Prepaid Phones Work? Before you buy a no-contract cell phone, you should know how it works. With a prepaid cell phone, you aren’t making any promises or commitments. Such a cell phone plan is also distinct from a monthly plan. Rather than paying, in the end, you pay in advance for your amount of talk, text, and data. It would help if you stayed within limits, and there are no overage charges, as you can’t chat, text, or deploy data beyond the caps imposed by your prepaid plan. Once the limit expires, you need to pay for further using the prepaid services. The term ‘prepaid’ indicates that you have paid for the services in advance. No-contract phones are an excellent alternative to contractual phones, for which you have to make monthly payments.

Who Are Prepaid Phone Plans Suited for?

Prepaid plans will suit you if you don’t like paying monthly deploying a cell phone. The seniors and children don’t need to use cell phones often; thus, they are a perfect target market for no-contract phones. So if you want to buy a no-contract cell phone, you should buy it for the elders or the young ones. If you occasionally use a cell phone, you also fall into the target market of no-contract cell phones. If you lack a credit history, you should opt for such phones, as there’s no credit check for such cell phones because the payments get made upfront. Students and adults looking for an affordable cell phone should go with a no-contract cell phone.

Prepaid Cell Phone Carriers:

Turning to prepaid is one way to try out the carrier’s service without making any commitment. The carriers also offer prepaid cell phone plans with affordable devices to test a carrier service for a month or longer before going further. Buying a no-contract cell phone is worth the investment to check the quality of different carriers.

Which Prepaid Cell Phones Are Available?

Any cell phone model can work as a no-contract phone; still, the least costly cell phone models typically get promoted as no-contract phones. They may include low-cost smartphones or flip phones. If you possess an unlocked cell phone, you can deploy it with a prepaid plan without any technical difficulties. You can also give such a cell phone to one of your family members who does not like paying a monthly bill for contractual cell phones. The roaming option does not come with a prepaid plan, but you can take your phone to a local carrier in your country and ask the carrier to open international roaming for you. So you can even travel globally with your prepaid cell phone.

What Should You Remember While Buying a No-Contract Cell Phone?

  • You don’t need to pay any additional bills.
  • You don’t need to make any commitment to any carrier.
  • You can use that phone if you use a cell phone occasionally.
  • You can even use such cell phones while travelling.


While purchasing a prepaid cell phone, you should know that you are not making any commitments with the carrier. Secondly, there are several benefits of having such cell phones. Thirdly, prepaid cell phones are a greater investment in comparison to contractual cell phones. You should know you can give such cell phones to adults or children; so, buying them is not worthless. Finally, you should purchase such cell phones, as you can use them even while travelling when you ask one of the carriers to open international roaming for you. Contact Cellfixx if you’re looking to top up, or get a new ‘No Contract’ cell phone.

The mobile applications (apps) industry is a massive industry with too many users opting for iPhones. The iPhones come with the latest innovations with time, making them one of the most-wanted cell phones worldwide. With emerging iPhones, new mobile apps are also coming that make cell phones even more convenient and enjoyable. Yes, there are plenty of Android apps; still, Apple is the platform that offers the most in variety to its users. Cellfixx looks at 5 iPhone applications that can improve your life:

Rakuten Slice:

It’s one of the best iPhone apps that is, available on the planet. Rakuten Slice is a swift, efficient, and convenient online shopping app (application). Slice reduces the time that you may consume for tracking and receiving your deliveries. The app automatically tracks the product you might order and let you free from the hassles of online shopping by automatically tracking your orders with real-time updates.


Another perfect Apple mobile app is OpenTable. With this app, you can search over 52,000 restaurants around the world. The app allows you to reserve and modify your reservations anytime, anywhere, in a few taps. You can narrow down your search with dozens of filters that come with this application. You can also keep tabs on all your essential OpenTable statistics, dietary preferences, and dining points.

Genius Scan:

Do you often feel frustrated while taking photographs? Yes, you can take legible photos with your iPhone through Genius Scan and upload them to your computer. This app, in fact, allows you to scan an image with your iPhone, then easily upload it to your computer as a PDF (Portable Document Format), rendering you a precise and handy image. Thanks to this application, iPhone users can capture the exact photos that they want to.


Another very useful mobile app for your iPhone is MyFitnessPal. You can achieve your weight-loss goals with this app, and it’s the best calorie counter available for iPhone. You will need to set your daily calorie goal and record your daily food intake and exercise to ensure you stay right on track as a fitness lover. Once you utilize this app the right way, you will feel amazing seeing your pounds coming off.

Baby Monitor HD (High Definition):

Do you have a newborn baby? As parents, you may never want to leave your baby alone, even with the most trusted babysitter. Yes, this is an excellent iPhone app to let you feel secure about your baby. Baby Monitor HD may not free you from the guilt of leaving your little one; still, it will let you feel very secure. How? This app allows the parents to see and hear their sleeping babies on their iPhones without feeling worried about their babies.


Thanks to the emerging technology, we are uncovering the fast, reliable, and secure iPhone apps day in day out. Some of those emerging iPhone apps include Rakuten Slice, OpenTable, Genius Scan, MyFitnessPal, and BabyMonitor HD. Hopefully, we shall see even more iPhone apps in the future in terms of reliability, confidentiality, and price. Are you having trouble with your phone? Contact Cellfixx for a free quote as we can repair your cell phone quickly.

Taking the right steps is crucial for an iPhone if it gets water-damaged. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misguided information available online about what works when dealing with a water-damaged phone. The following steps can help you to rescue your water damaged iPhone:

Step #1: Remove the Water form the Outside of Your Phone

Try to remove the water while holding your iPhone horizontally, and make sure that the screen points at the floor. Now, use the microfiber or other absorbent cloth to wipe away the water from the outside of your phone. Please, do not use a tissue or a cotton swab, as it can leave the dust or residue inside your phone.

Step #2: Remove the SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) Card

Remove your SIM card immediately if your iPhone gets exposed to water. It can save your SIM card, and it will also prevent the air from entering your phone. The SIM card typically survives spills unless it gets exposed to liquid for a long time. A gentle breeze with a fan can aid you with the evaporation process for your SIM card. Do not use a blow dryer or any other fans that blow hot air.

Step #3: Put Your iPhone on a Flat Surface in a Dry Location

Now lay your iPhone face downcast on a flat surface, such as the kitchen counter or table. Choose a location that has low humidity. Don’t put your iPhone in the container or a bag; if you do that, it can cause the water to fall onto other internal components.

Step #4: Set the Drying Agents on the Top of Your iPhone

If you have commercial drying agents available, then set them on the topmost of and around your phone. Do not use rice. Rice is not an effective drying agent. You may be thinking: What is a desiccant (drying agent)? It is a substance that produces a state of dryness in other objects.

Step #5: Wait for Some Time for the Water to Evaporate

Once you follow the preceding steps, then put it down and walk away from it so that the water can evaporate. Many scientific studies have inferred that exposing water-damaged electronic appliances to open air can be a very effective remedy. We suggest you wait for 24 hours before you turn your iPhone back on.

Step #6: Effort Turning Your iPhone Back On

Place your iPhone on a horizontal surface, plug it into power, and wait for it to turn back on. If you have waited for 24 hours, then it can run out of battery, so try to turn it on after some minutes of charging.

Step #7: Back up Your iPhone If Possible

If your phone turns back on, then save your data using iCloud or iTunes. Why? As water-damaged phones can sometimes spoil your data.

Extra Steps: Depending on the Situation

You may have dropped your iPhone in the toilet, sink, or bathtub. If you have dropped it in a toilet, make sure you wear latex gloves while handling your iPhone. If you have dropped your phone in the sink where soap is there. Then scrape the iPhone using an anti-static brush or a brand new toothbrush. Moreover, if you have dropped your iPhone in the bathtub, rinse your iPhone exposed to shower products utilizing tap water.

In a Nutshell…

If your iPhone gets water damaged, then lay it down on a flat surface in a dry location. Eradicate its SIM card. Hold the iPhone horizontally without shaking it. Use commercial desiccants if possible, and do not use rice. Wait at most for 24 hours so that the water evaporates, and you can turn your iPhone back on. If you continue to have issues with your iPhone, contact us at Cellfixx in Vancouver, and we'll get your phone working like new again.

Is your cell phone broken? Then you may be thinking to throw it away and purchase a new one. After all, broken cell phones do not have value. Or do they? Do broken cell phones have value? Will companies like to buy them? The answer to the preceding questions is yes. So before throwing away your broken cell phones in the trash, you should find out about the value of your damaged cell phone.

Companies Can Purchase Broken Cell Phones:

There are two reasons why companies can buy broken phones. The first reason is that companies can repair broken phones.  The company may have the desired means to get it repaired cheaply. Once the phone gets in good working condition, the company may prefer to sell the repaired cellphone at a fair price. Another reason is that some broken phones have rare minerals and some materials having value beyond making a new phone. Some companies want to gain access to those materials; thus, they pay for such cellphones.

What Kinds of Broken Cellphones Can You Sell?

If your phone is completely damaged, then you cannot sell it. Nevertheless, you can very likely sell your broken phone that has damaged such as follows: Cracked screen, fault in its keys, it has become a victim to scratch, or its SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) gate has broken or missed. You can also vend cellphones that do not power up, have a damaged battery, or corrupt OS (Operating System).

Why Should You Sell Your Broken Phone?

You will get money, so the first reason is that you should sell the cell phone to get some cash. You were presumably going to throw your cell phone away, so: Why should you go for it if you can get some money by selling your cellphone? One more reason to sell your cell phone is to benefit the environment. Some materials in your cellphone can be toxic to the Earth, so you will very likely do not want to end up such materials in a landfill, so you should better avoid throwing your cell phone in the trash. Moreover, a company can restore and resell a broken cell phone if it is not entirely damaged. So someone will probably end up buying that repaired cellphone.

Where Can You Sell Your Broken Cell Phone?

There are numerous websites on the WWW (World Wide Web) that like to buy broken, used, and damaged cell phones. Some websites even purchase damaged tablets and other electronic appliances. So you can sell your broken cell phone to a website, offering you a fair price for your broken cellphone. Such websites may have some questions that you will need to answer to get the quote: How much cash the website is willing to pay for your broken phone? Then the website will follow a particular procedure to get your cell phone and pay you accordingly. Lastly, it is always a good idea to get something out of your broken cell phone and save the environment. Cellfixx in Vancouver can repair your broken cell phone, and also buys and sells used phones. Contact us to learn more.

Samsung Galaxy S20 is a smartphone that is often compared with Samsung Galaxy S10. If you prefer living on the bleeding edge, then you should know there are significant upgrades offered by the Samsung Galaxy S20. Samsung has done an excellent job in terms of upgrading features of this priceless smartphone.

The Display Upgrade:

The display of Samsung Galaxy S20 upgrades as a fantastic AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diodes) panel with a crisp Quad HD+ (High Definition Plus) resolution. The phone’s display refreshes at the speed of 120 Hz (Hertz), so everything on Samsung Galaxy S20 is substantially faster and smoother. It is one of the upgrades of Samsung Galaxy S20 that you may appreciate

The Camera Upgrade:

If you like capturing photographs with your phone, then you should know that Samsung Galaxy S20 comes up with significant upgrades. This cellphone's primary camera is a 12 MP (MegaPixel) sensor; however, its telephoto camera has upgraded to 64 MP that provides a 3x (3 times) Hybrid Optic Zoom and 30x Super-Resolution Zoom for even better telephoto shots.

The Video Upgrade:

Samsung Galaxy S20 video resolution can upgrade from 4K (4,000) to 8K (8,000) which is, 4 times bigger than the UHD (Ultra High Definition) and 16 times bigger than FHD (Full High Definition). So you enjoy videos to the fullest with this smartphone. In simple words, you can capture moments in the finest resolutions with Samsung Galaxy S10.

The Security Upgrade:

The manufacturers of Samsung Galaxy has come up with a very secure processor dedicated to guarding your PIN (Personal Identification Number), password, pattern, and Blockchain Private Key. United with the Knox platform, the security is imbued into all parts of your smartphone, from hardware to software. So you will be the only one to access your private data.

The 5G (5thGeneration) Upgrade:

Samsung Galaxy S20 is a smartphone that supports 4G (4th Generation) technology. However, this phone's speed can be enhanced, as the cellphone also supports upgrading to 5G technology. Thus you can relish using the smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S20.

The OS (Operating System) Upgrade:

Samsung Galaxy S20 supports the OS, Android 10.0. However, it is also claimed that it will be the first in the S20 series to get the Android 11.0 treatment.

The Battery Upgrade:

Samsung Galaxy S20 comes with a battery capacity of 4,000 mAH (milliamp Hours) that can be upgraded to 4,500 mAh and 5,000 mAh. Moreover, the upgraded batteries will take lesser time to charge.


There are loads of features in the Samsung Galaxy S20 that can be upgraded. Firstly, the display of this smartphone can be upgraded. The smartphone also supports the camera and video upgrades. The security upgrades of this cellphone is a feature that makes it a valuable smartphone. The smartphone can be upgraded to 5G technology. It is believed that Samsung Galaxy will support upgrading from Android 10.0 to Android 11.0. The smartphone also features a battery upgrade. Last but not least, Samsung Galaxy S20 is worth the upgrades. If you're in need of Samsun cell phone repair, Contact Cellfixx, and we will make your phone like new again. Vancouver Cell Phone Repair.

5G is the 5th generation mobile network. It is a novel worldwide standard after 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. The advantages of this mobile network include fast speed, supports around 1 million devices, and provides much higher responsiveness. Guessing from the wholehearted reception of 5G technology by the governments and industry, we are on the threshold of a technological revolution. 5G is replacing the 3G and 4G cellular telephone networks, as the time is passing by. However, this technology has become very controversial in many locations, based on the RF (Radio Frequency) transmitted by 5G stations. The question is: Do the benefits of 5G outweigh the concerns? The advantages of 5G are enough, but there are also some cons associated with this technology. Let's highlight some of the pros and cons of 5G to determine whether 5G is beneficial or not.

The Pro's of 5G Technology:

  • If you are at a stone’s throw from one of the 5G towers with your 5G phone, then you will be able to download a video in a matter of seconds.
  • With the 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) come down on a small area, the towers tend to get jammed and reach capacity, this is not an issue with 5G.
  • The network speeds have increased, so many tasks have transitioned from the world of computers to the smartphones that have open novel doors for 5G device technology including AI (Artificial Intelligence) and VR (Virtual Reality).

The Cons of 5G Technology:

  • The frequency waves of 5G can travel only a short distance. The 5G waves will not travel as from the tower as 4G. Moreover, the trees, buildings, walls, and other obstacles will block, intervene, and absorb the high-frequency signal of 5G.
  • The mobile phones operating with 5G will suffer a huge battery drain. So better battery technology will be a need if you want to run it on your cellphone.
  • The current upload speeds of 5G are not as groundbreaking as the download speeds.
  • Currently, the 5G coverage is restricted to narrowly defined areas in specific cities. So if you live or work in certain areas of big cities, then you will very likely not be able to make the most of 5G technology.

It is crucial to discuss the pros and cons of the new generation technology so that you can have an understanding of how it can impact you and your business. There are lots of gossips going these days about the 5G, so it is easy to get confused with what is correct or false. We cannot find out what the 5G can do for us unless the technology is fully implemented. The carriers continue to withdraw their 3G (3rd Generation) spectrum to repurpose it for 5G; it can be baffling and irritating, as an operator who needs to upgrade their equipment to maintain pace, Moreover, MWCA (Mobile World Congress Americas) has predicted that only 49% of connected devices will be 5G in 2020 with 4G holding to be 45%.Conclusion

What have you realized thus far about the benefits of 5G and the concerns associated with it? In the first place, there are health risks associated with this technology. Secondly, although this technology has a decent speed; however, its frequency waves cannot travel a long distance. The signals of this tech (technology) cannot be jammed, and it does not feature a groundbreaking upload speed. The technology cannot reach the big cities. So there are enough cons associated with this technology that justify that its benefit does not outweigh the concerns. Last but not least, technology is yet not fully implemented, so we have to wait for some time to know if 5G technology is a better technological revolution or not. Cellfixx in Vancouver carries and repairs a variety of phones. Contact Cellfixx to find for any questions.

Canada is the sole member of the ‘Five Eyes Intelligence Sharing Network’ that has not blocked Huawei from 5G (5th Generation) networks. Still, it has successfully done that, postponing a decision long enough to force the telecom companies to ignore the Chinese equipment maker. This strategy has let Canada keep on the right side of China and the United States (U.S.) as they struggle over Huawei. Canada, with its ‘Five Eyes’ allies – the U.K. (United Kingdom), New Zealand, and Australia, are under pressure from the fellow member – the U.S. to exclude Huawei on security grounds.  The 5G network has speed that is, 500 times faster than 4G networks, and it is anticipated to power everything from telemedicine and remote surgery to self-driving cars. Canada has been considering whether to dismiss the firm’s next-generation gear for the better part of two years, ignoring the augmenting signs of industry impatience. In June this year, ‘Bell Canada’ and ‘Telus'; two of the foremost wireless providers, teamed with Sweden’s ‘Ericsson’ and Finland’s ‘Nokia’ to make 5G telecom networks, getting rid of Huawei for the project despite deploying Huawei 4G equipment. ‘Alliance Canada Hong Kong’ claims that the Huawei 5G network in Canada will be able to track citizens. Moreover, the Trump administration said: ‘It would further squeeze the U.S. restrictions on Huawei, aimed at clamping down on its access to the commercially available chips. ’In Canada, operators sense that the U.S. restrictions mean that they have no choice but to sideline Huawei 5G networks at least for now. The Canadian sources said: ‘The best thing for us is to do nothing as we do nothing, then we would not upset the Chinese and Americans.’ Staying on the side of Chinese is a critical contemplation. Huawei ‘Chief Financial Officer’, Meng Wanzhou, is fighting arrest to the U.S. since the Canadian police imprisoned her in December 2018. In reply, Beijing detained Canadian citizens Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, charging them with intelligence. So Canada is saying that getting their freedom is a top priority. If it were not for the Canadian citizens, Canada would have declared it would not be deploying Huawei 5G technology. In 2018, Australia and New Zealand blocked the service providers from using Huawei 5G gear. Hopefully, Canada will make a decision one day. Two more people who have consulted with Canadian officials say they think it is a matter of time when Ottawa reveals a ban. One of the sources has confirmed that Ottawa has not yet come to a firm conclusion. The British government recently said that it would ban Huawei from 5G networks by ordering the companies to discard the gear by 2027. In January 2020, the British government said Huawei could have a restricted 5G role. Canadian politician ‘Navdeep Bains’ said in a statement: ‘He cannot comment on Huawei and 5G, as he does not know when an announcement would be made.’ Lastly, Huawei said in a statement: ‘Ottawa is taking its time to decide to kill Huawei’s access to 5G.’Cellfixx in Vancouver carries a wide variety of 5G enabled phones and also repairs them. Contact Us to find out more.

The cheapest phones have become better than ever. You may find loads of weak handsets with outdated software. But if you do some delving, then you will uncover the best cheap phones including flip or smart ones that work far better than their low price suggests about. So if you are on low on a budget and want to buy a cheap phone, then we are here to help you out.

What to Look for in a Cheap Cellphone?

Having a low budget, such as $300 or less does not mean that you cannot find a perfectly capable device suiting your needs. We are highlighting the features that we believe are highly essential for getting one’s hands on a cheap phone. Our most of the highlighted features are for smartphones, so if you are going to the market to buy flip phones, then the following features may not apply:

  1. The Compatibility: Before you buy a cellphone, you should ensure that your phone has the right band support for your carrier. Search for LTE( Long Term Evolution) bands by the model number of a phone. The best cheap phone will work on your carrier.
  1. Connectivity: It has a huge impact on call quality and data speeds. Make sure your phone comes with a Qualcomm X11 or X12 modem. If you are buying a flip phone, make sure that it has a voice over LTE, voice over Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity), and EVS (Enhanced Voices Services) for the top call quality.
  1. Battery Life: There are certain things that you will need to consider for the battery life of your phone. If you are shopping for a cellphone with a small screen, then its battery capacity should be 3,500 mAh (milli Amp-hours). If you are shopping for a large screen phone, then its battery capacity should be 4,500 mAh.
  1. Chipset: If you do not want to spend too much on phone, then look for a phone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 6-series chipset. If you want to keep your cheap phone for a few years, then go with the Snapdragon 660 processor or higher.
  1. The OS (Operating System): Look for the recent version of Android that is, Android 10.0; however, you can also settle for Android 9.0.
  1. RAM (Random Access Memory) and Storage Capacity: Go either for a 3 GB (GigaByte) or 4 GB RAM. Look for at least 32 GB of storage capacity in a phone, also make sure your phone has a microSD (micro Secure Digital) slot.
  1. Multi-Lens Camera: Go for the phone with a multi-lens formula if you have a range in between $200 to $300 so that you can capture solid images.
  1. NFC (Near Field Communication): A low budget mobile phone may not have the feature of NFC; however, it will be good for you if the NFC feature is available on your cheap phone.
  2. Stereo Speakers: Plenty of budget-friendly phones have stereo speakers. Some of them have even advanced features, such as custom tuning and Dolby audio.
  1. Splash Resistance: If a budget-friendly phone has splash resistance, then it can withstand rain and other minor splashes, but not a drip in a pool.

Here is a list of 3 cellphones that can buy if you have a range of $300 or less:

  1. Samsung Galaxy A50: Price = Less than $300
  2. Motorola Moto G Power: Price = $230
  3. TCL 10L: Price = $212


What do you expect from a cellphone even if you are buying a cheap cellphone? Hopefully, you are. All that you need to know is to make sure that your cheap phones have the above-mentioned features. Lastly, feel free to spend money on cheap cellphones; but spend it wisely no matter you are buying flip phones or smartphones. Contact Cellfixx in Vancouver and ask about used cell phones. We often repair cell phones and sell them so you can get a quality phone with OEM parts.

The One Plus Nord is a smartphone-based on Android manufactured by the Chinese manufacturer, OnePlus. The smartphone was revealed on July 21st 2020; it is the 1st mid-range smartphone from OnePlus since version 2015 OnePlus X. One Plus Nord has plenty to offer too, as it comes in the online marketplace with loads of features. A question may come to one’s mind: Is the OnePlus Nord a good alternative to iPhone (SE) and Samsung Galaxy (A71 5G)? Let us discuss that in detail by seeing the specifications of the preceding three smartphones:

Point No 1: The Costs of iPhone SE Vs. Samsung Vs. OnePlus Nord

The cost of iPhone SE (Special Edition) is $399, the cost of Samsung Galaxy A71 5G (5th Generation) is $430, and the cost of OnePlus Nord is around $480. So the iPhone is a better alternative to Samsung and OnePlus Nord respectively, in terms of the price.

Point No 2: The Display Sizes of iPhone SE Vs. Samsung Vs. OnePlus Nord

The iPhone SE features a 4.7 inch (in) display, the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G has a display size of 6.7 in, and OnePLus Nord features a 6.44 in display size. So Samsung Galaxy is a better alternative to OnePlus Nord and iPhone SE respectively, in terms of the display size.

Point No 3: The Cameras of iPhone SE Vs. Samsung Vs. OnePlus Nord:

The iPhone SE comes with a single 12 MP (Mega Pixel) camera that supports Portrait Mode and all 6 lighting effects. Samsung Galaxy A71 5G comes with a 32 MP front camera and 64 MP rear camera. OnePlus Nord features a total of 6 cameras with four cameras (48 MP + 8 MP + 5 MP + 2 MP) on the rear and two on the front (32MP + 8MP). So OnePlus Nord has an edge over Samsung Galaxy and iPhone SE, respectively, if you consider the camera.

Point No 4: The Sizes of iPhone SE Vs. Samsung Vs. OnePlus Nord

iPhone SE is a smartphone that is, smaller in size according to today’s standards. Samsung Galaxy is bigger than the OnePlus Nord; however, OnePlus Nord is bigger than iPhone SE. So Samsung Galaxy has an edge over OnePlus Nord and the iPhone SE respectively if you consider the size of these smartphones.

Point No 5: The Bodies of iPhone SE Vs. Samsung Vs. OnePlus Nord

The iPhone SE has a glass body, the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G has a body with a glass front with a plastic back & an aluminum frame. OnePlus Nord is protected with a glass front and glass back (instead of a metal frame, it’s plastic). So OnePlus Nord has a better body than Samsung and the iPhone respectively.

Point No 6: The Connectivity for iPhone SE Vs. Samsung Vs. OnePlus Nord

The iPhone SE supports 4G (4th Generation) LTE (Long Term Evolution) connectivity, Samsung Galaxy A71 5G; as the name indicates supports 5G connectivity. The OnePlus Nord also supports 5G connectivity. So both OnePlus Nord and Samsung have an edge over the iPhone SE in terms of connectivity.

Point No 7: The Chipset in the iPhone SE Vs. Samsung Vs. OnePlus Nord

The iPhone SE features A13 Bionic Chip, Samsung Galaxy A71 5G features a Snapdragon 765G Chip, and OnePlus Nord also features the same chip as Samsung A71 5G that is, better optimized for gaming. So iPhone has an edge over OnePlus Nord and Samsung Galaxy respectively if you consider the chips used in the preceding smartphones.

Point No 8: The RAM (Random Access Memory) and Storage for iPhone SE Vs. Samsung Vs. OnePlus Nord

The RAM for iPhone SE is 2 GB, and it comes with a storage capacity of 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G comes with 6 GB and 8 GB RAMs with a storage capacity of 128 GB. OnePlus Nord comes with 6GB RAM with an internal memory of 128 to 256 GB. So OnePlus Nord is better than Samsung and iPhone respectively, in terms of memory.

Point No. 9: The Batteries for iPhone SE Vs. Samsung Vs. OnePlus Nord

The iPhone SE has a battery capacity of 1,821 mAh. Samsung Galaxy A71 5G has a battery capacity of 4,500 mAh. OnePlus Nord comes with a 4,115 mAh (milli Amperehours) battery. Thus Samsung has an edge over OnePlus Nord and iPhone respectively, in terms of the battery.


If you consider the above-mentioned points about iPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy A71 5G, and OnePlus Nord; then you'll realize all of these smartphones have different features while one having an edge over another in terms of specifications. Sometimes, the iPhone has an edge. At times; Samsung has an edge. Now and then, OnePlus Nord has an edge. So you can't say that OnePlus Nord is a better alternative to Samsung and iPhone considering the specifications of all of the preceding smartphones. If you're looking for cell phone repair, or looking for a new phone. Cellfixx in Vancouver has a wide variety of used phones for sale. Contact us to find out more.

iOS 13 is an Apple mobile operating system that comes with a variety of hidden features to make life easier for Apple users. So there are plenty of reasons for Apple users to upgrade to iOS 13. We have accumulated a list of 30 hidden features of iOS 13 that will make your life easier. Here they are:

  1. Easy Switching to the Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) and Bluetooth Devices: Unbolt the ‘Control Centre’, then either tap and hold the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth icon to get connected swiftly.
  2. Shutting Up Unknown Callers: Go to ‘Settings’, then select ‘Phone’ and choose the option, ‘Silence Unknown Callers’ to avoid receiving their calls.
  1. Downloading Large Applications (Apps) on Mobile Data: Go to ‘Settings’, then select ‘iTunes & App Store’; move to ‘Mobile Data’ section & tap ‘App Downloads’. Select ‘Always Ask’, as it will always ask you to download the application if it is over 200 MB (MegaBytes).
  1. Dual-SIM Support for FaceTime & iMessage: You can deploy both of your connected phone numbers on FaceTime and iMessage to capitalize on your dual-SIM iPhone.
  1. Deleting Apps Directly from the App Store: Open the App Store, tap your ‘Profile Icon’ that will be on the top right. Scroll down to the section, ‘Updates’; find the updated application that you want to delete by swapping left and tapping, ‘Delete’.
  1. Ameliorated Silent Mode Display: Toggle the mute switch on your iPhone to let iOS 13 tell you that whether you have changed the silent mode to on or off.
  1. Automatically Closing Safari Tabs: Go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Safari’ then ‘Close Tabs’ and you will be done.
  1. Saving Open Tabs in Safari as Bookmarks: Open Safari and tap & hold the ‘Bookmarks Button’. Then you should tap ‘Add Bookmarks for [number] Tabs to create a bookmark folder for those tabs. Name the folder and tap ‘Save’.
  1. Using a Bluetooth Mouse with an iPhone or iPad: Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Devices > Bluetooth Devices. Then you will be able to pair your iOS 13 device with a Bluetooth mouse.
  1. Safari Download Manager: Simply tap a link to download a file, then tap ‘Download’. You will see a download icon that will appear on the top right which will allow you to check the download status. To change the download location, go to ‘Settings’ then select ‘Safari’ & opt for ‘Downloads’. Select your preferred destination for download. You can also tap ‘Remove Download List Items’ to clear items from the download list on Safari.
  1. Taking Screenshot of a Full Web Page: If your phone has a face ID (Identity), then you can either tap ‘Power + Volume Up’ or ‘Power + Home’ depending on your device to take a screenshot. After that, you will need to tap the ‘Screenshot Preview’ on the bottom left, then tap ‘Full Page’ and ‘Done’; then ‘Save PDF (Portable Document Format) to Files’.
  1. Saving Screenshots to Files: Take a screenshot on your device, then tap ‘Preview’ and ‘Done’ respectively. Now tap ‘Save to Files’ and choose where you want to save the screenshot.
  1. Much Refined Messages Search: The ‘Search Box’ in Messages shows useful recent links and contacts. It also shows basic search results quickly.
  1. Lyrics Synchronized (Sync) with Songs on Apple Music: If you use Apple Music, then you can play any song. Once you play the song, you can tap the player to make it full-screen. Afterward, you should tap the ‘Lyrics’ button on the bottom-left. Doing this will let you play the song lyrics sync with it.
  1. Low Data Mode: You can enable ‘Low Data Mode’ to reduce mobile data usage in iOS 13 by going to ‘Settings’, then selecting ‘Mobile Data’ and opting for ‘Mobile Data Options’.
  1. Optimized Battery Charging: Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health to see optimized battery charging; it will help you reduce your battery aging.
  1. Image OCR (Optical Character Recognition) in Notes: If you save an image with text in the ‘Notes app’, then OCR will take effect. The search for text in the ‘Notes app’ and pertinent images will also start showing up.
  1. Add People to Folders in Notes: Open Notes and tap the ‘three-dots icon’ on the top right, then select ‘Notes’. Now choose the notes you want to group in a folder, then tap ‘Move to’ and ‘New Folder’ respectively to create a new folder. Tap ‘Folders’ on the page where you see all of your notes. Afterward, open the folder you want to share. Now tap ‘the three dots icon’ on the top right and select ‘Add People’. By doing this you can share the folders with people you want to.
  1. Sending emoji Is Even Simpler Now: You will find a dedicated emoji button on the iOS keyboard, so sending it will be much easier for you.
  1. Compressing and Expanding Files: iOS 13 supports zipping and unzipping the files. You can transfer ZIP or TAR files to the ‘Files app’ on iOS. Tap the file, and it will be opened. To compress the files, open the ‘Files app’ and tap & hold any file, then select ‘Compress’. To compress multiple files at once, you will have to select them all and follow similar steps.
  1. Creating Folders on Your iOS Device Storage: If you access the ‘On My iPhone’ or ‘On My iPad’ local storage drives through the ‘Files app’, then you should know that you can also create folders there. Just tap and hold on the vacant space, then tap ‘New Folder’.
  1. Zooming Photos In or Out: Go to the ‘Photos app’, then go to the tab, ‘Photos’. Pinch to zoom photos in or out.
  1. Removing EXIF (EXchangeable Image File Format) Data from Photos: Open the ‘Photos app’ and opt for the photos you want to share. Now tap the button, ‘Options;’ at the top, See the ‘Include’ section at the bottom. Now you can disable ‘All Photos Data’ and 'Location’ to remove EXIF data from the photos before sharing.
  1. Improved Location Privacy Settings: Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Now tap any application name, then you will see a new option, ‘Ask Next Time’. This is a good option to control your location settings.
  1. PS4 (Play Station 4) and Xbox One Controller Support: iOS 13 supports the official PS4 and Xbox One controllers. The original Xbox controller is not supported, but one shipped with Xbox One S (Slipper Form Factor) and the newer ones are supported.
  1. Application Subscription Warnings When Deleting Apps: If you have acquired a subscription for any application on the App Store, then iOS 13 retells you about your active subscription while you delete the app.
  1. Books App Gets Reading Goals: Open the ‘Books app’, and you will see a new option, ‘Reading Goals’. Tap it, then tap ‘Adjust’ to set your reading goals.
  1. Attachments to Calendar: Open up ‘Calendar’, and add a new event by tapping the ‘+’ button on the top-right. Afterward, scroll down and tap ‘Add Attachment’ to let the iOS 13 allow you to attach documents to your calendar event.
  1. Three-Finger Tap Twice to Undo: In apps, such as ‘Notes’ you will be able to tap with the three fingers to open the cut, copy, and paste menu. Do it twice to undo.
  1. Bluetooth Privacy Settings: Go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Privacy’, and you will see a new menu called ‘Bluetooth’. You can enable or disable Bluetooth from here.

To Sum Up…Are not you feeling excited about the iOS 13 thirty hidden features? If yes, then the time has come for you to upgrade to the Apple mobile operating system, iOS 13. Last but not least, Apple always comes up with something useful to retain its loyal customers using its operating system time and time again. If you would like some assistance with your iPhone, please contact us, and we can get help you out here at Cellfixx.

We are very near to the release of the iPhone 12. It is expected that Apple will release its latest cellphone either at the end of September 2020 or at the beginning of October 2020. Although the mobile phone has not yet been released still, there are loads of rumors about the specifications that the Apple iPhone 12 would have. There are 4 versions of the iPhone 12 that are expected to be launched. Let us not wait any further and look for the probable specifications of Apple’s upcoming iPhone:

Specification No 1: Probable Names of Four Upcoming iPhones & Their Likely Costs

The probable names of 4 forthcoming iPhone will be iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max that should be priced $699, $799,$1049, and $1149 respectively

Specification No 2: Four iPhones Are Expected to Be Released in Different Display Sizes:

The four iPhones will be released in three display sizes probably with the following display size screens: iPhone 12 (5.4 inches), iPhone 12 Max (6.1 inches), iPhone 12 Pro (6.1 inches), and iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7 inches).

Specification No 3: Four iPhones Anticipated Cameras:

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max will feature dual-lens cameras; as they will be lower-end devices. Conversely, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will feature triple-lens cameras; as they will be higher-end devices.

Specification No 4: Four iPhones Expected Sizes:

iPhone 12 will be the smallest iPhone that Apple has released thus far, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be the largest iPhone that Apple has released to date. Moreover, iPhone 12 Max and iPhone 12 Pro will be similar in size to the existing iPhone 11.

Specification No 5: Four iPhones Likely Bodies:

The bodies of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max will be made up of aluminum, whereas the bodies of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be made up of stainless steel.

Specification No 5: Four iPhones Connectivity:

It is expected all the four upcoming iPhones by Apple will have 5G (5th Generation) connectivity.

Specification No 6: Four iPhones Probable Chips:

It is also anticipated that the 4 new iPhone 12 models will have an Apple-designed 5 nanometer (nm) A14 chip manufactured by TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company). So Apple users can expect better speed and more efficiency in the upcoming Apple mobile phones.

Specification No 7: Four iPhones Expected RAM (Random Access Memory) and Storage:

The expected RAMs for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max are 4 GB (Giga Bytes). The anticipated RAMs for iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are 6 GB. Moreover, the storage capacity for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max is expected to be 64GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. On the other hand, the storage capacity for iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max is expected to be 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB.

Specification No 8: Four iPhones Expected Battery Capacities:

iPhone 12 will feature a 2,227 mAh (milliamp Hour) battery, iPhone 12 Max & iPhone 12 Pro will feature a 2,775 mAh battery, and iPhone Pro Max will feature a 3,687 mAh battery.


Are you excited about the specifications that Apple’s 4 new iPhone 12 models will feature? You should be, as we are too! However, the specifications mentioned in this post are based on rumors. So you may uncover different features than that are rumored when Apple will finally launch its 4 versions of the iPhone 12. Apple always looks for the best when it comes to iPhone models, so we are hoping that Apple will come up with some of the best iPhone models soon.If you're experiencing any issues with your current iPhone, please contact us at one of our Cellfixx locations around Vancouver and we'll be happy to assist you.