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Do you have an iPod that needs fixing? Cellfixx has a wealth of experience in fixing and replacing damaged or broken parts, including battery replacement and LCD screens. Call or visit our Richmond, Vancouver or Coquitlam locations.

iPod Repair Services - Frequently Asked Questions

What types of iPod repairs do you specialize in?

Cellfixx specializes in a wide range of iPod repairs including screen replacement, battery replacement, and audio issues.

How long will my iPod repair take?

Most iPod repairs take about 1-2 hours to complete at Cellfixx.

What is your warranty policy on iPod repairs?

Cellfixx offers a limited lifetime warranty on all iPod repairs.

Do you use original parts for iPod repairs?

Yes, Cellfixx uses original parts for all iPod repairs to ensure the highest quality of service.

Can you repair multiple issues with my device?

Yes, we offer repair bundles for multiple issues with your device.

Do you have experience repairing my specific model of iPod?

Cellfixx has extensive experience repairing all models of iPods. Just tell us your model of iPod and we’ll tell you all about it.

How much will my iPod repair cost?

The cost of your iPod repair will depend on the issue and the model, but we will provide a free quote before beginning the repair.

Is there an initial diagnosis fee?

No, there is no initial diagnosis fee at Cellfixx.

Do I need to send my iPod in or can I bring it to your physical location?

You can either send your iPod to us or bring it to our physical location for repair.

Will my data be saved during the repair process?

Cellfixx takes the necessary precautions to protect your data during the repair process and will make every effort to preserve it.

What our customers say

Repairs we routinely perform for iPods:

We are offering complete repair and replacement services for all makes and models of iPods. We have one of the largest genuine repair-parts inventories to ensure high quality, reliable and fast repairs. See below some of the more frequently performed repair and replacement services for iPods.

Need a quick and reliable iPod repair service?

Well, we are one of the fastest and most consistent iPod repair shops in Vancouver, Canada.
iPod repair time starts as low as 30 minutes – yes, 30 minutes repair service for iPods! Not only do we have the fastest response time, but we are also offering same-day repair and replacement services for iPod repairs. So, while you enjoy a cup of coffee around the shop, our technician can fix your iPod within no time.

Filling online forms or booking an appointment for iPod repairs can be frustrating. At Cellfixx, we welcome you to walk with your iPod and get it fixed in no time! No hassle and no fuss involved.

Walk into our shop with your damaged iPod, and we will give you a free quotation and repair time. If you agree, we will fix it on the spot (some major repairs might need up to 3 working days). So, avoid all hassle and get your iPod repaired with Cellfixx.

  • Volume Button Repair / Replacement

    iPods are known for their superior and booming sounds. Any damage to its volume button will make you constantly adjust the volume. At Cellfixx, we have the right tools and expertise to repair or replace your iPod volume buttons in no time. Get your iPod volume button fixed the same day only with Cellfixx.
  • Screen LCD Repair / Replacement

    iPod screens are a delicate component of your favourite gadget and can be broken or damaged for various reasons. We have genuine OEM parts for all iPod screen repairs and replacements and give appropriate repairs in Vancouver, Canada. If you have damaged or shattered your iPod screed LCD, walk into our shop, and we will fix it in no time.
  • Battery Replacement

    Is your iPod battery draining too quickly? We have the complete inventory of original and guaranteed iPod batteries for all makes and models. Bring your iPod to us, and we will replace your battery in no time. All iPod battery repairs and replacements come with 180 days warranty.
  • Water Damage Repair / Replacement

    Water damage is one of the most common repairs we perform for iPods. A water spill can leave multiple components of your iPod malfunctioned. At Cellfixx, we are offering free diagnosis and quotation for water damage. Bring your water-damaged iPod to us and get the fastest repair service in Vancouver, Canada.

Consider Repair before Buying a new iPod & Save 75%

Before you waste your hard-earned money, let us check your iPod for repair service, it’s free and fast. Cellfixx caters to most repair needs and has the right resources to offer the best results. We have some of the best-resourced and skilled technicians working with us; we are proud to be among the best iPod repair centers working in Vancouver, Canada. We only use quality Apple parts for repair and charge you only if your iPod is repaired! We also deal in iPod replacement screens if your iPod screen is broken or it is damaged. iPod glass is one of the most delicate parts of the iPod, so it needs more attention.
Damaged Screen Repalcement

iPod Damaged Screen Replacement

Front and Back Camera Fix

iPod Camera Fix / Replacement

Speaker Phone Replacement

iPod Speaker Replacement

Battery Replacement

iPod Battery Replacement

Microphone Replacement

iPod Microphone Replacement

Headphone Fix

iPod Headphone Fix

Power Button Replacement

iPod Power Button Replacement

Volume Button Repair

iPod Volume Button

Water Damage Repair

iPod Water Damage Repair

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