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Cellfixx is one of the best MacBook repair companies in British Columbia. We offer fast and professional repair using OEM parts and components.

MacBook Repair Services - Frequently Asked Questions

Can my MacBook display screen be repaired or replaced?

Do you have a MacBook screen problem? We can help. Our team is equipped to fix all broken MacBook screens even when they are in the worst possible shape. We will remove the screen and replace it with one built by an OEM manufacturer. At the end of the service, your screen will look and function as when you first bought the MacBook.

Can my MacBook Hard Disk be upgraded?

Are you running out of hard drive space or need more storage before you start using your new MacBook? Our MacBook Hard Drive upgrade service will help increase space and solve the sluggishness. We install a new SSD (Solid State Drive) on the MacBook. The best thing about the SSD is that it not only gives you more space but also improves the overall performance of your laptop by up to 280%.

Can you fix my MacBook keyboard?

Did you spill liquid on your keyboard? Are some keys missing or unresponsive? To solve this issue, you may need to replace the entire keyboard assembly, and we are here to help. Our team can professionally replace the keyboard on any MacBook. We will gladly give you a detailed quote by visiting our service centres.

Can you fix my MacBook charging issues?

Is your MacBook not holding the charger like it used to? We can fix any charging problem your MacBook has. We can replace the entire charging port assembly and replace the battery. All you need to do is book an appointment or drop by our offices any time.

Can you fix my sluggish MacBook?

After months of use, you might notice that your MacBook is not running as fast as it used to. You need to contact us if it takes longer to load programs or keeps sending weird error messages. Our MacBook optimization service will get your MacBook running like brand new.

Can you upgrade the RAM in my MacBook?

If your MacBook is running slower, taking long to load programs, and keeps sending error messages, then you will benefit from our optimization service. In most cases, all you need is a bigger RAM. Our team will help with the RAM upgrade and get your MacBook running like when you first bought it

Can you fix my MacBook trackpad?

The trackpad gets damaged over time. If your touchpad is erratic or not working like it used to, our team can help. We have fixed such issues on a variety of MacBooks. Our team will restore it to its former glory quickly and cost-effectively. Contact us to get an estimate.

Can you fix my MacBook liquid damage?

Liquids and circuit boards never go well together. The good news is that if you spilled liquid on your MacBook, we could help restore it. At Cellfixx, we are specialists in liquid damage repair and recovery. We can help fix your MacBook in most cases. If it is impossible to repair your MacBook, we will help recover your lost data. Give us a call, and let us restore the lost glory of your MacBook. We have the most reliable factory-trained repair specialists in British Columbia, Canada.

What our customers say

Common MacBook Repair Services:

At Cellfixx, we take pride in being the most recommended MacBook repair service provider in British Columbia, Canada.

We are the largest authorized repair company in British Columbia and specialize in conducting timely and high-quality repairs, which are done by our in-house team of highly trained, factory-trained repair specialists. It doesn’t matter if you have an older MacBook or a new one; we can make it look and function like new. The best thing is that you benefit from a free initial diagnostic. Give us a call now to learn more.
  • Broken Hinge Replacement

    Broken hinges are a very common issue with MacBooks. We can often replace or repair the hinge back to factory condition.
  • MacBook Not Turning ON

    Power issues and power button failures are other common problems with MacBooks. We can replace or repair the power button back to factory condition.
  • MacBook Cracked Screen Replacement

    A screen replacement is another very common repair. Although often expensive, restoring your laptop to factory condition is necessary.
  • MacBook Battery Replacement

    After some time, your MacBook battery will be less powerful and need to be replaced, a very common issue with any electronic component. Over time the batteries lose their ability to keep a charge, or they lose the ability to be charged. Restore your MacBook to its factory condition, and replace your old battery.
  • MacBook Track Pad Replacement

    A very common issue with MacBooks is the failure of the trackpad/touchpad. Often this is a connectivity issue caused by a loosened connection. We can diagnose and fix a common issue like this and restore your MacBook function.
  • MacBook Keyboard Issues

    When your MacBook keyboard is not responding to keystrokes or some keys have stopped working, it may be time to replace or repair it. Bring your MacBook in for a free estimate and diagnosis to any of our repair centres across BC.
  • MacBook Overheating

    A common issue among MacBooks and laptops is overheating, often caused by an obstructed cooling port. Or this can also be caused by a defective fan or thermostat. To keep your MacBook running at optimal temperatures, bring it to us for a free estimate and diagnosis at one of our service centres in BC.
MacBook repair vancouver

Consider Repair before Buying a new MacBook & Save 75%

Before you waste your hard-earned money, let us check your MacBook for repair service, it’s free and fast. Cellfixx caters to most laptop repair needs and has the right resources to offer the best results. We have some of the best-resourced and skilled technicians working with us; we are proud to be among the best MacBook repair centers working in Vancouver, Canada. We only use quality Apple parts for repair and charge you only if your MacBook is repaired! We also deal in MacBook replacement screens if your MacBook screen is broken or it is damaged. MacBook glass is one of the most delicate parts of the notebook, so it needs more attention.
Damaged Screen Repalcement

MacBook Damaged Screen Replacement

Front and Back Camera Fix

MacBook Camera Fix / Replacement

Speaker Phone Replacement

MacBook Speaker Replacement

Battery Replacement

MacBook Battery Replacement

Microphone Replacement

MacBook Microphone Replacement

Headphone Fix

MacBook Headphone Fix

Power Button Replacement

MacBook Power Button Replacement

Water Damage Repair

MacBook Water Damage Repair

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