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We can repair most tablets currently on the market; even if your tablet is older or less popular, bring it to us, and we can have it good as new in no time!

Tablet Repair Services - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save up to 75% by getting my tablet repaired?

With the rising cost of phones and materials and the difficulties of supply, It is often more cost-effective to repair your defective or damaged tablet than to buy a new one. Instead of buying a new tablet, get your phone repaired by a skilled team of expert tablet repair technicians. Currently, we repair Apple & Samsung, and many others.

How can I trust Cellfixx to repair my tablet?

Tablet repair services stores are a dime a dozen, coming and going in every strip mall, not Cellfixx. We have been in business for over 12 years and have six marque locations in BC. We are an affordable repair solution for tablets and smartphones and offer same-day service and 30-minute fixes for many common repairs. We also offer a price guarantee and warranty for all repairs. Our reputation and reviews speak volumes about the customer satisfaction we deliver. So, you can trust us to repair your tablet.

Is my data kept private?

Data privacy is something we take very seriously. We make a point of securing your data. Not only do we secure your data, but we also offer data recovery services. If your tablet cannot be fixed, we will help you recover your data (in most cases). During the data recovery process, your data is always kept private.

How long will it take to repair my tablet?

Nothing can be as irritating as being without your tablet due to damage or defect. We understand the importance of having your tablet repaired quickly. To that end, we offer many same-day and 30-minute repairs. Your tablet will often be repaired in the time it takes to grab a coffee. Most repairs are completed in 30-minutes and usually never exceed three working days. In any case, you will be given a clear timeline for the repair beforehand.

Do you have free repair estimates?

Honesty, transparency and commitment to quality are one of the things Cellfixx stands for. With over 12 years of customer satisfaction, our customers are grateful for repair service with no hidden costs and free estimates. We will give you a clear estimate of the total repair and stick to it. If you decide to proceed with the repair, you will only pay once the repair is completed. If we cannot fix it for any reason, then you don't pay. No, fix, no pay!

What is NO, Fix, No Pay?

We guarantee every repair and replacement as part of our total commitment to customer service in the tablet repair industry. If, for any reason, our skilled technicians cannot repair your device, you will not pay a single penny - that's a promise! One of our policies is the No, fix, no pay, which means you pay only for the repair completed.

Services offered for Tablet repair Vancouver

At Cellfixx, we offer a wide variety of repair services. We cover everything from quick 30-minute screen replacements to more complex repairs. Below is a list of common repairs for tablets. Everything from Operating Systems to water damage, Cellifxx has you covered.
Damaged Screen Repalcement

Tablet Damaged Screen Replacement

Front and Back Camera Fix

Tablet Fixing Front and Back Facing Cameras

Speaker Phone Replacement

Tablet Speaker Phone Replacement

Battery Replacement

Tablet Battery Replacement

Microphone Replacement

Tablet Microphone Replacement

Blank or White Screen Fix

Tablet Blank or White Screen Fix

Headphone Fix

Tablet Headphone Fix

Sync Fix

Tablet Sync Fix

Power Button Replacement

Tablet Power Button Replacement

Wifi Repair

Tablet Wifi Repair

Home Button Repair

Tablet Home Button

Volume Button Repair

Tablet Volume Button

OS Update

Tablet OS Update

Water Damage Repair

Tablet Water Damage Repair

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