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CellFixx is one of the best iPhone repair brands in British Columbia. We offer fast and professional repair using original specification replacement components.

Cost-Effective iPhone Repair Services in Vancouver

iPhones are the world’s most popular phones, and no one wants these reliable and costly phones to damage. However, human beings are not perfect creators as their makings have faults or weaknesses. So, your iPhone can also damage. You may see a broken screen, liquid damage, malfunctioning audio, or some other issues with your iPhones at times. However, those damages can be fixed or repaired from the hands of expert technicians, renowned for iPhone repair in Vancouver, and Cell Fixx is no different. We can fix your iPhone at an affordable price provided that you pay a visit to our repair shop. We can even fix broken iPads, Macbooks, and many other devices and make them look as good as new. We know that a broken device needs superior treatment to start working fine again. Our service is quick and reliable at the same time. For the same reason, numerous users in Vancouver choose us for cell phones, tablets, and laptop repairs.

We repair iPhones at competitive prices based on the damage or problem your iPhone might have encountered. In addition, our repair technicians ensure that your cell phone gets back in working conditions once they are done with diagnosing your cell phone. Our client recommends our iPhone repair services in Vancouver owing to our service’s quickness and quality. As a result, we offer the following iPhone repair services proudly:

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Repair Services

iPhone Screen Repair & Replacement

Broken cell phone screens are common, and iPhone is also not excluded from the problem of a broken, damaged, or cracked screen. If you find it difficult to recognize things on your display, see two or three little breaks, dead pixels, or total darkness on your iPhone; it means your iPhone's screen is damaged. Our expert technicians can repair broken iPhone screens in no time as they are trained and certified for iPhone screen repair in Vancouver.

iPhone Battery Replacement

iPhone batteries can die at times for different reasons, such as overheating or excessive usage; thus, you need to replace such batteries. If you have a dead battery, you can visit our shop for iPhone battery replacement in Vancouver. However, our technicians will examine your device first to ensure that the battery is hindering you from utilizing your beloved smartphone.

Water Damage Recovery

Water damage is the worst damage and won't always get fixed. Nonetheless, our repair technicians make sure that they fix your iPhone if it has come into contact with the water or not turning at all. If your iPhone has suffered liquid damage, your best chance to get it fixed to switch off your phone and bring it to our repair shop. Remember that 80% of water-damaged cell phones can be fixed, so never feel disappointed even if your iPhone is damaged by water.

iPhone Unlock

iPhones are not simple as Android phones to unlock. Android phones typically take a day or two to unlock, and iPhones can take up to 5 days. You can confidently bring your locked iPhone to us if it has been unlocked for any reason and let our experts do the job to unlock it for you. We shall never remain suspicious to you about how we unlock your phone, send the details to you once unlocked, and Bob's your uncle.

iPhone Front or Back Camera Replacement

We can help you even if your iPhones camera is not functioning normally. You might see spots in your photos or unclarity using your wrecked camera; however, we can fix the problem you might have with your front or back camera to make it work routinely. Our camera replacement service for iPhones is cost-effective and also quick.

iPhone Charging Port and iPhone Speaker Repair

Sometimes, iPhones do not detect the charging cable. At times, you might be having issues with your phone calls and sound. The former issue means you need to repair your charging port, and the latter means you should feel worried about your phone's speaker. No matter, both of these issues can be fixed if you consider utilizing our cell phone repair service in Vancouver for iPhone charging port or iPhone speaker repair.

An iPhone Repair Can Help You Save Up To 75% Of The Cost For A New Phone

So, before you waste your hard-earned money, let us check your iPhone for phone repair service, it’s totally free and we get it done in no time. Cellfixx will take care of all your apple phone repair concerns in no time. We have some of the best-resourced and skilled technicians working with us, thus we are proud to be among the best Phone repair centers working in Vancouver, Canada. We at Cellfixx cater to all possible cell phone repair needs and we have the right resources to offer you the best results. We only use quality iPhone parts for iPhone repair and charge you only if your iPhone is repaired! We also deal in iPhone replacement screen if your iPhone screen is broken or there is a cracked screen. iPhone glass is one of the most delicate parts of the iPhone so it needs more attention. We are the only phone repair shop in Vancouver and Coquitlam that provides phone repair service at the lowest costs.

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