How to Fix Microphone Issues for Samsung Cell Phones?

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Whether you have a Samsung cell phone or any other android phone, the microphone can sometimes act up in these devices. If you dropped your Samsung phone and its microphone stopped working, then it is a hardware issue. To get the hardware issue resolved super fast, you can approach the nearest Samsung cell phone repair shop. And if you cannot recall anything that may have caused a hardware problem, here is a guide for you to follow. There are several steps that you can take to resolve the microphone problem in your Samsung phone. All these steps involve the software issues and their solutions. So, read on to fix your phone right away.

1.  Detach All The Accessories And Restart

You may have rebooted your phone by now, given that its microphone is not working the way it should. If not, first remove all the accessories connected with your phone. These accessories may include headphones, ear pods, selfie-sticks, or other Bluetooth-connected devices. Yes, you will need to turn off your Bluetooth as well to get rid of the connected accessories. Then restart the phone and check the microphone.

2.  Clean The Headphone Socket

Some people refer to it as a headphone jack which is also essential to clean, but we are looking for the socket mainly. The jack is the part of your headphone that goes in the headphone socket of your phone. Clean both parts and then see if the “headphones connected” notification or icon pops up. Your phone’s microphone may not be working because sometimes the dirt accumulates inside the headphone socket. It tricks your phone into detecting the headphones while they are not connected.

3.  Get Rid Of Un-Official Or Third-Party Apps

If you have installed any apps from unknown sources on your Samsung cell phone, they may be the culprit. Samsung doesn’t recommend its users to install any apps from unknown sources for a good reason. You have to install the third-party apps by allowing them from the settings separately. And if you have done so, you can uninstall those apps, restart the phone, and then recheck the microphone.

4.  Reset The App Permissions

Some apps can draw on other apps and can engage the microphone of your Samsung cell phone. To fix this problem, you will need to:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Apps & Notifications
  • Go to Advanced, then tap App Permissions
  • Check for the apps that have the permission to access the microphone
  • Uncheck all the apps that are using the microphone
  • Restart the phone

Once all of this is done, check the microphone by making a call or record audio on the phone

5.  Ask For Professional Assistance

If none of the methods fix your Samsung cell phone’s microphone, you should consider contacting a professional cell phone repair company. Sometimes the software issues can only be resolved by advanced software assistance that only the professionals can access. In that case, your DIY methods will not fix the problem.

The Take-Away

If you think that the problem with your phone’s microphone is not hardware-related, you can try all the above methods. These methods are only effective if any of the apps are keeping your microphone busy. Or if your phone’s headphone socket caused the problem. If these steps don’t work, you should look for the nearest repair and service center.

Published on:
August 1, 2022