Most common iPhone repairs

The Most Common iPhone Repairs We See in Our Cell Phone Repair Store

iPhones are some of the most delicate devices in our society nowadays. Their sophisticated technological features can not be underestimated and they cannot be compared to other devices. The popularity of this phone has witnessed a stratospheric rise, and new versions have to be released regularly in order to meet up with demand. As a result of this, it is usually offered at dizzying prices, especially when it is first released. This peerless device has become a reference point and is widely regarded as a status symbol in some circles.

In spite of its sophisticated technological features, cost and several other reasons, it remains a phone that is susceptible to damage. This is because most phones are delicate devices that are usually prone to faults on many occasions. iPhones are not an exception. They may slip off one’s hand, fall, break and even stop working for no definite reason. In this article, we shall examine the common repairs we see in our cell phone repair store.

Water Damage

Not all iPhones are water-resistant. However, the iPhone 11 series: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max are known to have this incredible feature. They are known to possess the water resistance rating of IP68 which make the phones superb. However, this is where people get it wrong. Just because it is water-resistant doesn’t mean it is waterproof. The top model iPhone 11 Pro Max, is known to last in four-meter depth of water for about 30 minutes. Anything outside that will only become a problematic issue. Also, the water resistance feature wears off over time as a result of usage. This means that you will require the help of a technician when things go wrong.


The screen is one of the delicate hardware components of an iPhone. Most times, many people encounter different associated screen problems like a broken screen or frozen screen. The iPhone screen is made of glass. Once broken badly, intentionally or accidentally, it results in shards that have sharp edges. Meanwhile, frozen screens can be a result of malware, failed upgrades, jailbreak and so on. When this occurs, you need to find a repairman that will make your phone better.

Charging Port

iPhone lightning ports are easily susceptible to problems. This is because they are open to dust, dirt and so on. The accumulation of this dirt often makes delicate electronics in the port ineffective. While attempting to clean it on your own, you may destroy the delicate part. It is best advised to consult a technician.

Software Problems

The iPhone’s sophisticated technology does not exempt it from software problems. Most times, this issue arises from malware or bugs. Three ways you can be convinced that your iPhone suffers from software problems:

  • Applications become unresponsive
  • iPhone is stuck on apple logo
  • The white screen of death display

When your phone exhibits these features, you are advised to see a technician who can make the phone work effectively again.


iPhones are delicate devices that are effective, cool and easy to use. If you encounter any problem that seems unsolvable to you, kindly consult a technician @