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"iPhone Screen Repair, iPad Screen Repair and Samsung Screen Repair Vancouver"

Right Deal every time! Cellfixx is one of the largest cell phone repair shop, located at the heart of Vancouver and Coquitlam, Canada. We have been offering our ingenious services for nearly a decade with thousands’ strong loyal clientele. Now all your cell phone repair needs are addressed under one roof with our reliable, affordable and trusted cell phone repair services.

No matter what cell phone brand you carry, our cell phone repair technicians are ready to help you get it fixed in no time. Visit our repair center today and give your cell phone the right Cellfixx Dose!

Repair Services

Cell Phone Repair

Does your cell phone needs a fix? Cell phone repair can save you almost 75% cost of the new cell phone. Get the most comprehensive, competitive and quick cell phone repair services in Vancouver and Coquitlam, Canada with Cellfixx. We do it Professionally!
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Data Recovery

Because memories are precious! Most people are frightened of losing their precious personal and official data on cell phones. Cellfixx offers a reliable, quick and secure data recovery services in Vancouver and Coquitlam Canada. Get all your cell phone data recovered without any hassle.
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More Services

Shatterproof Glass Screen Protector, Nano Liquid Screen Protector, Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Dead Phone Repair, Charging I.C Repair, Touch I.C Repair, SMB (Specialized Motherboards Repair)
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Macbook Repair

Quick and simple Macbook repair from Cellfixx. Get your all MacBook, Mac Mini’s, Mac Pros and Mac Air repaired and replaced from a experienced and highly trained technician. Hundreds of customers have tried our hassle free quality Macbook repair services with complete satisfaction.
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Want to use new carrier on your cell phone? It’s hard to buy a new cell phone to switch carrier isn’t it? No worries! We can unlock any cell phone for you, so you can use whatever carrier service you like. It’s safe, reliable and affordable. Unlock your wish – It’s your life, take the power!
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Tablet Repair

Tablets are for Relieve! Get your crashed / broken tablet repaired in no time with Cellfixx. Tablet repair can save you up to 60 to 70% cost of new tablet. Cellfixx offer you highly reliable, affordable tablet repairing services in Vancouver and Coquitlam, Canada.
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iPod Repair

Music is in the air or is it? We have expert technicians Get your iPod fix in no time! No matter what damage / broke has incurred to your iPod, Cellfixx offer quick, reliable and affordable iPod repairing services in Vancouver and Coquitlam, Canada so nothing comes between you and your passion!
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iPhone Repair

We have our highly trained iPhone Repair technicians can help you repair or update. Cellfixx will take care of all your iPhone concerns in no time. We only used quality iPhone parts.
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Laptop Repair

Looking for some professional help for laptop repair? We can get you most reliable laptop repair for all hardware / software damages. We offer affordable services for all laptops with complete guarantee. All our repair are covered under 180 days of warranty. all makes and models including Linux, APPLE and Windows.
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Software Solutions

Whether you need windows installation, iOS installation or android; our highly trained software technicians can help you repair or update. All software installations are genuine and no crack version is used. Now get the latest android software version updated on your cell phone with Cellfixx.
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Cell Phone Repair

Complete cell phone repair services for all Cell Phone Brands!

You can expect professional, reliable and affordable cell phone repair services from Cellfixx. We are currently offering iPhone Repair services, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, HTC, LG, Sony Xperia, Blackberry, Nexus, Motorola and OnePlus. Cell phone repair services that we are offering include: LCD Screen repair, Earpiece repair, Mouthpiece repair, battery replacement, Home button repair, Water damage repair and replacement, charging port repair, front and back camera repair, headphone jack repair etc.

We offer comprehensive, expert and reliable services for cell phone repair, iPhone repair, iPad repair, screen replacement, battery replacement and other cell phone accessories. Visit us now and get your damaged cell phone assessed free of cost today!

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