How to Recover Lost iPhone Data

How to Recover Your Lost iPhone Data

Do you need to restore your data on your lost iPhone? There is no need to be worried about it as it can be easily recovered with or without backup.

You might have lost your phone data due to theft, factory restore setting, broken phone, or water damage. So, what do you do when you have a new iPhone and you need to recover the data on your previous phone?

This article is an eye-opener on how to recover your lost iPhone data with or without the use of a backup!

Recovery Without Backup

iOS does not overwrite data until there is a need for memory space for new files. This gives you a great chance of recovering data from your other iPhone without backup!

There are numerous iPhone recovery apps that you can use to recover your data. These apps are specifically made to recover lost data from your iPhone.

The following steps will help you in the recovery of your lost iPhone data:

1. Scanning:

To begin, you have to scan your damaged iPhone to have access to its contents. How do you do this? First you will need to plug the iPhone into a computer. Then you’ll launch the installed iOS data recovery software.

Once connection is secured, it will get you to a window which will show you the kind of data you’ll like to scan and recover.

To scan, you locate the boxes near the data type(s) them you click scan. A progressive percentage bar will then show that the internal storage of the iPhone is scanning.

After scanning, the number and kind of files found on the internal storage will be displayed. These files will be automatically sorted into sub-files according to their type.

2. View and Select:

You now have access to your lost files, relieved? You now have to navigate the result window of the scan. Use the left sidebar to navigate through the contents of the files. Click on the category you are looking for and it will be displayed.

3. Recover:

The major tasks have now been completed. You just have to get your files into your new iPhone.

When you are ready to receive the data, you will choose the category you want to recover and tick on the boxes next to the files and click on RECOVER.

You’ll then have a pop-up window on your screen. Here, you will specify the location where you want the recovered files on your computer. After that, click on the RECOVERY button again to begin recovery of the files from the iPhone.

4. Finish:

Once the recovery process is done, you can now go to the folder you recovered the files in. You can now transfer these files to your new iPhone. As simple as that!

Recovery With a Backup

Apple provides you with a simple and easy way to recover your data. You might have backed up your files before you lost your iPhone. This makes recovery easier. You can recover from an iTunes backup or iCloud backup.

Recovery from iTunes Backup

Have you ever backed up your files on a computer with iTunes before the files were missing? Then follow these steps to recover your files:

  1. First you have to connect your iPhone to the computer where your backed up files are in.
  2. Open iTunes on your iPhone.
  3. Your device icon will appear in iTunes, then you select it.
  5. Select the files you desire to restore then click backup.

It is noteworthy that if you are completely restoring the data, your phone will return to its previous state.

Recovery from iCloud Backup

You’ll also be lucky if you have the habit of backing up your files on iCloud as they will be very easy to recover. Follow these simple steps to recover your files:

  2. Then on the apps and data screen, select restore from iCloud backup.
  3. You now have to sign into iCloud with your Apple ID.
  4. You can now choose the files that you want to backup.
  5. The recovery of your files from iCloud will then start.

You should know that all files stored on the iPhone after the date of backup will be removed.


It is really painful to lose essential files and data on your iPhone when stolen or damaged. This article has examined trusted ways to recover your lost files from your previous iPhone. Contact a professional phone repairer If you can’t handle the recovery process.

Once you have your files back, ensure to back them up on a computer or cloud to avoid future data loss. If you are unable to recover the files on your phone then please contact us at Cellfixx, our trained technicians can help you get your files back.