Why Don’t Cell Phone Giants Want You To Get Your Android or iPhone Repaired From A Local Cell Phone Repair Shop?

If you look around at a subway station or on sidewalks, you may find one thing very common, people using phones with their heads down. You may even find people snapping pictures of beautiful landscapes, but you are unaware of one thing! The dilemma these people have of what will happen if our cell phone gets broken or damaged? How are they going to get it fixed? What will they do without their cell phone? They want to go to a phone repair shop, but they heard that it would be a bad call. They have heard everything from losing your cell phone to getting your data hacked, and they are afraid of any of these myths coming true. But there is another game afoot (taking a line from Sherlock Holmes), and today, we will let you in on it. We will brief you on why don’t cell phone giants want you to get your android or iPhone repaired from a local cell phone repair shop? These cell phone giants want to make it so that getting your phone fixed from somewhere else would become a felony. Let us break it down for you! In this blog, we will DEBUNK some myths about local cell phone repair shops and how cell phone giants try to belittle these shops with the help of these myths. Here are some common myths about why cell phone giants don’t want you to get your Andriod or iPhone repaired from a local cell phone repair shop.

Only Certified Technicians Can Fix The Phone

Many people think that only these giants have certified technicians who are capable of fixing a phone. Their technicians alone have the experience and the skill to do it. It’s not the case! Technicians at your local cell phone repair shop could also be certified and have the knowledge and the skills to repair your cell phone properly. They have been working at it for a long time and have expertise in that field. Not all shops have certified technicians, so make sure that you check when you visit your local cell phone repair shop. This myth is propagated to scare you from ever setting foot in a repair shop.

Fixing a Phone From a Local Shop Nullifies Your Warranty

Going for an authorized Samsung or Apple cell phone repair store is the same as a typical repair shop. You must be wondering why? If you are concerned about your warranty being void, you must know that the only issues covered with a warranty are all related to manufacturing errors. Our cell phones break due to accidental mishaps, and your warranty does not cover those. So there are no major differences, although going to a local cell phone repair shop might save you time, and the price would be much lower.

Local Cell Phone Repair Charges So Much

You may have heard of this myth that local cell phone repair shops charge too much. Well, the case is somewhat the opposite. Several factors determine the amount of your cell phone repair. The severity and complexity of your cell phone damage determine how much the cell phone repair shop will charge. However, the prices of local and branded cell phone repair stores are different. Also, when you go to a branded store, it might not be near you. You would have to travel a great distance, and then they could make you wait for a week or more as they send your cell phone to the authorized place. Your local cell phone repair shop can probably do the same job in half the time and use authentic parts to replace the broken or damaged ones. Just keep in mind that your phone is important to you; you have the authority to get it fixed. The question is, from where? Since we have cleared some major misconceptions, you may not feel hesitant about deciding what option to choose.

Why Are Cell Phone Giants Squeezing Local Cell Phone Repair Shops?

The only major reason cell phone giants are against local cell phone repair shops is that they want every penny from their consumers. They want you to get their expensive help to get your mobile fixed. One thing that they don’t pay attention to is the time duration of fixing the mobile phone. You may have to use an alternate phone for days before you get to have your phone back. Since warranty from these cell phone giants only work if there is a manufacturing error, you have to pay for all the accidental damage to your phone. In this scenario, if the user reaches out to the local cell phone repair market, they void the warranty. Not just in Vancouver, it is happening around the world. One important feature about local technicians is they pay extra attention to the detail of damage to your cell phone. They know every in and out of a damaged phone that branded store technicians know. This talent gets wasted because cell phone giants claim that an unprofessional way of getting your phone fixed is not right. You can easily get your android cell phone repaired by a local cell phone repair shop and get the best service you’ve ever seen.

Final Words

We hope that you now know the difference between a branded shop technician and a certified technician at a local cell phone repair shop. The choice is yours, and no one is holding you back from it. Shops like CellFixx have diversified the local cell phone repair shop with the online presence and with the help of technicians that can fix the damage of your mobile like no one else.

Published on:
July 29, 2022