What You Should Know Before Buying a Cell Phone

Your last cell phone doesn’t appeal to you anymore. Now you are looking to buy a new cell phone, but you don't know: how to buy a new one? Before you choose a new smartphone, you must know: What are your priorities? You need to keep in mind ten things while you move forward to buy a new cell phone. Here are those things to assist you:

  • Mobile Carriers and Budget Plans: Yes, it's great you want to buy a new cell phone, but before you use your credit card to purchase something online, you must search for the affordable cell phone plans offered by the various mobile providers in Canada. Some of the best affordable cell phone plans get provided by the carriers, such as Fido, Public Mobile, and Telus.
  • The OS (Operating System): You may already have decided to buy an Android-based device; however, there are several versions of Google software. You can compare the two latest Android software differences to find out: Which Android software will work best for you? Find out if the cell phone you are buying comes with the software that you are after or not.
  • The Design and Functions: The appearance and functionalities of a smartphone also matter if you buy a new cell phone. You may want to show your latest cell phone to one of your friends, so your cell phone's appearance will matter a lot in such a case. You will also want to buy a cell phone that comes with loads of functionalities so that you can enjoy using it. Even budget cell phones come with many functionalities, but you may have to compromise on a few things like camera resolution or display screen if you buy a budget cell phone.
  • Size and Type of Display: The bigger the cell phone's size, the more difficult it will be for you to keep it in your pocket; however, the cell phone with a better display will be pleasant for your eyes. So there are both pros and cons if you buy a bigger size display cell phone.
  • Processor and RAM (Random Access Memory):The more RAM in your cell phone means, the speed of your cell phone will be fast. Moreover, a processor is the core of a cell phone. The better processor speed also means the better performance of your cell phone and the upgrades through software updates.
  • Internal Storage: Internal storage is significant that you should look at while buying a new cell phone. Yes, the smartphone does come with 128 GB (gigabyte) or 256 GB of internal storage, but you should know: How much storage do you need while you use a smartphone before buying it?
  • Battery Life: It's one of the core things for you to consider. The more functionalities in a cell phone mean, the more battery life it will consume, so choose your smartphone wisely while keeping in mind the battery life.
  • Camera Quality: Do you like capturing photos? Then buy a smartphone to have a better resolution for a camera and vice versa.
  • Integrated Functions: Do you want your smartphone to come up with integrated functions, such as a fingerprint sensor, heart rate monitor, or a UV (Ultra-Violet) Sensor? Then buy your smartphone accordingly.
  • Price and Performance: It's the last thing that you will need to consider. Compare the cell phone values with the cost to find out whether the cell phone is satisfactory to buy or not.

The Bottom Line:

Buy a new cell phone, but buy it wisely by keeping things like plans, OS, design, display, RAM, internal storage, battery life, camera quality, integrated functions, and price vs. performance of a cell phone in your mind. If you’re thinking of buying a new cell phone because your current one is broken or damaged, contact Cellfixx for a free estimate, and we can fix your broken phone – In most cases, while you wait.

Published on:
August 1, 2022