What to Do If You Drop Your Cellphone in water?

No one can claim that they have never dropped their phone. We are not talking about dropping it in the water yet. Whether you are a fully coordinated person who is very careful at handling their stuff, it doesn’t matter when you have a phone in hand. What are the chances that you will not drop that phone in the water? No one knows precisely, but it is a prevalent incident. So, you have dropped your cellphone in the water. First of all, don’t put it in a rice bag - that doesn’t work. The second most popular but non-effective method for protecting your phone from water damage is to shove it into silica crystals. Silica crystals also take a very long time to dry up your phone from the inside. Then what? Does cat litter help? Maybe or maybe not. That is because there are many cases where a phone was put inside a sock and then buried under cat litter. And then it worked. So, you can try this one, but the method we are recommending will definitely be the most efficient in reviving your water-dropped phone. Following are some steps to make sure you dry all the water from inside the phone. This method requires a vacuum cleaner. If you have got one in your house, you can start following the guide right away.

Step#1 – Turn Off The Phone Immediately

Assuming that you are reading this beforehand, you should immediately turn off your phone as you pull it out of the water. If the phone has already gone off on its own, let it be that way. With water inside the phone, it can cause a short circuit if there is any activity on the phone. And short circuit means your phone is fried, and then only a professional cell phone repair company can revive it.

Step#2 – Use The Vacuum To Suck Maximum Water

Make sure you use the hose with the tiniest opening (the one that is used for cleaning the corners). Even if you don’t have that with your vacuum, you can cover up the pipe’s mouth with your hand partially to make it tighter. Then place the hose on each hole or the opening of your phone for at least 10 seconds. You need to spend around 5 minutes sucking all the water from the inside of your phone.

Step#3 – Blow Away The Remains Of Water

For this step, you need to convert your vacuum into a blower. Put your phone in a sock and then insert the vacuum hose (that is now a blowing hose) into the sock and pack it. Now turn on your blower and let that hot air do the magic. This is the fastest method to dry your phone thoroughly and deeply. Spend some time doing this activity for substantial time with some intervals. In case you don’t have a vacuum, you can try using a fan. Although it will take much more time than the vacuum trick, you can still dry out your phone. At least drying your phone with any of the methods mentioned above is better than rice, silica crystals, and cat litter.

Bottom Line

This was the last hope for your water-dropped phone to work. If, unfortunately, everything fails, you need to contact a cell phone repair company as early as possible. And if you have dropped your phone in saltwater, you should not even spend any time on the DIY methods. Saltwater does more damage to the sensitive circuitry of your phone than regular water. Going for professional assistance may cost you some money, but it is better than losing your phone completely.

Published on:
August 1, 2022