Upcoming Galaxy 21 Won’t Come with a Charger

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In October 2020, Apple announced that it will stop including the chargers and earbuds in the boxes with which the iPhone comes. Some Android manufacturers have mocked this decision of Apple on social media. Samsung gets included in this list with some of its social media accounts posting Apple has made a bad decision. On the other hand, SamMobile has given Korean media reports that currently leaked Samsung Galaxy 21 won't come with a charger. The company also says it may not include the earbuds in the box, same with the Note20 Ultra.

Is Samsung Becoming Like Apple?

If the rumours are true, it will prove that Samsung has acted foolishly on Apple's decision this year. However, Samsung Note20 Ultra got packaged better than Apple with the removal of earbuds. It looks like Samsung wants to sell its accessory parts separately now, so customers can buy the charger and earbuds separately. Even if Samsung doesn’t offer a charger with its Galaxy 21, Samsung may have made a reasonable decision. Why? Because every major Android phone comes with a USB-C port, and most of them offer Qi wireless charging. In other words, the majority of the people have some charger that works fine with an Android phone.

What Are the Odds?

Removing chargers is the bare minimum that companies like Apple and Samsung can do. Yes, removing the charger may help the environment, but it's tough to say what benefits removing the charger may bring in time. Apple claims that it will help it reduce waste and environmental impact. Doing so will allow Apple and Samsung not to make too many chargers while utilizing fewer natural resources. Still, if a company like Samsung wants to sell chargers separately for the Samsung Galaxy 21, the odds are it just wants to make more money.

Are Samsung and Apple Doing the Right Thing?

Apple claims that removing the items, such as charger and earbuds, will help it shrink its packaging to ship more iPhones, reducing the total amount of shipments. However, the claims from companies like Samsung and Apple seem to be fake. It looks like companies like Apple and Samsung only want to make more money. Their effort seems a waste of time only. If you consider the Android phone, having a USB (Universal Serial Bus)-charger, it may work with a USB-C phone. If people keep using different chargers for their Android phones, such as Samsung Galaxy 21 supporting USB-C charging, the chances are your cell phone may start losing its performance after some time. So some companies claim that customers should use original chargers, so the majority of people don't need to use a new charger for their Android phones.


Companies like Apple and Samsung may not like to offer chargers with their smartphones anymore, considering that they are taking good care of the environment; however, on the brighter side, it looks like that efforts of such companies are only a waste of time. Still, it's not clear whether Apple or Samsung want to make money or save the environment by adopting the current strategy. When Samsung Galaxy 21 or Apple new iPhones get launched, we’ll see what happens. Cellfixx is a cell phone repair company located in Vancouver. If you are experiencing any issues or cell phone damage, contact us for a free estimate.

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August 1, 2022