The Best Low-Cost Cell Phones for 2020

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The cheapest phones have become better than ever. You may find loads of weak handsets with outdated software. But if you do some delving, then you will uncover the best cheap phones including flip or smart ones that work far better than their low price suggests about. So if you are on low on a budget and want to buy a cheap phone, then we are here to help you out.

What to Look for in a Cheap Cellphone?

Having a low budget, such as $300 or less does not mean that you cannot find a perfectly capable device suiting your needs. We are highlighting the features that we believe are highly essential for getting one’s hands on a cheap phone. Our most of the highlighted features are for smartphones, so if you are going to the market to buy flip phones, then the following features may not apply:

  1. The Compatibility: Before you buy a cellphone, you should ensure that your phone has the right band support for your carrier. Search for LTE( Long Term Evolution) bands by the model number of a phone. The best cheap phone will work on your carrier.
  1. Connectivity: It has a huge impact on call quality and data speeds. Make sure your phone comes with a Qualcomm X11 or X12 modem. If you are buying a flip phone, make sure that it has a voice over LTE, voice over Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity), and EVS (Enhanced Voices Services) for the top call quality.
  1. Battery Life: There are certain things that you will need to consider for the battery life of your phone. If you are shopping for a cellphone with a small screen, then its battery capacity should be 3,500 mAh (milli Amp-hours). If you are shopping for a large screen phone, then its battery capacity should be 4,500 mAh.
  1. Chipset: If you do not want to spend too much on phone, then look for a phone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 6-series chipset. If you want to keep your cheap phone for a few years, then go with the Snapdragon 660 processor or higher.
  1. The OS (Operating System): Look for the recent version of Android that is, Android 10.0; however, you can also settle for Android 9.0.
  1. RAM (Random Access Memory) and Storage Capacity: Go either for a 3 GB (GigaByte) or 4 GB RAM. Look for at least 32 GB of storage capacity in a phone, also make sure your phone has a microSD (micro Secure Digital) slot.
  1. Multi-Lens Camera: Go for the phone with a multi-lens formula if you have a range in between $200 to $300 so that you can capture solid images.
  1. NFC (Near Field Communication): A low budget mobile phone may not have the feature of NFC; however, it will be good for you if the NFC feature is available on your cheap phone.
  2. Stereo Speakers: Plenty of budget-friendly phones have stereo speakers. Some of them have even advanced features, such as custom tuning and Dolby audio.
  1. Splash Resistance: If a budget-friendly phone has splash resistance, then it can withstand rain and other minor splashes, but not a drip in a pool.

Here is a list of 3 cellphones that can buy if you have a range of $300 or less:

  1. Samsung Galaxy A50: Price = Less than $300
  2. Motorola Moto G Power: Price = $230
  3. TCL 10L: Price = $212


What do you expect from a cellphone even if you are buying a cheap cellphone? Hopefully, you are. All that you need to know is to make sure that your cheap phones have the above-mentioned features. Lastly, feel free to spend money on cheap cellphones; but spend it wisely no matter you are buying flip phones or smartphones. Contact Cellfixx in Vancouver and ask about used cell phones. We often repair cell phones and sell them so you can get a quality phone with OEM parts.

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August 1, 2022