Signs Your Smartphone Battery Needs to be Replaced

Are you struggling to charge your mobile phone repeatedly because it keeps dying? Guess what? You are not alone. We all have heard the phrase that nothing lasts forever. Well, that is entirely true, especially with the batteries of the phone. Everyone faces this problem at some point. The battery life of your smartphone is the first thing that starts to deteriorate. It usually starts to get bad when your phone is around 2-3 years. In this article, you will understand how you can figure out if you need to replace your battery. Numerous ways will be helpful to identify that. Read along to figure it out!

Battery constantly dying

Battery dying every time is one of the most prominent signs that will tell you about your phone’s battery life. Most smartphones nowadays come with a battery life that lasts for a whole day, and still, some charge is left at the end of the day. However, it all depends on the usage. But, generally speaking, if you are not playing games on it for hours and hours, your phone should last for a day. If you are charging it more than once a day, that means your battery is not up to the mark and needs a battery replacement.

The phone doesn’t get fully charged.

Most of the phones usually charge completely between 4-6 hours. Suppose you have noticed that your phone doesn’t get fully charged even after charging it all night. What you need to do is to drain the battery out completely or when you have only 5% left. Then plug it in and wait for the time your manufacturer has recommended for your phone to be fully charged. If it doesn’t get fully charged in that time, then it’s time to replace your batteries.

Your phone gets overheated.

Have you noticed your mobile phone getting very hot during everyday use or when it is charging? If yes, then it is also one of the signs that the battery is not okay and needs to be checked because it doesn’t happen when your mobile phone’s battery works perfectly. Apart from overheating, if you have also seen that your phone shuts down while you are using it, it’s because your battery is not able to cater to the peak performance apps or activities on your phone.


These are only some of the ways you can check if your phone battery needs to be replaced or not. One of the significant signs is that it will run out of charge pretty quickly. Secondly, when your phone cannot charge completely, even if it is left on charge for an extended period, you still have to replace your battery as it is a sign that your battery has worn out. Lastly, getting your phone overheated while charging or on everyday use is also not a good sign. It is pretty common to have these issues, primarily when you have used your phone for more than two years. Just getting your battery replaced by your mobile repair service provider company is enough to enjoy your favorite movies for hours in a day without charging it every time. Also Read: How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Phones Lagging Issues?

Published on:
August 1, 2022