Should You Sell Your iPhone or Go For iPhone Glass Replacement in Vancouver?

It was a beautiful morning, and you were jogging at the track, and when you were changing the song from your iPhone, all of a sudden, you dropped it on the ground. You pick it up only to find out that the glass has shattered. You feel a host of emotions, including frustration, anxiety, anger, and fear. What should you do now? Either get the screen replaced or, if possible, sell it out, maybe? Which option is going to be cost-effective, repair or replace? Well, don't be stressed. In this article, you'll learn how to choose the best cell phone repair option by assessing the damage. You will also learn when you should go for replacement. Are you interested to know more? Continue reading to find out!

How broken is It?

First and foremost, you need to assess the damage to the iPhone's screen and see how broken it is. Is there just a single one-line crack, or are there multiple of them? When the damage is minor, you can try your luck by going to an iPhone repair shop to see if they can do anything. You could also go to the Apple Store, but unfortunately, if there is any physical damage on the phone, it won't be covered by Apple. Even though, if you have the AppleCare+, you'd still need to pay the service fee. Those people who have been using apples for quite a long time would easily judge the damage's extent.

What are the repair options?

As an iPhone user, you have multiple options for repair. Sometimes it could become overwhelming to choose the one best option. However, we are going to present some of the options which are cost-effective and long-term.


Talking about the broken screen only, you'd be required to pay less when you have the AppleCare+ compared to those who don't have the AppleCare+ and could be a little costly for them. However, apart from the broken glass, if you have any other damage to your phone, e.g., a dent, the repair cost will be a lot higher.

Local iPhone repair shops

As iPhone has gained too much popularity, there are many repair shops for the iPhones. This option is not as easy as it looks. You have to make sure that you are getting your glass replaced by an expert technician. Give it to an amateur, and they will just add to the problem. Moreover, if Apple recognizes that you have gotten your mobile phone repaired from a 3rd party, they might not do any future phone repairs. That's the reason why people are reluctant to go to the local repair shops. But if you think that this will be a good option for you, you have to do your research and read the reviews about the repair shop before handing it over.


We understand that it can be very frustrating when your iPhone glass is cracked. There are a few options which you can choose from to get it fixed. Apart from the options above, you could also fix it yourself. But that option is only for tech-savvy people. Want to know more about iPhone repair? Contact us, and we would be happy to answer all your questions. Also Read: X Things To Consider Before Handing Your Cell Phone For Repair

Published on:
August 1, 2022