Replace Samsung Galaxy A70 Battery in 10 Simple Steps

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If your Samsung Galaxy A70 battery is worn-out or dead, follow this guide on how to replace it. If your battery is swollen, you should take the necessary precautions. Before disassembling your phone, you should discharge the battery to below 25% to prevent damage to the battery. If the battery is accidentally damaged during being repaired, then the battery is less likely to be subjected to a dangerous thermal event. Reassembling the device will require you to use a new adhesive to reattach the components. The necessary tool that you might want to keep close before starting this replacement guide:

  • SIM Card Eject Tool
  • Opening Picks (Set of 6)
  • Heating pad
  • Spudger
  • Plastic Cards

Step 1 Eject the SIM tray of the Samsung Galaxy A70

  • To remove the SIM card from the phone, you can use the SIM eject tool, SIM eject bit, or a straightened paper clip in the slot on the left side of the phone.
  • If you press firmly, the tray will eject, and you will be able to remove it.

Step 2 Soften the adhesive

  • You can do this by pressing the power button on your Galaxy A70.
  • It would help if you used a heating pad to soften the adhesive beneath the rear glass by heating it. Use the heating pad for two minutes to soften the adhesive. You can repeat this step several times throughout the whole process of removing the rear glass.
  • You can also use a hairdryer, heat gun, or hot plate, but be careful not to overheat the phone, as both the AMOLED display and internal battery are susceptible to damage when overheated.

Step 3 Create a gap

  • The suction cup should be applied to the back of the phone, as close as possible to the center of the right edge.
  • It is necessary to pull the suction cup to form a gap between the rear glass and the frame.
  • Once the gap has been formed, insert an opening pick within it.

Step 4 Slice the adhesive

  • Slide it along the edge to the bottom right corner using the opening pick.
  • If you want to prevent the adhesive from resealing, leave the opening pick in its place.
  • You should be able to remove the suction cup once you have inserted an opening pick, or you may continue to use it for a better grip during the removal procedure.
  • Place a second opening pick under the bottom right corner of the back cover.
  • Place the top right corner of the pick over the opening pick.
  • If you have difficulty cutting the adhesive, you can use the heating pad again to soften it.
  • Keep the opening picks in place to prevent the adhesive from resealing.
  • Under the top right-hand corner of the back cover, insert a third opening choice.
  • To cut the adhesive along the top edge of the phone, slide the tip of the opening pick along its edge.
  • To prevent the adhesive from resealing, you should leave the opening pick in the top left corner.
  • Add a fourth opening pick under the top left corner of the board.
  • By sliding the opening pick along the left edge of your phone, you will cut the adhesive.
  • If you want to prevent the adhesive from resealing, keep the opening pick in place.
  • Insert a fifth opening pick in the bottom left corner of the board.
  • Using a razor blade, cut the remaining adhesive on the pick's edge.

Step 5 Remove the rear glass of the Samsung Galaxy A70

  • Removing the rear glass is necessary.
  • Stack a stack of heavy books on your phone for several minutes after installing the back cover to help the adhesive form a good bond.

Step 6 Unscrew the midframe

  • To remove the fourteen screws, 4.0 mm long, that secure the midframe, you will need to use a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 7 Insert an opening pick

  • to separate the midframe from the plastic clips that have been attached to it.
  • You should insert the opening pick between the midframe and the front panel assembly on the phone's right edge near the volume button.

Step 8 Detach the clips

  • Slide the opening pick to the bottom right corner of the opening pick to remove the clips.
  • As you slide the opening around the bottom right corner to the bottom left corner, you will be able to loosen the plastic clips.
  • Detach the plastic clips from the opening pick by sliding the pick along the left edge of the pick.
  • Now you can remove the midframe.

Step 9 Disconnect the battery of the Samsung Galaxy A70

  • You can dismantle the battery with a spudger by prying the connector straight up from the socket with the help of the spudger.
  • Using a spudger, pry the interconnect cable straight up from its socket by using the connector straight up from the motherboard.
  • Using a spudger, pry up the connector straight up from its socket to disconnect the interconnect cable from the connector socket on the daughterboard.
  • Once this has been done, the interconnect cable will be removed from the board.

Step 10 Apply adhesive remover

  • Putting a few drops of adhesive remover or high concentration (90% or higher) isopropyl alcohol into the gap at the bottom edge of the battery is recommended.
  • To remove the adhesive from underneath your battery, raise the bottom of your phone and tilt it in the direction of the rear camera. It will allow the adhesive remover to spread out.
  • It would help if you let the adhesive remover penetrate the battery adhesive for at least one minute.
  • The soft-shelled lithium-ion batteries can leak dangerous chemicals, catch fire, or even explode if they are damaged. It is recommended that you do not use excessive force or pry at the battery with metal tools. While doing this, make sure that you don't deform the battery in any way.
  • Place a piece of plastic underneath the bottom edge of the battery.
  • Slide it carefully under the battery to loosen the adhesive.
  • As you continue to slide the plastic card underneath, you will be able to pry out the battery from its recess.
  • When you do this, you should be able to remove the battery easily. If the battery is still sticky, repeat the previous adhesive removal procedure using the adhesive remover.
  • Remove the battery from the device.
  • If your battery is damaged or deformed, do not reinstall it because it could risk your safety.
  • It is important to remove any remaining adhesive from the phone before putting in a new battery and to clean the glued areas with isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth before replacing the battery.


You should turn on your device and test your repair before installing the new adhesive and resealing it. If you think this replacement guide is not very easy you can always look for a phone repair near you or specifically a Samsung galaxy repair near you.Use pre-cut adhesive tape or double-sided adhesive tape to secure the new battery. For the new adhesive to adhere correctly to the device, it needs to be applied at the same place where the old adhesive was located, not directly onto the battery. Ensure that the new battery is firmly pressed into place.Once the battery has been installed, follow these steps in reverse order to reassemble your device. Apply new adhesive to the relevant areas after cleaning them with isopropyl alcohol (>90%), if necessary.If you have any questions you can contact us and we would be here to help you.

Published on:
July 29, 2022