How to Make Your Smartphone Last Longer?

You can invest in a new smartphone if you have the money to buy it. However, if you already own a smartphone with decent features and want it to last long, you need to handle it with care. Taking care of it should be your number one priority. You have to treat it just like your car or your house. You can also take advantage of a cell phone repair shop in Vancouver to have your smartphone fixed and looking as good as new. Here are the things to do to ensure your smartphone lasts longer:

Keep Updating Your Cell Phone Apps:

It is vital to update your smartphone applications and keep them problem-free. Usually, updating your O.S. and third-party apps does not take long and offers you bug fixes, resolves security issues, and improves your device’s performance at times. Both iPhones and Android phones need updates to help your cell phone be functioning well.

A Reliable Protective Case:

You need to protect your smartphone from possible damages. You can do this by using a protective case for your smartphone. Smartphones look extremely good in their original shape but are very delicate and susceptible to damage. If you do not use a protective case, your smartphone can suffer damages. If it happens, you would need to consider cell phone repair in Vancouver.

Keeping Your Device and Ports Clean:

Smartphones look perfect when you purchase them. Nonetheless, they can be full of grease and dust if not taken care of properly. Even if you are using a protective case, you should take your device out and clean it. Ensure there is no dust or debris on your cell phone’s charging port, speaker grill, and other exposed areas. You can utilize a toothpick to clean the unreachable parts of your smartphone.

Avoid Heating Your Smartphone:

Smartphone batteries can become dead with overheating. The easiest way to avoid overheating your cell phone is to maintain its temperature range. Therefore, you should prevent instances that can cause your smartphone battery to overheat. Please do not leave your cell phone in direct sunlight or use it too much to evade overheating. Overheating can cause your smartphone to shut off, stressing your battery and making its life span short.

Remove Applications Making Your Device Slow:

Smartphones have finite storage space and memory. You should keep the number of unused apps on your cell phone to the minimum. You need to remove apps from your smartphone, not in your daily use, as such apps take up storage space and avert other applications to run freely in the background.


If you have the money to afford a new cell phone, you can replace your old cell phone. However, you can have your smartphone last for a long time if you take care of it. Here are a few things to keep in mind that can help your smartphone to stay in good shape for a long time:

  1. Keep updating your smartphone apps.
  2. Keep your cell phone in a protective case.
  3. Keep your device clean and its ports.
  4. Avoid heating your smartphone.
  5. Remove unused apps from your smartphone.

You can also take advantage of a cell phone repair service in Vancouver to repair your cell phone if you want to keep it with you for long and do not prefer buying a new cell phone.

Published on:
August 1, 2022