How Canada Effectively Killed Huawei's Access To 5G

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Canada is the sole member of the ‘Five Eyes Intelligence Sharing Network’ that has not blocked Huawei from 5G (5th Generation) networks. Still, it has successfully done that, postponing a decision long enough to force the telecom companies to ignore the Chinese equipment maker. This strategy has let Canada keep on the right side of China and the United States (U.S.) as they struggle over Huawei. Canada, with its ‘Five Eyes’ allies – the U.K. (United Kingdom), New Zealand, and Australia, are under pressure from the fellow member – the U.S. to exclude Huawei on security grounds.  The 5G network has speed that is, 500 times faster than 4G networks, and it is anticipated to power everything from telemedicine and remote surgery to self-driving cars. Canada has been considering whether to dismiss the firm’s next-generation gear for the better part of two years, ignoring the augmenting signs of industry impatience. In June this year, ‘Bell Canada’ and ‘Telus'; two of the foremost wireless providers, teamed with Sweden’s ‘Ericsson’ and Finland’s ‘Nokia’ to make 5G telecom networks, getting rid of Huawei for the project despite deploying Huawei 4G equipment. ‘Alliance Canada Hong Kong’ claims that the Huawei 5G network in Canada will be able to track citizens. Moreover, the Trump administration said: ‘It would further squeeze the U.S. restrictions on Huawei, aimed at clamping down on its access to the commercially available chips. ’In Canada, operators sense that the U.S. restrictions mean that they have no choice but to sideline Huawei 5G networks at least for now. The Canadian sources said: ‘The best thing for us is to do nothing as we do nothing, then we would not upset the Chinese and Americans.’ Staying on the side of Chinese is a critical contemplation. Huawei ‘Chief Financial Officer’, Meng Wanzhou, is fighting arrest to the U.S. since the Canadian police imprisoned her in December 2018. In reply, Beijing detained Canadian citizens Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, charging them with intelligence. So Canada is saying that getting their freedom is a top priority. If it were not for the Canadian citizens, Canada would have declared it would not be deploying Huawei 5G technology. In 2018, Australia and New Zealand blocked the service providers from using Huawei 5G gear. Hopefully, Canada will make a decision one day. Two more people who have consulted with Canadian officials say they think it is a matter of time when Ottawa reveals a ban. One of the sources has confirmed that Ottawa has not yet come to a firm conclusion. The British government recently said that it would ban Huawei from 5G networks by ordering the companies to discard the gear by 2027. In January 2020, the British government said Huawei could have a restricted 5G role. Canadian politician ‘Navdeep Bains’ said in a statement: ‘He cannot comment on Huawei and 5G, as he does not know when an announcement would be made.’ Lastly, Huawei said in a statement: ‘Ottawa is taking its time to decide to kill Huawei’s access to 5G.’Cellfixx in Vancouver carries a wide variety of 5G enabled phones and also repairs them. Contact Us to find out more.

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August 1, 2022