Easy Ways to Fix Microphone Problems in Android Cell Phones

Did your cell phone’s microphone stop working all of a sudden? Well, that is why you are here. Android phones have a very open platform operating system. That is the reason many apps can interact with the cell phone’s master settings. In some cases, changing those settings should not be made available to the user at all. For example, in android phones, you can set your gallery to delete the photos once you press delete directly. If you enable that setting, you can lose all those precious pictures in case of an accidental touch. So, we know how android sometimes can mess it up for you. If you have corrupted the microphone by dropping it, it means your cell phone has a hardware problem. So, you may need a professional cell phone repair company to get it fixed.  But if you have no idea how you got into this problem, we have some solutions for you to try. Follow the simple steps and fix the microphone of your android phone right away.

1.  Restart the Phone

Most probably, you have already done that quite a few times by now. But still, we need to be sure that there is no skipping the “turn it off and turn it back on” hack. In many cases, it is the best hack, and it works. Some newly installed app may also have the microphone engaged, and maybe that is why it’s not working. That being said, we will move to the next step of clearing the app permissions.

2.  Clear App Permissions

To do that, you need to

  • Open settings
  • Go to apps (for some phones, it will be “apps & notifications”)
  • Open app permissions
  • Locate the Microphone and open it

Now you can see all the apps that have permission to access the microphone. If there is an option to select all at once, do it. Once all are selected, uncheck all of them together, disabling the microphone for all the apps. Now turn it back on for only phone or dialer. Restart the phone and check your microphone by making a call to someone.

3.  Clear Default Apps

Unfortunately, if step 2 didn’t work for you, try this. You need to

  • Open settings
  • Go to apps (for some phones, it will be “apps & notifications”)
  • Open default apps

Once in there, quickly tap clear default apps. If there is no option for that, you can manually try to clear any apps that may be using the microphone.

4.  Reset App Preferences

Now we are one step closer to reaching out to a cell phone repair company. Because if this step doesn’t fix your cell phone’s microphone, you will definitely need to get it fixed by a professional. For this, you need to

  • Open settings
  • Go to apps (for some phones, it will be “apps & notifications”)
  • Go to all apps (list of all apps should be there)
  • On the top, tap those three dots, and tap clear app preferences

Don’t worry about your data at all. This step will not remove any data. You might have to face the mild inconvenience of losing your preferred settings for some apps, but that’s acceptable when fixing the microphone. Once done, restart your phone and check the microphone.

The Take-away

Most android phones can behave unusually after a software update. Make sure you always install the verified update only. Also, do not install any apps on your phone that is not on the Play Store. And if none of the steps work, contact an android repair service company at your earliest.

Published on:
August 1, 2022