Do the Benefits of 5G Outweigh the Concerns?

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5G is the 5th generation mobile network. It is a novel worldwide standard after 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. The advantages of this mobile network include fast speed, supports around 1 million devices, and provides much higher responsiveness. Guessing from the wholehearted reception of 5G technology by the governments and industry, we are on the threshold of a technological revolution. 5G is replacing the 3G and 4G cellular telephone networks, as the time is passing by. However, this technology has become very controversial in many locations, based on the RF (Radio Frequency) transmitted by 5G stations. The question is: Do the benefits of 5G outweigh the concerns? The advantages of 5G are enough, but there are also some cons associated with this technology. Let's highlight some of the pros and cons of 5G to determine whether 5G is beneficial or not.

The Pro's of 5G Technology:

  • If you are at a stone’s throw from one of the 5G towers with your 5G phone, then you will be able to download a video in a matter of seconds.
  • With the 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) come down on a small area, the towers tend to get jammed and reach capacity, this is not an issue with 5G.
  • The network speeds have increased, so many tasks have transitioned from the world of computers to the smartphones that have open novel doors for 5G device technology including AI (Artificial Intelligence) and VR (Virtual Reality).

The Cons of 5G Technology:

  • The frequency waves of 5G can travel only a short distance. The 5G waves will not travel as from the tower as 4G. Moreover, the trees, buildings, walls, and other obstacles will block, intervene, and absorb the high-frequency signal of 5G.
  • The mobile phones operating with 5G will suffer a huge battery drain. So better battery technology will be a need if you want to run it on your cellphone.
  • The current upload speeds of 5G are not as groundbreaking as the download speeds.
  • Currently, the 5G coverage is restricted to narrowly defined areas in specific cities. So if you live or work in certain areas of big cities, then you will very likely not be able to make the most of 5G technology.

It is crucial to discuss the pros and cons of the new generation technology so that you can have an understanding of how it can impact you and your business. There are lots of gossips going these days about the 5G, so it is easy to get confused with what is correct or false. We cannot find out what the 5G can do for us unless the technology is fully implemented. The carriers continue to withdraw their 3G (3rd Generation) spectrum to repurpose it for 5G; it can be baffling and irritating, as an operator who needs to upgrade their equipment to maintain pace, Moreover, MWCA (Mobile World Congress Americas) has predicted that only 49% of connected devices will be 5G in 2020 with 4G holding to be 45%.Conclusion

What have you realized thus far about the benefits of 5G and the concerns associated with it? In the first place, there are health risks associated with this technology. Secondly, although this technology has a decent speed; however, its frequency waves cannot travel a long distance. The signals of this tech (technology) cannot be jammed, and it does not feature a groundbreaking upload speed. The technology cannot reach the big cities. So there are enough cons associated with this technology that justify that its benefit does not outweigh the concerns. Last but not least, technology is yet not fully implemented, so we have to wait for some time to know if 5G technology is a better technological revolution or not. Cellfixx in Vancouver carries and repairs a variety of phones. Contact Cellfixx to find for any questions.

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August 1, 2022