5 Signs It’s Time To Buy A New Cell Phone

We rely on our smartphones for various tasks. It could be sending an email to your client or playing PUBG. Nowadays, there isn’t any other technology in our lives that is as important as smartphones. And, smartphones aren’t something that only the rich can afford. There’s something for everybody as more and more brands enter the market. Most people try to use their phones for at least 2-3 years. Although, this can be a good option to save money. However, your mobile phone might end up with multiple issues after a few years of usage. It could have a sound quality issue, security issues, or more. We understand that when people buy a costly new smartphone, they expect the phone to run for several years. But unfortunately, there is a certain life for every product. As time passes, any product would depreciate and lose its shine even if you take very good care of it. At some point, your cell phone would not work like it used to do when it was new. That’s why replacing your phone is inevitable. In this article, you’ll find out all the details about when you should change consider changing your cell phone. You’ll get to know about the signs when it’s time to buy a new cell phone.

The Battery Runs Out Quickly

As you use your cell phone, its battery keeps deteriorating. And, that won’t be able to hold more charge as the chemical compounds of your battery start to degrade. After 1-2 years, you’d observe that the battery has lost almost a fifth of its ability to retain a charge. Although that doesn’t happen too early, it only happens when several hundred recharge cycles have passed. Therefore, it is recommended that you don’t keep your cell phone on charging overnight. You might have to take your iPhone for repair if you overcharge it. If you charge your cell phone more than once a day, that means the cellphone cannot hold the charge like it used to do when it was new. And, if you use your phone a lot, you’d probably have to charge it multiple times a day, and that’s frustrating. It’s time to get a new phone.

Too Slow To Use

You might have observed that when the mobile phone or tablet is new, it would respond within no time. However, as it gets old, the loading time increases. The app that would open instantly before, now takes a few seconds. There are several reasons why the cell phone is not responding quickly and slowing down. But, most of the time, the age of the cell phone is the factor that is causing this issue. On the other hand, when you upgrade the mobile phone to the latest version of IOS or Android, that would cause a lot of pressure on the smartphone’s resources, including heavier RAM and CPU usage. Secondly, multiple apps running in the background could also be one of the reasons why your smartphone is slowing down. Ensure that you close all the apps manually so that the phone is not consuming resources in the background. However, if you are looking for a once and for all solution, you can consider replacing your phone. Because getting a new phone means there would be an increase in resources and your phone’s software would run smoothly.

Outdated and lacking Updates

New cell phone models come out at a very fast rate. If you purchase an old smartphone model, you have to keep in mind that the phone won’t offer software updates after a certain period. That’s why it becomes outdated. On the other hand, you shouldn’t expect all the upcoming upgrades even if you purchase a brand-new top-tier model. At one point, that phone would get old as well, and you couldn’t upgrade it anymore. You might be thinking, would there be upgrades for the security? Well, unfortunately not. Once the smartphone is outdated, the manufacturers don’t release security updates for the old models. That’s why replacing your phone can be one of the smart decisions when you think that your smartphone is outdated.

New App doesn’t run

Now, it’s time for virtual reality. And, you can find multiple VR apps on the Play Store. Some of them are resource-intensive and won’t work on an older mobile phone. Similarly, gaming also requires good RAM and internal graphics for the game to work smoothly. Therefore, if you are into gaming, you may consider replacing your smartphone with one which has the most up-to-date technology so that it can run heavy graphics games. You can test your existing phone by installing the high-resource games and VR apps and see how it is working and check if it runs well on it. If it doesn’t, then it’s time to upgrade your phone.

Apps Crash Frequently

Android smartphones don’t guarantee that the app won’t crash. As the mobile phone is human-made, it has flaws in it. We can’t predict when an app will crash. But, whenever it happens, there can be various reasons for it. You can’t just blame the phone for it. Sometimes, the apps themselves aren’t designed well. On the other hand, the phone might not be compatible with running that app. For instance, the app might require new modern phones to run smoothly. Nonetheless, if you observe that the apps are crashing all the time on your smartphone, there could be some other issues. The phone might not be able to handle the demand by the apps. If the app doesn’t get the required resource (good RAM or CPU), it will not work. One other cause of the crashes is storage. Low storage causes the apps to crash. Therefore, getting a new phone which has a higher storage capacity is a better option. However, if you cannot identify the right cause of the app crashing, you may contact the cell phone repair shop. They would help you to diagnose the problem.


These are the most common signs that would help you identify the right time to change the phone. Now, you can get a new phone which suits your budget because there is a wide variety of cell phones you can choose from. Contact us now to know about cell phone repair.

Published on:
July 29, 2022