5 iPhone Apps That Will Improve Your Life

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The mobile applications (apps) industry is a massive industry with too many users opting for iPhones. The iPhones come with the latest innovations with time, making them one of the most-wanted cell phones worldwide. With emerging iPhones, new mobile apps are also coming that make cell phones even more convenient and enjoyable. Yes, there are plenty of Android apps; still, Apple is the platform that offers the most in variety to its users. Cellfixx looks at 5 iPhone applications that can improve your life:

Rakuten Slice:

It’s one of the best iPhone apps that is, available on the planet. Rakuten Slice is a swift, efficient, and convenient online shopping app (application). Slice reduces the time that you may consume for tracking and receiving your deliveries. The app automatically tracks the product you might order and let you free from the hassles of online shopping by automatically tracking your orders with real-time updates.


Another perfect Apple mobile app is OpenTable. With this app, you can search over 52,000 restaurants around the world. The app allows you to reserve and modify your reservations anytime, anywhere, in a few taps. You can narrow down your search with dozens of filters that come with this application. You can also keep tabs on all your essential OpenTable statistics, dietary preferences, and dining points.

Genius Scan:

Do you often feel frustrated while taking photographs? Yes, you can take legible photos with your iPhone through Genius Scan and upload them to your computer. This app, in fact, allows you to scan an image with your iPhone, then easily upload it to your computer as a PDF (Portable Document Format), rendering you a precise and handy image. Thanks to this application, iPhone users can capture the exact photos that they want to.


Another very useful mobile app for your iPhone is MyFitnessPal. You can achieve your weight-loss goals with this app, and it’s the best calorie counter available for iPhone. You will need to set your daily calorie goal and record your daily food intake and exercise to ensure you stay right on track as a fitness lover. Once you utilize this app the right way, you will feel amazing seeing your pounds coming off.

Baby Monitor HD (High Definition):

Do you have a newborn baby? As parents, you may never want to leave your baby alone, even with the most trusted babysitter. Yes, this is an excellent iPhone app to let you feel secure about your baby. Baby Monitor HD may not free you from the guilt of leaving your little one; still, it will let you feel very secure. How? This app allows the parents to see and hear their sleeping babies on their iPhones without feeling worried about their babies.


Thanks to the emerging technology, we are uncovering the fast, reliable, and secure iPhone apps day in day out. Some of those emerging iPhone apps include Rakuten Slice, OpenTable, Genius Scan, MyFitnessPal, and BabyMonitor HD. Hopefully, we shall see even more iPhone apps in the future in terms of reliability, confidentiality, and price. Are you having trouble with your phone? Contact Cellfixx for a free quote as we can repair your cell phone quickly.

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August 1, 2022