cell phone warranty vs insurance

Warranty Vs Insurance Vs Alternative Protective Measures

How to Protect Your Cell Phone from Accidents and Mishaps!

Our cell phones are evolving fast incorporating more technological advancements, but so do their prices. Today we are paying more than ever for a latest smartphone (this includes their upfront cost, repair costs and cost related to insurance or warranties). No matter what payment mode you chose (a total upfront cost or in form of monthly installments), the important thing is to know the real worth of your cell phone and that if you really need to spend more cash in terms of its protection against possible mishaps?

Warranty Vs. Insurance

A one or two year warranty is always offered by manufacturer which starts at the purchase of cell phone. However, it is to be known that manufacturer warranty is only valid for manufacturing related problems and doesn’t cover any incident, theft or loss at user end. Even with an additional warranty you will only get an additional one or two year of limited manufacturer warranty which again doesn’t cover any mishap at user end.

Insurance on the other hand does actually cover any misfortunes or mishap at user end. It may seem expensive at first but on a longer run it protects your device against any clumsiness or accident. In fact cell phone insurance also covers cell phone repair services (provided you have chosen the right insurance plan).

Are your previous devices still working?

Is your drawer or locker full of useless scrap cell phones? If it’s a yes then perhaps your lifestyle and living conditions aren’t well suited to electronic gadgets and that you need some additional protection for your electronic devices. It is a sober idea to evaluate the causes of scrapping those cell phones and if you think you are accident-prone than it’s high time to start investing in an insurance program for your cell phone.

On the other hands, if you have a bright and spotless record of keeping electronic devices in impeccable condition and have resell your old smartphones for good price than perhaps you don’t really need a cell phone insurance. In this case manufacturer warranty is sufficient for you as you can continue using your current smartphone for the period of warranty and then sell it as used item over internet.

Alternative protective measures

Now if you don’t had a good track record for keeping electronic devices protected and you don’t want to actually invest in a cell phone insurance program then perhaps you should lookout for some alternative protective measures.

These measures include cell phone accessories that can help you protect your device against most accidents (obviously they aren’t hundred percent effective). Some of these measures include getting your device a screen protective layer. Mobile screen repairs are the single most performed jobs at all mobile repair shops. This is primarily because screens are the most sensitive part of any cell phone and our cozy life style is quite prone to cell phone drops or smashing. A protective screen cover will guard your screen against many low to middle impact drops and smashes (raising your chances many folds). Moreover, you can also invest in purchase of cell phone covers with added padding for protections. A combination of tempered glass screen protectors with extra padded mobile covers will surely raise your cell phone’s surviving chances many fold.