IPhone Gorilla Glass

Corning Gorilla Glass 5 – Is your IPhone Screen protected?

Corning is known for its robust glasses for cell phones. The company has been making grounds in manufacturing of durable and shock proof glasses over the years and it seems that the company has finally made a breakthrough with its Gorilla glass 5. Already used by different flagship devices, Corning Gorilla glass 5 is claimed to be robust enough to withstand fall as high as shoulder height. Though this isn’t been proved commercially, it will be a serious breakthrough in cellphone accessories market if it stand its high claims.

As per the official statement from the company, Gorilla glass 5 is able to shield shattering or breaking of screens from a fall as high as 1.6meters. The company officials has claimed that its latest protective glass is one of the best and most revolutionary in industry. He further claimed that, Gorilla glass 5 is way better than any other similar protective screen available in market today. It is expected to offer 1.2x better protection when compared with its earlier version Gorilla glass 4, whereas, performance can be as high as 4X as compared to other similar protective screens available in market.

We surely has high optimism for gorilla Glass 5 which have been tested rigorously in labs, and performing 70% of the times. Until now Gorilla glass 5 has been successfully performing in all tests and we all hope this will be our way out from frustrating screen damage and repairs.

Corning Gorilla Glass is one of the most widely used protective glasses that is used in almost all smartphones. At present there are over 4.5 billion devices with gorilla glass incorporated as a protective shield. All major cell phone brands like Samsung, iPhone, Huawei have relied on its endurance – thus giving corning a legitimacy in protective glass manufacture industry.

But is it really worth it?

Well, unfortunately up till now there is no protective glass that can protect our devices from fall or shock. Even with gorilla glass 4, there’s always a chance of damaging cell phone screen. The problem is the resistance offered by these protective glasses isn’t big enough to withhold high fall or major impact.

This is why Corning have been investing in its resistant glasses to make them more durable and enduring. Now with its latest Gorilla Glass 5, the company is hoping that it will finally withstand most major shocks and high drop-offs. Again, there is no way you can protect your cell phone screen completely and there will always be cell phone screen repairs services required. This will only help to relieve some pressure from cell phone screens (as much as it is made to withstand) and the remaining impact has to be bear by your cell phone screens (making them vulnerable to shattering and breaking).

What we learn is that there’s always going to be a need for cell phone screen repair services, no matter how robust protective glasses may become. If you do have a broken or shattered iPhone glass screen, you can simply visit Cellfixx and we will get your iPhone screen repaired in no time. Simply visit our website for more details or visit our shop for free quotation now!