broken iphone screen

Broken iPhone Screen?

Get your cell phone repaired to return the maximum benefits and retain its true worth!

A shattered or damaged iPhone screen is surely a big source of frustration and pain for the owner. This not only damage the beauty and aesthetics of your exquisite iPhone but also mean a frustrating downtime for you.

Why iPhone Screen breaks?

There are literally hundreds of causes that can lead to a broken or shattered iPhone screen. Some of the more common reasons of breaking iPhone screen include; dropping your phone to a hard floor or pavement, forgetting to takeout the phone from your back pocket before sitting, children throwing off the iPhone downstairs, alcoholic incidents, leaving iPhone on top of your vehicle or smashing your iPhone against the floor when it’s in bag. At Cellfixx, we have seen almost all sort of iPhone screen damages and we have dealt with them all.

Now you need not to worry about iPhone screen repairs as we got it covered in all aspects. We have number of professional services aimed to repair and replace iPhone broken screens with surgeons precision. Our highly expert and gracious technicians will elaborate you with the technical details involved in iPhone screen repairs and also you will be provided best solutions that suits your budgeting requirements.

Is it really worth it to get my iPhone screen repaired or replaced?

As a general fact, majority of iPhone users seems to be too little bothered to get their iPhone cell phone screen fixed. The general trend that prevail in many iPhone users is to either continue using their cell phone with broken screen or just sell it off at whatever rates they can get.

However, the fact is that even if your broken cell phone screen doesn’t hinder your use of iPhone initially, it will certainly get much worse with time. Leaving a shattered screen without repair or replacement will only aggravate the problem and you might be left with a totally dead cell phone. So, here’s why you should always get your cell phone repair and replace well in time.

To retain the value of your cell phone

As a general rule, you got to keep your cell phone in perfect working condition in order to get the maximum worth out of its sale. Selling an iPhone with a broken or shattered screen will certainly lower its value to great extent – leaving you in bad financial shape for the next upgrade. In fact, without repairing the shattered screen, your cell phone will be regarded as a broken phone (with none value), whereas, by getting a quick cell phone screen fix you can place it in “working” class category.

For instance, a broken screen iPhone 5S will get you around €60, whereas, same device with repaired screen can get you a whopping €200. Even if we takeout the repairing expense that will cost you around €70, still this means that you’ll be losing around €70 for the sale of broken screen iPhone. Therefore at Cellfixx we highly recommend our prestigious customers to get instant professional cell phone repair services and retain the true worth of their beloved iPhone.

iPhone screen repairing is amazingly time and cost effective

The cost of an iPhone screen repair job is shockingly much less than what most people think. Though there are some cell phone repair shops that might charge illegitimately, but if you checkout the prices of multiple repair shops you will be amazed at the nominal pricing for the job. In fact, getting your cell phone repaired by a 3rd part shop is lot cheaper than going for the official APPLE store. The latter will prove much expensive and time consuming experience.

Moreover, gone are the days when you got to drop your cell phone for days to be repaired. Now you can get your iPhone screen repaired in no time. At Cellfixx we are offering our customers same day iPhone screen repair services with complete warranty of genuine parts. Our prices are highly competitive and we offer our customers warranty for every repair.

The long term damage

As we have already mentioned that a broken iPhone screen might not affect other functionalities of the cell phone. This leads to many people thinking that they can continue using their cell phone indefinitely. However, with time the problem will surely aggravate and in worst case scenarios you can be left with a totally dead iPhone. So, never neglect your broken iPhone screen and always try to visit a professional cell phone repair shop immediately.