Your Guide To Sync Multiple Apple Watches To One iPhone in Vancouver

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You are not going to through it away. Chances are you are going to want to pass it down or keep it as a spare. If you are considering keeping it as a spare, you might want to read this guide on how to sync multiple Apple Watches to one iPhone.

The first generation of Apple Watches couldn't sync with more than one iPhone at a time. Along the way, they added this intuitive feature that made it easy to select which device would be used as your main Watch—but not everyone knew about these options!

It has never been easier than now to switch between two or more Apple Watches. All you need do is take one off and put another on, so there's no need for any complicated setup!

The Watch is your personal assistant, always on hand to help you get things done with its ability for Bluetooth connectivity and Apple's patented "neural engine" technology that recognizes which wristwatch you are wearing.

The second Watch will catch up with the latest data from your first one, so you can expect a few minutes of waiting before both watches reconcile.

How do you sync multiple Apple Watches to one iPhone? 

The setup is what will take some time and nothing more. You need to do some manual setup, and you will all be set. The easy way is to pair the first (the latest one you are using) to your iPhone and then take it off and pair the old one. Once it's done, take the new Watch off your wrist and put on the old one. Apple did mention that you have to pair your Watch manually, but if you must, you have to:

Go to the settings in your watch app, select my Watch, tap on all watches, and add a new one.

Once you add another watch, that is where your work is done. All you need to do is change the watches when you switch them.

What is the benefit of syncing multiple watches to one iPhone?

The obvious benefit is that you don't have to carry more than one iPhone if you own multiple Apple Watches. This can be really helpful, especially if you travel a lot.

Another great benefit is that all your notifications will be sent to all your watches. So, no matter your Watch, you will never miss an important call or message.

Last but not the least, by syncing multiple watches to one iPhone, you can easily keep track of your health and fitness data. All your activity data will be stored in one place, and you can access it from any of your watches.

So, there you have it!


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Published on:
September 30, 2022