Your Guide To Samsung S10 Screen Replacement

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You forgot that your Samsung Galaxy S10 was on your lap when you got up from the sofa. You look down and see the cellphone lying on the ground, face down. You pick it up, and there’s a big crack right down the middle. Now, the backlight is not turning on. Maybe the touch is not working properly? Are you not able to turn on your mobile phone with the fingerprint sensor? Well, we understand that you must be really upset about it. But, let us tell you that you’re not alone; it is more common than you think. The screen of your mobile phone is not bulletproof. It could get damaged. Even though it is made from gorilla glass, it still cracks up or breaks. Well, we acknowledge that the screen is much better than the previous models. However, it can break if the impact is hard as the screen is a fragile component of your mobile phone. In this repair guide, we will let you know all the Samsung S10 screen replacement details. This would help you do the replacement yourself. Although it is easier and much safer to approach a repair shop in Vancouver. Let’s get started.

Tools needed for repair

Here are some of the tools that you will be using for the repair.

  • Plastic card
  • Suction cup
  • Screwdrivers
  • Plastic prying tool
  • Rubber gloves to protect from the heat so that you don’t burn your hands when holding the hot phone.

How to replace the Samsung S10 screen?

First and foremost, you’d have to remove the sim and SD card tray. Once you have removed it, you need to heat the back cover of the phone. You can do this with the help of the hairdryer or the heat gun. You have to make sure that you move around the hairdryer or the heat gun not to burn the phone. Do not keep it static on a single point. The mobile will have adhesive at the edges, so you have to heat those as well. On the other hand, you can use the hot plate as well if you have one. It is a preferred method. You need to set it up to 100 degrees celsius and leave it there for a couple of minutes.

What’s next after heating the phone?

Once the phone is hot enough, grab it and get the suction cup. Place it towards the bottom where the charging port is. Lift gently on the suction cup until you see a slight opening between the glass and the phone frame. After that, get a thin prying tool to wedge it in there and hold it open. A thin prying tool would work perfectly. Squeeze the prying tool in the mobile phone gently, and it will go in easily. Move it around so that you can release the adhesive that’s holding the glass to the frame. You can also use the second plastic prying tool. Wedge it in it because it would help in maintaining the back cover open. Next, go down on one of the sides of the phone entirely with the plastic card. You can remove the suction cup at this point. Gently continue going down with the plastic card removing all the adhesive holding the sides together. It is recommended that you use a plastic prying tool or a thin card so that you don’t damage anything inside the phone. Once you have slid all the way down, you can use another prying tool to keep it open. And, then work your way down the other side of the back cover with the help of the thin card so that you can remove the adhesive on the other side. Don’t rush yourself; take your time and go down gently so that you don’t crack the backglass. Also, you have to be careful while using the prying tool because you don’t want to get it in there too much as it will damage the wireless charging cable and the internal parts of the phone. Please note if you feel like the adhesive is getting hard to remove. Go ahead and heat the phone for a little bit longer to continue removing the rest of it.

What to do after the back cover is removed?

Now, you have opened the back cover with the help of the prying tool. First, inspect and realign onto the back cover so that it’s ready when it’s time to re-install the back cover. With the help of the small Philips head screwdriver, remove fifteen Philips head screws holding the back part of the phone to its frame. Furthermore, remove the back pieces of the phone using the plastic prying tool. Wedge it under the wireless speaker. After that, remove the bottom portion, which includes the loudspeaker, with the help of the plastic prying tool. Once done, you’d get to see the motherboard of the phone. You need to disconnect two things first—the battery cable and the cable for the screen. Next, remove three more screws—one at the top by the cameras and two at the bottom. After this, remove the entire motherboard and heat the front of the screen. Use either a hairdryer or a heat gun. You can even place it on the hot plate. Once it is hot enough, you can use a metal prying tool, give the pressure between the glass and the phone frame, and go around the entire phone assembly. Just pull it up, and obviously, it’s not going to matter if you break your screen because it’s already broken, so go ahead and remove the entire screen. Finally, place the new screen in place of the old screen. Follow the same routine in putting the phone back together that you followed to pull it apart.


Now you must be familiar with how you can replace the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S10. Screen repair in Vancouver is not very uncommon. You can do it yourself, but if you want to get it done by a professional technician, don’t forget to contact us.

Published on:
July 29, 2022