Why Does My iPhone Battery Percentage Go Up and Down While Plugged In?

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It might be confusing and annoying to see your iPhone's battery % fluctuate when it's plugged in. Despite being very uncommon, this situation raises questions regarding the condition and effectiveness of the battery and charging mechanism. We will investigate the causes of this peculiar behaviour in this post and provide some understanding of the fundamental principles of iPhone charging. Comprehending these elements is essential to determine if the problem is a straightforward glitch, an indication of a failing battery, or something more significant needing expert care. Now let's examine the reasons behind this and how to fix it so that your iPhone charges consistently and smoothly.

Common Causes of Battery Percentage Fluctuations

  1. Calibration Issues: Calibration aligns the battery percentage display together with the real charging level. Inaccuracies may lead to readings that vary.
  1. Software Glitches: Sometimes, in the latest iOS may increase or cause the faulty battery percentage display, which usually is cleared via updates.
  1. Faulty Charging Accessories: When non-certified or defective cables and adapters are used, the charging process can be disrupted and eventually result in strange percentage fluctuations.
  1. Extreme Temperature Conditions: Both hot and cold temperatures impact the iPhone's charging capacity, which can be seen in varying battery levels.
  1. Battery Health Deterioration: With time, the batteries capacities start diminishing, a fact that causes a sudden decrease in percentage during the charging cycles.

Understanding iPhone Battery and Charging Basics

Gaining knowledge of the fundamentals of the iPhone battery and charging system is the key to prolonging your device life and maximizing the performances associated. Behind every iPhone, there is a lithium-ion battery, an excellent choice with its high energy density, durability and capability to recharge without rapidly losing its charge. 

The batteries are developed to withstand hundreds of charge cycles with optimal performance while the software calibrates this information as precisely as possible. When you connect your iPhone to a charging port, the charging algorithm, a system regulated by the software IOS, gently manages the current flow to prevent overcharging, which in turn could end up heating the phone and causing damage to the battery.

In addition to that, iOS includes algorithms to slow down charging while the battery approaches its full capacity and it is the act that helps to extend the battery life. Besides, the OS has features such as smart battery charging which learns from your charging habits over time to potentially prolong the life of your battery. The communication between the iPhone’s software and hardware is essential; it makes the charging process not only efficient but also safe, without any negative effects on the battery’s condition in the long run. 

Knowing how these basics work users can value the much more sophisticated technology that is there every time they charge their iPhone which makes the utilization of the device that much easier.

Troubleshooting and Fixes

  1. Recalibrating the Battery: Try to bring back the life of your phone by completely draining your battery and then charging it to 100% without any interruptions.
  1. Software Updates and Restarts: It is recommended that you make sure your device is updated to the latest version of iOS and restart it regularly to prevent bugs from developing.
  1. Choosing the Right Accessories: Favor Apple-certified accessories for your charger to ensure consistency in the charging process.
  1. Maintaining Optimal Charging Conditions: Try and charge your device in places with medium temperatures, to expand the battery uptake.
  1. When to Seek Professional Help: If problems persist it may be a sign that there is a need for a new battery or advanced diagnostics by an iPhone repair service.

Preventive Measures

Embrace the Charger Ritual: Treat your charger like it’s part of a sacred ritual. Cleanse it, pray over it, and maybe it’ll grant you the gift of everlasting battery life.

The Goldilocks Zone for Charging: Not too hot, not too cold. Charge your iPhone in a place that’s just right, away from the Sahara-like heat or Arctic chills.

Battery Gymnastics: Keep those electrons moving. Exercise your battery by letting it play the full range from 20% to 80%, but don’t push it too hard. No battery likes a drill sergeant.

Cable Detangling Yoga: Before charging, perform a gentle stretching routine on your cables. It’s like yoga but for your charging cable, ensuring no knots or stress points disrupt the energy flow.

Dress Your iPhone Appropriately: If you’re bundling up for a snowstorm, maybe your iPhone needs a cozy case too. Conversely, strip it down for those beach days. Always dress for the occasion.

The Nightstand is Not a Nightclub: Keep your iPhone out of the bed. It needs a good night's sleep on a nightstand, not a midnight dance under the sheets.

Battery Diet Plan: Keep your iPhone’s battery on a balanced diet of electrons by not overfeeding (100% charging for days) or starving it (dying to 0%).

Software Spa Days: Regularly update your iOS for a refreshing software spa day. It keeps the battery running smoothly and gives it that youthful glow.

Accessory Compatibility Matchmaking: Only pair your iPhone with accessories that truly understand its needs. Think of it as setting up your best friend on a date but with chargers.

Charging Sanctuary: Create a peaceful charging sanctuary free from clutter and chaos, where your iPhone can recharge in Zen-like tranquillity.

Avoid the Vampire Apps: Some apps suck the life out of your battery more than a vampire at a blood bank. Identify them, then show them the door.

If you find yourself in a pickle, or if your battery decides it’s going on a permanent vacation, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re like the battery therapists, ready to listen and heal.

Published on:
April 4, 2024