Why Do Cell Phones Have Glass On The Back?

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Apple was the first mobile manufacturing company that started the glass back on their phones. Remember the back of the iPhone 4? Yes, it was made of glass. However, they didn’t continue making further models with glass backs. But they again started with glass backs from the iPhone 8.Since then, every other smartphone brand has started making back glass phones. But why is it becoming increasingly popular among mobile manufacturers? In this article, we will discuss all the details about cell phones having a glass back. We’ll talk about why most of the flagship smartphones have a glass-back design.

What Are the Reasons for Growing Glass Back Adoption?

There are many reasons why the popularity of the glass back is increasing. Let’s look at some of the most important ones.

  • Glass back design gives a nice overall look and feel. That’s one of the primary reasons why people are leaning towards purchasing glass-back smartphones. The average price of premium phones is high; that’s why they expect something luxurious. And, the glass back makes the phone heavy and gives it a luxurious look.
  • The other reason why manufacturers are shifting towards glass backs is because of wireless charging. The metal back isn’t very good at supporting the wireless charging feature. But, the glass back works perfectly when it comes to wireless charging. That’s the reason why brands like Samsung and Apple are adopting glass backs.

Why weren’t glass backs used earlier in smartphones? Why only in the last few the glass back gained popularity? Well, the manufacturers started making their phones back with glass after the invention of wireless charging. As discussed above, metal is not effective in wireless charging technology as it is extremely dense, making it difficult to transfer electricity. That’s the reason why you’d find a lot of phones with glass backs nowadays. And, the trend of the glass back is not stopping anytime soon. There would come a time when the majority of the brands would be making glass backs.

Are glass backs more fragile than those made of Metal?

If you have experienced a cracked screen on your phone or someone else’s phone, you’d know the struggle. The manufacturers claim that the screen is made of a different kind of durable material, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t break on high impact. And, if it breaks, then the cost of the screen replacement is darn expensive. The replacement cost for the back screen replacement is even more! So, what made Apple and other manufacturers design glass backs? Apple knew that it was going to be costly to replace the back glass. Not just will it cost more, but it will also be super difficult to remove the shattered back glass. But, fortunately, there are laser machines that make it easy to remove the glass now. So, if Apple knew about all these troubles that the consumer could face if the back glass breaks, why did they still choose to go with glass back? Well, what they did was that they tried their best to improve the quality of the back glass as they improved the quality of the screen. For instance, Corning, partner of Apple, developed a durable glass known as Gorilla Glass. This glass got well-known among people because of its durability and strength. You might have heard about the Gorilla Corning screen, but have you heard about the Gorilla Corning back glass? Yes! That’s right. Now they have made the back glass, and you can see that on the iPhone 11. There have been improvements in the Corning glass. According to one of the experiments performed to test the glass, it didn’t crack even after dropping it 15 times in a row from a height of 1 meter.

Glass can still break

We cannot ignore the fact that even though there has been an improvement in the quality of the glass, it can still break on high impact or scratching, just like with any other material. That’s why you shouldn’t be under the impression that the glass wouldn’t break and use the phone roughly. Always use your device carefully, or you’d have to pay a high cost for replacing the screen. Sometimes you wouldn’t want to go ahead with the repair as it could be too costly, and you would rather get a new phone by adding some extra bucks to it. If we talk about Apple’s official charges for repairing the back of an iPhone 11, it would cost you more than $500! Now, that’s a huge amount. Isn’t it? However, sometimes it’s best to consult the local repair shops first because you could get it fixed at a much lower price. That’s the reason why getting a tough hard case is essential. Although, you’d like to get a stylish hard case. But, you shouldn’t forget about how much impact the case can withstand, as the primary reason for getting a hard case is to protect your device from scratches and protecting the screen and back from getting shattered.


Now, smartphone manufacturers are making the phone’s back with glass as it offers many advantages. One of the primary reasons is that the glass back works better with wireless charging technology than metal. The glass back also gives the phone a high-end and luxurious look that sits well with the users. Contact us now to know more about it.

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July 29, 2022