iPhone 13 Problems Reported So Far

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All the new iPhone 13 models have really impressed everyone since they became available in the market. Few of the models of the iPhone even made it all the way to top spots for best-ranking phones. Including the all-new iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro mini. These two are said to be the most influential models of the iPhone so far. Still, we all know that anything that Apple releases has some flaw. And there are some iPhone 13 problems reported so far. Anything that human makes have some drawbacks, and the same is the case with the iPhone 13. And today, we are going to look at the most common iPhone 13 problems reported. The good news is that all the reported problems so far are not as annoying as they seem. They are not deal breakers. Most of them will be fixed as soon as the new iOS update releases. However, it is unclear that when the new iOS will emerge into the market. But still, it is an issue that the users had to pay an amount just to experience some shortcomings with the new iPhone 13.Here are some of the most common iPhone 13 problems that we will talk about, some fixes that we will share and how you can keep all the additional bugs in the future.  

ProMotion Fast Refresh Rates Not Working

The ProMotion fast refresh rate not working on many applications is one of the most common problems reported by the user. This problem occurs mainly because not all the applications have been upgraded to adapt to this new feature, and the user is not very happy about it. The new ProMotion feature on iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max can handle a refresh rate up to 120Hz, and the screen becomes smoother. Some applications are jarring because they can only adapt up to 60Hz, making the visual experience not so smooth. How to Fix: There are two issues; one is that Apple says that the application manufacturer needs to flag the software with the declaration that it will support the 120Hz feature. Apple has clarified this requirement to all the iPhone application manufacturers. The second issue is that Apple is on its way to planning this bug fix by improvising a new software update that will fix the problem with Core Animation Tools. This fix is yet to come, and till it arrives, all the users, including you if you own the latest iPhone 13, will have to suffer this bug for a while.

Apple Watch Unlocking Not Working

The new iPhone 13 may not have fixed the touch ID feature, which was initially designed to let people unlock their iPhones with the help of fingerprints. With an ongoing covid situation, everyone is wearing a mask, which stops everyone from unlocking their phone with masks on. Earlier with the iOS 14.5, a new upgrade was introduced that was built to let people unlock their iPhones if they are wearing their apple smartwatch, even with the face mask on. It was pretty convenient for many apple users as it took care of the touch id issue. And then, one unlucky apple user found out that this feature of unlocking your iPhone 13 with an apple watch is not working anymore. Apple also confirmed it on its support page. How to Fix: A software fix is here, and with that, apple can solve this issue—the new iOS 15 software update promise to fix this bug. But to do that, you have to upgrade your apple watch to the latest iOS 8.

Some iPhone 13 Models Unresponsive Touch Screen

Another major problem reported by the users is that the new iPhone 13 models have unresponsive touch screens. Users reported that the new iPhone 13 needs several clicks to recognize their input several frequent times. It affects the lock screen and the feature that lets you wake your phone with just a touch. The upper corner of the screen of the iPhone 13 has said to be the most vulnerable side. How to Fix: This will sound more like a software update than a problem with the iPhone 13 hardware. Because some iPhone 12 users also reported the same issue when they upgraded to the new iOS 15. This fix leads to only one conclusion that the new software has some bugs that need to be fixed by apple.

iPhone 13 Pro Automatic Switch

This problem clearly shows that it is not a bug, but a feature misunderstood. The iPhone 13 Pro has this feature where the new macro mode uses the phone’s 12MP ultra-wide camera. If you try to take a picture from a distance of 5.5 inches, the camera will automatically shift from the primary camera wide lens to the ultra-wide shooter. This feature is a fantastic approach that lets you capture macro pictures with great details. Surprisingly, not all the users agree. Their primary concern is that this feature messes with the framing of the shot. How to Fix: Apple said that the new software update that is still on its way would let all the iPhone 13 pro users switch off this feature on their smartphones. They can open the feature whenever they want, so switching ultra-wide-angle cameras will stop making issues for them.


Whenever you buy an item, it takes you some time to know how it works and become adept at operating it. The same is true for a smartphone. When you buy a new cell phone, you have to spend some time getting to know its ins and outs. The companies also know that some issues will pop up with time. The fact that these companies come up with a better solution tells us why they are known for their name. Apple iOS 15 may have some issues, but in the long run, the new device and the software are only here to make our lives better. If you like to know more about topics like these, continue visiting us. And if you want to know more about us you always have the option to contact us.

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July 29, 2022