How to Repair Broken Glass on your Cell Phone?

When you don’t have a screen protector installed on your phone, then the chances of breaking your screen are much higher. If the glass is not broken, then you’d definitely get the scratches. Either way, don’t worry if your mobile screen has scratches or it broke. There are various reliable and affordable mobile repair shops. You can get your mobile screen fixed in no time. On the other hand, if you know how to do it yourself, that’ll save you a lot of money. Here, we will discuss everything about broken cell phone glass and what you can do about it. Read along to find out.

Causes of Broken glass

There are many ways by which your phone’s screen can break. It doesn’t matter how careful you are with it, you can still crack it accidentally. Some of the most common reasons for breaking the glass are:

  1. Sitting on your phone: This is one of the most common ways by which someone can break their phone’s screen easily. Some people carry their cell phones in their back pockets, and when they sit down, they break them. Cell phones are not meant to be sat on.
  2. Dropping it: This is also very common, but you can easily avoid it. Most of the time, people have so many things in their hands, and they accidentally drop their phones. There are various pouches that you can carry, so you won’t have to keep your cell phone in your hands all the time.
  3. Kid broke it: When the kids don’t like the phone or the cartoon you are trying to amuse them with, they might throw the phone, which will get your phone’s screen damaged. You can use a good cell phone cover to minimize the damage.

Ways to fix the broken screen

There are few methods of repairing your cell phone’s screen, but you have to decide which way you will go with according to the severity of the damage. However, the very first thing you should do when your phone’s screen is badly damaged is to backup your data as soon as possible. All your photos, videos, and the most important documents. Some of the ways by which you can deal with the broken screen are

Packing tape

This is a temporary but effective solution when you don’t want to change your phone and keep using your cracked phone. What you can do is get a packing tape and cut a piece of it, and paste it on top of the crack. This way, you would protect your glass and your finger.

Use superglue

This can be helpful if you have a small crack on your phone. The superglue would seal that crack. But you have to be extra careful when using it. Wipe off the extra glue on the screen once done.

Replace the screen by yourself

There are many phones with a lot of models. There is no standard guide for replacing the screen, but there are some general steps that you can keep in mind while replacing the screen. These are1- Get your screen separated from the rear case2- Usually, you’d have to heat the screen3- The cables and screws need to be disconnected4- Swap out the old screen with the new one5- Reassembling the phone


There are many ways a cell phone can get damaged. However, you can fix it by following some of the solutions which we have mentioned above. On the other hand, replacing your phone’s broken screen isn’t that simple, to be honest. You have to weigh your options, and if you think replacing it by yourself would work, you should go for it. You have to do good research about your particular phone when you are going to perform the replacement. Also Read: 3 Things To Do Before Handing Over Your Cell Phone For Repair

Published on:
August 1, 2022