How To Keep Your Cell Phone From Overheating So You Don’t Have To Go For Repairs?

Are you confused about why your mobile phone gets overheated repeatedly? Maybe it’s because of some specific app, or it is happening due to streaming videos. It could be because your operating system isn’t up to date. There are many reasons why your smartphone could get overheated. Identifying the specific cause of this problem is quite tricky. If you don’t know the fundamentals of how your cell phone is used, you might never find out the problem. We understand that it is very irritating to deal with the overheating issue as it causes problems like switching off all of a sudden. Imagine that you have an interview scheduled on the phone, but your phone heats up and turns off just as the interview is about to start. So Annoying, Right? Let’s look at the causes of the overheating issue and how you can solve it.

Why your cell phone gets overheated?

Generally, the devices are built in a way so that they can maintain their internal temperature to avoid getting overheated. However, it would be best if you weren’t under the impression that it will be that way forever. When you are outside in the scorching heat, you shouldn’t be surprised to find that your phone’s temperature increases. It is difficult for the phone to keep itself at a normal temperature. In today’s day and age, you can perform the function of a computer on your tiny devices. However, unfortunately, it still can’t keep itself cooled as the computers can because of a complex cooling system installed in them. Apart from your phone heating up from just the external temperature, there are many other reasons for the overheating. The most common one is when you have multiple apps running, which drains the battery, heating up your phone. Secondly, when you use your phone all the time, it is more likely that your phone will get overheated as the battery is working overtime. Moreover, make sure that you plug out the charger when it is fully charged, as it will cause your device to heat up very quickly.

Tips to prevent your phone from overheating

Before you throw the phone into the garbage and get a new one, there are few things which you can do and see if it works.

1-Try charging without the case

If you have your mobile phone in a heavy case, you should take it off as it causes the mobile phone to store excess heat; as a result, it gets overheated.

2-Keep your screen brightness low

If you continuously use your phone on full brightness, the battery has to do the extra work, just like running multiple apps. This work drains the battery faster; as a result, your phone overheats quickly.

3-Avoid direct sunlight to your phone

This method is one of the easiest ways by which you can avoid getting your phone overheated. Your device retains the heat from the sun.


So these are a few of the tips which you can use to prevent your phone from overheating. However, if it gets overheated, there is a trick to cool it down quickly, which is to turn on the airplane mode. Secondly, when you observe that your phone is getting overheated, you must make sure that you place it somewhere cold and out of the direct sunlight. However, if you are still facing the overheating issue after applying all the above techniques, you may contact us to diagnose the problem. Also Read: When Is The Right Time For iPhone Battery Replacement?

Published on:
August 1, 2022