How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Issues?

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Samsung Galaxy S8 has a stunning display, a decent camera for capturing photos, a strong gaming performance, but an unreliable battery. Even though the battery issue was real, it was still a successful cellphone. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S8, you should keep an eye on the battery issues. These include battery draining and replacement. One solution is that you visit a cell phone repair shop in Vancouver to fix your Samsung Galaxy S8 battery issues. If you think you do not need to pay a visit to a repair shop, you can try the following methods.

  1. How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Draining Issue?

Samsung Galaxy S8 has tons of great options, and some of those options drain its battery fast. If that is the case, the following remedies may help you:

  • The battery might be draining because you had installed an app from Google Play having bugs or used some pre-installed apps. Android System of your device uses the battery more than any app. If you find an app using more battery than Android System, you need to uninstall it to prevent battery draining.
  • Sometimes, rebooting your Samsung Galaxy S8 will solve the battery draining issue. A particular app might be using a GPS on your device. Make sure you reboot your Samsung Galaxy S8 once a week.
  • Screen brightness settings may be the cause of battery draining. It would be best if you kept your phone’s brightness to around 30 to 35 percent using your display settings to conserve your battery.
  • Wi-Fi also drains your cell phone’s battery. If you are not using Wi-Fi, you should turn it off. For example, you may be in a wi-Fi location, such as a coffee shop, where your device will keep searching for the network if Wi-Fi is on. Therefore, shut it down and save your battery.
  • Some features of your smartphone may be on for no reason and drain your phone battery. If you do not use those features, you should turn them off through your ‘Advanced Features’ settings.
  • You may be using accessories other than your original charging accessories, which may hurt your battery life. Therefore, always use your original charging accessories.
  • Updating your Samsung Galaxy S8 software can also help you take care of your cell phone’s draining battery issue.
  1. How to Replace Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery?

Non-removable batteries are not simple to replace. The right thing to do is take advantage of a cell phone repair service that does battery replacement in Vancouver. If you want to replace the battery yourself, you should have the right tools to proceed with battery replacement. Take necessary precautions and replace your battery after seeing an online tutorial and understanding the correct way to replace the Samsung Galaxy S8 battery.


Samsung Galaxy S8 is a popular cell phone; still, it has battery issues, including draining battery and a dead battery. You may fix the battery draining issue if you know how to use your cell phone cautiously. Uninstalling some applications on your device, rebooting your cell phone, and using original charging accessories to charge your Samsung S8 can help. If you have a dead battery, you need to replace it yourself or use a battery replacement service. Removing yourself will require some technical knowledge and the essential tools, whereas benefitting from a repair service for replacement will only cost you some money.

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August 1, 2022