How To Fix A Cell Phone’s Cracked Back Glass?

Gone are the days of having a phone with a removable back. Unless you are an oldie and still have those old generation mobile devices like Motorola and Samsung. Today nearly every cell phone comes with a glass back, and you may be wondering how to remove your cell phone back or how to fix a cell phone cracked back glass? Let’s walk through this step-by-step guide that will teach you how to change the glass underneath your cell phone.

3 Step Guide To Fix A Cell Phone’s Cracked Back Glass

How is it Attached?

Before you start with the guide, you should understand how the back glass of your cell phone is attached to your phone. The glass piece is fastened seamlessly to the back of your cell phone with an adhesive glue that goes around and keeps it intact. Even if the back glass is broken, it will stay attached. To remove it carefully, you will need something to heat the glass. Do not remove the glass without heating as it would crack further and create dust on tiny glasses (not recommended). The reason to be careful is because of what is underneath the glass. New cell phones come with fingerprint sensors on the back. If you went too far inside, you might end up damaging the cables.

What Tools Would You Need

Now you know the complexity of your cell phone’s back glass. But what tools would you need? You already know that it won’t come off without proper heating and if you try, it could break further. So the first thing you need is a heat gun. A heat gun will help you heat precisely the point that requires heat. If you have a heat gun, good. But if you don’t ask your friends to lend you so you can proceed. Heating will loosen the adhesive, and you can move on to the tedious part. You will also need a suction cup or something similar to create a small opening. You can use a plastic card to open the glass between the back of your cell phone but don’t use your ID cards or ATM cards. Once you have seen the opening slide the card across so you can completely take off the back glass, keep heating and work along the edges. You can carefully use alcohol to nullify the stickiness of the adhesive. Once you work all the way around, it should come off easily.

How Can You Put It Back?

Now that you successfully removed the glass back of your cell phone. What is next? The next part is pretty simple and does not require much work. But it does require your full attention and precision. Your new glass back comes with its adhesive applied by the manufacturers. You don’t have to worry about applying it yourself. If it’s not there already, you can still use adhesive yourself. You can find many types of adhesives that can be used mainly for this purpose. There are pre-made strips available for your specific cell phone model that you can buy. Once you have it, carefully find if there is any cable that needs to be attached to the motherboard of the mobile. If not, lay the back glass carefully on the frame and press the edges with a slight force, so it sticks back in its position. Tightly, but not too tightly, apply paper tape or any tape, so the back glass remains in place until it gets dry and solid.

Don’t Want To Risk Your Chances?

If it sounds like a hectic job and you are afraid that you might do it wrong. Don’t worry because you can always choose the alternate way. You can get your phone repaired from a trusted cell phone repair shop. They can do a great job at fixing your phone at an affordable price, and they can do it quickly so you won’t have to go for days without your phone. They have ample experience and can provide fixes for almost every cell phone. It is best to choose these cell phone repair services and let them take care of your device if you think you cannot. You can go to them for iPhone repair. If you don’t know where the closest cell phone repair shop is, you can ask your friends or do a Google search for Apple repair near me.

What Is The Right Way?

Broken screens, no matter front or back, have severity levels. Suppose you want to know the right way to fix a cell phone’s cracked back glass. It would be best if you first found out how badly it is broken. Is it just light scratches or a whole spiderweb situation? Once you assess the damage, you need to decide how you are going to fix it. With a little bit of knowledge and skill, you can always change a cracked back glass. But if you think the case is severe and needs proper attention, don’t hesitate to take your device to any trusted cell phone repair.

Final Words

Having a cracked back glass can be very irritating. It is best to get it fixed or fix it yourself as soon as possible. If you delay it, you might face other issues such as water going inside through those cracked back glass. DIYing your cracked back glass is not a bad option if you have the proper tools and know-how. Now that you know how to fix a cell phone cracked back glass, we hope that you might give it a try yourself. Engaging in activities like these is always fun, and you get to learn a lot. Being careful is all it requires. You can always choose to contact a cellphone repair center. Just make sure they are trusted and know what they are doing. You can also check if you still have the warranty, and if you have, you already have the solution. Just send the phone back to the company you bought and relax.

Published on:
July 29, 2022