How to Backup Your iPhone Data Before Handing It Over For Cell Phone Repair?

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If you have gotten your phone’s screen damaged or any other kind of fault and you have to take it to the repair shop, but you don’t want people to take a look into your private data which is present on your iPhone. We understand that the data is very important to you, and you would like to know what you can do about it before handing it over to your cell phone repair shop. If the damage to your phone is not very severe and is still working, you can count yourself among the lucky ones because you can perform the backup. You are eager to know how you can backup your phone, right? That’s why we have provided all the details regarding the backup of your iPhone right here for you. Let’s dive into it!

3 Steps to follow

When you hand over your phone to the person responsible for the repair, it doesn’t mean that they would try to access your personal data. However, you do have some of the important emails, documents, and photos that you’d never want falling into the hands of an identity thieve. You might be under the impression that the lock screen pin of your phone would not let the person enter and get the date. However, there are tools that the law enforcement agencies use and also some of the repair shops to help customers recover the data when the phone crashes. Now, what are the three steps you could do before handling your phone over to the repair shop?

  1. Backup your phone
  2. Wipe the phone clean
  3. Restore the phone once you get it back

Backing up

If you use iCloud, then the process of backing up your iPhone is quite simple. You just need to go to the Settings > iCloud > Storage and Backup. Click on the button which says Back up Now to perform the backup. On the other hand, if you are using iTunes for the backup, connect it with iTunes and do your backup.

Wiping Data

Don’t make the mistake of wiping your phone when you have not even completed the backup. Once you have done that, now you need to wipe yours. Go to Settings > General > Reset and click the Erase All Content and Settings button. You are phone would be back to its original factory settings.

Restoring the phone

Once you have got your cell phone repaired, you can now restore the data because you’d receive it in the factory settings. To perform the restoration. Do the following

  • You’d be asked to select the language when you start your phone
  • The next thing it will ask is whether you want to use it as a new phone or restore the data from iCloud/ iTunes.
  • Select your desired backup procedure
  • Enjoy using your phone with all your previous data!


It is important to have a backup of your data when you give your phone to the store because you don’t want other people to see your personal data and use it for the wrong things. Make sure you follow the three steps of Backup, Wipe and Restore before you give it to the repair shop. By doing this, all your data would be safe and secure. Also Read: How To Repair Broken Glass On Your Cell Phone?

Published on:
August 1, 2022