How to Backup Your Android Cell Phone Data Before Giving It For Repair?

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Phones can get damaged in many ways. But when that happens, the first thing that comes to your mind is the backup. That’s very important to us. Right? Well, you can count yourself lucky if you can still use your phone even after the damage. Maybe it just dropped from your pocket accidentally and got a crack on the screen. You can still use your phone. However, you want the screen to be replaced that’s why you have to hand over your phone to the repair shop. But what if the data is used for the wrong purposes at the repair shop? Don’t worry; we will explain what you can do about it and how you can back up your phone. Are you interested in saving your phone’s sensitive data being viewed by prying eyes? Read along to find out more!

Backup your data  

When you have an android phone, you’d have few options to backup your data. You can sync your accounts with google and upload all your important files and folders onto Google drive. Secondly, you can upload photos and videos to Google Photos and upload the music to Google Play. The other technique that you can use is to connect your Android phone with a computer with the help of a USB cable. Once you do that, you will receive the notification on your phone which says “USD for….” Select “USB for Transfer Files.” You can easily drag the files you want to transfer to your computer from your mobile phone. Lastly, you can also download Google’s Backup and Sync app on your computer to smoothly back the photos and videos.

Delete your data

Once you have a complete backup of your android phone, you need to delete your data because you don’t want people to see your personal data. You can delete your data by going to the settings and tapping the “Reset” option on your phone. Your phone would be back to its original factory settings.

Restoring the data

After getting your phone back from the repair shop, now it’s time to restore all the data back to your phone. There are different ways by which you can restore your data back to your phone. Firstly, you’d have to login into your google account. After that, go to the settings and tap the “Backup and Restore” option under the “Personal” section. You’d see an option of “Automatic restore.” Tap this option. If you are not following this method, you can back it up individually through Google Photo and Google Drive.


You need to ensure that all your data has been backup and deleted from your android phone and factory rest have been performed before you hand it over to the repair shop. You can follow the method which has been described above to do that successfully. Apart from that, if you have the external memory card installed on your phone, ensure that you remove it before giving it to the repair technician. Contact us to get your cell phone repaired NOW! Also Read: The Basics Of Cell Phone Repairs That You Should Know About

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August 1, 2022