How Much Does It Cost to Repair A Water Damaged Cellphone?

Cell phones may be handy electronic devices, but they can suffer different kinds of damages if not handled with care. Water damage or liquid damage is one possible mishap that can happen with cell phone users, no matter which brand's smartphone they own. Dropping your cell phone into a liquid can cause your cell phone to stop functioning. If it happens, you might think: Is there any solution for water damage repair in Vancouver? If your cell phone encounters water damage, you should act quickly to get it repaired. Water damage cell phones have 80% chances of getting repaired; therefore, there is no guarantee that this issue can be fixed anytime. One thing that might worry you is the cost of repairing a water-damaged cell phone in Vancouver. Yes, you would have to spend money, and it differs from repair shops to shops in Vancouver.

How Different Repair Shops Charge Their Customers to Fix a Water Damaged Cell Phone?

Here is how different shops may charge you to fix your water-damaged cell phone:

Water Damage and Additional Cost:

Cell phone repair technicians in Vancouver might repair your cell phone with a basic liquid cleaning without feeling the need to repair any of your cell phone components. If the cost to repair your water-damaged cell phone is $99.00 without any parts' replacement, you would need to pay $99.00 for the service. However, if the technician finds the need to charge your cell phone part, such as a battery, he will charge you $99.00 plus the additional cost for battery replacement in Vancouver. It is one way how repair technicians will take on the responsibility to fix your cell phone device.

No Fix No Fee:

Water damage cell phones are formidable to get repaired; for this reason, no repair service claims that it has a 100% success rate in fixing the water-damaged cell phone. Therefore, some repair services have no fix no fee policy for water-damaged cell phone repair. It means you will not be charged any amount if the repair technician fails to fix your cell phone device.

Free Quote:

You will find numerous cell phone repair services in Vancouver utilizing the WWW (World Wide Web). You can contact the repair service provider of your choosing by filling in the required information to get a free estimate about the cost of having your water-damaged cell phone repaired. If you tell the issue in detail to a service provider,  it will respond accordingly about the cost you would have to bear for having your water-damaged cell phone fixed.

Savvy Customers and the Cost to Repair:

If you are a savvy customer, you may know how different repair shops charge for water damage repair. In Vancouver, cell phone repair technicians also fix water-damaged cell phones at the same price as other repair technicians once you tell them the price you think is fair as a knowledgeable customer.


Water damage cell phones are difficult to get fixed, but it does not mean they cannot be repaired. Water damaged cell phone has an 80% chances to get repaired, and it is the cost that may worry you for cell phone water damage repair in Vancouver. Different repair shops charge customers different way when it comes to the cost to repair a water damaged cell phone, mentioned below:

  • A repair service may charge you more on repair if the water damage issue can only be fixed by replacing a faulty component other than the main issue.
  • A technician may not charge you any money for water damage repair if its shop has a no fix no fee policy.
  • Some repair services tell you the cost once you tell them the issue online you are having with your cell phone.
  • Some repair shops repair the water-damaged cell phone at the same price as their competitors.
Published on:
August 1, 2022