Cellfixx's Guide to Buying a No-Contract Phone

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Prepaid phones or no-contract phones get also known as ‘pay as you go phones’; for such phones, you pay a specific amount of data usage/minutes in advance. When you reach the limit you have paid, your service comes to an end unless you buy more data and minutes. No-contract phone options are also available with the newer features from a wide range of manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and others. Before we tell you about buying a no-contract cell phone, let’s have a look at the benefits of a prepaid cell phone:

Benefits of a No-Contract Phone:

  • Such a phone removes the hassle of lengthy contracts, activation fees, overage charges, expensive fees for changing carriers, and termination fees.
  • It gives you the freedom to change phones and carriers while letting you control your budget.
  • It’s an ideal cell phone for seniors who use cell phones occasionally.

How Prepaid Phones Work? Before you buy a no-contract cell phone, you should know how it works. With a prepaid cell phone, you aren’t making any promises or commitments. Such a cell phone plan is also distinct from a monthly plan. Rather than paying, in the end, you pay in advance for your amount of talk, text, and data. It would help if you stayed within limits, and there are no overage charges, as you can’t chat, text, or deploy data beyond the caps imposed by your prepaid plan. Once the limit expires, you need to pay for further using the prepaid services. The term ‘prepaid’ indicates that you have paid for the services in advance. No-contract phones are an excellent alternative to contractual phones, for which you have to make monthly payments.

Who Are Prepaid Phone Plans Suited for?

Prepaid plans will suit you if you don’t like paying monthly deploying a cell phone. The seniors and children don’t need to use cell phones often; thus, they are a perfect target market for no-contract phones. So if you want to buy a no-contract cell phone, you should buy it for the elders or the young ones. If you occasionally use a cell phone, you also fall into the target market of no-contract cell phones. If you lack a credit history, you should opt for such phones, as there’s no credit check for such cell phones because the payments get made upfront. Students and adults looking for an affordable cell phone should go with a no-contract cell phone.

Prepaid Cell Phone Carriers:

Turning to prepaid is one way to try out the carrier’s service without making any commitment. The carriers also offer prepaid cell phone plans with affordable devices to test a carrier service for a month or longer before going further. Buying a no-contract cell phone is worth the investment to check the quality of different carriers.

Which Prepaid Cell Phones Are Available?

Any cell phone model can work as a no-contract phone; still, the least costly cell phone models typically get promoted as no-contract phones. They may include low-cost smartphones or flip phones. If you possess an unlocked cell phone, you can deploy it with a prepaid plan without any technical difficulties. You can also give such a cell phone to one of your family members who does not like paying a monthly bill for contractual cell phones. The roaming option does not come with a prepaid plan, but you can take your phone to a local carrier in your country and ask the carrier to open international roaming for you. So you can even travel globally with your prepaid cell phone.

What Should You Remember While Buying a No-Contract Cell Phone?

  • You don’t need to pay any additional bills.
  • You don’t need to make any commitment to any carrier.
  • You can use that phone if you use a cell phone occasionally.
  • You can even use such cell phones while travelling.


While purchasing a prepaid cell phone, you should know that you are not making any commitments with the carrier. Secondly, there are several benefits of having such cell phones. Thirdly, prepaid cell phones are a greater investment in comparison to contractual cell phones. You should know you can give such cell phones to adults or children; so, buying them is not worthless. Finally, you should purchase such cell phones, as you can use them even while travelling when you ask one of the carriers to open international roaming for you. Contact Cellfixx if you’re looking to top up, or get a new ‘No Contract’ cell phone.

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August 1, 2022