Apple Watch Users Are Having Trouble Opening iPhone 13

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Face masks are common in the current health climate, so many people wear them when outside, visiting stores, and doing other tasks, which is why Apple added the "Unlock With Apple Watch" setting to the Face ID settings in iOS. If you just purchased an iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max, congratulations! Are you taking advantage of the new and improved camera? What about the 120 Hz pro displays? Is it frustrating that the new $1,000 iPhone won't unlock when you're wearing a mask, even though your old iPhone worked perfectly fine? Apple Watch users are having trouble opening iPhone 13. The tips in this article may help you fix the problem if that's what you're experiencing. Since the new smartphone started shipping on Sept. 24, users are eager to get their hands on it and review it since there was a lot of hype surrounding it for almost a year. The new iPhone isn't functioning as expected for a certain group of Apple Watch users. There is a new bug with the iPhone 13 line, and it is exclusive to that model. iPhone 13 users can no longer use the "Unlock with Apple Watch" feature to unlock their phones. The smartphone displays an error message when trying to set it up to work. New iPhones always come with a few problems. Apple has released a support document about an iPhone 13 bug affecting Unlock with Apple Watch just days after the iPhone 13 launched with a day-one update to fix some minor issues. Apple has identified a problem that may prevent iPhone 13 devices from being unlocked with Apple Watch. When users try to use the Apple Watch feature while wearing a face mask, they may see the message "Unable to Communicate with Apple Watch," or they may be unable to set it up at all.

How Does Unlock With Apple Watch Work?

In the height of the pandemic, Apple released iOS 14.5 and watch OS 7.4 that included this feature so we could unlock our Face ID iPhones while wearing a mask. This feature permits your iPhone to take a partial face scan and check in with your Apple Watch, even if you're wearing a mask. You can unlock your iPhone as well if your Watch is unlocked and on your wrist. During these confusing times, it's a great feature to have. The "Unlock with Apple Watch" feature of the iPhone 13 doesn't work, presumably because Apple believed the pandemic would be over by then. But the pandemic is nowhere near an end, even if everything is getting back to normal. All the users that were using this feature are now frustrated and don't know what to do. However, we know that it always takes time to receive a proper fix for the problem from the apple itself. You must have iOS 14.5 or later on your iPhone and watch OS 7.4 or later on your Apple Watch to use this feature. In terms of hardware requirements, you will need an Apple Watch Series 3 or later, as well as an iPhone X or later with Face ID. Your iPhone can be unlocked with your Apple Watch by going to Settings -> Face ID & Passcode. Your Apple Watch must be nearby, on your wrist, and unlocked with your passcode to unlock your iPhone. Your iPhone will ask you for your passcode the first time you unlock it with Apple Watch while wearing a mask. You should now be able to unlock your phone when wearing a mask (and you must wear a mask for it to work). If you've removed and put it back on your Watch since then, you'll need to enter your passcode again. If you meet all of those conditions and Unlock iPhone With Apple Watch doesn't work, then you may have to wait.

How You Can Fix 'Unlock with Apple Watch' Issue

The Apple Watch detects when you're wearing a mask, and depending on whether you're wearing the Apple Watch, unlocks your locked iPhone. Similar to how you unlock a Mac with an Apple Watch, this process takes place on the Mac. Users receive a haptic buzz and a notification on their Apple Watch when the unlocking process is complete. If you're wearing a mask, you can use your Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone only - it can't be used to authenticate Apple Pay or App Store purchases. Apple has baked a fix into iOS 15.0.1 to address this issue. Two weeks after iOS 15, Apple released this version to customers on Friday, Oct. 1. Follow Settings > General > Software Update instructions to download and install iOS 15.0.1 on your iPhone. As soon as it reboots again, "Unlock with Apple Watch" should work again. If you restart your iPhone, you'll have to enter your passcode the first time you unlock it.

What About Beta Updates

In the past, Apple said it was working on the problem but didn't give a timetable for fixing it. A solution that appears in the new beta is promising, but we still don't know when iOS 15.1 will become stable. We recommend you think carefully about this if you have issues with your iPhone 13 or Apple Watch. It is not guaranteed that beta software will run smoothly, and it can even lead to data loss. While the Unlock with Apple Watch bug is irritating, it's probably best to grin and bear it for now. With iOS 15.1, you may not only be able to unlock your Apple Watch with unlock code but also enjoy SharePlay, a feature that lets you watch videos on FaceTime while listening to music or face-timing. There is also a possibility of keeping your COVID-19 vaccination card in your Apple Wallet.

Final Words

Several users reported experiencing the same problem after upgrading to iPhone 13 and tried resetting passwords, readjusting network settings, and even resetting the Apple Watch itself. The pandemic inspired Apple Watch unlocking, which saw many people unable to use Face ID while wearing masks. This feature, which lets users unlock their iPhones with the Watch, was released to the public in April. Feel free to contact us, and we would be happy to assist you.

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July 29, 2022