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Our technicians in the field of iPhone repair have seen and fixed pretty much everything already so don’t hesitate to bring your damaged iPhone to us. We may not be cheap and that’s because we only give you the original iPhone X components.

Check out our services:

Screen Repair

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On average, an iPhone X screen repair takes 1 to 1.5 hours maximum to get completed. All our screens come with a lifetime warranty. We repair all types of damaged screens including:

  • Cracked screens
  • Screens lifting in the corners
  • Blank/non-responsive screens
  • Screens showing dark lines or spots
  • Screens with color problems

To make things smooth as possible, we have a first-come, first-served policy. We also have a mail-in service just in case you don’t live near any of our repair shops.

Charging/ USB Port

We offer both cleaning and port replacement services. Our cleaning services cater to all those clients whose iPhone is losing charge connections due to issues like:

  • Dust and debris accumulation in the ports
  • Oxidization and contamination of the charging port connections

On the other hand, if your iPhone’s port is physically damaged, we take it to our store labs for repair. We usually follow through with an iPhone performance checklist after the repair to ensure you get value for your money.

Battery Replacement


Our technicians will help you sort out battery issues easily. We’ll begin with a free battery health check to identify the issue. When we find a problem in the motherboard, we’ll dis-assemble the parts and install the new original specification battery which comes backed with a 1-year warranty.

Our replacement service also comes with an exclusive iPhone performance checklist after the repair to ensure your iPhone’s battery will operate the 500 full charges as it should.


Front Camera $149
Back Camera $199

Having issues with the front or rear camera/lens? Perhaps the shutter isn’t opening properly or you’ve got a cracked lens. For such replacements, our technicians will dis-assemble the phone. But don’t worry about that.

Our technicians will make your iPhone camera perform just as it used to by installing new original iPhone X camera components. Besides making your phone perform better, our replacement service also provides your phone with new acrylic seals and a performance checklist after the repair service.

Remember, no appointments necessary and all our components have lifetime warranties.

Software Services/ Unlocking

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We have the latest technologies to repair and upgrade your phone to the current software. In case you’re also getting start-up or unlocking issues, our technicians would be glad to assist you.

Personal Data Backup/ Transfer


We can fix your iPhone and still transfer/ backup of over 16GB of data. Your data will be temporarily moved to your memory stick, your new phone or in one of our pre-owned store phones as we repair your phone. If you just want to transfer data without getting a repair, you could also ring our technicians and get free home solutions.

Liquid Damage Recovery

$99 + Parts If Needed

We can fix a phone that’s not functioning properly or turning on after exposure to a liquid. We don’t charge you anything if we don’t fix the issue. Our services include:

  • Internal inspection and diagnostic
  • A recovery service, which includes both phone and data recovery
  • An extra fee for repair parts and our recovery service

Each service comes at its price. Also, wait times aren’t guaranteed as the repair depends on the level of corrosion.

Other Multiple Repairs

$99 + Parts If Needed

Other iPhone X parts we fix include:

  • The earpiece
  • The power/volume button
  • WIFI Antenna
  • The microphone/charging port

We can also do several repairs on your phone at the same time. This comes at a discounted price. If you’ve another repair that’s not in the list above, visit our shops in Richmond, Coquitlam or Vancouver for a free checkup and a repair quote.

Frequently Asked Questions


Cellfixx offers a lifetime warranty on all its repairs and replacement jobs for all devices including iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG, etc. it is requested to keep your repair receipt save as you will need to present it at the time of warranty claim. No claim will be entertained without original repair receipt. Our warranty covers only those repaired or replaced parts for which we have performed any service, no other cell phone parts can be claimed within this warranty.

Any work carried out under legit warranty claim will be completed free of charge, however, you are responsible to bring in your device to our store and we don’t offer any pickup or drop-off for warranty claims. In any case where the device has been opened or repaired by a third part mobile repair shop other than Cellfixx or an individual, our warranty will stand null and void. Moreover, our warranty doesn’t cover any accidental damage at users’ part including water spill, drop-off, smash or misuse. All warranty claims have to be get approved by one of cellfixx employee to be deem as legit.


All cell phone repairs will be made at our location and within the agreed time frame between our technicians and client. In any case where the repair time exceeds the decided time, the client will be informed first hand.


You can arrange to mail in your broken phone, and we’ll send it back to you as soon as it’s repaired.


Typically cell phone batteries have a life of 2 years and it lasts between 300 to 500 charges. In order to take full advantage of your phone its best to replace the batter after this much time has passed.


We offer a free diagnosis on phone or tablets


It is advised to backup all your devices’ data before getting it repaired through cellfixx. You are requested to get your iPhone data backup through iTunes or Android data backup through preferred means. No claim for lost or corrupt data during or after cell phone repair will be entertained by Cellfixx.

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