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Your one Stop solution for all cell phone repair needs in Vancouver.We have been in and around the industry for over 10 years and are know as the most reputable and professional cell phone repair shop in BC!

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Premium Quality of Cell Phone accessories are available at cellfixx Vancouver. Best quality of earphones,covers, screen protectors, Bluetooth devices and much more you can get in at affordable price

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6446 Fraser St Vancouver B.C. V5W 3A4.

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  •   Needed a replacement battery for my Note 4 and went to a few stores that only sold replacements made in China.  Original Note 4's come with batts made in Vietnam and I preferred to stick with the original.  One particular store told me no one would have Samsung batts made in Vietnam and tried to overcharge me.  Googled any cell repair shops in Vancouver and CellFixx was the first one that popped up.  With over 100+ google reviews I decided to give it a try as I was desperate to find a replacement batt ASAP.  Called the store but nobody answered, so I just decided to visit the store.    

    When I went in, they were busy with customers which is probably why they didn't answer the call.  So I waited on the couch and then my phone rang from CellFixx.  They called back because they missed my initial call, which I really appreciated.   The agent came out and I explained what I needed.  He quoted me a price of my battery which I was happy with, and before he could conduct the transaction the owner, Shah, requested him to do a battery check or something to make sure it was just the battery and not something wrong with my phone.  Everything turned out fine.  Might I add, the OEM Samsung batt they sold is made in Vietnam!

    Long story short, Shah took care of business and Cellfixx's pricing is very fair.  I'm sad to see some of the other reviews didn't get the A+ experience that I received, but I am very happy with my purchase.  They even guaranteed that if anything goes wrong within the next day they would replace my new battery.  

    (Wrote this originally on Google reviews and happy to report my battery has been working fantastic!)

    thumb Maggie L.

      My first time getting my sons iphone fixed so I was very skeptical of this place to say the least. The technician was very patient with my numerous requests and questions and despite having to come back to repair yet another part he did actually fix it and at a reasonable cost. Apple wanted $400 for a new phone and we spent $170 fixing it 🙂

    thumb Lisa T.

      Scenario: broken lg g5 screen, contacted places like vancell only to find out that the parts will come in 1-2 weeks later.

    Then came cell fixx, who claimed that they have parts for my lg g5 lcd at a local partner shop and all they need is the down payment. And so i went and made the payment.

    Earlier on this day of the review i dropped by after confirrming the lcd was now at their facility, dropped my phone off and 4 hours later, my baby g of a phone was there, new screen. And i couldnt be happier.

    thumb Donald Y.
  •   that could not have been easier! he replaced my S4 screen in under an hour, for a fair price.  the screen is perfect and with ZERO pressure he counselled me on a screen protector (bought it) and aluminum "bumper" case (didn't buy one... yet....) for side impacts. my husband's screen needs replacing too (just not urgently like mine) and i will bring it here when i can pry it out of his hands!  go here with 100% confidence.

    parking in the area seems challenging, just be patient and you'll get a spot.

    thumb S. K.

      They are great.  Released my daughter's phone from shock mode in 2 minutes and stayed open late to let us pick up!  Have fixed 5 cracked screens on iPhones for us as well over the years.  The service is great and they are trust worthy.  
    Really great guys there, always do a good job!

    thumb Roy M.