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I dropped my phone the previous night and needed to replace the screen of my device. Luckily I had another identical phone that I wasn't using but I couldn't find a place that would let me use their tools in their shop. Fortunately for me I got in contact with Pal from Cell Fixx and he said I could come in and use the tools. During the process he had offer me some sound and professional advice which made sure I didn't break both the phones. Once I had changed the screens I had noticed that the replaced screen did not work as well it should have. Then I noticed that the phone was way bent out of shape. That's when Pal offered me his service to unbend the phone before I break the new screen on my phone. So while I went and quickly grabbed some tea a few doors down. He had straightened out the frame of the phone. On top of that made sure I was covered with a high quality case with a rigid and shatter proof screen protector. The service was incredible, staff are very friendly, lit up well, and air conditioned, as well as so many accessories to choose from! I have had many experiences with phone repair service shops, but none like this! Thank you Pal & Cell Fixx!
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matt choi,