Samsung Galaxy S10e Repair

The S10e is the smaller and cheaper alternative of the S10 and S10+. Even so, this model features similar qualities and capabilities with its superior cousins. If your S10e has any problem, visit Cellfix for an affordable and value-packed solution. Our services have made us one of the most trusted S10e repair companies in Vancouver, Richmond, and Coquitlam. Here are some of the packages we offer:

Screen Repair

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This Samsung model comes with a multi-layered 5.8-inch flat screen comprising of a Gorilla Glass Digitizer and a dynamic AMOLED panel. If your phone’s screen is suffering from any kind of damage, count on our specially trained technicians to fix it for you. They have the experience required to replace an S10e screen fast and hassle-free. Most importantly, all our replacement parts are original and new Samsung products that come with a year-long warranty.

Charging/ USB Port

Since the charging/USB port gets frequently used, the chances of this component getting spoiled are quite high. If your S10e isn’t charging properly, visit Cellfix to ascertain whether the USB port got damaged, oxidized, or contaminated. Even debris and dust can lead to lost or intermittent connections. Book our USB port repair service to get your phone back to charging normally in the shortest time possible.

Battery Replacement


As you may know, the S10e doesn’t have an impressive battery capacity. It only lasts for about 25 hours between charges and takes about ninety-five minutes to get fully charged. And it can behave worse if it’s damaged, or if it has operated past the optimum 700 cycles. If your S10e is behaving erratically or constantly powering down, we recommend replacing your battery. Book your battery replacement service now.


Front Camera $149
Back Camera $199

The S10e can capture excellent wide-angle and standard shots, thanks to the dual rear cameras and single-pixel selfie camera. But if any of the camera components become damaged, the sharpness, focus, and colour aspects of the shots get affected permanently. That’s unless you employ a worthwhile repair service. Our camera/lens experts will fix your camera in less than two hours, replacing any defective part with only new and original Samsung components. All at an extremely friendly price.

Software Services/ Unlocking

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Don’t let issues like outdated software, locked interface, carrier lock, Google lock, and start-up problems prevent you from enjoying the full potential of your new Galaxy S10e. At Cellfix, we fix all software issues quickly mainly because we have a specially trained team for the job.

Personal Data Backup/ Transfer


Have you thought of where all your contacts, photos, videos, music files, e-books, etc. will go after you replace your current phone? Guess what? All that data doesn’t have to go anywhere. With our personal data transfer/backup service, you can secure as well as retrieve over 16GB worth of data, and send it to a device of your liking. Book this service today.

Liquid Damage Recovery

$99 + Parts If Needed

Without a doubt, it’s not easy recovering an S10e that has taken a ‘deep’ swim. Once water gets to the internal components, heavy corrosion starts and spreads quickly. Nonetheless, the technicians at Cellfix have an 80-90% successful recovery rate in terms of all the water-damaged S10es they’ve worked on. We use ultra-sonic treatment to get rid of any liquid damaging the internal components.

Other/Multiple Repairs

$99 + Parts If Needed

At Cellfix, we go out of our way to ensure that a client’s phone is back to working properly. Even if this means conducting multiple repairs at once. What’s more, we can fix just about any S10e repair problem. Our other services for this model include glass back replacement service, loudspeaker replacement service, home button repair service, among many others. Get your free repair estimate today.

Frequently Asked Questions


Cellfixx offers a lifetime warranty on all its repairs and replacement jobs for all devices including iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG, etc. it is requested to keep your repair receipt save as you will need to present it at the time of warranty claim. No claim will be entertained without original repair receipt. Our warranty covers only those repaired or replaced parts for which we have performed any service, no other cell phone parts can be claimed within this warranty.

Any work carried out under legit warranty claim will be completed free of charge, however, you are responsible to bring in your device to our store and we don’t offer any pickup or drop-off for warranty claims. In any case where the device has been opened or repaired by a third part mobile repair shop other than Cellfixx or an individual, our warranty will stand null and void. Moreover, our warranty doesn’t cover any accidental damage at users’ part including water spill, drop-off, smash or misuse. All warranty claims have to be get approved by one of cellfixx employee to be deem as legit.


All cell phone repairs will be made at our location and within the agreed time frame between our technicians and client. In any case where the repair time exceeds the decided time, the client will be informed first hand.


You can arrange to mail in your broken phone, and we’ll send it back to you as soon as it’s repaired.


Typically cell phone batteries have a life of 2 years and it lasts between 300 to 500 charges. In order to take full advantage of your phone its best to replace the batter after this much time has passed.


We offer a free diagnosis on phone or tablets


It is advised to backup all your devices’ data before getting it repaired through cellfixx. You are requested to get your iPhone data backup through iTunes or Android data backup through preferred means. No claim for lost or corrupt data during or after cell phone repair will be entertained by Cellfixx.

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